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Feb 22, 2013|

Scoot talks about his experience at the "Kid Rock" concert. What were some of the favorite concerts you have ever attended?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Unless I went to -- -- and with all the concerts and I've seen throughout my career in music radio analysis of radio talk show those. That Kid Rock concert last night as one of the best I've ever seen and it has led us to hearing stories about some of the best concerts and we have ever seen. -- either recently or in the past and -- here's a text that reads thanks for stirring up all of these memories of concerts. Good feelings and -- feeling for a lot of people here's a -- Hall & -- September 23 2004 at house of blues. Standing room only this birthday present my wife ever gave me I see no one -- a number of times. And I remember years idea I did -- and the television interview with. With -- notes. And unfortunately they were performing but I did a television every interview for WY yes -- Charles he we've got to show me your -- journal. I shall see we had a showing every evening and and I did a number of sub minute television interviews whiff. Kiss which journey with Paul knows of a number of people. And down I remember -- notes come into town and they want to go get somebody so I walk with pollen notes. -- at the Holiday Inn downtown and walk with -- hours and we go to Brennan's. Well even though they knew who they -- and and I was it still took awhile for us to you when Daryl Hall got very frustrated. And didn't wanna go -- -- there so he was. Aggravated because they weren't taking care of us right away. And he he had a point I mean they were really kind of it don't -- I'm not sure why maybe because I was there are comfortable. But time. We ended up standing at the corner on -- Streeter is a great memory for me I remember standing on the corner and urban streets. Eating a lucky dog. With Holland notes and -- those are going to be chestnuts this year so I'm looking forward to seeing them there's well. And I think the other story this is out in my mind about -- notes would have been from the the late eighties maybe early nineties -- 1990. They played it to the -- it's. And my wife at the time just -- the biggest crush on Daryl -- And we were standing up and a balcony kind of backstage area I don't pay I forget exactly what the situation was that we were on a balcony right over there it over the stage. And Daryl Hall looked up and she made eye contact with him. She took her break -- and it's really nice silver bracelet she took the silver bracelet off and she threw it down the Daryl Hall while while they're performing. Well he picked it up off the stage any put it on any war for the rest of the show. -- there we go backstage and we're talking to on and she asks for her her -- the pack. -- you -- if you tell your bracelet. Now you and transfer -- kind of admire her for being that that honestly it but she didn't his bracelet then -- -- back. -- -- mention again that the other causeway has been closed much of its open yet but there were some. Heavy hail. On the causeway earlier that caused at least partial closure of closure of the cause we at least southbound side again I'm not sure about. I northbound as you gonna give me -- an update on that you can ascend the text it to a 7870 or you can now to -- -- show. Graduates on this Friday nights I'm scoot and we're continuing to share stories about some of the best concerts we have been to in Metairie Mike here and -- WL. Case should I you don't receiving a good night this is this your body might go listen to see a -- up. Yeah I just wanna tell you don't know how much and enjoy the show tonight especially everyone -- well it is looked up memories I mean. When I was a kid growing up that band is just so much for me I was just a -- -- -- fanatical mean I had the posters all albums. It is there still probably have about a hundred bootleg that he shows. I call -- -- about that this show that he saw in Cleveland -- is typically have that show and also -- some -- all about seeing job on Jones about a blue dot battle but I as well just for now the problem. And I don't I I love the movie the song remains the same. Absolutely it's a classic means some people say it's kind of goofy with. He noted that the that they insert that they put an error and as you know the band members -- -- but you know don't bother you know I was a little bit too young -- -- -- available on 78 straight but are. You know just bad bail was they -- we were playing -- Well Mike arguably. One of the best rock bands out of all time and I and I -- they were just the unique. There was just you know when when Robert Plant when when they were at their spent their their peak when at the height of their career and the concert was started I mean there was nothing fancy with the lights are reserving fan and no laser -- born Robert Plant came out. And he just had such a great stage presence. I'm I just had this vivid