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Feb 22, 2013|

Scoot talks about his experience at the "Kid Rock" concert. What were some of the favorite concerts you have ever attended?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Last night I want the rock concert at the New Orleans Arena and I never seen a lot of concerns throughout my radio career still liked it. Back with one of the best concert I have ever seen. And down I'll talk more about that I'm gonna get into the top eight at eight tonight. I'm -- -- amazing show them -- I wrote a blog about this can't do. Lives can you could find that on our website at WWL's -- if you are fan or if you know anybody who is a Kid Rock fan. Three and -- and if you are the show last night and surely you'll agree with me that kids it. Rocks yeah there was serious talk more about that later. Sort -- thank god talk Manassas for sitting in and doing the show on the all those days that I did -- Garland showed during the day was like we may have a little rain on the way but it is it is the beginning of the weekend. And you know last weekend night I talked -- this -- did or Garland show the other day last weekend. Was really car in the French cork. And I was thinking that after herb. Super Bowl week after or -- draw money grow weekend and then Tuesday was a short week with money -- on Tuesday. I really thought the quarter was going to be dead but obviously there was some good some conventions in town. And I thought the quarter was really crowded last week and a great cross so you know this city continues to hunt continues to buzz. I hope your -- have a good time to nineteen or your work I hope we do the best we can keep -- company where ever you are tonight. It's time for tonight's top eight at -- here are the top -- things we'd like you know as we begin our show tonight on WWL. Number eight. Learned it Angelina Jolie gave Brad hit a very sexy valentines day gift. According to the reports Angelina. Thought branch -- raunchy coffee table book. Titled. Suicide girls. -- girls. Soft light. It's a book of tattooed. Nude young women. And Angelina said that many of the girls reminder of herself. And she was younger. Brad -- apparently gave her a box of breast -- which I think was some kind of -- choke or gag gift or for Valentine's Day but he did spend Valentine's Day together. I wonder if they're gonna have their book at their place your New Orleans in the French Quarter on the other than coffee table may be nice to know that it's fair in case. I ever get invited over number seven it's a nice list of the top eight at eight. Played the part of and a station steal. In the movie version of the book fifty shades of glory. Mila Kunis has been mentioned but she's not saying yet whether or not she has accepted the role ambled -- it. I am noticing about who should play that they're who should play that part and it still a lot of people also thinking about who should play the male lead Christian grain. In a movie version of fifty shades of great. I don't know I'm thinking Zora would probably be a pretty good guys. Number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Vice president Joseph Biden said that people don't need an automatic and semiautomatic weapons for self defense they just need to buy. I shotgun. The vice president said that a couple of blasts from a shotgun. Would scare off intruders he was participating in our online video it was part of a -- FaceBook town hall meeting hosted by Parents Magazine. And it was asked about this his response was to this this this woman killed Jill if there's ever a problem just walk out on your balcony and take the double barreled shotgun and fired to blast outside the house you don't need an AR fifteen. It's harder to -- It's harder to use and in fact. You don't get you don't need thirty rounds to protect yourself. Now I've always been under the impression that if you buy a gun. You're not supposed to have a -- To try to scare people. Because if you take got a gun to try to scare somebody there's a possibility that if you're in that kind of situation. They've got a gun. And bigger politics got in the -- should chip. So it is always been my understanding that if you if you have a garden you need to be prepared to use the garden not to scare somebody. Not to will somebody. But the kill to save. Your life. And -- I guess if -- people like Joseph Biden you could assume that everybody has a balcony to that's in the part of us that it took up our attention. This is just you know just walk out on your balcony he's -- and everybody has a balcony. Mister vice president. Another great moment. Of -- from Joseph Biden. Number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Al-Jazeera English speaking television is in America and they are now hoping to make a big splash. On the American television saint. They're building a brand new broadcast center in Washington DC. Bob -- -- is a former ABC executive is now in charge of setting up Al-Jazeera. America. Now this is the network from the Middle East that Terry has received so much criticism over the years and didn't condemned by Americans. They they purchased. Current TV from former vice president