WWL>Topics>>2-22 12:10pm Don talks to WWL listeners about mislabeled seafood

2-22 12:10pm Don talks to WWL listeners about mislabeled seafood

Feb 22, 2013|

Don Dubuc, in for Garland, talks to WWL listeners about times they've ordered one kind of seafood and been served something else

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- 161. News Lou. Point eight feet. Regulations for the 29 of you listeners. That is the test folks in and also is a leading to talk about substituting in switching. Actually it was Kevin chilling out of the same team camel team Campbell has been participating in city park -- for a long long time. Under head coaches on holes classmate of mine from relies Cooley was -- track star Ronnie -- And Ronnie. Has gotten he started Martha's kids and he was taken them to compete in the brim -- category where you try to catch as many brim as you camp. And now they have all grown up to be young responsible. Hardworking taxpaying citizens at least most government. And Kevin is one of them who is now a young man in the -- but they have all become good fisherman. And he proved it when he caught a nine pound bass in new Orleans city park on Mardi Gras day into the Baton Rouge text and said you must be getting old. Yeah -- -- and I am getting -- bank that'll anyway it's a bass another speckled -- anyway if you have a big enough -- something other than what you ordered. Or sold something at a seafood market that you positively no may be used suspected it. A recent study that was published in the New York Times by eight -- protection group on an ocean protection group nonprofit called Oceana. No relation to Oceana -- in rest and in this French Quarter and a restaurant here 120 samples that said red snapper. And will -- tested. There was 28 different species that were being passed off -- snapper seventeen of them will not even in the snapped a family that was according to the study. Which was released released this -- actually yesterday. And we can check it all out if you wanna go to Oceana dot org you can find out read the test and all that but -- -- -- as we -- -- conversation about how it goes so we -- -- Smith the director of the Louisiana seafood promotion marketing board come on a shift -- Cicero talking about you know his take on his aspect I had a a listener who was so -- questioning whether what he was told speckled Trout by harassment and very popular Norman transcript. -- he suspected it was not I also suspect it was not. The bottom line is it's illegal -- and his laws on the books is supposed to be enforced by the federal drug and Food and Drug Administration. Bottom line is most of these things have happy endings. -- people. Taste in tested in the he's by an order of things that they think go with the glamorous names may be speckled Trout. Red fish although red fish believe again actually game fish that are cases of farm raise red -- imported red fish so if you see red fish on a restaurant menu. I don't think it's black from being passed off because it could very well -- Red fish but in the case of speckled Trout. -- not to my knowledge or anyone else I can find. Or speckled Trout actually -- raised there are some species of crude Trout by the way speckled Trout is is a deceptive name in this derailment. A speckled Trout is not a member of the Trout family. It is a member of the drum Sam. And of course to -- -- is a member of the Porgy -- if you wanna get technical about it but anyway what's in the name. If you -- happy with a do you care or do you or you'd. Really surprised shocked and felt like you've been ripped off let's talk to Jim in lake view about it he's been hanging on while they Jim are you doing today. A dime I'm doing great -- -- the issue you know use your you can't can't take that have been wonderful and yeah well I'll I'll confirm it. Without -- public and throughout. Restaurant in the quarter -- Bob do you have -- -- -- mother's favorite dead dish was proud of it being. And it was servant catfish. It catfish is that time was in debt eaten by a lot of people have looked down upon and not recognized with a good these. Days yeah. And then. And it and then in addition. That the other restaurant. I'm not gonna name -- gentlemanly reasons but the other restaurant has come clean. And they would serve an alligator in the turtle soup. And and frankly. I get a little ball kicked out of the -- student that there's gonna kill and at turtle was delegated that -- I see why don't they just fess up and say it's as alligator soup you know promoting gun -- paid a new blood product with a lot of availability. -- you know 11. One thing about this -- crowd is that the spotted sea Trout whatever it is one people might think is that there are a lot of people who stubbornly. Refuse to acknowledge any