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Feb 25, 2013|

Dave talks about the Oscars, the weather, and horse meat

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Eleven minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news on this 25 of February 2013. And add some Monday. A wet and rainy thunder stormy watch out for more nasty weather Monday -- out like take all the -- -- and throw it on the radar than toddlers -- -- if you're getting that now in the New Orleans metro area probably avoiding some of the heaviest storms that are still heading this way -- got them. Identity very nice break. I mean although I did you cars in front of me withdrawing all kinds of water from the roadway -- -- windshield and I did hit a few of those schools nice big puddles that says my steering kind of haywire and yet well yes thunderstorm right now. On the northstar over Bogle loose than heading now into Mississippi. Light rain. In Hammond in Gonzales and at the international airport cloudy guys it's like gals now. Tennessee -- mixture evident until 8 o'clock this morning a severe thunderstorm walked. Which means the conditions are right. -- severe thunderstorms -- These ballots that will keep you posted your pennies become -- it just kept calming overnight in the east -- photos and two we've gotten from listeners -- unbelievable. Yeah. Yan critical gum ball -- Iran may be even better yet thank goodness for -- golf ball and softball. College Softball. Got in and out of its. That's rare but when it happened that is frightening stuff but when that deal with that right now we do of the potential -- some more severe weather. For the next three hours hours so please be aware of that. I believe the Oscars -- will be ending sometimes die any minute now is that's -- one on. All nine. And non. And and if that's McFarland clapped one more time directly into his micro I was gonna reach my television now and strangle -- him a big goal slap. I don't know why no one would tell him during the break stop doing it that he can't. It was just -- hours and are not kept clapping his -- very -- right in front of the microphone that was -- to -- will -- well. Pap pap pap -- interviews. He'd like I always -- a class act for everybody and everything. -- the little dance routine icy little it is like 1718. Minute long number cowboy you know. You start adding that kind of stuff into what is already a long drawn out affair and it's gonna go on forever -- -- you know if you stayed around long at all the end after you know usually sent off after. That's film than the -- vote him open -- it was a nice little moment there are enough but then. He'd get another number at the losers. That he dedicated that all -- -- be able -- afford -- you know just what you thought it was all over here. Goes into another singing them and you you just had to no good to the stars in the on -- they just wanted to get to those being lavish parties. Our parties say and then you gotta go from one to the other. He got the governor's party in the another one over here and another and there are this company responses on this magazine sponsors yeah this product sponsors and other. You know that event and losses mothers said that it would Phoenix and -- Young yard nine year old from Oklahoma Louisiana nominee of the real hot Hollywood parties she did it. Neither her film or herself -- now being nominated. All of the work she did a tremendous and she's gonna get a whole lot more work you're comparing bank on that. Overall idea enjoys seeing the stars on the red carpet in their fancy Nancy's idea to enjoy the show in hearts. But it stated yesterday. Just I don't I don't know that that's the prospects. I don't know about you know. I think if you'll come back with more news in about fifteen minutes here and -- get well AM best and that -- Severe thunderstorm watch until 8 o'clock this morning we'll take your forecast an active and Steve -- it is oracle much you know if you weren't paying attention what happened with Danica Patrick what happened with -- -- over the weekend what happened with -- -- Well in the NFL combine continues six day in federal court here in New Orleans good morning I'm Dave Callaway. Aaron Broussard the former parish president in Jefferson -- faces sentencing after pleading guilty to corruption charges taking bribes and other allegations. And that he will also. Continue to of the pursue a motion trying to get his guilty plea thrown out. But nonetheless he is expected to face sentencing today you'll keep an and that's where also BP. Expected to begin the civil trials for the gulf oil disaster the worst US oil disaster in history. I've already pled guilty to the criminal charges in the case and paid the largest or at least agreed to -- largest criminal fines billions of dollars ever in US history. But there are fighting at least so far in the civil matter. As the government tries to prove the world that was grossly negligent we'll keep track while the -- federal court for you here on WWL of course were keeping track. -- -- well. Strong storms likely through the morning commute we're talking heavy rain and gusty winds a severe thunderstorm watch has been issued through ADM. After that we should get a break by mid day or so but more scattered strong storms possible this afternoon. As a cold front moves through look for -- today in the seventies tonight lows dropping to 48 on the North -- 52 south of the lake behind that cold front. And drier and cooler tomorrow sunshine and 62. Wednesday partly cloudy in a mild afternoon highs of 65. