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WWL>Topics>>2-22 9:10am Tommy talks to Chris Orr about the Oscars

2-22 9:10am Tommy talks to Chris Orr about the Oscars

Feb 22, 2013|

Tommy talks to Christopher Orr, the Principal Film Critic for The Atlantic Magazine, about the Oscars

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is easier to. Hi Christopher Gore's senior editor in principle film critic for the Atlantic I don't I don't do and I'm doing and I'm sure you should do Dutch. You -- exit date at a time when this. -- Let me ask you about it the films that have been nominated a more harder -- ago. Beasts of the southern wild -- unchained Ole ms. or rob. Life of -- Lincoln silver linings playbook zero dark thirty I presume you've seen all of them I -- you know. Which. Do you think -- her soft you know I'll always love that -- of film critics because -- do you like. Are you able to watch these films. As a standard he always. -- revert back to being a critic. You know like it depends a little. On the movie but I think I think you get to the point where here where you're not in joining seeing the movies and probably time to find something else to do with your time. Really. So we viewed it when it comes to evaluating a film as a critic how do you go about that because I think a lot of people. Had that question. You know. I might not be the right person after Ali -- -- them as a critic exactly the way evaluated them before -- became democratic you know at least as headstrong. Feeling about movies and anyone who went to the movies with me for most of my life. -- want to movie was over there and get your full of my opinion of the movie in your. Walking out of the theater and you know now that it is in your -- -- -- they ignored they candidate they don't pretend that everything on the line. See don't have a strong dollar checklist rather -- plot develop main character development story lines these kind of things. I mean again you know every critic has certain things they focus on. There are critics too focused more on the on individuals and there are critics to focus more on the on the story and the narrative and I think across the Atlantic at latter category. I think it eat it even a movie that's really gorgeous to look at. If it doesn't have a strong narrative line I'm not likely to get to enjoy that much and are some people I think. I'm currently around and so -- you know everybody had their quirks prominent problem -- All of the Oscar nominated films. More Argo beasts of the southern wild. Which did you find the most enjoyable watch in the most entertaining. Well I -- there are thirty was really by far the best movie of the year -- that thought it was tremendously. And I am very disappointed. Countries know there's been a lot of political controversy around it and -- added additional -- fortunately it was released in new York and Los Angeles of the month. Before it could be seen miles or anyone else so there was you know there were three or four weeks of time for this. Controversy to building for senators to claim that it misrepresented torture them. Various people to sort of give it this. This error of of being politically problematic. Before people even had a chance to see it. And yeah I disagree I don't I don't think the movies pro torture I don't think. The areas where it may not be exactly historically accurate are. Or what distortions of any kind and I think it's just that tremendously well made film on an important. Subject I understand the complaint against about the they're absurd but I think they are very accurate. And long lines. Easily denied they get in some -- for not being historically accurate. Either but I mean at some point people have to realize that did that at a basic Tenet of a movie is that you have to what is -- suspend your disbelief. Exactly what what I find absolutely happening. Is that -- dark thirty and Lincoln have both gotten not quite hard for not being exactly historically accurate. But nobody seemed to mind that there are large large chunks of Arco which by all accounts to be. Strong strong front winner to win best picture either large -- of organs that are completely made up the entire -- back. With all these -- there three straight with partners in the last act and not a single them. Their entire scenes that are just made up to make -- more dramatic and and that's one of the problem with that. But of those -- I think it's almost certainly safe to say that or could take many more liberties. We have. -- the historical facts and either Lincoln -- zero dark thirty but nobody complained about -- and government complain about Lincoln and -- are very. And at some point. I would think you use your common sense and realize that it's a movie. Yeah no I -- of course nobody nobody is claiming that any one of those films -- documentary. Boy anybody's giving a deposition. Under oath -- It's a multi folks is entertainment you Nintendo's gonna see a movie and an escape reality which is what the movies I think are all about. Right now I -- it. I completely. I completely agree I so let's get let's get actors and leading role Bradley Cooper silver linings playbook Daniel Day-Lewis Lincoln you Jack mentally -- that ceiling will fill my -- leave it. -- me as I can't tell you adding care much for Hugh Jackman and admiral Joaquin Phoenix in the master Denzel Washington in flight. Yeah I agree you know I. Think. I think that. That would mean ultimately that you really like court -- is kind of -- -- and tired and -- -- in the same. Category and I I really. You know I -- eject and was perfectly good that I would not have have given him -- hospitality -- I think that one that -- pretty much as -- that it definitely Lewis will win for Lincoln and I think. He should -- went from an amazing performance. It reminds me a little bit. When George C. Scott played patent. My whole little like when I think the patent I think George -- -- And I think it's that kind of role when people think of Lincoln they're gonna think of it it was playing Lincoln. It's really it's that the market perform and unlike some of his big performance in the past which were really