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2-21 7:10pm Deke & Bobby talk w/WWL listeners about the Saints

Feb 21, 2013|

Deke Bellavia and Bobby Hebert talk WWL liseners about the 2013 NFL Draft.

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Good evening and get welcome to the final how sports don't. And all of the -- NM Bobby a bear I am big ability. Opened -- at this hour today's -- jaguar opinion -- to -- the Saints. If you an opportunity would you address the money bad it to ramat you same -- a -- Notre Dame I'm back a -- -- tea. Do folks have been hanging off the quite a while Cristobal go to amateur in mid city Allan thank people calling WW yeah. -- do we have out. All right let's try now in Slidell bat that people calling. -- -- -- -- Could see out in and questioned I'm. Based on -- -- -- -- safety position I'm noted address that if he say he's out there what what -- might take on -- might admit it where where -- prayers -- with Roman -- salary cap figure. And with with the safeties that are out there and don't we don't have a second round pick. But the first round pick and that we needed edge rusher or -- the -- -- Where yeah I think we all about it or. You know maybe a couple of -- you know he's instilled here. You kind of breaking them -- -- but you look at salary cap figure in every one. Obviously -- talking about Will Smith his salary cap number fourteen point five million Jonathan Vilma eight point. Six million that restructure and Lofton. And his salary -- it went from seven point one to three point one. Well Roman Harper's it to -- he should be in that category. Where Eagles made it Jonathan Vilma is salary cap figure. Is seven point one so I would think it would trying restructure. Roman Harper is the outlook and Malcolm Jenkins his salary -- it real bonus is that four million. Now as far as you know safeties. And and a and a total opposite of -- it is now. -- regular production and Malcolm in it and Roman Harper. That if you. You know every team has two safeties. So if you look all 32 teams about coaching the Roman Harper. They would have to load -- is -- at that position. It was so I didn't look at Malcolm. I mean I -- times he has the ability. He could go to Morry could do he could be a slight -- times. The middle. He's had sacks before but to me at times -- -- He struggled to finish plays Ian twenty missed tackles. And now was like -- also missed three games. But that was like one before last with the Bulls missed tackles. And that -- position now brought him to Mike and he thinks he would be available. And that's about where he would get drafted teeny bit Carroll. The -- -- -- numbers it takes. Away is a guy that listen if we would take him with a fifteen pig. They do it's of the with the safeties and he would be that immediate starter but he right now the main -- -- approach more. Now we have -- needs. I guess. You know when you look at him more outside linebacker are the incident -- dale one that we not reaching Warren are greeted at a high. At the it would I don't know about you think the most and that driver kind of thing I'd rather go. Oh win an outside linebacker. RD -- that game with the fifteenth -- -- and and you know fatigue Tennessee. Absolutely head and not -- all my -- about saw -- get a deteriorated in the next they'd be up a lot and that's all there was was Eric Reed. And not. I mean -- I think I need. All the football linebacker especially going to. -- -- more -- there at 34 verses before Corey all of but but I still think we need somebody in the middle and I mean you know row -- would -- got toward the mean you know he helped win -- championship Amaechi prepare -- serviceable job. But I -- -- a lot out. On you know opportunity. Baltic have been call like you -- Place like all this in look at Darren Sharper and it is. When -- hits Ed Reed. You know you look and the Packers -- well. At always making plays on the ball now but now like it's eight. And maybe Rob Ryan quote that he might take this approach is that. They decide decide to keep Roman Harper around the reason I say that it. He led the team it's actually had the most success. It was kinda like I think would Rob Ryan would have to do like Gregg Williams. To be in the box and that sometimes putting him in that Ireland. Did you have to -- an -- and in -- world one but. -- that -- support roll in and using him to get after the quarterback blitz in. Unlike. Booklets Spagnuolo was accidentally. It if these players although Coach Williams says in his first press conference on their affiliate he withstand about it by the banner. In August of 2000. And he started whispering. And in Britain marked over the EP -- him why you whisper and he -- well you know just you joked around he said. I think you guys don't give these guys the best players. Credit they deserve it better plays and you think Theo well that they often a guy like Iran or bring out the best him seen him to a Coach Williams did in 2000 that rank. Yeah but but I would say being not at the seven point one million figure. Year old arm is not that I do it even and I created and that is -- see that too I think. That's what the market big dated yet when the -- at the end of game like Diego eighteen million guaranteed. Now now that it's less than that now because you -- ready got a minute but no that's yank his market his value. -- you know because their production I think he boarded that a Pro -- Aoki look at him all the all the sexy. You know stuff and tackles. -- that's when I came about. But when I look at him when you throw it in Timmy. When you look at Vilma and there's and and and Wilson -- in their salary cap figure -- to put also. Roman Harper. And -- when you look at. You know Drew