memory of I -- a blue flower print shirt there was there was open and he just always have very broad you know it was always in really great shape. And when he came out. He just start took total command of the stage and I mentioned this earlier. If people are so busy in -- and judging whether or not somebody is straight or gay. Robert plant's. Was very very feminists and so on stage. And there but our guys loved in the back then nobody question nobody worried about that kind of thing and now -- -- trying to put every. Cause up to communicate it very sexy and music to know how but not to the point well. You know if a belly that was a come around today you right there they would be questioned about that kind of attitude but not bad there. Well we just thought it was now goes to show you that terror is -- people have just become so ridiculously judgmental I remember when Donna Summer died. I was talking on the Arab doubts. How not a win win Donna Summer who was one of the yearly an early Disco stars. When her music first started they're coming out when Disco for started. You know my wife at the time my wife and I would would go downtown to the gay bars with friends and we would go dance and nobody thought anything you go to -- -- -- announced -- almighty guide you must because we know what I go to gay bars and I'm not gay. Not loses -- -- attack but does it we don't we don't question. We didn't question then likely question now so I think it's -- kind of ridiculous all right let me just get this -- continue but let me give -- this a quick update from -- -- studio producer. On northbound causeway is open southbound causeway. Still closed OK -- continue. But yeah I was just you know just. Like effect as well ecologists say. How much I appreciate it wasn't that a show like because. You know with -- actually see them but I -- that I have all of bootlegs or not you know. There's actually a website call Led Zeppelin dot -- that it can -- -- now -- that the family has conjoined remain. Follow up to date -- -- concert he would just you know they just. Alcohol and evidence just -- big -- -- -- -- -- say about things like this but as far as what you were saying earlier about. These guys get back together I gotta say I highly doubt about -- happened I just think it's another rumor that's been struck around since the 2007. Concert happened I mean so much time has gone past. I don't know I would really be surprised at some Big Apple. I am but I got the impression this time might -- the the talk of this came from Robert Plant himself. We're right there could be could be a little tongue in cheek you know he usually want a kind of you know throw things out there Castilla the pot may not necessarily all purpose but I think that you know they -- terrified because he's the one usually old -- Hi Mike I appreciate you look on our show thanks -- us -- WIU Illinois. Here is a text. The opener was Vanilla fudge for iron butterfly. It was fabulous here's it's actually in Jimmy involves. Has had some awesome concerts like -- notes Big Bad Voodoo Daddy earth wind and fire Chicago. And Brooks and Dunn is a Texan I was a teenager I got a job at city park selling country and he -- -- for their for the concerts. Throughout my radio careers every morning personality on music stations and -- of the talk show host I've seen incredible concerts I've seen some of the biggest at the the height of their careers Led Zeppelin the stones -- Rod Stewart Bruce Springsteen in the early years which I thought -- his absolute best years. Duran Duran staying. At Bon Jovi in Gulfport and Baton Rouge. And and Denver. But honestly I've got to tell you the Kid Rock concert I saw last night at third New Orleans Arena was one of the best concerts -- person. I became innocent Kid Rock fan when I I I first saw him a chance to us recently. I was impressed with his energy onstage his musical talent even the death of this song writing which was more diverse than I thought. So I went to the concert last night with high expectations. Kid -- rocked it Jazz Fest is a fine. Daytime venue. -- really doesn't allow performers to hide any lack of talent behind an elaborate light show or stage production you know too often stage productions of concerts distract from the talent of the performer. Last night kid -- light and stage production was elaborate. But he didn't distract from his talent. I was impressed. There are a lot of performers that. Consider themselves unique but not many really earned the title of being unique and Kid Rock is one of those who deserves that description. He's rock. He's country. He's -- And he's got his own distinct moves on stage that that make him -- In addition to his remarkable talent the content of kid rock's music in his overall message jerk or a little different. Kick rocks love of America. Is recognition of god during the show or similar to what you would expect from many country music performers today. Kid Rock is a Republican. In a world dominated by Democrats. Is supported Mitt Romney