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2-22 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Feb 22, 2013|

Dave talks about why some people go out in terrible weather, if WWE wrestling is really a sport, and what is wrong with people

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL -- news on this February 22 2013. Eyes started would never -- here cheat sheet I asked Wellcome doubts. Ride. I feel it. It and you know. Oh happy this Friday and we'll finally -- world. I needed -- ride -- like nobody's. And South Africa. I don't know why this week felt so long I don't know why news feels like it was going. And on -- on I don't know -- But thank goodness leading companies to weather yesterday. Thank goodness the rain never again Q and and and damn keyword for today's weather is. And look and watch -- non that rain knows weather's. We can and out and if you really need terrible whether you drive up north that you find a whole bunch of -- as its sixty into this knowing can't. New line now. States of emergency trying to trying to rescue people abandoned on the highway what what I've never wanders and I've been in I've done. I've I've lived through blizzards and an ice storms. Nasty ice storm about eighteen years ago here in in central. Covered that would I don't yet. Is that people feel like despite the dire warnings from officials -- despite the fact that on its -- it's not safe to be outside despite the fact that people earned over in cars and accused. All over the place and they know it can reporting it on the radio and now and they noted for days in advance it's -- -- trucks -- Jack and anything done. On bridges that. Stuff like I can't stay here again and again agony you know I got to go to the story got to go to different -- -- ago. It's like they never believe it'll happen to them and it never going to be the victim. Of the car sliding into the days that never going to be that truck driver who can't navigate the -- And the truck Jack knives and box traffic for sixteen there's never going to be the president -- them. In the icy lake camp they slide off the mean. I don't get not know where they get it goes so badly that he can't waited I heard at the very same feeling when I heard this morning and it. The -- governor of Kansas. You know talking about it. Well every state police around like you for stranded mark stranded what are you doing out there it is. If people live under a rock and don't pay any attention to media and had no idea that the worst Norman you know fifty years who's coming. Or that is down -- asked sixteen into this now ice covered highways trucks to -- I've cars flipped over. I can handle nobody else apparently -- I don't I can handle that -- that the out of there just completely out to watch. -- you don't. Well George. One of them are -- for awhile we get down and it's pretty wild week. Thank you had collected about one one over here that the tip you well. Coming up next we'll get your whole weekend forecast as meteorologist or -- -- now it's -- gallery in your. Friday morning's boards here on WW well I am not an exact count and I'm gonna do it. All those people notice that let you go out when the weather's just scrappy and dangerous to no good. You don't know. What people file -- here and there regulations. Enjoy your seventeen hours eating cat jumping crackers that you had in the glove box while you're on the side of the road waiting word. Authorities to come and fine. It's Friday. I'm WW. Fives 17 good morning I'm Dave got taken for people are texting more Friday song suggestions State's 7870. Yet it now until the saints get up and run and again in a weakening Dick wrong -- Friday morning. I am open to all kinds of suggestions of songs that really gets you pumped up and excited for the weekend that we can share with -- Here on the early days of WWL offers news right now we're sharing your weekend forecast. Your Friday mild Temps around 73 mostly cloudy and some scattered showers and rain especially along the coastline. And tonight lows dropping into the fifties still some spotty showers overnight. With cool Temps for your Saturday rain -- likely first thing in the morning through about noon. But -- begin to scale back on those showers by the afternoon and evening high Saturday around seventy. Then Sunday the opposite we'll start off fairly dry but showers possible in the afternoon a 30% chance. -- Sunday 71. But the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Clark. Tell right now it's cloudy 69 degrees at the international airport officials there reporting some fog visibility down to a quarter of a mile of the Lakefront airport where the fog is Roland on and it's 68 degrees north -- cloudy and 64 at the National Weather Service office in Slidell. Rain reported a few spots drizzle and light rain in Gonzales and -- bill right now. Right now it's time for. Friday's awards and -- that would welcome in the big daddy Steve -- our allies demand. Doing great happy Friday everybody. LSU baseball scored two runs in the bottom of the march ninth inning to earn a walk off victory beating BYU by a score of six to five. And here's what it. Want a lot plot -- that they -- real and it's going to -- Not many in broad based at the wallet with tigers win the buffalo days. That tiger's return to the field tonight and face southeastern. Or just the day away from now from the start of the NFL combine in Indianapolis and WWL draft guru Mike -- -- -- says. That teams know what these college kids