Brees and his salary cap figure in Jahri Evans. And I think Christian I've broken down would be 32 costly down the road. To restructure our Drew Brees is deal. As far as a salary cap hit the Jahri Evans could be another one. Here's his nine point 869 had taken as that a cut in pay but restructure him. Where he can help the team out with a salary cap but I think Annika Roman Harper. Said his four Will Smith Jonathan Vilma. If you're not out now. And I think -- out an out cut Roman Harper. That I think villages one redo his deal make him. I'd take a cut in pay now what will they be willing to do that I don't know but but I think. Put a deciding Roman Harper has more leverage as far as salary drive wise. And they Willis minute Vilma -- -- and paid. The NFL never cease to miss out on looking at town there's to traditional -- combat that takes place. This week in through the front -- next week Saturday through Tuesday. Then there are regional comebacks. They being gone off for quite awhile and 88 in on April 7 at the month of the dress. Well for the first time since the NFL starter regional scouting combines. And as distorted. On a two years ago a female. Will participate. Laurence Silberman as you heard in a newscaster Dana Blake becomes the first woman to participate in it down in the and it goes -- -- combat. Now throws at a PR's and I went out that that's that's open this up Mexican Maggette and info visit for the sake of trying to be fair. This is say this is a topic their strikes and there is a topic that will probably. When he -- sexes. Or you know let me just they understand to be fair in these are some fan requests. She becomes the first female register. According her I was actually hoping that the 2012 historical milestone through to allow women to play -- prompt more women to a team and try out this year. But for me what's more important. A what's important is to finally have a chance to the -- my drained by trying out the play in the world's most competitive football league. Now she is not a football player. She is not played football she spoke she's what a Wisconsin. Club soccer play well why did you put the ball was way -- The demand economy is getting ridiculous you shouldn't even I was and I think of soccer is that in CAA sanctioned. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But she's gonna kick march 2 and -- in New Jersey. He also wrote how master's thesis at MIT on a topic related sports titled double play and -- use of sport. Video games to enhance athletic performance. They let their probably kicks -- outs I'm making is is that thing you know wonders how criteria. You know. Is there are certain it's a special criteria. It's issue can be at the regional com nine and so far I think it does raise a lot of questions is this more of. Okay I'm able to try out in and now I'm proud that they may they may mean a lot. That may mean a lot to just try out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It is it is a date to mean just look at it this standpoint. It would be more fans for some online -- ice on to try out because -- -- we saw more -- them. You know kick in LA shoot at a practice. Right so I mean it and I'm not saying that out for audience it but it leaves that she was. On the grass before I don't even know if Silberman and nobody she -- for red B LaMont. Our Barry Alvarez it was not it doesn't say that year but what I'm telling you is it MO I some is of the email. She's a soccer star but. She did kick. On a football albeit a practical tried out to be the price I just think there is depth and have to be made. Because there's so many people who are trying to get what she -- an opportunity. To beat you look at his success and how hard -- a bad back -- how hard is to make the NFL's okay a look at the ultimate success -- the greatest figures in LSU history. Josh Jasper as a reason and he got on the -- came close to make an NFL team because of the competition. And I mean is that hard. It in and he was and the guy could he was now the one thing adding the physical makeup and what's written required. Even election. Like for instance -- that the more instead the punt or any kicks off. I don't think that the -- doing their body is now there's always rules that exemption -- legs are strong enough to kickoff. But let's say that -- to kick -- just they're very acrid indicate field goals is still gonna come a case in point. What are they gonna have to -- fifty yard field goals. You know H if there accurate. And let's say came in and not I'm not talking about 3035. Yard field -- I'm talking about they would KQ if you purely Kincade. And don't have to kick off your legs and national would make fifty yard of field goes yeah I would see you make him. You know have an opportunity but to me if you're that good. And you'd probably have Kate I -- have to be division one just has some college. You look at it this strong leg kick where the Rams the -- went to like Missouri western. Packing bigger look. He had three cake -- and game. He lead over 55 yards that's -- matter where you kick. Now edges to meet you would have I'd kicked in college before but you you're really trying to keep an NFL that you you should have to learn. Yeah don't you mean that that's -- I mean that's why is -- publicity -- OK so right you know we don't matter is we had try -- I -- us exactly for the sake of not having any -- Yoram -- does so both. It's better to go along the game and get along. It is to like the fight the B yeah he had an -- well. But. I mean I guess its kind of one of those things but where OK that it keying it in the into the mobile -- -- the recipe but it would be. No I mean what about somebody else. Whose play ball on analyzing key in and in and should