and his presidential campaign. But he made a gesture after the election that he had no hard feelings toward President Obama. Simply his candidate didn't win the election and that makes Kid Rock a role model for many Americans. The show opened with a video and a Kid Rock voice over. He thanked the lord. And he asked for a blessing that he does not disappoint his audience. This guy obviously has tremendous. Respect for his audience. During the show -- rocked -- voice over. Over another video about America. About how America is the best place to raise a flag. A son. A daughter. And expectations. Toward the end of the show red white and blue balloons drop from the ceiling in the style of a political convention. And as the balloons descended to the audience they began batting them around. And during a patriotic moment in the show a giant American flag unfurled. And draped across the entire back of the stage was electrified. In fact I took a couple of pictures and that's at the the end of the year on the blog got a -- which is titled kids rocked and you could find that -- see the pictures on our web site. Under our opinions at WWL dot com. You know one thing that also stood out in my mind is there wasn't a lot of time between the opening act. Finishing and kid rock's starting the opening it was Buckcherry -- I like Buckcherry I enjoyed hearing them -- their biggest song we can't possibly play on the air because it's a song about. Hey you crazy you know you do admit when you know the song. And there was a lot of time after Buckcherry left when Kidd -- came on the stage. There was that there where the station at the back of the stage were still with slides of fans. And then a countdown to the to concerts. I first noticed it fifteen minutes and maybe that's when it started but there was a countdown every minute there was a countdown to when the show it's sort I see fifteen minutes to showtime and thank you. Yeah right okay -- some is -- really come out on time. Well when it hit one minutes. To the started to show the crowd applauded and cheered in obvious anticipation of what was about to hit the stage. I've been in enough backstage situations and into -- concerts -- noted performers often take their time. And they don't start their shows on time recently Madonna has angered many of her fans with obnoxious delays. And long waits for the start to begin the show. Really is common in the world of rock. But Kid Rock is different. He respects his fans enough to not to. Put on what his fans would perceive as it egotistical delay. That was another reason I was impressed with Kid Rock. I also don't call concert where I saw fans stand up the entire shelf. From the moment Kid Rock was launch onto the stage and he was -- on -- say I I guess she was was under the stage. And I did the -- was on and they were playing and and boom Kid -- just comes up from -- -- and it appears he became -- from the floor. And appear on the stage. From that moment on the crowd's. Never sat down. In fact they were a couple of guys -- sitting around me. And I were sitting here every day you're taking notes. About the concert this guy put his hand on my shall Rico's come unmanned get out. I didn't realize that they knew who I was I just thought that they thought I was just some -- sitting their toes who was by myself less. The present amateurs that come on -- at -- got to get out. And I got out there in December brought a great time the show there are always a few performers who get the label. Of being considered greats in concert. Kid Rock is now one of those performers he may have been for awhile but I didn't realize it until last night. If you ever get a chance to see Kid Rock live do not pass it up. You will be impressed. And with all the obnoxious rock stars in the world and the the lack of respect. That they show for. Their fans. It's really nice to see someone who. Who looks like Kid Rock someone who has tattoos in his rocker looks like he'd have a terrible attitude. It's nice to see somebody like that prove that you can't judge people. By the way they look. I would classify -- brought -- a superstar. That was a great show. The blood is on our website along with a couple of pictures from the show last night if you find that under our opinions on our front page at WWL dot com. I'm screwed if you're on -- see -- -- are coming right back record your comments as we continue to share stories about some of the best -- we have seen either recently. Or in the past. We'll be right back -- -- you -- outside thanks Sunday the Oscars will be presented here are the movies up for best picture of the year. -- -- Beasts of the southern wild. -- going changed. The redness around. Quite supply. Lincoln. Silver linings playbook and zero dark thirty. I've only seen a couple of these I would like to try and see silver linings playbook tomorrow during the day if have a chance. I saw Lincoln I saw -- unchained and short dark thirty wanna see our goal but he just didn't seem like he was out for very long I'm still