can do already the real important thing. Is getting to know who the players. All but don't spill is important. But this is a huge job interview -- these young men and you wanna -- of goods from an athletic standpoint but also come across as well. Football is your passion. Over to the MBA now where the hornets are back on the court tonight and look to snap a two game losing skid. They tip off against the Dallas Mavericks are 1053 FM it said it. And first round play resumed in the PGA's match play championship after -- no delay in Arizona. And it was a short week for Tiger Woods. Charles Howell the third beat woods who's one of four top seeds in the 64 man field -- happens. It's the nature of the format. His -- beat the -- planning dance and I didn't do that. -- had company leaving early another number one seed Rory McIlroy also filmed the first round to Shane Lowry. It was the first time since 2002 when the top two seeds were eliminated after one day. Today -- four on sports talk wrestle mania thirty is coming to New Orleans next year. You consider professional wrestling a real sport or just sports entertainment. I'm Steve Geller with your early morning look at sports. Five when he won Dave Cohen Steve Geller hang in. And adding your radio on I day of mourning our rights no major trades in the NBA particularly surrounding the New Orleans Hornets. Yet they just stand stamp pad go with a roster they have in those might be exploring a trade of Gordon come the summertime after the season if his stock. Can actually rise of the city can do anything particular like -- years and around. You know Adobe impressive and they indicated when or if he'll ever be able to play two games in a row with is still. Boom boom he has united. The Bobo he's got on the need it keeps him from playing two games in Europe there's doctors have not cleared him yet but that is something that even Coach Williams has been frustrated with saying he doesn't understand why -- the restrictions are still on him. But it's what the doctor says so the team has the following. Are. You to back -- environments and more sports delegate your opinion WW re is it these boards. Oriented justice entertainment. You know I've had this discussion for years and years and years film reference not only about professional wrestling but about all kind just. You know what makes sports sports. And was their opening game pace. You know his -- sport is golf a sport is NASCAR. A sport. Or is it a game or the competition or is it entertainment. It's you know what makes its board. It's sports -- -- NASCAR. Danica Patrick on the pole for the Daytona 500. Will be definitely more interest in already big race this weekend just because we'll see if a woman can actually be -- can actually the first woman. To win the race it'll be pretty exciting and -- actually even tuning in for the affair between now the next point five minutes from now three. Over history. Being the. Pole sitter how much does that increase your chances of winning. The Daytona 500 or or any NASCAR race -- matter what. Yeah it is because he started first place how much does that increase your chances of finishing in first place those people have that for us. Coming up and about 25 minutes -- of his opinion. Is wrestling a sport. -- just vaccinated that beneath him to curling in the sport. With a. The Olympic sport. What do you think professional wrestling WW we retailer play sports or entertainment. And does -- matter he'll love it or hate it. 5:23 on -- Friday morning. Five point five on -- Friday that fierce winter blizzard that hit the nation's heartland yesterday is headed toward the upper midwest and western Great Lakes some more of the nation will be impacted at the latest CBS news coming up for yet. In about five minutes here on WWL. AM FM. And dot count checked flights if you add in somewhere this weekend at a town folks because even if there's snow is not where your gallant. The plane that you want to get on May have been delayed as it moves about the country I'm Dave can only at the early edition of -- WL prison is no snow here but. We will have some scattered rain continuing for the next. Three -- cloudy skies with a front tripped over the area some rain chances around all weekend beginning today. 60% chance mainly along the coast then tonight a 50% chance cloudy and cool. Lows in the mid fifties tomorrow we may see some rain along the south -- parts of the North Shore for the first part of the day in scaling back on chances for the afternoon 60% on Saturday highs of seventy. Then Sunday starting not fairly dry but then at 30% chance of rain by the afternoon highs of 71. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Clark knocked out. Little miss a little drizzle -- there right now and some fog reported and hole my Davenport who's John -- -- on international visibility down a quarter mile the Lakefront airport. Otherwise we have temperatures in the 60s this morning 69 in Canada 64 in slide out wins are relatively well not very. Strong calm at the airport northwest at five on the lake front northeast at seven. On the North Shore and Dave -- at the early edition of WWL first. It's our rights advocates and text messages today 7871. Person says the WWB. Is a fake sport that is entertaining. Tank another says its bank entertainment hate it and watched it since the eighties and others says wrestling is entertainment. But they don't even hate each other idealists Cortes when you have to develop a skill to play. It's