WWL>Topics>>2-25 3:10pm Spud talks to WWL listeners abt immigration

2-25 3:10pm Spud talks to WWL listeners abt immigration

Feb 25, 2013|

Spud talks to WWL listeners about North Carolina preparing to issue drivers licenses to illegal immigrants

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's so funny that. We got -- also some -- to -- to restart on talk -- Jim O'Donnell and. And Louisiana citizens you are entitled to money back from Louisiana citizens go to decoration page SE how much you you kicked in. Two the Louisiana citizens property insurance corporation and you are -- a chunk of that back. And you get it through your taxes or you can go online to movie. Site there will we had a caller said it's not that easy but if you do your taxes through Turbotax she says or to -- and some other online sites elements of it should just spring right up there. But the information is on your declaration page you can go to. LA -- LD YN dot state dot LE -- US. Elizabeth Kelley -- -- that ain't. I had I had the web site knowing their investment management website. Still hooked up all right yes Louisiana department of insurance is spelled. LA dot US. FA accused boom boom boom and property in counseling. Now I'm not -- good to find it on the site there but if you go to that site or give him a call at 8025913. 30800. 2595300. You folks in the state Louisiana this is your money promise you gotta go get it if you don't get it. -- a lot of it was left on the table on the goes right back into the general fund OK so go get your money. Second thing we talked about -- last hour was Aaron Broussard. Who has been he pled guilty and he went to his sentencing hearing. This morning sentencing hearing he got since this morning. 46 months three years ten months 46 months and 280000. Dollars. In a restitution. And the question is do you think that's enough does that too much is that just right should get more should get less -- text messages about that. We're -- some of the talk about the as a place open though. There have been. Nova Scotia though they were building places up their missiles don't sell that and and he's he's got a he's got to come -- to an 80000 dollars and he's gonna spend. Almost the next four years in jail he's got to serve at least 85% -- federal jail. So once against the sentence at least 85% of 46 months. Which of our math person -- we'll tell you what that is. -- so let's say. Tortoises from. He's going to be -- -- three years or so for recording your I'm no math whiz but he's going to be a -- he's going to be I don't know where the limits and and that's up to the Bureau of Prisons where he actually ends up. That's not even that's not the judge is -- the Bureau of Prisons. 46 months. And 280000 dollars is like good is that not good. Searching my -- to -- Freddie opinion poll at WWL dot com North Carolina is going grant drivers' licenses there's several different stories about a one them is that they're gonna grant licenses to young illegal immigrants since this. Coming up here this also a story that they are going to grant drivers' licenses that -- state on the license no legal status. Where they basically are showing that you you didn't have passed. Vote. Tests to learn how to drive it and to actually be able to drive which would allow you to get insurance and Fisher begin a -- somebody. Who is serial doesn't have a legal status here. At least maybe they have some insurance as opposed to somebody who's driving around. Who can't get insurance because they don't have a driver's license so what's gonna happen to you if they do hit and pitch enough. So that's was going on here is -- -- -- -- -- -- contacted friend to mind. In -- state police and asked them and went in the state Louisiana. You cannot get a driver's license if you have no legal status so if you -- an undocumented immigrant or illegal alien or whichever term you care to use. If you don't have the proper. Legal paperwork to show that you were in the country legally or born here and is a naturalized -- or US citizen. If you don't have a kind of pay pork you know get a driver's license in the state of Louisiana. That's operating opinion poll though. Would you be OK if illegal immigrants get a driver's license if the license indicates their legal status and with that they would not be able to vote. Or other things however. They would be able to get insurance. I mean you got people got people who -- her driving around who weren't suspended or taken away licenses and should not be driving around. They don't have any insurance either but somebody -- not even capable of getting insurance because they are here illegally. Where would you be on that 172%. Are saying no they should not be allowed to get. Driver's licenses at all. 28% yes as -- -- flags them as illegal. Now it's up to the Fed is an icu whether or not they get to that that debate -- still been on going forever it's up to the Fed's. ICE and whoever else about whether or not they're gonna get picked up and when you do arrest them and whether or not they're going to be deported. That that debate is still ongoing. Inside the beltway and it's up to the federal government to determine when you're what all the laws that that lead up to. Being a citizen -- that path to citizenship but. Based security and borders yet and the -- an argument