would like to see it. Some of these movies have been criticized because they're based on actual events are based on history but they're not totally historically accurate. Even with Lincoln Steven Spielberg admits that he took creative license in some of the movie is not to totally politically accurate is that okay that's -- WWL pretty jaguar opinion poll. I isn't okay when directors use creative licensing when telling a factual story. Again I am still surprised our our poll has been changing a little bit. But the domination of those who say no it's not okay has not changed 79%. Say it's not okay when directors use creative license and when telling a factual story. Only 21% say yes it is okay. I'm Mindy declare majora clear minority here because I think it's all right. It's a movie. He go to a movie to be entertained. And I think you're expecting a little too much are you being a little unrealistic if you expect a movie to -- Totally factually accurate and isn't there something wrong with that anyway. If you wanna learn history there are ways to learn history. Going to a movie is not a way that you should they expect to learn history. We always have something -- on our website at WWL dot com -- commissioner Jim Dolan says Louisiana citizens are leaving millions of dollars in rebates unclaimed. If you work or are a citizen. Are are a citizen insurance customer. Time is running out for you to claim this money. And we've got the info on how you can claim it's. -- right on -- to be if you don't dot com also who's going where in the NFL draft. Our NFL analyst -- -- chilly day will give you complete rundown on his predictions of which players will wind up with which teams. It's interesting to see what he has to say about -- who's gonna end up with the saints. Also I mentioned the blog erroneous -- Is there for viewing a movie last night kid rock's rebel soul concert here in two worlds at the arena. And the rock and roll marathon will bring out thousands of spectators this Sunday. This is gonna have an impact on some local roads over the are different hours of that. That marathon complete details about the road closures. And as far as the race is concerned right now online at our website WWL dot com. Now we -- radio station but our web site is very visual a lot of videos. And a lot of pictures and that should be a place that you go for updates on news traffic sports and weather. And also I got a text a few moments ago about no wonder whether or not there's a podcast of the show. Yes the wrist. Part of the show was already out on our podcast at WWL dot com. And the complete show should be out by about -- 1215. A from Picayune -- you're on WWR good evening. Yeah I don't still good. Yeah -- it's safe for quarterback conscious thought he is back in 1978. Page shattered by a mall in a way out of the way. A little lost I'd never saw Bob Marley but I was totally into reggae before it was even cool to be in there it's there reggae I would've loved to seen that. And what a great place to see if I was anybody spark gonna do their. Well -- other -- -- many. It'd just had a difference you know. Edit your Reagan's well. -- Padgett had a bit -- first 1980 Howard and -- -- concerts. I was safe for us put on a concert. Fallout show a big amount -- -- -- probably show. And not force -- -- -- plight of anger shown when I get chill a bit of applause wow slow. I don't -- state status was so terrible polyps. Really. Oh -- don't double file -- it was prior period and we had the onstage and you're in a guy come to a certain yoga can be onstage. To a concert canceled president banners on probation. Oh bay but on probation and probation all -- -- we're going to work. It's a great story. Daryl thanks for it thanks for -- and there was every week and. Wal-Mart shelves on TV -- Clearly I betrayed their knowledge said the moratorium that was ritual. Now that's amazing to think that clean plate at the same cars that are territory but now you just reminded me of a concert I saw. I guess this was about 1968. I mean I was beyond what those who. At the Saint Bernard civic auditorium. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Terrell I don't know and if anybody knows enlisted send me a text or an email my email address is scooter WWL dot com I'd love to know how he's doing I don't know when as far as I know nobody's heard from him for a for a while and Tom I -- he's -- -- Carol appreciate you take your time to -- -- -- From Metairie run year on the -- show good evening. I get a good spirit I'll tell you some of the country are in our senior who in 1970 wandered away -- Good to be great moment a great moment and another 119. -- we're not being lobbed it all up and golden earring. -- -- our colds and hearing while these bring back memories premeditated from when I was in music -- it ought to acknowledge. -- -- And then in 1977. I've -- about countered that between them all I can barely told at Tulane University. That would be McAlister auditorium that's correct now and then the yellow