be kicked in in that spot in -- mean -- in it's it's debatable today it's fair compensation it. Does a matter of vindicate their whole lives are a big never K let's say you know unbelievable European. Soccer player annular trying to make the NFL and use a strong enough and you -- they're not yes so what then matter. A logo -- Aniston. He can't United States in exchange student in his fourteen years or you know nothing about American football -- -- Trying to play until his senior Ben Davis and high school. Indianapolis Indiana. The pro ball closer to try to kick his ball he did unbelievable got a scholarship to Michigan State. When all said and -- is leading scorer in NFL history but he had a leg strain. That that's where. If balls fair's fair and then. Even mourn and -- a shock the he was got a running away a few times and they come in the blocking and nice thing about this if you don't now. The thing is if she wasn't taken off and just field goals like -- say you could get away with that. If you acrid obviously -- you can make fifty plus yard field goals in. That then you would have a chance of it I I'd have to see it to believe it. That on a consistent basis that. A female soccer player would be that accurate -- -- Fifty yard field goals where'd that could be one of the top 32 kickers in the world. -- to be considered to have that responsibility. Also Bobby today -- something that was certainly got to game two because you gotta wonder when the law or get involved in what has been a matter today is that today. There was a select schools meeting now I talked to some principles and the -- directness of select -- what -- you talk about. So Lex goes is basically some of it has been deemed as. Private parochial -- Magnet schools this has been an ongoing battle back and forth in the and -- just say since the late ninety's it was -- being public vs private. The and they made some legs vs non select not select scoot. Our traditional public schools which currently make up 200 in two and of the LA tennis these days. 200 in anyone football playing schools. Those 200 tee in schools according to the new boat that was gone in January. Will play. In five divisions disliking him now Louisiana their five classes so you gonna have five classification there will be five state champions. In the non select division. Then there is a some -- division this by the LA to say eight is the finance. Parochial schools private school books. Christian scooped. Jonas moves magnets -- so for Bob. And it made different questions but there are only 81 votes. So you're gonna have five classes. In the nine select so far football champions a published news. And two but you haven't a playoff format of five plants that two -- NT and in two divisions. Of just 81. So that's going to be coming. You know -- -- -- in the brag that and at their Darren -- doing what Robin van wrote did today in the advocate. Pretty much Blake breaks and all down about what questions will be. Arrive from. Seeds yeah that you know what what is what is -- what they -- -- I mean if you have five classes. In the so announcer makes that want to have five classes in in this in the some backside with a -- thing in the five and so exciting is that enough when popular yeah well obviously because you know it's is only 81 schools and a football playing schools that -- -- select. But the point is it that you're gonna have like. Create class -- it goes by being with probably 200 men. Which you -- has played in five a schools they have a thousand bowlers on campus. That -- and always did in three games really in the in the most. The most difficult predicament at all obvious in the there's talk about some of them have abated -- deacon Guzman go to split. As a where you mean -- where we're gonna go all away and they're gonna go to away. So I mean we we may be seeing the LA Tennessee eight. As we knew it completely different now because these goes they tell -- a school video way to say eight. I guess that they all decided it was going to be like boxing event -- -- or being let it be like to be eased the Kendrick seven. Alia I got to sit okay we don't like the teams are living in the end so we go pack off in CA revenue up in the middle McDonnell copper. And because -- being in the NCAA. You know it is speculation all was going on and as far as how they. How they tried to. And force the rules and everything and now. You know. Alison Nancy Daly and I mean come about was their own in Miami and all that and trying to get a little earlier honorable. And say you're guilty. Even went on any evidence because they don't have -- the enforcement or are the resources to investigate the proper way and now school is gonna fight back in challenge and they were saying that kind of. It now how did it -- say and it didn't dismiss that moment so -- as saying that it was it was a mishandled all on the investigation what. -- any time you fire somebody that was one of the leading investigators that being mark Cameron in the NCAA. Then that opens up a whole can warmed right -- c'mon why did you firing and obviously that individual did something wrong or they didn't do -- and it was supposed to do. But almost like -- probably be surprised there was talk about super conferences and all that are super league all went -- -- Xena watched I would then that's in the next decade if all of us and that they have something different than in -- Because they threw very well coming back -- get to some policies Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia that's the sports talk. Going to 8 PM and I right here on WW -- And welcome back now on tomorrow's program. WW he's wrestle mania will be here in April of 2004. Team -- a whole year Aguirre for in wrestling