back and forth across London seem like it's gonna get any better. Hopefully it will but it doesn't seem that way however there are several states that allow for illegal immigrants or undocumented aliens or. You know no whispering with spree what you do and over here that allow people who were not here through the regular legal process to get a driver's license would you be in favor -- that -- not what are the pros and the cons. And again there's one guy who's saying that you know he doesn't like. The fact that they're gonna put. No no legal status on the driver's license. Yes a problem with that. I frankly I think you ought to be happy you get what you get. You know but I think it's a good idea to provide this kind of stuff because. Maybe more people would come out of the woodwork and go okay I'm here. I've been here a long time wanna play the game by the rules I don't mind get that the battle line in -- everybody who's been. Do one at the right way get to be a citizen performing. But how you gonna kick 1112 million people out of his country I don't see how you available don't I mean. Legal area -- the other side of the issue is you give me grief because you got to get a license that says no legal status on a window I get to not Obey the law. That's the argument on the other side a lot of people are PLO about a go one. I got up. I get accused and finger pointing that all the time for not obeying the law you're not obeying the law and you don't have to -- and you know even like get called on it. So that's where that debate -- it's then those are all the things that are in the pot today. 2601786688. -- early 7878. Sony's recent attacks. And also the well earlier we were talking about there was. Some people and ask me questions about whether or not they had raised -- waved to the hurricane deductible opera for a hurricane sandy. So we'll take some more your calls and text and comments about that that I got stacks and stacks them. All right so all of that is in the -- -- step away and -- it was going only arrive home and a -- it's only WWL so here it is get a cup of coffee real thought. And find out of the bullpen. I got -- -- moments in my home about that kind of stuff asking about somebody sent -- want to know whether or not. Bruce charge should give up his his pension or not I think so. I and I know I know it happened on the federal level because people were asking about that about bill Jefferson. But the thing of it is that happened -- Jefferson his crime an indictment and all itself happened before that took effect. So he he's gonna get to keep his pension because that's not grant from an and it's taken away I'm looking on an article here from. May of last year and but the house approving bills that would allow voters to decide whether judges can strip state pensions from future public officials and employs convicted of corruption. I don't you know what I don't know if it's astronaut but I'll take your calls on that one whether or not they should should should. Somebody convicted of -- of -- vote corruption. Lose their pension I mean that's almost a no brainer to tell you the truth a lot of people on the complaints and a lot of people had. Our solemn. Complaints. What some people set about it was okay. I'm fix them lose my cool this computer. An intentional misconduct -- some closing. Closing these stamps because of things Dramamine nuts -- Should they or should they not lose their pensions. Just leave it at that should should have a public official who should a public official convicted of anything -- didn't lose their pensions. It's all assumptions and -- to six felonies -- but the text messages we're gonna get back to them and -- -- latest figures here. The thing and I'm pretty opinion poll would you be OK if illegal immigrants get a driver's license if the license indicates their legal status. Okay. Here's some text messages about everything across the -- blood. OPEC cut off by state trooper clear view and I ten on his way to local hamburger joint follow -- confronted him. And he says that state police have the right away. A on the way to a call than they do have the right away over everything but they have to indicate that. -- lights and sirens if they're going to burger joint then I I have the right away. I -- him in the mean -- this thing keeps them. -- Some to call -- Washington potato pompano latter and get to work. Well for my roof -- thank you guys you'll see -- messing me up on top of of a two story camelback. -- -- bounce when I fall often have bad boy. Will we have severe weather and a CBD around 430 possibly. Derek several join me later on in the arrow talk about that. Doesn't illegal mean not legal yes I agree. Such as some of the stuff the semantics -- there was a kind. There was that reporter who was like from ABC news I believe who'd been here. And -- -- -- on award winning reporter Justin I think it was originally from the Philippines and have to go look -- your article because there's one up there. Who was testifying in front of congress saying that he he is an illegal immigrant he came here now he came here as a child. He was brought here as a child and grew up so frankly the only countries ever really known as America. But technically he's here illegally because he had no legal status. He had actually fess up to when he's