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Feb 21, 2013|

Todd fills in for Scoot tonight and he has an array hot topics to discuss ... for example ... according to a new survey ... Louisiana is ranked the unhappiest state in the nation. Are they right? Also, would you be okay with a memorial to Confederate Sold

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Actually job and -- in a foreigners. Cute. Meals scooter. Alien tomorrow night. Deals with -- back. And I think I think them and I hear rumor -- girl let me be back Monday. So there you go means. All be right with the world again. And screwed will be back on a night music so on 878866889087. Million. I can go back to waiting for the NFL draft and getting ready for. Contraption. And -- court. All right. Here we're talking about tonight. Let's reset because it's 10 o'clock -- -- you hang on blocks entity here in the second. According to news survey of tweets Louisiana's -- the unhappy state in the nation are they right are you unhappy living in Louisiana if you could live anywhere in the world where awarded the NY. -- yes we started the show where. Also some media outlets continue to focus on violent video games as one of the reasons for the new town shooting back in December. Even -- study after study says no. They don't. Core relate to mass shootings do you still think violent video games can turn someone into a mass. Killer property jet or opinion -- using violent video games are to blame for mass shootings. -- logon to WWL dot com cast your vote give me a call here 2601 point 786 exit 890870. Or text me at 8707065%. Of you say no 35%. Say yes. And double we started talking about -- last hour. Would you be OK with the memorial to confederate soldiers in your city. What does the location chosen for it was on Martin Luther King Jr. drive. As -- officials in Orange Texas are faced with as the Sons of Confederate Veterans organization plans on building a memorial the corner of MLK drive. And I ten in that city. And it's a memorial that's gonna feature 26 different flags used by the confederate states of America. Now they had a meeting about this yesterday morning. Trying to decide the impact it would have. And his zoning meeting to see if this would be a good place to have it. Obviously. Members of the city city attorney City Council the mayor. Leaders -- -- the NAACP. And other. Group leaders in the city met the sons of the confederate veterans were invited but they did not attend the meeting. To explain why this was a location that they wanted to have this. Memorial. Do you think it's the right place to have that memorial. And I think it's. Not an appropriate place to put it. I think if you wanna do it you can do it maybe put another place the city but not on MLK. Boulevard. All right let's get back to the phones to Gary go ahead Gary -- finisher your statement there. You know what. -- -- like it's pretty weak attempt on your part to create -- -- Come out to -- recent -- well you know. Q are they all the cause me key major producers to -- and that is capable. That's where it's going to be it to go to. And the fact that you bring in the army helping people out it is just makes -- -- -- -- -- that. That's the issue okay that's like saying. Would you would look to put a little more what you're putting. I have no idea and people keep bringing that up I don't get I can't remember when MLK was here in the city before it was an okay now. -- -- -- It would it would. Be fit for which really -- obviously to pay extra now. But the same -- indicate whether the individual and nobody's. Living in terms of a one. Lately George Washington -- department know what's been -- a little chemistry in the -- excellent. Italy and it was the -- -- back to -- and so yeah. Yes it was an an iconic. Covered that last before I would talk to you as to why he did the emancipation proclamation when he did three years after the war starter. In the bottom line is that you know this is that -- and -- palatial. Rituals you know. Problems in the states and leisure and Pollack would have. So like -- some truly multi racial what do you call almost a look at American. You know the token you know. Who just -- -- court appointment as an Indian in -- -- -- I would -- with that he knew that. The population. It's two different things and just that these -- and pocketing and takes a disorderly booed. You know and the -- is simply cities -- can be from Mexican to say it. And we it -- cost cutting its costs and racial division in this country and it talks. Apparently was -- Public streets. And -- bought -- bought totally. -- -- -- -- -- -- little box. And at the Olympic Peninsula that we'll talk about it. I mean it's it's it's different I think it's so let's stop. And think that is what you can -- people in the media. It's startling sort of -- -- -- -- and I'm not I'm just saying. This is where this is the story this is where they're building it. Do you think it's appropriate to build it there. Italy it's appropriate to do it -- you're. Definitely. My great grandfather. Excellent too -- well black and -- caught in the civil war. And what I don't like. The world electricity. And hopefully yeah. Which you know I mean if I wouldn't that this -- and it'll look W. Yeah I mean we can't we don't contrite we talked about slavery in the bottom -- illegally looked slightly. It was different OK in the blank -- to follow this order from himself yes it is. Yeah and -- told -- yeah but. They are competitors soldiers actually and a model that. There are now all confederate soldiers it has -- an important problem. But look I'm from New Orleans -- what percentage. Of the confederate army were applied. You know I don't exactly what. It was and it. But it it's different if I hope and -- and limit their innings in an opportunity to promote freedom I think I would take the opportunity go fight. And you to -- and that's what couldn't. And the actual smuggling it probably -- obviously. Our Gary thank you for the comment. Thank you for the comments but I don't think I'm playing and any man any racial flames. And just say and do you think that's an appropriate place to build it MLK street. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Just about every city. Came up with -- -- -- streak. Going to honor. Dr. Martin Luther King that was a way of doing. So and away. That's the monument to him. So you're gonna put another monument. On top of that. That's what I'm saying. And a monument. That insights. The people who live in the neighborhood. Is that. Really where you wanna put it. If you wanna do that. To honor. Confederate soldiers in your history and your ancestors. Why would you want to put it in a place. That it's going to constantly be. Questioned. That it may even be. Targeted for vandalism because of where it is. Unless. You're trying to get a rise out of people. 26018786. -- 890 -- them. -- -- two line is six here's A says a former member of the sons of the the SED -- of the confederate. -- Luongo couldn't yet. And it seemed. Confederate veteran signal in ST yeah okay it's going to be there should be be eco ahead that's what confused me. On your -- or it's only about ordered that the aware of them that are. Are planning on doing that would -- the envelope or. I can tell you from experience it's not a coincidence that the nit -- if it's clean and you know that you -- All out then -- -- hit it. -- -- -- When -- first joined the evening. Would probably that mean I ran out. Confederate veterans in my ancestry. -- Are we can win -- not joined at the city. It was great historical. So far. All the focus was -- -- long ago. All. Will debate mean. Burial plot where there were veterans. Yeah yeah yeah someone I don't even in the old cemetery. And the country and here's a confederate veteran here we go in and renovate the place and put them on an amber that. You know. Go to the industry. Yeah there was -- there was a a great girl like that in Chattanooga when we're there. On and it was it was Brooklyn in the year 2000 that it that it started changing. The focus. Of the group and the national emblem cleared to the local level sort of change. All in it became not so much of historical. The war -- controversy. So art. And I hesitate to think that it was it is it's hate group on. When -- -- as -- there that are likely kkk will note that it. Ride in and I did say -- -- you get somebody but he hit an end. And the army went. I didn't give my money not because I am. Scared of physical retribution mean it would com on call and order on. But I'm small businessmen and take you. That that it hadn't -- man and respect them. Single and panic yet. On. All of these folks on -- -- there. Say that there field. They're. But they're they're controversy field. They're no longer concerned with. -- Public awareness. Of the history. They're concerned we're making a point. A home now outlaws as you know aren't can't -- Texan but he can think about it in New Orleans arms. Couldn't -- the do something host city or around the World War II. -- you know don't footwear. Folks here. And -- and and an aunt an estimate from -- street ball you know -- but without the controversy involved. Well I mean I did they truly don't care effort for one thing it's it's also on it's the corner. Of MLK and I case -- -- that debt because -- -- the controversy but warned that. They're not concerned. Amount of flags being there and having people think about the civil war and that trumps. They're concerned about people. Not -- -- OK then don't go in the -- they want to read the civil and and there's a big -- And this is what sort of changing likes sitting in approximately 2000 which is when I'm not drop out and in 2000. Because it's got to be too much. So are you so you think like I say it's not a coincidence that they want. Durbin and Obama and his not a coincidence. In two weeks. That they just. You know pulled them. Of the and and and -- a pimple. And low ball all that the corporate email. And what fantasy land orbit with. I went items they did so -- -- national. Pro. -- on the books then that wonder at the national level cleared him to stay in the union into the local. But he advised the local groups help to make a black ash. They hit and he that he sent brochure and speakers but he late -- Coach. The world -- local groups on how to create controversy. God -- aren't met way I thank you for calling. Thanks for the set us straight on that and good -- -- there. On right thanks for call at 26018786. Exit 89087. -- take a break. Lot of people wanna talk about this when we come back on WW LL welcome back to 60187 EA 668890870. Job and this is -- forward scoop to if you wanna -- we talk about during the commercial breaks. We're talking about transformers. Not the kind of power your house either. Robots in disguised music so 1786. X and 890870. Go