and Jack wrote call a good municipal auditorium saying the. My brother was my brother was really into it just hotel I I love when people say just throats element I love that guy. So that guy is just protocol that's the -- in the bandits Ian Anderson leader. My brother was really into them and I know that he was at that concert at the -- the auditorium. -- have a great weekend you can -- I don't let me call bicycling. I'm here is some attacks complaining about a movie because it isn't factual is like complaining about your presence. Because your parents just revealed. Done. There's no Santa Claus pass from Chad in -- Point there's stores I know there's a Santa Claus. From Metairie frank you're on WL. Are grieving -- how -- you this evening I'm good strength. Fantastic listen first and foremost -- -- tell you that. I really enjoy you show -- -- I think it's okay and well look we objected to relive. You know the greatest moments. -- music content. I just I thought about this last night when I was leaving the concert I think it you know I've been to a lot of concerts. And this Kid Rock show last time was one of the best I've ever been to but in thinking about -- the concert being one of the best I've ever seen I had to go back as I was with. Leaving the -- and think about some of the great concerts and I've I've seen I thought well -- everybody's got these same members solve all talk about that on the show tonight. Yes like this -- with the -- -- treaty park. I didn't I didn't see in my wasn't there policy shifting your Google and I will never forget that moment he was hit all of believable I never. Called but it could be a country groups say The Beatles and also contribute happens. Frank what stands out most in your mind about that bad moments. Age is just going -- -- look at this guy. Anchorage you even hear the band. And I had a cut. I got a bit. I get there indicating we just unforgettable view it was great and that the other went down in history as of the greatest dread general -- -- -- And frank you brought up their hair and you know so often people at today and I I talk about this quite often because I'm hostile witness to the baby boomer generation of which I which I am -- part. On the baby boomers have a Tennessee do to criticize. On the -- of young people today the way they Wear their clothes. Tattoos and piercings now. Relative to the times. The Beatles were very outrageous and out there and much of the establishment. Didn't like The Beatles in the same way that the establishment today doesn't like young people -- and people can argue well it's a lot different today. I relative to the times it's no different today that it was back then. No question. About also I don't like to do this doing sequence has forsaken. -- remember you know because it happens you don't so long ago. By Joseph -- I'd be out of the warehouse. Some planner of the legal field house. Chicago. The municipal auditorium. Population kind though you know he -- -- still. -- -- Yeah and the they that was a great place to see a concert as well. And the anger that it I can't wait for the -- to come back I haven't individually yet since it's been a renovated by a vet should be another good place to see a concert. And I can't wait for it to open in it'll say I agree with you. You know all on that you know he seems like how -- record coach or is about being read by a he doesn't speak the -- a little bit you know great. -- different locations that the other Gregory little by little people are beginning to get a two out wrestle Greg. -- sort of speak up you know about -- -- I think you particularly called and now hate you make me what you think tonight. Think that's that's always a good thing you know you don't ever have to get old and I think that's one of the great things about. Performers still performing today like Eric Clapton come into the New Orleans Arena march Tony George and I gave away tickets all this week on WWL. How I was doing their Garland show that's just another example of of how you don't ever have to lose that rock and roll mentality there's there's something very comforting. To see. Many of the performers who performed long time ago still doing it today because it reminds us that we can still have that same mentality in that same attitude. Absolutely. And that -- you are as good you know in close and how well they contribute that how it will take to a device. How I'm sort of -- it would be able to succeed him how you know if -- around but they will do my best. Not to miss -- drops again. I keep hearing from almost president and it basically what you missed out on one of the greatest. Yet if you if you haven't given -- and -- mean -- if anybody hasn't given kid rock the credit that he deserves. I go to was conserved. Again I was impressed when I saw images as fast so I went with high expectations last night and again it was just to me. Again one of the best concerts I'd never -- so don't turn up an opportunity to CK abroad because. On the east he's quite a performer