not a skill it now it's nice yell vacating some. I think that's just entertainment. It's pretty hard to convincingly make them that. That's as if you are competing against someone it is a sport but whatever the outcome is fixed as another one the WW week. Decides who wins so it's not a sports. Thank you for your text messages -- 78 cent. Hike coming up dollars and CBS's David my cancer WWL first news traffic weather to gather and support. Here on WW -- your pride game morning I'm David -- we'll also take a look at the what is wrong with people file. Think Colorado is struggling what to do about -- Tourism you know they've legalized marijuana there but they're debating whether only locals should be -- divide about a hundred should be able to come into it and it Colorado. And by marijuana won't make it may leave with it. -- important questions -- trying to determine what gate you're in what's coming up in the next half hour here on WWL. Happy pride and. 37 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news it's February it's the 22 it's 2013. Voted really beat TGI. Apps -- -- go. Tough guy it and. Yeah -- want to come lives out. Are you and dance to whatever you gotta do to celebrate the week ended. Eight. Maybe. They'll get a -- off Friday it's a wonderful thing I'm glad it is here happy QB the host of the official celebration of Iraq. Absolutely. It's just been a long week data and analyze belts along -- Am deport the Oscars. In are -- -- Carol from. -- quote and resonate wall is the youngest ever nominee for best actress declared that got on the set and started telling the director how to do things enough time. It's you know who sat in the Louisiana piece of the southern island tango and change. Both of four Academy Awards. Exciting now. Not necessarily excited arid optimistically that one way and the buzz is gone elsewhere but just -- -- news good and you know now you drive around town and everywhere you go there filming a movie I mean it's gotten a point to now we just kind of you know and we used to get excited ultimately what they do that what movie is that now it's like object. Another cent from -- a Smart movie trucks though there's some Hollywood stars and there's -- get a -- way you know -- -- glad -- back become part. The average of SE than we follow the little yellow sign he has evidently as a blue ones and it low and solid yellow signs and blue sign museum taped polls that usually telling the actors in the crew -- ago. To from the movies and there's a lot of them being films also some opening in theaters this week. Or all of us rice as we take a look at the box office that one gain the most -- it is niche. A father goes undercover for the DEA ordered free use nine. Who has been in prison after being set up in a drug deal starring Dwayne the rock Johnson and Susan Sarandon rocked -- stare. -- anatomy or currencies filmed movies here in will be -- for well he made me happy for them -- -- League next year he's going to be. Wrestling this year against other guys some about movies here. The button -- -- -- -- also opening this weekend as the -- scifi thriller dark guys. As the -- families peaceful suburban life is rock -- escalating series of it is disturbing. That's for the birds slam into the window and I seen the trailers. In the world comes Terry Russell. Industrial couples are both of these are PG thirteen going up again. The current top five in. Identity that with Jason Bateman Melissa may -- Saint -- it. With Julianna Hoffman and now. And escape from planet earth and warm bodies rampant current. David -- water wise thing prediction owner time. Well you know I won I think last week's two you know number one and number -- still have some room. Good to see the comedy and -- Bruce Willis and in fact I'm gonna go with Bruce again you think he did dated die hard facts stays in there and hold them for another week yet because there was one valentines and yeah I think yeah I'm a grocery -- -- currency more action you don't think the rockets and it has been getting in now. Emotion and excitement built up that he can knock them in Bruce did make enough on that first round and he's another 3040 million. -- wind you know Colorado having a big debate question about you know what they're supposed to do. With this new legalization of pot we -- to tourists. Is getting very confusing. I wanna throw this out there as a task force his match in Colorado to decide about this and what they said is what we have to let out of towners out of staters by. Because if we don't that a black market will develop amongst the locals selling. Do the pot tourists that people coming in Colorado justice smoke dope or track so they said well we don't want that because -- legalizing it is to reduce the crime in the black market all that now. We're not -- Make it illegal for -- but they're talking about well maybe we reduce the amount they can. Where they can only buy a smaller amount at a time. So that they can discount smoke can be done with now kind of like a week here and party unites ride by 'cause they're concerned. That people may try than. To take the -- with them come to Colorado buy it legally and then leave the state are they don't want that either use that you think self. I think that's a pretty good possibility of the task force recommended marijuana be made available to terrorists over the age of 21 though in stricter quantity and will be available to in state residents that they target this all worked out. -- -- -- they can't stop