other fish is worthy and needed it no. -- searching for that matter. And it and a mother yes exactly and mother him and someone else to get to what was speckled Trout. She was an interstate needing it and NN could not -- introduce -- -- On the -- -- -- railroad -- with my son Chris and a friend his cell. Okay and we will we caught the sheep's head we captain. And it was it was spectacular fighting and outstanding eating and I'll take it before. I was speckled Trout a red fish any day 11. Quick thing about this conversation it's wonderful -- -- most people notice that it not. Is that the large variety of fish with discussing. And have god has blessed with solid -- and in addition in this conversation. We've -- even discussion discussing. Shrimp. Crabs all bulk purchases. You know I've made -- does a wonderful crab -- wonderful. And the shrimp a wonderful and it immediately it would take -- shelves this discuss. Let him actually possibly be the Santa state in the nation did you hear that are also possible to get that -- -- that's in my duke and west in the wrong people don't. I'm so happy I've got to pinch myself. So then that sample size came from parish prisoners some blown -- well on the streets and if you. -- I'm gonna do culturally mad at nighttime would Derrick he would do my youngest grandchildren. They still have those. At and I needed 45 of the nine school time would there at the end and I'll look at there's look at -- have looked have a ball. Album what is inferred tip -- -- rodeo I was gonna tell you but does not count speckled Trout by the way. -- -- -- -- -- -- you're paying attention to those kind of -- on in but well can't give visiting -- on. We know maybe I. Maybe it's my imagination but -- -- -- -- -- upset about it a very large circle Trout caught along the airport war at all. Eight at nine pounds. A high speed on unspeakable respect. Yeah the laws that was. Yes I thought I heard about that let me ask you for it kept. Is how I'm gonna try to get my little ones into these Rio Grande purge. And do you know any places I've got crickets where I could take them detention Minh city -- -- I haven't had much luck downtrodden and and it yeah. Well we had one you always have some real cold weather that really knocked him back but they made -- -- makes you -- tell -- they've -- pretty good this year entity a couple of places where you gonna find them is right there along city park avenue. Right away the ol' long and they called and -- -- called the casino -- -- it. Right underneath that bridge the what I would do number one crickets on the ticket to get on the bike yeah but in order to bring them -- get a bunch of them bring some bread -- small scale brand thrown out in chum and -- If you'll see him make him a star power and up and ending the crickets in behind -- -- you'll end up with someone that they'll love and I -- -- -- -- -- the other places going to be back on by the new late they created with a little yearly testing -- -- not the -- and it's right basically our cross from the museum well Bart. Downhill is an -- from that that there there's a big park -- and it's a nice low body you water. In has plenty of Eminem but you can pretty well find the mall -- just got to kind of wait for that water to warm up. Before they get active it may still little cool for those guys another and come from they. They may have little warm water fish in new if you get cold to see they'll never get any further and make concentrate. Well as I get too cold I can't spread. There what you guys petitioned them believe it or not yes indeed and on the on the west then. Go west -- canal. Here. -- -- William David in that general area did you know with Y rots believe it or not you. So they -- it's estimated that wonderful fighting fish. Well you take this lot of run -- Nelson she said they have got some kids at a gonna behind screaming across. That's like a seven or eight pounds and they Rio Grande parts there. Hitler -- god bless you think it's very good show yeah grateful. Thank you younger and I list is like you Jim thanks so much we agree. I'm a stock to Charlie is it in coming to an online three hey Charlie -- -- think -- A man I don't let him -- Listen -- got a couple of neighbors over it'll be up there are rods in real -- yeah handed out -- people. Drowned bogeys except look out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You shot like dad yeah yeah but you haven't had any fish slipped off -- you something you didn't know Waterloo your thought it was so -- -- are pretty much RIR. -- -- -- -- you won't finish. Not speciality I was thinking when I saw this story a signal when's the last time you went to a market bought finished I can't remember his and a. I didn't I don't. -- are catching up for everybody but yeah but on the