Al Gore and other investors last year for 500 million dollars. Now in doing so Al-Jazeera bought a place on cable boxes in 41 million homes in America so. Al-Jazeera America is already in 41 million homes. They have. They need to fill their news operation they've they've had a news operation with only thirteen people. They need to expand that to 200 people in there working with cities across the country I think they planned to put -- In eight major cities across America. I'll just zero America recently posted job listings. For more than 100 reporters producers. And video -- reports. They received thirteen. Thousand applications. Now. According to officials with Al-Jazeera America this is not Al-Jazeera TV in the Middle East. They're hoping to bring international news and more in depth storytelling to the viewers and they believe that there is an appetite for this kind of news. Here and the documentaries that they do they're gonna present different kinds of -- you know it's always interesting when competition comes into a market. It tends to change those who are in the market. So if if Al-Jazeera. America. Becomes a little more serious and in depth with their news. I wonder if that's gonna cause the current news channels that we have fox MSNBC and CNN. To become more serious if they start to get ratings that's definitely something that could happen and we'll be talking about that by the way. It's my understanding their job among the programs that Al-Jazeera America will have. I is a new sitcom if they're hoping it's been great he's called -- in the family member for tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Drew Louisiana miss Friday to Louisiana men. Had been arrested and charged with having sex with a dark I'm sure you've heard the stories and all over our news and all over the news today. -- performing such an act is illegal in all fifty states. There's video of the men. Having sex with. Siberian Husky. If the Internet and the men were arrested. Not long after that. These are pine prairie Louisiana man and this is just absolutely. Disgusting. The only news I wanna talk about this is just to alert you. As to this sickness. -- some people and there should be a very severe penalty for this. But guys -- who arrested are named Neifi and wells. From -- prairie. And Joshua Granger. They admitted to videotaping. The crime. And also putting it on line. -- is -- that these are investigating. They say events it's a felony charge punishable by up to five years in jail. And after 2000 dollars in fine or both. I hope these guys don't get off for third 2000 dollar fine. Or at a thousand dollar fine because it's it's up to 2000 dollars and I hope they don't get away with like at committing astronomy getting. A year in jail because it says up to five years in jail. I mean they it's not like they actually committed to climb sometimes people actually commit crimes know they they knew what they were doing. And they're videotaping in putting this on line it's just absolutely. Repulsive to me. Police confiscated computer and they also took the dog named -- She has been apparently. Investor garden examined by. It's a veterinarian and Dave Tippett that it it and indicated that there are no permanent. -- damages to the dog and there were no internal injuries I had no I was currently at the America and a medical center on magazine street here in New Orleans. And it's now been reported that there are countless web sites. That open and freely promotes. This kind of activity. Having sex with an animal. And putting an on line. Currently -- is being taken care of by a female love -- technician. She apparently has been very shy around men. And -- tries to hide from men and who could blame her. She has been introduced to other dogs and are comfortable normal home life right now. And they say that she is getting over her shyness. And say that she will not have any negative long term effects from. This horrible horrific ordeal. One of them the blessings they did today animals have his. -- it's my understanding that animals just don't have memories. Like we have memories may be for a couple of days if you can be away from from your -- for a long time for a very extended period of time. And I'm in your pets doesn't really sit there again this is my understanding your head doesn't sit there and think about him. Which is what we do win we're not around somebody we love for our kids -- parents serve or whatever but animals don't have bad. Don't have that ability to be correct me if I'm wrong but this is my understanding now if you come back into an animal's life. The sound of your voice. Your touch your your your sent. That might cause them to recall and and feel like they know you again but they don't sit there and I think about a home where's where's so and so. Joyner I hope these guys just get the absolute ultimate punishment and you know maybe when the legislature. Convenes side -- I think beginning in April. Maybe they should start thinking about a stiffer crime. For stiffer penalty for this this particular crime. And I guess another question is do you think the Internet. Encourages people to do this kind of thing or does the Internet simply