getting. An award for being such a good reporter that he testify as a front congress that he doesn't want to be called an illegal alien. Don't call me that going -- I mean don't call me fat but guess what I'm fat you're not here legally. You're not mean. Semantics is is is killed on this thing and they think it is it's adding a whale or a layer to the argument that just doesn't belong there. And I got people send me text messages here to -- amount you know are you kidding me where wind -- Talking about they are you kidding me giving them giving them a path to citizenship how you gonna get rid of all of them. I mean I have so the -- -- -- it's impractical there's like. Eleven million what is not impractical is is not ending to that number. Closed the border. Closed the border. And stop. Me never gonna stop at a 100% but stop and 90%. Stop -- 9598%. And reduce that level change some of the laws and stop people coming here basically nearly Willie Willie knowing. But the the fact is what can I say there's just there's no way you gonna be able to do that. Here is the text. And illegally in Louisiana can't get a driver's license he can buy a car because you do not need a driver's license to buy a car nor can get insurance. Are you need is cash. All you need is cash although he needs. -- buying insurance I think you're supposed to happen have to be able to identify yourself because they need to know when they're actually. Who their actually ensuring. You -- and kind of in do. You need some kind of ID when your buying insurance because they'll they need the car the registration. But if you just got you the car has to be registered to somebody with some address. So I don't know maybe it'll just if you go. -- by some orange and you go to somebody's house and via their carpet they put him on Craig's list you go by their car and then there you go. You know just -- fill out the back of the -- she would do whatever names you want to own and away you go. We don't enforce laws on the books now -- and more I got -- only solution become illegal and pay taxes for the stuff you get free now. Lots of people wanna do that lots of them want to. But they've been hide in the shadows for so long. So if they were to step out and get this license that says no legal status and they actually have a legitimate path for a which should be behind the line of people who have been playing by the rules all along. Then maybe you would see people. Paying for stuff that they get for free now. Yes they should somebody thing. Taxpayer OC forty months is what Broussard has to serve and are you kidding me illegal aliens get a license if we had a better deportation system. It would cost all the taxpayers a lot less. Then them staying and then getting rights that only legal citizens should have. Well there's also art and there's also boom information being put out right now that. People who were here. Illegally -- getting food stamps should not the US and was a Department of Agriculture saying don't be concerned about. Applying for food stamps because that manufacture your status here. So I everything's -- the people are contradicting themselves across the board. Analysts. You know what -- the thing that angers me about all of this more than anything else is I don't get to pick and choose what laws are gonna disability. And and not have to worry about it. That's that's what gets me. I went to okay. I got to step away got more calls and and text messages to but I got to step with fish and roses. Is and then you got insurance and cars in a row of course you show your driver's lessons when you got it. Did I show my driver's license when I got the insurance yes I don't remember -- had the same insurance for so long I I believe I did I think I did to the very first time but unlike you -- just keep renewing opponent you know. But I -- the same policy forever and well I mean I've got. AAA and also belong to shrivel away you know in case I get a run like you know with my wife's gonna run out of town would have -- for a storm. And brakes on the -- road oh yeah good -- get them to go -- because they're busy getting out of dodge but still -- those kind of services yeah necessary help but I mean I've had the same you have been with the same insurance company and end the same agent I'd like the way. -- I do good business with a well and you your rates tend to go lower if you stay with them a long time I found. I have called other companies that have found nobody can touch the rates that I well I. I am not going to anyway well I gotta tell yeah I've I've found a couple places but it was it was. Lower but it wasn't remarkably lower oil drilling and but I mean it at but you know. I know what I'm covered for I mean no grief no if ands or buts I get a problem. But don't I sent him over to my insurance agent and I'm done and that's. I'm anomaly pay for the coverage I'm paying for the black spoke grief if that's it and that bag can be a big caveat -- I know I had to turn over my driver's license the first summer on our gun insurance with this company. You know I don't see why anybody would not demand you. Identify yourself all right anyway I'm not sure I don't know heavily answers but I do I know that you do because you are the newspaper. What you get insurance over the. I got a lot of I mean if you go -- insurance