official name of our apple crowd is. By your own -- -- -- be emotional. John genus and species zeal Latin. So Latin name if I -- you go to jazz with. Had a friend and -- -- all the arm went and got into any. And he pulled out those genus species and bring you bring up the genealogy and everything else we got two different fish. You bring down the genealogy or. Anyway very good all right. I think I'll tell appreciate we got to break the thing we come back we got Robert we got Tony in Baton Rouge. And I think at some other comments that taxes don't forget the testing rules we'd only subtext from the driver's only designated techsters. Who have designated drivers you go away also if you hear me reading a -- is not necessarily the opinion of me my guests on this station's. Strictly that of one of our list we'll be right back to listen to the think tank for. I'm -- abuse good afternoon from the big -- seventy WW. Under a minute later this -- or -- you rock and roll lovers we've got Eric Clapton having a concert with -- -- arena on March 23 and we got a couple of tickets for you. If you're listening doing this hour when you hear on the song -- will give your phone number to call not a regular number of and if you call number -- to be winning a pair of tickets to see the world's greatest guitarist Eric Clapton. Compliments of WWL -- continue our conversation and me for this to sound like must Saturday morning outdoors fishing show but. Are we talking about -- problem in in the nation in fact -- so more rampant than most people have a dream there was a study that's done. Where fish that -- served often not with a label says I call it food fish fraud. I supposed to be. We watched over him not regulated by the federal Food and Drug Administration is actually illegal to refer to a finish on my name. That is a deceptive process so we would select him probably the most outstanding case would be on to call -- sheep's head on a menu a base map broke. That is illegal it was being done don't know many places doing it now that became a popular term. But is the Food and Drug Administration said that is a deceptive practice it is not a member of the snap -- family at all. She -- Armstrong to a different family -- to try to push them off as a snap even though. Take -- like she did better than -- and I like them better than than red -- or any other snapper out there there -- great finished. And the name that the state chose to to legally get in use and registered. Is Rondo Sebring which Stillman strike me as being. Holy appetizing anyway have you ever been -- fish -- bought fish and that was something other than what it was labeled or. Listen on a menu as let's go to Tony in Baton Rouge -- line one Tony good afternoon thanks for -- a think tank. And are you show. One out of my birthday the other day are there were actually a book but lump crab -- it initially paid. -- -- -- -- How did you know -- she bit. Oh yeah a bit short period here OK okay in and they actually told you on the menu that it was snapper in the -- Verified it was snapped Brent did you bush did was they say when you told them this is she did. I think I'm not I don't own. OK mangalore. Actually finished you don't talk won't get a cheer up. Some 100 days how how was it. It was -- Yeah well -- -- -- the bottom line and is pretty good done a lot of people attacks to me I'm sure you know about the the thing where you can make -- crab meat out of she did you boil it cheese cloth and crab ball and inflate to -- often -- it actually gets a little vacation. Really has detection. In some cases taste better than grabbed me and the use of the stuff grams a lot and I know some are restaurant used to actually take a few crab shell pieces. And throw it in the sheep led to make the customer think it was cramps can only -- stuff -- legal -- to show. There was going to be Kravis got a piece of -- Geoghan and I'd get an award in the kitchen I used deadly shoot out. They usually do that we could change our bottle it up and make credit we have gotten -- -- of. Well you know as long as it taste good it is good and no matter what you call. Operation can okay thank you Tony 260187. ERA 668890870. Let's go to. Who. Line so this is actually was speckled Trout in the city park -- -- right after Katrina must go on line three. And talk to James in Mississippi hey James I don't. Well no none out to Katrina and still everything got lodged in between. No no no no enough. Rabach who won't back who had the probable and home and moved moved. Actually because they'd rather that because he boarded up there remember. When the war would com. Who both -- and don't know who proves to deport illegal content awake. And they had a lot. Get over it and didn't change but no there is speckled Trout that he was. It was back