not a lot of range in his voice but to -- has got great style and a very very talented musician. And songwriter as well. Unbelievable CH presidential enjoy. Really what sort of things you know government has -- impressed with what effect that. You know our knowledge -- -- local. A conscious. About it but you can product you don't -- -- flag issue stated. And -- and you know that there would be it would do well a lot of people the other really really enjoy. Also think is -- so -- -- taking my -- and I'm looking towards it took anti alien as I enjoy. Issue overnight and that anyway and hope hopefully to be took anti zones. Lafrankie call anytime you have a -- -- -- -- to share with us and not have a great weekend. From Pascagoula Fred you're on the -- show good evening. Yeah called -- Rod Stewart over and and to go out there besides one you went -- perk up -- was brilliant idea eight. Yeah and then that would have been the year I was there. In there and turned around log shows what good what sought obvious Nadine in the sideshow is not really I'd take him off step daughter in over the Pensacola sort of a turnaround and to progressed the back. It went from last Olympics -- from Pascagoula that was a little bit of a drug -- a little closer to Pensacola and then blast yet. That's not bad and it won't that we that the content that -- conditioned you know might have my two week in and out of me. Don't know whether. I and so it's a bit over the -- court Caldwell was about four months before it died. And and that -- -- that was a good -- church you know everybody talked about. He had gotten older adult is gonna do Obama need to talk about a forty shook your old lady didn't look. -- threat but me and and not. And no really he really put our show and not. It was -- do do bird good. I've seen Rod Stewart a number of times in and I have to say that that was through every time I've gone is one of the best concerts are -- Fred I appreciate you sharing your story with us from Pascagoula. Here is a text Brian self serve. At the house of blues here is another text the most weed smoked I've ever seen. Was the first stones concert in the dome and that I think was 1978. Dad doesn't surprise me the most. The most read and the most cigarettes I've ever seen smokes. What's this past year ahead voodoo -- For Metallica. It's never seen that I've never seen so much smoking her lead and cigarettes per capita. At any concerts are seen a lot of can't expect I remember once it -- Alice Cooper welcome to my nightmare concert at city park. And -- -- from having Geovany called earlier and I talked about that is we wanted to -- -- concerts. Somebody pass me. I joint it must've been must've been ruled in an eight by eleven piece of paper I mean it was like the size of a giant I didn't smoke -- right. That's what somebody had a -- for concert. I'm scoops and for those of you who were there -- city park in but I guess 1964. Beatles concert -- they hit America in February 1964. And they were in New Orleans. I wanna say in September of that same year what happened between the timing in America and concerts. All right hang on we'll be right back on WWL I'm -- that's one of the things were talking about I think -- -- -- and a wonderful insurance stories about some of the best concerts we have ever been to. The Ford is next -- calls I wanna mention something that I mentioned earlier in the show. It's something that is just. -- appalling but it's. I think it's important for us to know. That. Since it does happen. I think it's important for us know that happens. So we as a community can do more. To punish those who are guilty. To Louisiana man have been arrested and charged with having sex with a dog. It's a Siberian Husky. They were performing. These acts and videotaping them. And putting them on the Internet. And there was there was a tip they went into I think the humane society. And that led to the that led to the arrest of these I went to the arrests of these two guys. We've got their pictures on our website at WW dot com if you haven't seen now remember there innocent until proven guilty but come on. They admitted to it and there's video of them doing it. But here's one of the most disturbing aspects of all of this. Apparently there are countless web sites. They promote this activity. And usually the animals are quickly adopted by other. Sexual perverts. Who continues to do this to these animals. If you watch this if you support web sites. That present this. Kind of behavior. You're almost as sick. And demented as those who are doing it. The dog's name is -- Iowa she's at the animal medical center on magazine street here in New Orleans. This just breaks my heart. -- is apparently. Very shy around men. And according to those who are taking care of her. She originally -- hide from men but they say that she's being socialized. As she's being introduced other dogs and now has a comfortable. Home life. At the animal medical center on one magazine. Ozzie has had Jerry Lewis. They checked her over