over the phone. Or just. I have to show my ID. I have to show my driver's license to get but I've got like collision. And no fault. And elect kind of stuff I just I want I want my family covered. Win they have to evacuate concise stay here. And broadcaster and storms and my wife takes the kids in the -- and goes and I want peace of mind that they can be. Covered. On the highway so that's why I have that but I had to show my license. So I guess if I just gut. Nothing blood. Nothing but. It. Liability insurance maybe I could buy that over the phone I don't know. I don't know that doesn't make any sense to me. Why why -- you gonna you mean you gonna -- you don't -- somebody insurance on the phone how do you know who they are how do you know -- -- entity and you know and then almost when they got insurance and and you're you're -- -- on the hook for them -- their terrible. Okay let me read some more of these -- -- -- they need insurance like the rest of us yes they should. Do I need to stop it -- -- -- some Ibuprofen that Walgreens known not for Maine whenever you be surprised coming back not soon enough. But it jumped on me. Hearing room -- ago. Bill was passed this fall that state employees can now lose their pensions of convicted thank -- I was looking for that. But do not know if this covers for parish held office. Okay all right. Don't know if it's covered for parents while in office okay state employees. Don't know you know one -- Islam and again this is the last Thursday of the month coming up this week. And that's usually when John Young comes also now I'll actually Chris. If you listen and -- and ask that question when John comes on here and for on Thursday so in the ominous connect questions or don't know coming. It's as stand missing something ID driver's license vehicle registration insurance and senate. They're working here so make them pay taxes too just like the rest of us legal -- out you know what Kelly wait. Can you wait that's my problem. I carry my way I can't carry yours too. And as best -- a fat joke I got three kids on trying to teach how to stand up on their own two feet and carry their own weight. It's kind of hard for me to teach that meant that that lesson if I'm carrying your way to the same time. You have to have insurance -- register car. You have to have a valid driver's license to purchase insurance the state is supposed to notify your insurance company if licenses suspended. Against state does not follow the law. -- basically with the law the one down here this is we have so many laws on the books we can follow him now. Okay 267866. Let's get back. Do Richardson JP how you don't Richard was up. OK but -- I don't think it's -- -- Broussard. I'd like to know he still owns -- is she had net Switzerland resort Eddie that they then. I know about that one I knew about the the thing up in none in Canada but I don't know anything about. It meant it was Garrett despondent -- that was a thing that was built up there. Right like a chalet a rental plans to -- yeah I don't know I you know I mean is common you'll and I knew about it some and imagine the feds are. -- look connect on let's see the paperwork because we don't know you had that -- Yes out of place you go on tour and we can't you know like grand -- -- well you know yeah. We guard -- out of the illegal. We can't tell you gonna go well you know they I think it was a renal it was not all it's been like several people -- bit. And they you know -- -- out -- you use it to I think I'm not everybody when he didn't go back. Well it's like you can invest in need to buy stock and in -- -- here you can buy stock in any thing -- write about it. He was he was pretty -- -- -- noted that the deal I don't know where you could pick out of Marty you know with the parish. President. Well you know what we talked the other day about that is like he had you know he's an attorney. A lot of people politicians are attorneys the only long and one of the ways I mean one of the ways he was to make money. Was not only was he governor but if there was some kind of big legal things sometimes he would appoint himself as the attorney and he would do the -- not all the time. But you know he would he would get a legal fees for actually represented in the state. In in in some legal settlement you know. It is -- -- -- it -- an ideal now that you have a job like it's it's supposed to people dom IQ parish president. There's both people. Wow that's the argument that I was -- the other day it's like you know if like the right now the salary I think for JP president is between 130 and 140 I think that's pretty good pay. I think. You know putt. The price for being a state legislate tore. Is only the base pay is only sixteen grant so you drove it to be doing on the stuff there's other things they can't do. So -- when they had an argument about let's raise our pay up to like 65 or 85000. I'm in favor of that. But you gotta give up the other -- you -- now a full time person with term limits and that's it. And your term limits don't let you jump from one house to the other you'll make an 8590 grand a year plus some per -- is fine but you serve he's twelve years and you get out -- you get out of the decision maker pro. Some depth guys scalable and I -- his salary. And it -- no well no -- -- that I can connect. -- that's