in the sixties. He would earlier. Yeah but you Saint John did empty in the volume -- and it was kind of a circular thing and I don't doubt them all back then because. You know speckled Trout they have been caught as foreign north indenture -- the river is north of my twelfth. When the salinity start to -- you know you get when you go drowned in a lot of rainfall. And in speck of Trout can withstand for short periods of time. On consumer -- a fresh round now in order to spawn they've got to have much more -- environment. Reason Americans know me from. Grown up on some people are coming. Did do was put it to my best because Kostunica that I improve a couple of war. Exactly exactly -- totally fresh. Well yeah but you know the fact is it and nobody contention nine bounced back on this testimony drug day in elusive and that's what it's like mini -- -- -- -- no more. Stay current pentagon I would have been bill you get -- books and books from James thanks to the maximum target is because. All right thanks a stand little -- appreciated James I would -- back -- continue this conversation right after the news. Here is that are still standing by with the -- You'll get to the telephone lines -- just a moment and got to catch up on some of these text while we can overrun with sub text messages here let's see. I think quite Trout and just as good specs one says that day you ask you use of French in don't freeze them and keep them coal and a nice Lori -- they're great. I is an analyst is I think thank -- scallops are far more prevalent in real ones what do you do to make a fake scallop bundled as a rumor that goes around -- you can catch his stingray. And use a cookie cutter and on its wings and then they taste like scalp when you. His -- and by. -- tasty guys. Yeah channel mode also known as the -- is that the kinks as a southern king fish is efficient and that is a very good fish had them look like much. But is it's great she says the trigger both great to eat cleaning isn't as easy as cleaning -- no it's not but it's not as difficult as a lot of people may think if you -- into -- use a regular conventional nine to set you -- electric knife up on the sheet that you got to use a good. Hard rubber handled. Feeling a knife and all conventional feeling. Here's another one let's see. Any you know we're gonna asking for tips in promise stay on the topic and hand about -- What about stuff -- and really she did you know we talked about that. Is one that says my friend went to a new wall was -- and they had fresh golf catch of the day and when he asked what kind of tissue was. 008 through replied. Salmon Madonna is Yemen. Kids in the very you have to have a pretty fast a jet to get it here in the same day is called I think they've got some remarkable ways to. To transport finished and I'm not so sure that that was actually salmon -- catch of the day especially when I said gulf sketch of the bank. Out of my knowledge never been a salmon caught in the gulf finalists go to run in Canada line for Iran good afternoon. Don't I am a good. You because you know you and outdoors. Outdoorsman who had in Louisiana it's. Only get. Used to listen to you show -- more -- -- -- for the word the proposed talks critic. There it was a that's overcome by the -- Good luck goes the -- referred to it is real ground -- purge. Or sick -- yet. Yeah actually African sit -- Give very aggressive than males -- they called pork there here. It what happens is people put them in there freshwater aquarium -- in there and they start seeing fish you know those small fish Nelson. In there and they realize. Those triple its series they're finished. So I guess they put a little -- didn't go to recently in the park who went out. All flush him down the tone the earliest -- heard reports double war on in the west Metairie in the veterans highway -- now that's where I first heard of him showing up. Well I have what can now -- by my house and I can catch those fickle it's back there. All of you know cause well I call -- jerk and I just dig some worms in the yard. Go back there was some real light tackle every aspect they get up what little fight you know if you got you know why to tackle our. Another. Also it was last year or the year before. Get released its -- -- creations by you say GR. Yeah there was I love them they had actually radio transmitters on them. But if you caught on board 10 good for. And I'll tell you what -- are. Speckled Trout. It's got to be arrogant or while wall. But but but the underlying all on the plate. And they're now I'm not going to fly alone she's fit to. You know would make it to be assured fat they'll give you fight your hair and all along not where leverage -- options. Where you can feel -- up over their -- or cheap. How are true blood boil their life