is big in the sports. Of course off faction within itself wrestling. All the bad that day and so forth the minicamp became the audience and a base which became the in WA. In the in the WWF which is now. WWE. But tomorrow. Is a wrestling professional wrestling a sport or sports entertainment. And is there a difference and it. Who is your favorite wrestler of all time spread the word he's going to be out -- have a -- FaceBook. And we were trying to get demanded Jonas -- -- thome and Bobby he loves a wrestling and -- he was excited to hear wrestle mania is coming to New Orleans so we'll have fond of as we slide into the -- union. All of that tomorrow paid him well big -- you look at it. It's going to be a special weekend. Here's a look kind of you know get away crumpled ball pulled -- -- basketball you know getting excited about. You know at this time you watch college college basketball who start to watch the NBA if beautiful ball and it kinda. You know a change of seasons and and going. Florida start gaining just on the court March Madness and you start in you know he was gonna come out -- that. And and you know -- colleges games started so yes it's kind of it's amazing where -- Crystal ball -- around. When you look at the com line in it in at the Senior Bowl them -- line and went three and she starts. You know so it is going to be the in the draft it's a year round process. Especially in these sports and even. -- around the country how popular the NFL has become. And how well. You know how hard it is to truly be a part of you know. On them the most unbelievable competitively. In the country like last ID I was watching and something late tonight it was actually. AC -- You know the UEFA look of it -- like seven years since they've beaten Barcelona. When they have sent -- to zero thought I'd try and look at right now a different sports. And -- and their contributions to how people so passionate about it. You know in and they were celebrating like a major upset. Annular commence in playing for Barcelona and as reports I've ever seen him play and now he's in the line -- Took it to on the it was a fluke is like the -- game in it was -- nailed 20. Is pretty exciting. Well about it my good my good buddy Dan with south west is going with his families it's ironic you talk about soccer. He's taken his spamming full week to Spain and they are going to win there will be a 100000 people at stadium watching. Real Madrid vs Barcelona. And you're known as a big time deal. Yeah Real Madrid and and arms -- Torrealba Andrea. And they Saturdays and it's area it is dated -- but it's reality area so. The next -- while you've been the one in Beantown Saturday no no don't know last soccer game. I went to I'd say that was big time team Bob and I went. It was a when United States has qualifying. For the World Cup to lose it at legion field in Birmingham Alabama and hand against. US is going Guatemala. And he we got real close to the field and you realize you know you go watch high school soccer team. And in you know witness. You know College Soccer game I know a great Atlantic Christian. Americans at the school they -- in a state championship teams in soccer. And you could see those one or two players that note that this kids getting a scholarship they're that good that you could tell. But it's amazing when you got to that level like watching Guatemalan United States play just -- speed. And you know if you look at the United States truly. I think to compete on the world level and soccer in have to be -- subordinate priority because. If we would that then -- then I think we would. You know have a chance to win you know the World Cup right now. You know he just don't have the best are the greatest athletes just focus in on soccer like if you have for instance as fast and big and strong. You look at Bo Jackson like the Michael Jordan is they have an example you can use. Steve Nash -- Steve Nash. Was on live with soccer player. And -- Canada. And you -- sometimes do tricks with the basketball but. It it'd be almost like you have to be focused on soccer like you do in you know Brazil. You know Argentina where. Way any country where the kids grow and that's what they're focused on. Then if you had -- and that's and I think actually. The US could compete. On the world level and and and be world champs like the -- the the women. Won -- World Cup soccer champ ship but you think about it. That probably would be. A dominant sport like you know W Ian GA of basketball but you don't have anything like football. In taken away. From women as far as having the best athletes of you know playing in what is being so. 2601878668090. Rates him look at some causing you to sit tonight. -- prominence this will be on after us at 8 PM plus a big day tomorrow but to follow a tournament. Day -- is -- me get the pitchers of all my favorite -- has not tapped in and I asked him and I don't know if I have. In that do it's I'm I'm hard to squeeze in withstand I'm gonna head back to even number one when he. The grades anyone at the Tokyo Nadal will have fun tomorrow to sports talk on debuted. And welcome back to these phones we go Madison ditto for frank frank thank you for calling -- UW it. Greg should know that on -- But it -- All time warning put it into the quarterback out. Well you know I like I was kind of talent -- -- this one time that. It took of drew you know like winning percentage. It took him or. More games against the 49 wins so low -- that. Yet when you look at winning percentage I guess that that would be the case now considering. At a disappointing season is this past season. Yeah. But at the credit you're. On the ends. -- -- -- -- -- -- We'll know a lot that kind of a little more than. That