to Jonathan a Jonathan thanks for holding your under -- You'll find -- -- One today though are not -- about the players and one of the guidance saying. Some I don't know it -- And basically though when out of brought up -- who. We've played of bookmarking. And they were called bit mapped out of the rubble. And it blew confederate flag at this football game in the battle. And basically. Who have gone in the -- And a couple years. Came back Coleman went so well Logan. And -- probably -- -- you and they've played at nine I'll have been aware of -- the flag. They gave you the living room you know double yeah. And completely that it will want and not allowed to line anymore. And it was a predominately white school that was never of black people in the school and a battle at a school collapsed because of the play you know. What is or. But not black epic picture of the black students who. And. Well there is a lot of school and I mean Ole Ole miss. As pretty much moved away from that flag to. -- absolutely. But -- -- -- we if we fight the freedom away and what does it matter what we fly now in you know you know we should go. Wake up Wednesday. Out of plywood I want apply in my Norton and not -- repercussions for you know. Well I would I would think that. The only flag you'd want flying your yard is the American flag. There are all Americans. I had never I never understood or in the index the state flag and then if you want flight Ellis you've -- Saints flag you know that that's not release a flag. -- You like that but I I don't I don't see you flying you know panel think he should fly a flag of. But I you know the country if we if we are in -- that the kings by Evans street name that probably we should put something like that on the street. Yeah in a little. One year that our our last caller who was a former member of this group and he says you know they've they've kind of gotten away. From. What they started out preserving you know graves in cleaning things up and making. You know things present a bold -- to -- their trying to be shocking and he says he doesn't think it's a coincidence that that's the location they chose for this. Yeah I don't believe that the coincident you know like he said that in. Put up and down and you know that was I was quoted. And even if it would it would depend on and that's spot and -- like -- this morning beginning not that we really wanna put it yeah. You know. -- -- -- you know probably you'd depend again and died on the spot. What do you think agent put. The monument somewhere mistake and as confederate. You know it means oil. There was an organization. In the civil war spoken. Are some that it ties to it you know. I mean I don't know you know a group that the group that bill and it put in the mine and I don't know where they're located. You know maybe they can do it somewhere where they have their meetings so what do they do in -- -- John and I mean I guess you don't they wanted to put it you know. The -- at least circle here in New Orleans I guess again put it there it's already there you know bottom of the statue of federally. Yeah -- -- ticket if he's gonna. Has some more Olympic Medal that you would put some light. You know you know -- -- it's all it's all location emplacement of it but. Brett and I thought that little -- of a coincidence. Not optics of it and you know of course view and if you mention. You know -- circle here in the world's most people to -- -- like separate so. That's that's really what they associated with here. You wouldn't see one adult thing and -- -- need to. But -- much has changed in the media days day tickets alive it was like OK. And you know people had their opinion whether you know. The ballot is definitely getting like you know Arctic who -- and I was sick by people who -- the most believe and you know -- news. You know been -- -- -- my older Brothers and move and you know we just went to try to be well out pretty much. Gadget Jonathan at thank you for called -- thanks rolled -- All right thank you -- Idea organize 226018786. Exit 89. 0870. Let's Selig did some of the text that have been coming in an income of neglecting some foods. All this talk about slaves to yell no of their one as white slaves to. Yes. Their work. There were white slaves there were Jewish slaves. If you look throughout human history. At some point or another if you look close enough. Just about every race has been a slave to another race at one point. -- so. No one's denying no one's saying that black people the only people that wherever sleeps we know that through human history. 260 on late 786 exit 89087. The let's go to. Mary in New Orleans a merrier on the need to do well. I am at this point of pulling up two point one and get what can. Yeah definitely think it doesn't do that. The question them and do -- -- you perfectly well that's not the same thing but when they get down a lot of -- around them. And -- that like a block away at something I can't. It's an -- it's like five or six blocks of all at all I mean it and you know who we think about a block we think about -- New Orleans. A city block in New York. Is would the longer than a block and. -- the other way anyway the point. They did it because -- legal. So even though it. I mean I think it. I think it might not appoint them. Well I think they may have had a -- 49 mile bike and music you know what and in this nickel but they they already own they