correct and Albania is. You know what Broussard cars thousands of people in battery. When he flooded -- Yeah I know a lot of people must like that work of people over years still blame them. Write it down to the -- thought OK yeah. And not to bid for our product and I guarantee it should be held responsible for that and that. I just think -- out of -- team financially. And then well well. Must say you know why do they let it come out they're not go to work for banks and shelling causes some thought would you buy one from. Who don't know or. Then how the get a -- to 280 -- -- followed I couldn't do it now he's got to pay 280 -- and somewhere around here I got it written down that he's got to pay X amount every month at least. Does that putted well. I don't know. You're selling cause an Avon activists and ice don't be your -- 26 Sony Family Guy. -- Mario talk to Derrick -- when we come back. I will be talking to one of those the channel -- whether people. The latest. As New Orleans as Mardi Gras and jazz restaurant. WWL. AM endeavor. -- scoring just sent me a text message saying judge ordered through sort of pay 500 dollars a month. To again while he is in jail. And a city's got to press a lot of license -- to make that kind of money. Anyway let's talk to a -- camera because he is the weather dude. Keys but I like that the weather doodles when -- do bell bottom pants and a Bandana how do you know I'm not wearing bell bottom pants as we saw you want to reveal a while ago that was an interesting phone call you've got to. Yeah the only site from the waist up but I don't think you're an opening bell bottoms and that's true although I must admit back in the seventies I had assume would bell bottom pants. And I was the most un hip looking person could possibly match I imagine you have multiple seats like that oh god. No overall that's what our work. What's happening weather wise is it is it's is getting worse is -- blowing over I mean you know I spoke before and it was like the worst of the three and eight. Between three and eight and it's now drive home to -- what to look up. It is getting worse yeah we're seeing a lot of heavy moisture that's moving in from the south in fact there's a severe thunderstorm warning right now. For -- -- terrible and parishes as a really strong sell is moving in from the gulf and it's moving northeast so will be tracking closer to the city. I just did a projection and it looks like he could be around applause by 430. -- for 42 and metro New Orleans had about 452. So that puts about an hour away from the city to move pretty fast. And this is coming from the -- up for a lot of this stuff floating down from the north. Available Miami and there weren't -- -- minutes from the sound -- I mean it's. It's kind of moving east the system in general who readies for the moisture is coming from the south west and driving up to the northeast -- cut through the state like that. Now tomorrow -- can be pretty write him in all of its gonna blow over blow big rain more hale maybe who knows -- watch of them. Or such like that there but tomorrow's supposed to be prettier and yet tomorrow looks pretty good I think we're gonna start with a few clouds looks like we have a new warning that as part of super delegates that info and his second. -- but looks nice the -- -- -- -- it's -- must sunshine the afternoon and temperatures will be bit cooler though it's going to be alienate low sixties for highs and this is not a front though when I mean this is a front front there's an -- and -- -- and there's always cool weather. I mean I never gets cold on here until for a console and that's a little -- true that's true I mean what is that normally get to about 65 of the lowest. On its own analysts -- front comes through -- well -- what was it last year year before Lester got Pamela 25. For five nights in a row I mean it was you know my my a little fountain outside of me in my wife made out upon it potted plants and -- I mean it was like. You know and it looked like those courts commercial mean it is frozen water all of. Yeah I they were gonna chill chill down certainly after this front. Hi stade -- generally got sucked in the mid sixties has come all the clouds tomorrow highs with sun sixty -- but as we move towards the end of the week. Friday's high temperature is 59 with a low on the or shore 35 all right so -- so we're looking -- Thurman Whoopi say from a road in a pretty but tomorrow will be pretty. And just -- more yes and Iranians through the rest of the evening or early evening and then probably tapering off after 8 o'clock although we may still see some showers till about midnight. Okay well our our rehearsal tonight commando and a Buddy Holly -- police I'll be inside -- singing and dancing but. The rest he'll be safe on the drive home their face their Derek no problem be say -- simple way back from Loretta for the. -- stay tuned for that one I'll see you this photo on stage this weekend and that's the magnolia school. Rory special benefit perform for the record since may in most of his sponsored by dawn busters. Go to magnolia. You can also. Buddy Holly story can drink yeah. Don't think it's important for longer and so and there's a lot of really good stuff out they don't I know is rain and tonight but don't don't stay home go home support you're.