capture. What people are already doing. If you wanna Joyner show -- -- tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Told 3866889. Is an early seventy. And tech Somers -- 7870. Number three on tonight's list the top eight at eight. British poll shows she's been among British men. Kristen Stewart from their twilight series. And from Snow White and the. And spend. That she is the least sexy actress. According to British ran -- initially. What do you think is not sexy even though they might be considered a sex symbol. Kristen Stewart was number one. Sarah Jessica Parker -- remembered through. I could not agree with that more. Lindsay Lohan number three Denise Richards number four and Kirsten Dunst. Number five. So who is self proclaimed to be a very sexy actress and yet. You really don't think she's very session I disagree with Kristen Stewart. I think she's really cute and there's something very sensual about her I was talking to -- to talk Manassas earlier -- Saying that I never before his seat he's seen an actress who looks like she doesn't wanna be in the scene this. They she's in -- she does -- sort of have that aloof a presence on camera but I don't know I I think she's sexy actually agree with Sergio started just a Sarah Jessica Parker. Lindsay -- Denise Richards and Kirsten Dunst. Another name is mentioned in the top ten years -- Hillary swank. And another when he is Lucy Alou you know Hillary swank is -- she kind -- has that some sex appeal about -- but I don't really think she's nearly as -- as. Some people seem to think she is okay. If you wanna join us with that and a call or texts about an actress stayed you don't really think is sexy and do you agree with this this poll of British men. Think Kevin Kristen Stewart is. Not sexy even though she presented to be a very sexy and Packers. Our numbers 2601878. It's all free 866890. X seventy in our text number is. 87870. Number four aware there was number three -- skip number four. It was -- -- I did toward. I did 40 that's where I see I got my numbers mixed up here and I was very honest. Thank you Jack -- -- we did number three now it's time for number two in tonight's list of the top page add a originally the story is going to be number four so I had a big number four mark -- And then I changed -- a number to the Oscars will be presented Sunday which movie do you think should win the Oscar for best movie. Pargo. Are more. -- going changed the -- out piece of the southern wild life of -- Lincoln. Silver linings playbook. Or zero dark thirty. Have you seen any of these movies in which movie do you think should win the Oscar for the best movie. And said some of these movies are are based on historical facts and history. This is a thing -- I've talked about before. At the -- as a story about this said the other night on one of the networks it might have been -- I'm CNN or maybe reserve NBC. There's some criticism of movies that take creative license. And don't present the absolute facts. Do you think those who produce movies have a responsibility to be completely accurate. When a movie is based on real events. Or is that just a movie answered let me give you a pretty general opinion -- Give your opinion by going to our website WWL dot com we'll give you an update on that we'll be talking about that tonight. It's my belief that you go to a movie for one reason and that is to be entertained. And if you go to a movie to be entertained then I don't think you should be critical of a movie that takes creative license and it's not absolutely totally completely. Factual. I saw Lincoln. And as I watched a movie I'm. I'm saying to myself -- -- sure didn't happen exactly like this and it didn't happen exactly like that that's a Steven Spielberg movie in Spielberg himself as even admitted. That they took creative license with the movie and it didn't exactly and reflects actual history so what's wrong with that. I I think it's wrong to put too much pressure on Hollywood. Back to produce movies that are absolutely factual. Zero dark thirty apparently had some things -- it it didn't really happen. In the search for and the -- the pursuit of in the killing of Osama bin Laden. Also what it's it's a movie. We'll be talking about Dan on the show tonight and finally tonight number one on tonight's list of the topic. -- anymore. My radio career and as. Music morning personality and music stations and now has a talk show host I've seen many incredible concerts with some of the biggest and the best. At the heights of their careers. -- simply. The stones. Rod Stewart. Bruce Springsteen. Iran Iran staying bunch over -- -- just to name a few. Honestly. The Kid Rock concert last night of the New Orleans Arena was one of the best concerts I have ever seen. I became an instant Kid Rock fan when I first saw him perform -- -- as recently. I was impressed by his energy on stage is musical talent and how diverse that was an even the death of his song writing and I didn't give him credit for being at a deep songwriter but many years. So I went to last night's concert with high expectations because I'd -- it rocked it Jazz Fest and I was impressed sort -- high expectations last night. -- -- -- Jazz -- is a fun daytime venue it does not allow performers to hide behind any lack of talent with an elaborate light -- we're stage production. And too often stage productions of concerts distract from a talents. Real ability to perform. Last night kid -- lighting and the stage production or elaborate. But nothing distracted from his talent. I was impressed. There are not many performers that you can described as really unique. Kid Rock is one of those performers who deserves a description. He's rock. He's country he's -- and he has his own distinctive moves that make his stage presence just. Awesome. In addition to his remarkable talent the contents of Kid Rock music and overall message -- different. Kid -- a love for America. And his recognition of god during these shows are dissimilar to what you expect from many big time country music performers. Kid Rock is a Republican in a world dominated by Democrats. They supported Mitt Romney in the presidential campaign but made a gesture that he had no hard feelings toward President Obama after the campaign his candidates simply didn't win the election. And that should make kid -- role model for many Americans. Took him except that. They show last night opened with a video and there are a Kid Rock voice over. He thanked the lord for America. Ask for a blessing from the lord that he doesn't disappoint his audience. And as has a lot of -- kid rock and opportunity just a moment. During the show Kid Rock did another voice over over another video about how America. Is the best place to raise a flag. A son. A daughter. And expectations. Enjoy the end of the show red white and blue and blue balloons drop from the ceiling in the style you would see in a political convention. And as the balloons descended to the audience they began banning them around just like at a convention. During a patriotic moment in the show a giant American flag unfurled. And was then draped across the entire back at a stage it was an electrifying moment. There was not a lot of time between the opening act but -- in Kid Rock -- another thing that I respect and about Kid Rock. -- wasn't long after Buckcherry left the stage when the stage backdrop was filled with video slides of fans. And a countdown. To the start of the show I first noticed it fifteen minutes and thank you. When he hit one minute to the start of the show the crowd applauded and cheered in anticipation of what was about to hit the stage. I didn't do enough. Concerts in good enough backstage situations you know the performers quite often. Take their time and don't start shows on time very recently Madonna has angered many of her fans with obnoxious delays. And long waits for the start to start the short common in the world of rock. A Kid Rock is different. He obviously respects. His audience enough. To put on. I show that is not delayed by an egocentric don't like. I was impressed. I don't recall a concerts. Where I saw fans stand up for the entire show and last night fans stood up for the entire show. But no moment Kid Rock was large on the stage anyways. Apparently underneath the stage and boom we just shot -- on on top of the stage that was great. The fans never. Sent down. Now they're always a few performers that get the label of being great in concert Kid Rock is now one of those performers. And obviously has been for a long time -- -- I've seen a full show with him in concert. If you ever get a chance to see Kid Rock live do not pass it up go. And you too. Will be impressed. With all the obnoxious rock stars in the world -- the lack of respect they show for their fans it's really nice to see that someone who. Looks like one of those rockers with tattoos it would have a bad attitude. As proven that you can't judge people. By the way they look. I now classified. Kid Rock as a superstar. And that was just a really. Great show last night. And as we talk about that and also let's talk about. Some of the best concerts that you remember going to -- What's a concert that stands out in your mind is a really great concert. A lot of concerts a lot of them are good but I think there are few that are really great so so what's a concert that you would consider to be a great concert either recently or. In the past. Kid Rock was last night I wrote a blog for our website WWL dot com its title kids -- rocks. If your kid rock band greeted if you know Kid Rock fans you share with them and you can even comment on it. As under our opinions on the front page of our website WWL dot com. I'm screwed seamer coming right back for your comments. On -- if -- well. No it's Friday we are heading into the weekend together how we're gonna have some raising your mind to find something indoors to do but don't let this affect your your plans. -- other -- here comes and it and it goes. I Kid Rock last night New Orleans Arena was just actually phenomenal what's yours or concert you wanna talk about that I was just really really impressed I -- a Kid Rock for the first time. A recently entered Jazz Fest and was really impressed with that but last night show just blow me away I mean -- the lights. The sound everything was just phenomenal penalty -- there's something else that I