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm urologist -- Now I to a tomorrow sounds sunny and 62 -- right now we have heavy rain over shell met in the lower ninth order according to a text message today 78 semi National Weather Service as a big thunderstorm over -- Lucent a whole lot more to our west light rain at the international airport it's 62 degrees cloudy and 62 landslides yes. Big weekend in sports. How would Danica Patrick do after starting in the pole position how the hornets do after losing Koppel on allies do on the diamond and on the hard court. All of it also the NFL combine wow that's all I've been -- about Steve Geller good morning. Good morning and -- the hornets were off to the races against the kings and came away with a much needed victory. Markets sort drive these wind left elevates it throws it away leftist leader pastor here comes the court. And. Anthony Davis led the way with twenty points as the hornets snapped a three game losing skid with a 110 to 95 victory over Sacramento. Eric Gordon and Ryan Anderson added seventeen apiece in the win. Over to the diamond that we're LSU baseball jumped on southeastern early and often. Here's the stretch you look at personally is that do want more long fly ball well -- the last video that that there. Nevada and thankfully not all work permits and -- The tigers dominated thirteen to one -- improved to six and one on the season. Tulane baseball got swept in their series against Notre Dame after losing three game three by a score of eight to three. And in NASCAR Jimmie Johnson pulled ahead of defending NASCAR champion -- his -- -- on the final restart and captured his second Daytona 500. Danica Patrick began the day as the first female pole sitter both finished the day in eighth place. You know overall steady day -- de -- for me nice -- for for godaddy and the crew did a nice shot in the -- so really really not you know. Nothing nothing super duper eventful. Angie -- Kennedy hit all five reporters she attempted on her way to a career high 22 points. And LSU Lady Tigers upset Kentucky 7772. They have for a sports talk will go live to the NFL -- in -- in the Indianapolis. And take a close -- look at some of the players the saints might target. Plus which free agents should the black and gold sides -- pretty improve the league's worst defense I'm Steve Geller with an early morning. But not finishing first. Nobody like you said a top ten finish from a pretty good start for she's considered a rookie for rookie of the year. Last year I think it was she finished 360. Whom you greatly considered a rookie because of the level at which she's participating this year and competing. Nat because it's their first year racing right. Don't understand that a lot of racing I don't understand like how it was that in that race on Saturday. That pieces of cars were flying into the crowd and injuring dozens of people. Fans some of them severely injured when that nasty crash on the track included eleven cars and your lineup but there's a big fat with a big first minute it's supposed to keep the cars that crap from the cars from getting into the crowd but offense -- out. Definitely a frightening scene I know a lot of people took their cell phone video and had an online and 22 to just watch that. Each year almost defenseless what can you do when you have all that wreckage coming towards you in. You know you ever read the back -- ticket when he -- -- and it's as I agree that I understand the dangers and blah blah blah blah blah. But. My twelve year old -- part of it is as. They're gonna sue right dad says it well yeah I'm sure they are gonna they're going to be losses from the people who were injured but when you buy that ticket -- any thing. Agreeing that you know pieces on an automobile Macomb flying at -- and NASCAR race or a player or a ball make -- it to another event. Sporting event but. Yeah there is inherent danger of going to a sporting event in baseball bats and balls fly into the crowd in football. They'll rarely players but sometimes the biggest precinct football yeah hockey got to articulate our oxygen masks right now. But yet I was pretty scary stuff so it's a good weekend for the hornets they get back on the winning track that we get for LSU -- wrong. You have a baseball lost their first game of the season on Saturday but came back with a vengeance yes they they were. Pretty match and the basketball team gets about 500 Nazis line today I was amazing -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know Alabama State though it was -- that the tigers really successful against the -- Crimson -- that. As hey it's good to be above 500 in the SEC. Such as we head into the last weekend of February closer closer -- March Madness. You just hope that maybe they could put them together and now this last couple games in the SEC tournament and maybe at the and I team may be that big. Thank you Steve talked about -- equipment and sports here on WWL. The weather serious concern this morning we will. Get back to the eyewitness -- forecast center and meteorologist Laura but tell right after this is watching more nasty storms. At this way. 527 let's get that forecasters who watched as nasty weather Rolen and. Strong storms with heavy rain and gusty winds can be expected this morning a severe thunderstorm watch continues until 8 PM. After that we should get a bit of a break in mid day. But more scattered strong storms expected this afternoon and evening as a cold front moves and then tonight lows 48 on the North Shore 52 south of the lake. Rain wraps up as the cooler air moves then cooler and drier tomorrow mostly sunny and 62. And Wednesday mild 65 and partly cloudy. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Clark talk. Nasty stuff headed this way from the west already some heavy thunderstorms in parts of the metro area that severe thunderstorm watch continues until 8 AM at 62 degrees on both sides of the way. 37 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news it's February it's the 25 fifth 2013. And it's mind. Man wet rainy nasty Monday more rounds of thunderstorms coming this morning with severe thunderstorm watch until eight and then a little break and more thunderstorms now. We'll get on over there is forecast for full details in just a moment. He and WWL. A -- them and I -- film about a fake movie earned best picture at the Academy Award. As a -- -- Iran hostage drama Argo 13. Of the Oscars very nice. First Lady Michelle Obama well because of the award. That was kind of doubt that I suspect that no and I indicted that was a first and to my knowledge I don't think we've ever done that before now and then don't remember it being done remotely before -- I'm not from the First -- the united now America out to the White House again. -- like a piles -- did very well with four yeah. I really got it really wins best director for life of high. -- wins best film and Ben Affleck not even now AD now for best director apparently that's the first time that happened -- decked out the other the director of the best film wasn't even not what I thought he mailed a dinner or something -- it was agreed movie. And he won directing honors and other awards and in chosen it was he was decorated and but as a producer of the film yet -- -- and accept the award anyway. So but yet very odd that that is directing not even nominated and yet he wins the Academy Award for the best -- that disconnect there but whatever the case. It is what happens at the box office with him anyway happen gas what did a thief steals the top spot again and you are correct all Melissa McCarthy's identity thief returns on our -- -- all know you were gonna I was gonna accepted to -- you. -- Present you with an award he didn't do so it came back again and identity thief returns -- the top spot at the box office the company takes another fourteen million plus dollars I think this one got under promoted and word of mouth. And got really yeah. I cited thought it was down right Larry and I predicated it is. 2000 there's so far. Dwayne the rock Johnson action films and it opened in second. It's gave from planet earth is third this weekend guess one where's my Bruce Willis yet you weren't you weren't even in the same neighborhood wallow with your prediction that Bruce Willis -- with die -- with so he wants from number one desist plummeted. You know on the -- Qaeda and their race stays safe haven out did a good -- die hard is it finished fourth. And I did dated die hard -- it is fit with ten million dollars -- four point one million behind the winner. By. The comedy comes back again I think you're right -- -- bunch of word of mouth says -- funniest aren't saying I'm saying. Again if you enjoy -- are rated comedies it's a good one. By the way opening this week Jack -- giants slayer which is news again Jack in the greens. When he went and over the last -- impart to stoker phantom in a place at the tables will work. As the week unfolds and what your predictions this coming Friday leaving and retooling yours and hardly wait to. Doctor about tournament more prisoners Chris Miller will join us from federal court in new -- a busy day there sentencing set for former Jefferson Parish president Aaron Broussard and BP's civil trial set to get started. -- -- -- a lot of rain overnight and more coming apparently let's go live and direct the Eyewitness News forecast senate figured. -- -- Well I was meteorologist Laura -- down the more I mean you've been working hard since very early this morning and watch in these rounds of severe weather in jail where things now that we got overnight. Well and we had a everywhere from the home up all the way up to the west they -- aero Harvey grant not. Areas with hail reports even on the -- or -- I thought you around the -- to let him -- -- -- that. A lot of folks CNET to hail last night anywhere from penny sized I files and golf ball sized hail. Unfortunately I think it's given -- today hearing about quite a bit damaged vehicles maybe in some rooftops that sort of thing. -- well it's funny how we describe the size of -- a hot it can be penny sized dime sized -- sized writes OK and I'm not certain -- -- how much different piece sizes from dime sized to penny size -- and you have golf ball size yes. And softball sized -- and melon size it if -- We did that CD and -- I -- that America. But yes you can get I mean especially out in the central plains they they get you know softball sized hail there was some of these strong storms that. I hit the health threats has diminished for the morning I'm still going to see some scattered. Heavy downpours north and south of lake but even that is going to improve over the next couple of hours at a severe thunderstorm watch in effect until 8 AM. After that we actually can we get a break from the heavy storm I think broke the rest of the morning and into the mid day. Before we see another round of strong to severe storms this afternoon and eat me. All right so we get storms we have right now going to school yeah. And we'll