is I mean how long did you borrow conceptual bad and I mean it came out like. Were. You balls into long. Why aren't out yet yet you ball into long I -- does a go between three and five minutes did you rapid and cheese cloth. Are sure yeah yeah well you want to flake and fall apart and you don't want it much. But you do you know I don't want people eat sushi I don't care for sushi because I can't find any that's ever done well enough but the the thing about it is people do eat fish raw. And it's not energy if you did you Ross so you don't have to worry about undercooked and it. You just -- Pena's two key to get that did you see flavoring to with a -- ball flavor. You -- so long timeouts so good for 2030 minutes but only the ball in about three minutes. Like just like connect commercial like god Terry Bradshaw and -- -- talking about sushi. Big on sushi in Hasselbeck. He's right. Tracy -- Colorado appreciate that I would be back at -- this I got -- in mid city a commercial fisherman who used to sell restaurants he got some. Insight into this some passing a what does it take place as a guy -- it. Tell the dealer the process -- and distributor that is one thing. What does distributed to all those shifts in the restaurant or does the restaurant food on the waiters -- customers whereas the breakdown. The back to siblings sound that little mystery would talked enough. Food fish fraud I -- and the think tank on WW. And if you wanna -- event tickets to see Eric Clapton in concert on March 23 of the New Orleans Arena picked up your opponent called to six so W I -- and music sold wins. Juices sold 9467. Right now QB eighth -- and you win with WWL good luck. Hi getting back to us to -- thousand comments on some of our previous callers. Distances from. -- sounds like he too much fish with Mercury. Is an analyst has done a little Slidell and tried to teach my sons how to fish but I don't vote. You're not alone whereas the best place to bank fish to catch speckled Trout I can drive there. I'm gonna tell you the absolute best place to go but this is not the time ago in fact there's not a lot of places right now where you can do that. But outcome latter part of march April and especially may you bring those kids down to grant now. You can go to a place called domicile which by the way coincidentally is reopening after hurricane Isaak is reopening this weekend. Oddest places to park it's a big sand beach state can have fun playing in the sand catching crabs. And you -- get some live shrimp from the marina right across -- buy you a debate -- and out of at the bridge side marina and you bring -- over old octave below a narrator and and you -- them up and you throw live shrimp out there and go on the gulf side. And hang on you've got a -- -- -- them and it's practically a guarantee. That is an excellent place and if you don't want to go to -- is island which is a public facility owned by the state. There's a lot of beach front throw them on the east and ended the island you just on mobile parking area walk right over the Levy. And then you gonna see the sand and water sand and surf and not a catcher right there. Best time. I'll be there right at daybreak and also you wanna catch a calm day one of the tips I'll give you. When you do on that look for flocks of birds diving along the beach walked towards them. And I keep moving to you get right there and you can take a pop in court with a -- a little bit of -- to bring you shrimp down. I'm rig det -- probably about two and a half maybe two feet. A bug you hook and will live shrimp thrown underneath birds it's it's it's a sure thing. Let's give us talk to Dennis in mid city he's a commercial fisherman -- used to sell the restaurant say Dennis thanks for Conan. Are you rolling -- -- good. Can you shed some light on this topic of you know deceptive practices of -- naming mislabeling fish and trying to pass it off one thing for -- What do you what got both look at how we've seen is. A large machine that that we would quote catchy dead in a lab or shortened season patrol you know would pick and maybe thirty or forty champagne it would be to appreciate their. It would -- law that the retro and it was a people like you -- bought an incredible achieve corporate pat Rudolph as a Jumbo lump crabmeat. Only covers -- their problems fish is not good spectacle because that's. If you go to don't have a mistake or mean. Like. A lot of comes komen race finishing order really present she got off of the comfort drummer -- Which you've got greedy decisions that takes a look at I don't go to creator didn't. You cook it -- as a good pitching him forward to that only -- I'm Melissa -- the only thing has got going against -- does that name you know not a town tourists and looks on the menu says something that's a sheep's