but it. You know. In Portland. That the -- and the deal. -- be public because. I'm not good situation but it like entered the typical will be. I'm -- Important that being. Handled. You it would you know the game and looking good and I don't know. Yeah what you do is obviously you can rush the passer. Let his cars down on third down and you turn out so I'm back here and now. You would say you can't replace. Linebackers. -- have bags and going nickel. And in a dime coverage so. In -- you have. Like a pass -- and nose tackle like it was does that utilized him Brodrick Bunkley and pars it's in now to stop the run. -- -- may be put in similar hobbies masters down as the -- you do that I'll say it right now those starting out. At three boards as the base. I don't know how they can experiment -- solid -- think it would give -- opportunity to have Curtis Lofton. And a and Hawthorne and middle. In college playing. Probably Martinez Wilson. On the strong side because he could cover. You know tied into the crap that he would do -- you may be a bit weak side linebacker spot. Now I'd be in his and see how -- -- things up. And how -- Higgs. And a one Davidson and on and what they can do will submit. It is still a lot of questions. As ours hugging and utilize. The talent now on our biggest -- Is is that young. You know free agent that only help -- I think he can run and you can run you can play. But being a pro Marbury is on his team I think it restructures deal. And utilize them and Gregg Williams where. And on the banking and he's more. Rushing the passer in that box. And he could be. 01 of those DBs economy and take a linebacker spot. -- there also in a run support. But also getting after the quarterback when -- -- it was an equipment. -- -- -- Yes yeah -- and going time. And and you really. You pull -- off. And two line. And it -- every David has also you can have only time. It's sublime. -- -- -- of them now it's all a lot of times confuse the pass protection. Like you designate -- mussina quarterbacks pointing. And they recognize that held the line with the protection. -- season's end and quarterback schools. The -- linebacker. And and you know 43 personnel. You -- protect your right handed it -- I think I protected in theory. -- is coming and you three baseman Jacobs I'd. You can't block gambling in neighboring house at a quarterback it's it. Get rid of the ball. And all the protecting -- and never. It's somebody's against the semis and through -- gap between the guard in this -- and because the bodies of the protection that sort of point and never won. That happened. You residency. And get to witness them and mini camp and OTA practices. Different packages out in the utilized. -- -- remembering. All of the terms gauntlet the topic but it in the play and -- -- technical and situations where you go on you to give troubled to any kid that just. And the Jerusalem they need to -- on these -- -- discovered in. These things have come into the political scheme and you know medical and he's. He's not really -- state in my opinion. I'll -- in the back in no I mean I includes -- choose him again on him even in the -- -- when he's in coverage. And Birtley Vernon Davis crossed his face. In the playoff game are you using coverage so -- No there's Rome apartment give plain and now. I don't know Dallas salary structure I think right now -- and accounts like seven point one million. Against the cap that was Curtis Lofton figured it restructures that they'll count three point one. So that's it but they'll work assignment Tennessee. Roman Harper and the restructures deal. You know it would be in the future as far as salary cap and I think it's XS and -- -- -- would want them. On you. 26018788668890. Rates in the is the number to get involved OKT Kim in a big week in and big weekend of baseball but I guess the biggest news about baseball is what. Coach him and -- total assists today thereof I'm a bit worried about the weather this week him and it's not a lot of rain in the Falcons his week and that. A good series and take about BYU in southeast to be in the boxes weekend. Yeah how -- and again in those games. I'll be interesting you know BYU comes down here. Because you know snowing in Utah controllable right now that they wanna get those games in. And I get a few games on their belt a coach and I talked about playing BYU how they were. -- his nemesis when he was at air force. And I think he beat him a couple of times and lost like double digit times and I don't know payback. MAB yeah obviously having a better ballclub and BYU it. I said no good days volley he was reeling off the handful of household names in Major League Baseball that plated BYU so. Hopefully they can get the games in and they didn't have flexibility at times to only if they know when the weather is coming yeah maybe it's that. Cabrera starting well I think they might as -- I could do something with southeast and you know they had to. You know use Sunday as the day but certainly but like we said earlier in the week because it is believed to be argued that not play well. So they haven't all right coming up tomorrow we're gonna have a go one with the announcement this week that the WW wrestle mania will be in New Orleans. In the spring of 2000 -- team. Is wrestling entertainment or do you consider professional wrestling a sport you think about what's in -- into its a moment. Does involve as -- moves and they are athletes. And who is your favorite wrestler of all time. All of them off temple and maybe -- us an update from the NFL scouting comeback. Thanks so much to Alison -- -- -- Rose. Dave -- Christie -- in the year and yeah I'm Deke Bellavia he is -- cage you can embody a ban on the way it plays all night.