get a break you know its -- coming home from work and coming out of school I don't think they'll be as widespread this after -- pretty much everyone at some point with getting eaten some rough weather overnight and early this morning. Later today it'll be more scattered some of a couple of strong storms that it's because the colts front. It's finally get -- move through what happened last night as the warm front they move from south to north. Now the cold front has to move through it once it dies. -- -- caddy about that 8:30 this evening 9 o'clock or so it'll be cooler drier and while that's sunny quiet weather for the rest of the week and through that. Tonight o'clock at a -- time both the yelling and deceiving and very well this morning as when we expect the severe weather threat to the advancement four then we could see some very heavy storms. The 9 o'clock tonight we elected to mobile. And it's an honor storms to -- in late afternoon through keeping -- -- -- tomorrow -- quiet through the rest of the week or cooler temperatures in the sixties and sunny quiet weather. No rain no storms nothing like that for the -- All right well we'll keep again -- keep in touch with you all morning long especially through 8 AM and then again this afternoon in the eyewitnesses forecast center to keep us posted on what's going on right now that I wanna get your opinion on some of what happened at last night's academy of all okay that it no winners well not because they one bit. What happened to poor Jennifer Lawrence north of -- and this. Actress' biggest nightmare and it happened to Jennifer Lawrence they just -- -- -- veterans. He was on her way up the stairs to pick for best actress Oscar and he got tangled in her dress she held out. The audience -- risking ovation. She explain what happened backstage. I treat a walk upstairs and it's just let that happen and I think they just stepped on the fabric and and everything -- the stairs. 22 Lawrence is the second youngest to win best actress. Michael went out Los Angeles are right now don't you think -- meteorologists there at Buick. Expect that to walk up some stairs and I the address that would make you don't think I'm sure that's not the first set of -- -- while it was just it was like cosmic up and it's happen. You happen to step on the draft and he's the -- it was below I'll Canada Spiegel that and it was a -- -- -- Shia -- plant and I am now but thank you murder residents and had a great attitude about it I love -- like they'll just clapping -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that. You know when an Oscar. At this point you know and you know what it wasn't as bad that it -- US AMR McConnell and oh yeah it went well I'm down -- right it's always better to trip. Upstairs and downstairs you know I mean -- -- definitely going upstairs is always more peaceful than if you're actually coming down. And I think it might but I would just think they went taking an out they'd be taking things into consideration Melamine hearing -- and well and what was it that there was another awards show where she. Had a wardrobe malfunction or she was wearing a shorter dress and when she went up the stairs that separate you could see her. A -- whatever was underneath it to. I had. I'm Bradford he's now than I thought she looked beautiful. It looked fantastic that maybe it was worth the -- beautiful dress maybe work the fall I -- at -- The price you paid -- gap and that -- there's always the right. Thank you gonna have a it will. Like Dallas and correct from the Eyewitness News forecast at well over YouTube vote sheet and a nasty tumble but. Him to recover from it and hey here's the best actress what is she really can't win a golf that in guy and he still gets to take on the Academy Award will let it take on the latest in sports now. Everybody by 49 good morning I'm island thoughts and prayers still going out to the new Orleans police officers shot over the weekend ambushed according to the police chief. According to Facebook in his family's coasting to update on his medical condition now mr. His at least now suffering temporary paralysis from the waist down and can move his fingers his wife is that hopefully when the swelling goes down around the spinal cord injury. We'll see improvement by. While now from the war -- police officers seriously injured in this search continues. For the man at the police chief says ambushed him when he responded. To a burglary call a lot more on that coming up throughout the morning WWL AM FM and not count right now it's time to get caught up on sports. And for that we welcome ethnic studies the Dallara full weekend of activity get us caught up bond for those of us who are you know paying attention -- other things what. It over the weekend. Well good morning -- hornets team they were down after dropping the last three games but elevated their play against the kings for a much needed win. Evans splits two drives than any projected at Miami news in transition and well all right then. The hornets would go onto a 110 in 95 victory -- the Davis scored twenty while Eric Gordon and Ryan Anderson both that seven team. Fighting tiger baseball bounced back from their first loss of the season taking out their frustrations on SE there and here's the list. Log on my drive left field plays that they won't wave arrives. This tiger there. Has come out on fire here at this result -- avoided. First baseman Mason -- had a career high six RBIs as LSU dominated southeastern thirteen to one. The -- lost eight to three