head. It gonna back up on an inning and it takes a little bit of a salesman on the way to has to go up to and explain to whom you know what it is and maybe even bring a little bit of a sample. And I promise you they like fish you sample pieces she that you don't want more. They don't want ball exactly what god dialogue and we have held up pretty established fact that your referral made enough. There about how she bit you know the Fed started boys camping in the weeks. Which cellmark picture but I achieved Britain and there was preferable to -- often people could even focus is that all the leaders is a good. You know look I mean of course we know what we we know water every bit and we feel we need it out over all but if you really -- -- -- -- different. Now now tell you that is one of the greatest fish resources we have there's no limit on is -- size limit there's no bag limit. And we don't seem to be put the dinner and they always final thought there. Well not so good right now -- -- -- ER US taxpayer to manage got a guy have a good political tensions of the subtle. You can go on down toward the like -- -- in preparation you'll bridge only have a -- -- -- inside not figure what made -- kidnap Leo it's allowed for more left those in November October when a -- left and -- in on -- -- come through. And all you catch it before Rick Fisher is that the drought the -- trials fishy dead I mean. You have for a forecast -- -- the duplicative completely. It is a little safer than some of the other places because there's not a lot of traffic down and it could you are pretty close to the highway right gonna quote. Rural Maine coast early and gotta keep violent but you know Patricia are there and you do educated a good place to go he'll have a boat you know I hit it really is that you can catch. A lot of fish like this normally terrestrial you know -- not happen that -- -- And -- is also. You negotiate bright. Good suggestion. Okay -- -- -- -- are you to Pakistan side thanks in -- wanna congratulate. Gary Coleman. He won a pair of tickets to see Eric Clapton concert on March 23 as a New Orleans Arena valued at 124. Dollars. You can also go to WWL dot com become a big talker and register to win a -- was one lucky winner will be picked at random. From all of the online entries on Friday and February 22 which that is today so get it done quickly tickets are also on sale at Ticketmaster dot com. Good luck from double WTO. I wouldn't take one last break we'll come back in just a few of our callers and also allow we've got a lot of text messages coming in here we're talking about the food fish fraud. Doesn't bother you have you ever been a victim. Even care for as long as it takes we'll be right back after this he'll listen to the think tank -- beacon for Garland -- Good Friday afternoon. I welcome back into our wrapup of the think tank let's go to Paul listening to -- -- -- trying to. Paul good afternoon thanks for calling the -- thing. -- -- Well I think you probably do -- -- Outdoorsman -- we appreciate it and you claim that question. My understanding there's always been that it's illegal to sell comes with a clarification under misread it legal to sell. Some red fish. Fresh cut -- caught Louisiana enriched products and maybe just seeing it on the -- all over the place sometimes -- -- -- -- Texas farm raise some kind of tell you exactly background. But sometimes when a question on this and know how to -- and all of a continued. Yeah I think it's illegally bet. Yeah if it's if it's caught in Louisiana it's illegal it is a game -- status is like a -- -- you can catch him recreational but you cannot catch him commercially. If it's raised in and -- farm and they do raise some panel farm raised that's OK and is also some states that still have some limited. Open commercials seasons the red stationary imported but actually what goes on as a lot of red Fisher caught illegally in Louisiana waters. They're brought to the other statement bootleg -- has been some cases made of that but. Yeah it's always good to question a minute recipes he read feast or whether these British come from a C with the answer is going to be you can get a wide variety advances to. He's like a drug elect -- that don't ask don't have we always do it you know just some fish must have felt since. Some thought when I get that question from market -- -- -- -- -- great my eyebrows also that's kind of legal. Yeah it is is definitely illegal while caught red fish in Louisiana cannot be put in the commerce and you know there's an argument there then it's unfair for people who don't -- knows someone -- -- -- to be denied access. To that resource but the united it's that's the way it is laws along. We're irritable portion of -- opening up square. If it makes it. Become legal. The.