found. Very comforting about the concert. Up on my ticket. It said a bigger production. And Gary left and John Fox who started beaver in the warehouse stays the case of the warehouse. Those guys are still doing it and they're just doing an amazing job in a business that is so. I don't wanna save. Corrupt but in a business where there's like you know so many deals into shady people. The people at -- productions Barry and Don -- distance as some of the most outstanding people. I I've known. And I just thought that was just really great that they're just still so involved and they are they moved to Memphis after Katrina. But I says they do concerts as they were when they were here in New Orleans all over the country so that was another thing that was very nostalgic it was a beaver production. And I remember being on the air many many many many times when I've -- like commercials and has whenever concert is another beat her production. How we're talking about among other things one of the best concert you've ever been to. Recently or in the past. And we're also talking about actresses considered sexy. That really aren't sexy according to a British magazine poll a British men. I'm Kristen Stewart from the twilight series and from so wide and the Huntsman. -- she was listed as. The least sexy actress. But just got a -- so I said Julia Roberts I have to agree with that good actress not sexy. Sure sure the comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601878. Told 386688. Guys -- seventy. And our text number is 87878. From New Orleans Mike your WL. -- when you're talking about. Memories and animals at the start couldn't go to. They don't have accountable. Bad memory. If you're you read the newspaper go dog once they remember you actually OK -- I'm -- I'm. That's why when you -- partial retirement comeback about big jump around a decade all the players can jump to -- might just not there aren't that -- have to. Love you but you said the army cult like a couple hours later but in any case where for example. When my dad passed away nobody can take his cats so I took the -- tired they're driven to Dallas and I was living in Denver at the time so I brought the -- back to. Two to Denver and the campus so scared the first night they -- left in the closet -- big a big closet so actually part of pillow and apply get in there and I slipped in the closet whether that was the beginning in my relationship with his catching killer. And I I dearly love killer but when it was time for me to move back to New Orleans it was best that he stay with. On my girlfriend who I -- with four for sixteen years irrigation to -- it didn't work out but it was best for her for him to stay there. I'd like to think that he's not sitting -- missing maybe now she saw on the again. And smelled me and and tell my -- -- heard my voice he would -- call me but I don't think he's a he's like -- don't go out where's this -- What they don't I don't think that I'm personally UW up memories of things you know -- turnovers. Just absolutely but I'm looking that they -- not -- out the. All right Mike I appreciate clean it up thanks for going and we were talking about this is horrific story in the news and I'm sure you've heard -- two guys in Louisiana arrested for him. Sexually. Attacking a dog I guess that's the best way to put it Siberian Husky and videotaping it and putting it on line. As shocking as that might be to me or do you. Apparently. It's not that unusual. Which makes all of this even more disgusting and -- talking about. Do you think the Internet encourages people to do that or does the Internet just capture. What people are doing anyway. And also the Oscars are Sunday. So we're talking about which movie you think should be the best movie did you see any of the movies that are up for best movie. And since some of the movies that are up for. Best movie in the Oscars. They're based on real facts one of the criticisms is when movies are based on history or real facts. And they don't present the facts completely accurately they take what is known as creative license does it bother you when movie directors and producers do that. That's our WWL party jaguar opinion poll is it okay when directors use creative license when telling a factual story. Give -- your opinion by going to our website WWL dot com and I'll give you an update on that coming up here in just a few minutes if you're a -- to stay with us. And learn is Friday nights I didn't know you got plans for the weekend and you permit your plans or just to relax and hang out there I am shocked. We had the results of our Demi WL party jaguar opinion poll yeah it's -- be interesting to see if this changes overtime. This is the question is is it okay when directors -- creative licensing. -- in other words they go outside of that they are the facts about telling a factual story. 