own the building long before 9/11. And I think they may have our plans to grow up for an all. I didn't know they own that property that form. I think they were planning on doing that that our guys I've heard. I've heard different reports that they've bought it after effort that the -- solar etc. it's a nickel. Of these people to feel that. Thing on ML I mean I'm all came along. It's legal for them to build -- they got to get city permission and that's with the city was meeting for. I guess they've purchased the land. Not think it wrong but -- -- and that somebody's. Well -- you do. Yeah there's nothing there's nothing illegal with the building a monument like I said they can build a monument if they'd like to about it but I cracked I think that location was chosen. Just for the reason it was chosen. I have great looking on that but I mean it even though it was development AF. It and it -- if they own the property to I don't know what. Kind of don't -- the other zoning the city's gotta zone at -- line and allow him to do. Although it does Canada why don't email Bradley that that you know that's not the meeting counting down for -- -- I'm okay I think it's all right I thought. 2601 point 786 -- at eight nines are -- to Yemen in. But to make that clear that's why they men it was a city zoning off as they made -- being deceived they would give the permission to build because they got to have the right zoning to build. The monument this year. -- But again yet they have a right to purchase the land if they want to. If they purchase that land and they got the right to do that. At the right would parking lot they're the -- You know. The to build this monument. Gotta have it's got to be zone for that so that's one other one. To the city for zoning embassies trying to find out why. They want to put it there and again no one from the sons of the confederate veterans attended. The meeting. And they have yet to. This local TV station in Orange trying to contact in the want to return her calls. And release your comment or statement. From the Sons of Confederate Veterans in the orange Texas 2601 late seventy. 866889087. Will go ahead take a break when we come back and get more calls. A lot of folks holding -- lot of texts coming and as well. And read those are pretty -- opinion poll do you think violent video games notably from mass shootings as one of the other topics that we've been talking about tonight. And the yes vote has gone up 40% of you say yes. You'd think there's a correlation even though every study that's ever been done says Miller hasn't. We just think there is 60% of you. Still say now. Todd and for -- will be right back on WW while they don't miss these Saturday edition of the food show with Tom Fitzmorris. And a later time tumble fall LSU basketball. This Saturday from three -- 530. You had your -- of serious matter shall love the -- of food and drink Tom shoot the best places to die whatever Christine you're looking for. Take suggestions from you about your favorites and give cooking tips to -- the -- show with Tom that's Boris. This Saturday at a later time three to 530. Here on WWL. Oh. Moving in the -- -- all that Lebanon to a 601 point 7866 -- 89 that's your late seventy. Some of the text that have been coming in. Here's one as an executive and Pulaski Tennessee. I'm on a committee to reposition the city away from the kkk. I'd love to give orange Texas art image that city is looking for trouble. With this monument. Someone else we've all had to take US history in school for the most part we all right from wrong the real question is why. They should not be placed on -- OK boulevard. Like -- Every and all races are getting married now you guys need to move in to come back on -- and come back to 2013. People in Orange with that. Another text seems like that's the one place not. To put it. I'm content to to the term of the Turks. -- receiving get to another one here and on. Someone saying you need to -- Lee's circle we have we -- wall Joan mentioned that. If it's about pride -- they fly in the battle flag instead of the -- a flag. That never made sense to me. Another one says -- fifty plus black man who cares where they put 26018786. -- 890870. Go to what Duncan and Donaldson bill they don't -- -- on WWL. That he is -- -- -- -- when it's time yeah well I'm very important. Two two on the compensation amount. Two from evidently somebody a proper way. Or more secure global music is something. None -- -- an unknown what they're what they're doing is this is an orange Texas. -- there are the this sons of the confederate veterans. Want to put up a memorial. That would feature 26 different flags used by the confederate states of America on the corner of MLK -- tan orange Texas. August won't let them just and you think it's inappropriate. I think we had a caller who said he's a former member of this group and said that it's no coincidence that they chose that location. The history of the US government completely. Destroy the American Indian culture. Cuban people who. You think that the flies in the states on the public schools -- -- isn't officially take it down. You don't have to -- it every -- -- -- -- via outlook on the. Yeah but. The public schools run by the the United States are all part of United States the confederacy though is not a is not a country anymore where part of the United States. A hundred I'm just talk about the appropriateness of