says it does look like there's any damage to her. -- and they say that she will get over her shyness. And not have any negative long term effects. Because of what happen. There's apart immediate so wants to adopt. This -- and I'm sure this dog will be. Adopted. But how sick. And demented dissent. And if these guys are found guilty. It's a felony. Punishable. By up to five years in jail. And up to a 2000 dollar fine or both so they could conceivably. These sinister several months in jail. And -- couple hundred dollar fine. So the state legislature. Needs to make. The penalty for this kind of crime. Much much much. More severe. These punks. Should spend more time in jail. And should a lot of people who commit horrific crimes. A larger under the WL. So -- Wherever I don't know that they're required by the Arab third period is Thursday. -- -- aren't really opened up -- ball goes so carpet you're talking about but recently I went. See victim won't be. -- -- -- And I mean it was quite -- experience -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- another great venue to see a show I saw ice cube there during the Super Bowl week festivities Santa that was specified Cheryl. There culprit is so lawyer you know what they'll well. Aqua earth but it -- beware of the wondered -- liar third quarter are you and it didn't or you. And I would start and above all the in my -- there was so much. -- Yeah and you know unfortunately all. All members of all -- the top groups are not with us it really -- with Led Zeppelin if they did get back together -- only be Robert Plant and and digital page time John Bonham was a drummer who his son I believe this is is playing with him now. We aren't so right it would say it would be a band that would not these the the original. There -- -- -- -- -- I don't want to I appreciate you calling her show thanks for listening to WWL. Here's a text. The reason easy topic Tulane stadium 1976. I was a police officer. Who had security for -- harper pink at the river -- for Demi and in 1979. Or can you imagine. Security for Engleberger predict because you know. I'm sure a lot of people would have wanted to get Singapore comforting. Seizing tough Tulane stadium 1976. I believe that's when they decided they would not have any more concerts. Until we -- -- I wasn't there but that was a fiasco. And I think it was the crowd's fault it was just a little too -- from all I've heard about. I'm scrutiny we'll be right back. Last night Kid Rock concert was awesome I wrote a blog about it the scoop on today is a review of the Kid Rock concert last night. Titled -- kid -- And you can find that our website at WWL dot com read it -- if you when he Kid Rock fans that I share with a comment or to feel like there are two pictures from the concert last night that. It kind of it kind of show you how incredible the white show -- one of the pictures that I took. Is -- via the giant American flag unfurled at a very patriotic moment during the show with red white and blue lights. Over the over the stage and this American flag covering the entire back of the stage a Kid Rock is very very patriotic. He is a Republican in a world as I say dominated by by Democrats and and and liberals. Very very proud and and vocal although -- he didn't go into any big his speech last night which was -- -- and some performers mainly the liberals have a tendency to. To do template in this a couple of pictures from the concert last night. Now -- if you're one of those guys. Their terror doesn't like to read the articles but you like to just look at the pictures welding you can just skip the blog and go right to the pictures. I hear is attacks that -- -- -- -- The Beatles played a City Park Stadium Wednesday September 16 1964. I missed being born on that dates by two days it must have been a prenatal influence because I'm a huge Beatles fans and that is from Mike. -- From the North Shore mr. TR WWL. Well -- Austin Dillon take you back real quickly today at racetrack compared rebuild in Dallas. Well this is 69 new orleans' spot that looks they had a few good axiom -- Janis Joplin. Can heat but scooped best concert ever heard. And I heard you speak of -- early seventies the had a political opponent on. Bruce spring then yes ma'am I don't know what the cat's name the -- split Clarence Clemons elements. Big gigantic black man dressed in white who had Italy as a spotlight shining on him. And Springsteen was on fire. From from the. You know in the -- and a lot of people did know Mr. T I'm gonna I think I'm at the end of the show -- -- -- -- I appreciate you calling thanks that memory. Yeah in the early years of Springsteen he was known as one of those guys you had to go -- don't miss Springsteen live while I'm telling you that now. About Kid Rock. And that was was it it was an amazing concert is a text direct ties chili peppers at city park it voodoo fest. There was -- here's a -- I would've loved to have seen that Led Zeppelin. And painfully here's the text John Paul Jones the bass player --