80% say no and 20% say yes. It's going to be interesting to see how this changes so throughout the course of our show give -- your opinion by going to our website WWL dot com. I think is a problem if people go to a movie instinctive this is something that they need to. To learn from. He's great when you can learn from a movie but it's a movie. And you go to a movie to be entertained. And to start expecting that a movie BA history lesson. -- some kind I think -- is dangerous. Let's realize. What we do when it comes to certain aspects of entertainment and don't expect too much. I mean if you wanna find out the real facts about Lincoln and what really happens. Then read about it. No good old movie and it it it expects to to get a history lesson at a movie a movie is for entertainment. And they said this at the beginning of zero dark thirty and I say this at the beginning of a lot of movies. Based on actual events. Doesn't mean it's a perfect depiction. An actual events based on actual events. Last night went to -- Kid Rock cats. The concert New Orleans Arena. I was absolutely. Blown away. He was just amazing I have so I'm just as great but the show last night was unbelievable. And and now it all the concerts that are going to throw my radio career. I have to rank that concert last night is one of the best concerts I have ever. Been to. What's one of the best concerts you remember recently or from the fast tough from Alabama or you're on WWL. Is your ideas are good. They -- unique and about may for different reasons you're the first and what they -- Well again about James brown and the -- or explains how. And who leads the sold out. You know we we knew we we talk a lot of out. Let's kicking right now well there what -- that truly. No lipstick -- it was absolute pure energy. -- get three drum -- comes stage. It was just. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Can't believe it believe it or not I'm Sean begin. Lafayette Louisiana as best I can recall it was a peak at the time the. The no I committed full auditorium kind of event -- The boys in there if you like maybe the auditorium on the campus. Why won't he won't from the capitol -- what you -- they -- the sponsor the event. But and you know the same thing about it. He would do well we have obviously Lafayette is not that there is it's not a big market hates it didn't show on a Sunday afternoon. -- -- -- -- usual go to woo woo -- was so proud and so pleased to have him there that they. Okay and then they had that they you know you've heard expressed an artist meant working man show business quite you know -- -- today's pyrotechnics. In the special events and lasers then yeah. -- this was -- -- -- who didn't know that this is just you know kind of pure music. When I got picked up the guitar and plays so what I guy yes it -- so Mike opponents things it was. And he -- -- but it takes so you know when you've seen a lot of concert it takes a lot for you to remember those concerts -- so -- you can now saves and there's still remaining your mind is -- the best concert you've received. Oh without a doubt you know blows it was an -- Yeah you know outside of Huntsville Alabama. And. It was yeah I'm sure you've heard touch -- tells yes indeed very poorly. Either they're very poorly attended. And again he wasn't he'd he'd never par techniques and they and the lights and lasers and by the very beginning of the show. He paid I can't think of the fellas named Ian somebody Ian Anderson. They got -- effective. He came out this -- being happy about the judge at the beginning of the show. -- he looked around at the and it's fun bronze civic center. An evening evening performance. He is -- step took the microphone he beat me he made up my comments camp but. He made -- made the comment that. Where we're gonna do they show no matter how many people here. And they're gonna miss the best show I've ever done in my life. Boy I I admire that I I saw. I saw no doubts with Gwen Stefani in Portland and it was in an outside concert in their might have been 12100 people they are very very disappointing crowd for a a band because they had already had a number gets out. And I'll tell you I really admired I'm Gwen Stefani and -- no doubt just put on a show like there were 101000 people there. -- like last -- Why aren't I am I appreciate your call thanks Melissa what was one of the best concerts that you have ever been to. Our numbers 26 owners won a seventy toll free 86688907. -- -- -- members they 7870. I'm so good and we'll be right back on WWL. Wonder back to this good showing this Friday night again -- -- -- -- an assist for doing such a great job of good show when I was busy doing -- -- -- is going to be back on Monday Garland back in the think tanks Monday from ten to one of all he wants to do is talk to you. They'll tell you why he hasn't been on the air and he'll talk to you Monday Garland back in the think -- you can. Here in the and watching. They're really well and watching that don't you -- dot com. Really affect your calls -- -- -- -- this among other things were talking about the best concerts that we've ever seen it last night I I circuit rocket to New Orleans Arena and that. It goes down on my list of some of the best concerts I've ever seen and believe me throughout my career. As the morning personality on music stations and now to talk show host I've seen a lot of great concerts from the biggest and the best. I gotta tell a Kid Rock is a superstar. And that was one great show last night. I'm -- if your -- stay.