everybody at the border and you've got some pot and there that we love it yeah arguments -- every car leaving Colorado. I was would be elected border Syrian dominance witnesses this is going to be an interesting debate that will continue to thank you -- we're talking about twenty minutes or first is Christa Miller will be along -- don't tell us more about the Hollywood south. And the Oscars this week. Not it's. I. In the woman who is one of the biggest cheerleaders have ever met for Friday's this meteorologist Laura but. Love Friday night you know I share your love it's almost like like you know just when you think you can't take another day. Just think it's something panic time yet and you just went most desperately need and I got to tell you all the years you've made me even bigger fan of -- Love Friday -- -- she love without -- if you -- -- -- I have been more picketed at an acute that the good. Glad to hear it yet but I also appreciated is the fact that we really didn't have any horrible terrible no good weather yesterday. Wanted to let you know the -- or was always the area that was into the worst habit need a couple of tornado warnings up around the home. And spots right across the the state line there but we really lucked out heaviest storms we're north of us and it -- -- -- like we're gonna see much south of the lake and other than a few showers -- really -- -- -- right. And today it looks like -- seats scattered. Activity at bat that's a good way to put it scattered showers around that front it's in the area and it's gonna sit over. Really the south sore the next day or so and so will mean some scattered showers about this morning midday afternoon. But it's not going to rain all day and it's not going to be that severe weather threat that we had yesterday it's just going to be. I think nuisance rain just -- additives and more than anything that carry a lot. -- in a kind of have to turn -- wipers on it renounces warning and it just irritation but. On a look at some break and I think one prequel comes Saturday nights. At a pretty solid break. And continues through Sunday morning which is great news for all the runners in town for the rock and roll past and. OK so if you wanna go out of party Saturday night. And then run a marathon Sunday morning I don't recommend you do both if I didn't wind the weather will let you do both yeah I really got -- -- to see some rain again first part tomorrow through early afternoons so you know Saturday morning showers through new. But then by the evening the rain wraps up we are -- -- -- to dry skies Sunday and then Sunday afternoon just to stray shower along our coastline. Right the exit 30% chance of 30% Sunday afternoon at all. All right an attempt -- in the seventies a weekend and it's going to be kind of warm and Mikey did you tell the difference this morning man yet kind of soupy air quality and are back -- -- that is going to be kind of warm and humid we're talking about I today around 73 tomorrow. And death Sunday right about seventy. Right or wrong. Our ride you wanna buy -- mansion worth more than a hundred million dollars let me know and well -- San Francisco suburb. Particularly motivated after the guy you -- that now die. He wants your money now 76 year old Christian Virginia eighty Eagles for yet Christian began -- the four. I was born and raised in the home and doesn't plan to turn it over until you guys. Are right so he says that. You can buy it now and I want your money now he can't move -- like. Do we know I mean -- could be like twenty years and yet we have no ideas to others to other bees. And -- agent Greg Lynn says the arrangement was content for property traded up until the twentieth that ugliness and I -- I haven't heard that recently he says that the one's lifetime opportunity if you want to ever own home. Is that this is this one just on the street sold for 117. Million dollars and net in my house but that's like maybe maybe for the -- -- become -- dinner renowned manner you know spent the weekend here at night you. -- Now check the place I can now. -- -- maybe maybe twenty years and he may be invested ultimately you have probably -- -- your rights candidate to me and I -- you know and I'm not by announcement waiting for you to die with the movement and I think that a lot that's been -- -- market about 76 year old Christian to -- gave the floors in the I'm with people cry at a regular. Great weekend as I tried everybody some showers out there yet that's number one fan of Friday -- about now here on WWL I am and -- our -- to as being the pole sitter. It NASCAR improve your chances of winning the race Steve Geller has that -- Danica Patrick start and for a place in the Daytona 500 tells us what happened without you baseball night. Get -- ready for full weekend of sports and. They have on your pride day let's get the weekend started right with a little sports. That we welcome a big daddy. -- -- good lord and happy Friday good morning and the cardiac cats were back at it again as Alicia provided some late inning dramatics to remain perfect on the young season. Ray Bryant lives football game. With an RBI single and LSU stores to move in the bottom of the flag settings no one of the ballgame. The tigers won six to five over BYU and improved to five and oh on the year. Ellis he will now place southeastern this evening. Will state of Louisiana has been a hot -- for NFL talent and WWL draft analyst Mike to tell you says. Expect that trend to continue this year as the