all -- Well they want. Don't know what what -- that is they can they can build this monument. I just think that's not the place to put it on -- okay. Actually there's an American play -- you -- -- this OK -- only got it Orton would be. A terrible insult to the Indians. I don't know if they flat on their reservation. A flight at the school that is run by the government yes. -- a couple of positions now. OK okay don't just want to -- it seemed like -- -- -- -- -- society and. No I won't admit I didn't the American Indians in the Indians have a have a flag in the examination. Well didn't it didn't look at it like that -- you know you don't want. Mean you have a different do different nations but didn't have if I. -- not likely to become Americans united. It was pretty much forceful I think with the Japanese would turn. In the camps. In factors supporting people support -- and play a sense of unity event. And everybody up that. You know I just and I. Don't and I and -- understand that -- and I said they have a right to build this good but but if ML little illicit oil Elizabeth OK most cities. Haven't MLK street because that is their way of honoring Dr. Martin Luther King right that's their monument. So why would you build this monument on that monument. Well I. I personally wouldn't quit obvious questions you know you can't just say well it's inappropriate because there's -- black people or is it appropriate to a hundred people more Japanese people or. -- you know I just sort of statement. Well the other day and I understand that don't but it's gonna but no matter where you put it it's gonna offend black people if they're offended by I I understand. Why people I understand that but I'm lying but why put it. In the place it's gonna offend them the most. -- like I'm. The -- of people. Want to -- it'll. Change. -- -- I'm I'm sure I'm sure I'm sure he -- and I'm sure you know Jane Fonda does as well I'm sure there's some more and I'll -- as for some because he didn't like I mean. And it just. I didn't cut it. Go about it but that's -- -- company today. Associated them and maybe for the civil war -- -- for states -- ritual correct but I actually was independence. -- -- -- sleeper is substantial and much more consciously. Make no mistake to solve the State's Austin independent and the same way. That's afflicting American -- -- for independence against. England -- and so all that process all the government group. At that double -- controlled certain. The house supports -- -- that -- To help -- knows -- and so on it and it was it was at the end. I didn't hear very. -- -- -- -- -- And it was still the president and the I'll just sort as -- -- no. Well don't today none in the southern none of the southern states now voted for the current president what does that mean. It. -- -- You're you're breaking up mommy Duncan to bring it up on me. 2608786. Exit eight nines early Tony thank thanks for the call. And yeah I understand why they broke away but again. They lost. -- war. Okay. Part of our history. But they lost we are the United States of America now. We'll take a break and be right back studied a -- And welcome back to 60187866889. Is 0870. Trying to keep up with -- police -- are coming -- so fast that the page keeps changing on them. And by the Thomas -- back to get some more pop in and it pulls it back up to the top people -- -- people -- and figured it in my text that slate which ones yours I get a million of them and they keep. Improvement creeping up and down. Incredibly fast and I can't keep track government. Let's see let's go to. We have time -- -- is good chip manor -- chip. They have to go on a a couple of quick points to make or is that. That you realize that this. Group -- try to look at this from both sides the group of also promoting. The license plates and taxes for the buffalo soldiers certain group. And trying to show that you know that there would reverse the negative intended to buy this particular incidence. Yeah will do well this is the the local chapter -- so I don't know. Right I mean I would have been on Google and then looked them up and it's like it's -- it to your point it seems like there were no significant battles. You know orange Texas you know during the war so that things that they were most put forward blockade running so. Perhaps a better place so well but would be there and also take into effective. There was an African American. Naval commander in -- On the confederate side would be at a marina or somewhere and -- what I understand what you say about. The pocono I think the question of following question you would be this. If let's reverse the -- and so let's say that they had built this confederate. More Agile. In the sixties and now they wanted to remove history. Today do you think it would be the same level of outrage. I don't think they would renamed that street to be honest. Because of that. Really yeah. I don't think so. Not not and not in that area is not an orange. Well I thought they would of found another street if that had been there before the -- The street because of it and other publication for the -- pictures. Now -- -- trying to push the issue but again the confederate. Again chip or chip the hypotheticals. And that's not that's not the reality of CNET and I got to go to the news here the week it and we go round for round of hypotheticals all night long. But this is the reality what they're trying to do.