intense and sort burned up the screen it's very easy. Quiet before it's almost withdrawn which I think. Was the right towards like an authority. Larger than like what but that the trick with a acting performances to bring him down to sort of the human scale. But in terms of historical accuracy should they have had him wearing a Fedora. It is I don't know I think I'm I'm just annoyed that that's. They didn't refer to him a Dutch -- Yeah. -- -- -- And playing on the Reagan nickname I actor in a supporting role Alan Arkin -- Robert and -- silver linings playbook Philip Seymour Hoffman. Who is one of my favorite actors I think disguise than normal I didn't I didn't see the -- though Tommy Lee Jones in Lincoln and another one of my favorite actors. And Christopher Waltz in jingle and change. Again and -- my -- is that it is it is this category almost always a really strong category supporting actor every year error. Multiple people seem like there. It is -- win -- you know my guess is that Tommy Lee Jones and one for Lincoln. And much of that like coming down. I don't really like -- that. That wins so much just because I felt though in Lincoln I'm really counted. Tremendous job of playing Tommy Lee Jones but not that persuasive the job of playing -- even. I never felt it in contrast to Daniel they got really vanished into the role forgot that he had been they would. I felt like Tommy Lee Jones every minute you don't scream you know. And you know that's fine -- well -- announcement. I didn't I didn't consider it principled and. And the other way around Philip Seymour Hoffman everytime I see him. In a role he's always somebody different he's a chameleon at least some in my opinion. No I -- area. I think he's one of the best the best actor -- in Hollywood today. I'd accidentally year old Jessica chest -- zero dark thirty Jennifer Lawrence was and Hunger Games actors right yeah -- in silver linings playbook. An annual -- evo Rob -- I it is ladies and Louisiana recently I -- announces name Levin's. Say it for me -- Knowing that perhaps it. I I honestly I'm I don't trust myself kind of sitting back and you can -- Kevin Bonnie -- Yeah okay beasts of the southern wild -- Naomi Watts the impossible. Yes I I think. And Jennifer Lawrence seemed like as a reasonably think that -- is not a really. Strong year for the lead actress category I don't think. I'm just that the casting was good in -- or thirty but that was really the directors -- captain Nicholas fell more than the start so. I think there's a chance that Emanuel read that could win for more. She's 85 years old I believe he's the oldest. Woman -- be nominated for an Oscar and the academy love giving Oscars to people who they think will never be nominated again and it's pretty safe bet that she will not be. So I think he's got an outside shot but I think Jennifer Lawrence. -- -- -- -- it likely to win chief. 22 years old she's the youngest person to be receiving the second nomination. She's a terrific versatile actress and into -- really I think. Surprised people because we think of her as very young and she played them much more grown up role and then again it really anticipated from. And an interesting range of ages with the 85 year old and the and the young lady from Louisiana news where. Who it was -- -- six years old when the movie itself. And I have to say I don't really that she's amazing in the film it's absolutely were saying it's -- completely unique film it is. I'd recommend it to everyone that's beasts of the southern wild. But I just think -- -- you can't there's no way to tell if they're acting or just behaving. Naturally the idea of sort of acting craftsmanship I just don't think you can really apply to -- And finally before really to go we appreciate your time actors and a supporting role Amy Adams in the masters Sally Field in Lincoln. And Hathaway in Ole miss Helen Hunt in the sessions or Jacki Weaver in silver linings playbook I'm -- for Sally Field because I wanna hear her acceptance. -- you know really it was really really really really like me. You could make a lot of money if you bet on the field and he won but he's not going to. In Hathaway is about the statement that I've seen of any Oscar nominee in my lifetime. I would say put your money and in halfway but usually yet about a dollar back for every fifty dollars you put him because she's that much -- thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Could could almost portrayed in myself to have via dreams dream team in late -- We're keeping the song the song very beautiful song while coughing and wheezing and buying him. You weeping and it. On that from my -- but the song began beautifully but that became a bit over done by the end. I'm glad that that don't want -- be Oscar the minute it was it was don't. -- I think it did agree -- that film was Saddam for him for his little bitty part was. Bruno -- is -- -- Completely. -- can help me out who played. Need to make who played. In those movies Bruno and that the big tell comedian. Now I believe figured out. Will Google -- the fact that you think you've been you've been on Sacha Baron Cohen thinking OK my political. Gamble you know you have -- down. Chris to reach -- and you've been they'll get anything else such. Oh with a one other person I was I was really terrific in the film as an actor who I don't think. We've seen that much of that any -- main it was really tremendous and had the best song in the -- and cable and teacher in the public. But the high point of the movie that that like you -- otherwise felt a little bit. Yet not yet again -- maybe a blade maybe take a little blades and and his -- -- to a minus yeah. See you can't go convict him of the people who love the musical. Go berserk if you cut it people who don't look musical get a little bored. If you if you don't. Yet announced it is adding to it than Nancy watched so. I appreciate your time Chris I really do Chris -- senior editor in principle film critic for the Atlantic you know combat some time I would look you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Thank you figure I got.

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