NFL combine gets underway tomorrow. Fifteen players. From the -- we've -- -- -- prep high school ranks are gonna go to combine in Indianapolis. It is never. Reached that number before. Fifteenth. What was NBA action in the Crescent City tonight Anthony Davis in the -- we'll try and snapped a two game losing skid. When they host the Dallas Mavericks didn't catch tip off on 1053 FM acts that it. Was snow's gone from match play championship and so -- Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods. And stunning upsets yesterday Shane Lowry eliminated map global Charles Howell the third -- woods. And the surest sign that spring is just around the corner there are four Major League spring training games opening of the grapefruit and cactus league schedules today. Detroit plays of lending to Sammy. While three games and Arizona are also on the slate. Today a four on sports talk wrestle mania thirties coming to New Orleans next year. The consider professional wrestling any real smorgasbord or just sports entertainment. I'm Steve Geller with your early morning. Look at sports -- We've been talking about that this -- most people taxi mandate 7870 on this Friday mornings the youth don't do not think that the WWB is a sport. I think it's entertaining a lot of people love it and enjoy watching it. But they say it's scripted it's not real so I cannot be a sport would you concur. The act conclude -- after that point alone of you know wrestling that was eliminated from Olympics that's a sport but when. The Victor has already been decided it's basically and security did it with chairs and climbing up and jumping mountain yes and and I have no doubt that the guys are athletic but it's not. You're not competing. It's it's it like you said it's scripted so no I can't to consider that a reels. War all right Rick you began entertaining and that now right now we are also talking about Danica Patrick held on through all the time trials and will start. On the pole in first place when they. Drop the flag what -- -- they -- a green flag to start racism that yet yet. When they waved the green flag to start the Daytona 500. What does that do for her chances of winning the Daytona 500 that -- setters. How but how much better their chances of. You know surprisingly it's not that great of an honor for the godaddy girl I guess you -- to be the pole sitter yes that's you know we honor you get. And the first time a woman is done -- so another great accomplishment by. No pole -- won the Daytona 500 is Dale Jarrett in 2000. In the 54 year history of the race only nine have gone on to win the race. Fifty. Four years nine people who started replacement for right that they get better throughout the little bit not that dramatic not dramatically now like. The long race 500. Titles and you're not the long way and so again the and that the lead changes all whole lot but. I guess it gives her a little better it. Chance of being the first woman to win it we'll hopefully she snaps a little bit of a -- going on right now the last four years old bowl for post that pole sitters have gone into Iraq. Avenue -- right exactly thank yet. There can avoid a -- with our clock him well let's go right now we're talking again fifteen minutes here on WWL may have left them and dot com. So the pole sitter in the Daytona 500 has won the race 17%. Of the time. Announced it would that is for Danica Patrick this weekend right now we got to take your forecast for the weekend here in new. Your Friday mostly cloudy look for mild Temps in the seventy's it'll be humid. And we're looking at a 60% chance forces scatter brain especially along our coastline -- tonight cloudy and cool. Another 50% chance -- showers for Saturday we may see some rain for the first part of the day. Wrapping up around lunchtime look for highs around seventy by the afternoon. Then Sunday we're starting not dry but look for some showers toward the afternoon at 30% chance of highs of 71. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Clark -- Tell -- -- a few. Scattered showers out there right now one person text mediate 7870 -- -- -- dogs and Harry -- no cats is that now. -- good but not that hard all right also a shower over Metairie and other -- a bunch out over the lake -- there are a little showers. Otherwise it's 69 degrees at the airport in -- 64 degrees at the National Weather Service offices like and I Tommy Tucker didn't over the next four hours upon what you guys I'm. I like those things well -- and I -- a bit of seriousness of first day a skinhead. White supremacist didn't want his daughter treated Diana. Black mayors in well we'll talk about the ramifications that would talk about the Academy Awards. Gas senator Arlen -- great promises and I am Seth MacFarlane kids -- -- parents who I am. I'm hosting the Academy Awards parents tell your kids what that is. I -- there's a very funny way to present that some type by the Academy Awards in the Academy Award nominated movies and we're also gonna talk about. Sir that chain -- did yesterday and you know today's sexting message. Could be tomorrow's evidence of lawyers -- -- -- that somebody could blackmail you. I find it amazing that 10% of active any of it that's sexy even if you agree election our own home -- a movie. That after the relationship or marriage breaks up -- -- people that threat but what about that it goes beyond that it could be an angry message that ideally that doesn't have to be sexually. Tommy's neck every -- to talk and sports leader.