to Notre Dame -- got swept in this series against the fighting Irish default the three and four on the year. Well while the start the Daytona 500 might belong to Danica Patrick the checkered flag went to Jimmie Johnson. Patrick began the race as the first female pole sitter and finished in eighth place. I didn't know what to do exactly so I feel like you know maybe maybe that's just you know my inexperience maybe it means I'm thinking hard enough -- -- now getting creative enough I'm not sure but I definitely was some it was a little bit uncertain as to how I was going to be able to do it. And junior GA Kenny -- in -- career high 22 points in the -- five of five from beyond the arc. As the LSU Lady Tigers shock number seven Kentucky 7772. They have for a sports talk will go live to the NFL combine in Indianapolis and take a close -- look at the players the saints might target. Plus which free agent should the black people sign in order to improve. The league's worst defense -- Steve Geller with your early morning look at sports night fifty. You gave on Steve Geller hanging out with yet on your radios so yeah I mean -- here at LSU and you felt pretty good about the baseball team although dropping their first game of the season as the second ranked team in the nation. Coming back and winning vague so that -- lost one game all season long so the -- of the basketball team and triple overtime. Beating the Alabama Crimson Tide on the hard court to get our weekends started. That was fine. Triple overtime. Yes LSU basketball is that we've been playing a lot better of lately and just excited to see what this team can do down the stretch plus now -- at the next year's well. On Johnny Jones got a phenomenal job would you what does it coach and the hornets getting back on the winning track so that wicked disease. The evidence -- that the team that's so hard to gauge right now they look for anomalies some contest and then before in the past three they drop. The descendant of falling apart in the fourth quarter but they build up. Such a lead in this game that these pages. While we're able hammered home again Eric -- And Eric Gordon we will see what happens about now the got -- back to back coming up and still the doctor's orders. Yeah allow -- games in a row and oh my goodness he's getting it how many million negate that. The 59 million dollar man. Can't play two games are the -- -- trade him now for whatever reason when the trade deadline came and went last weeks of league. And -- figure you wish you subscribe to the school of RBI. Is the plural. For our runs batted it and it also say RBIs. Which could be runs batted in runs batted in. -- it to be ours -- -- ballots be ours BI are her think -- Steve -- fifteen minutes of -- ports here on WW well what's the weather got to do today let's Iran and it does that rank and it's gonna rain again we'll get details. From Eyewitness News forecast and her right after this. 555. Let's get your forecast from the eyewitness -- forecast senator. Heavy rain and storms around this morning and 80% chance should get a break around mid day. But more strong storms possible this afternoon temperatures later in the low seventies. Tonight storms moving out as -- cold front moves and lows dropping to 48 on the North Shore fifty to sell for the lake. And tomorrow and into the rough weather and back to the sunshine cooler to hides its 62. Wednesday mostly sunny and a high of 65. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Clark knocked out worst ever right. Now falling in the eastern half of the region shell -- Ninth Ward. And Mississippi who get them pounding the more storms for everyone to 8 o'clock. And then another round this afternoon in this evening finally the sun shine tomorrow right now 62 degrees on both sides of -- much. 558 shipments in front of 6 AM good morning I'm Dave on what is -- Furniture maker -- Kia says it has halted all sales of meatballs in Sweden after Czech authorities detected a horse meat. In frozen meat balls that were labeled as beef and pork. The problem I have with that that that is the very first part furniture maker I Kia. Why the furniture maker selling meatballs and all of that surprise you that somebody makes furniture decided that it is -- meatballs and the. Getting used to putting the horse meat. In what is supposed to read. Shipments that are labeled beef or other meat and -- breaking news out of from the Associated Press says. That the Pope is changed the conclave rules and -- it's cardinals can't move up the date. Of a vote for a new Pope if all the cardinals. Arrive in Rome on time and -- interesting because. This is kind of well at least recently unchartered territory. For the Catholic Church because for the first time in some 600 years -- Pope is resigning. Usually there's a mourning period. Where they well. Spent time mourning the death of the Pope before they elected new ones with the Pope isn't dead he's just had enough and says that -- Failing healthy thing to be better for the church to be stepped down so now that -- now -- and on up to mourn his death because he's not dead. And now the Pope says so as a result of that they can elect -- earlier status as the cardinals can get to Rome. They can start. Either putting up the white smoke of the black smoke. This let folks know they've elected a new poker night so we'll keep you posted on that nasty weather severe thunderstorm watches through 8 o'clock please be careful on this Monday morning.

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