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2-25 6:35pm Deke & Bobby talk w/Paul Mainieri

Feb 25, 2013|

Deke Bellavia and Bobby Hebert talk with LSU Baseball Coach Paul Mainieri about the 2013 LSU Baseball season.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Go back and all about BA -- big going to be an opposite now to welcome in head coach of the LSU Tigers and -- pulmonary what the Tigers had a good week in and they are -- In the baseball lost in the USA today poll and they on ninth. In the baseball America -- coach Mary thank you so much for the time are your thoughts on how the team performed. Since we last spoke. Well I think overall we performed well obviously we kind of get -- -- our first loss of the year against BYU. He didn't pitch well out of the well and we didn't expenditure. Some of our scoring opportunities that are prepared the -- -- with a bounce back the next day against southeastern Louisiana and suspended game in the suspended in the first inning because of brain to essentially had an entire game to play on. On Sunday. Am diabetic I came out with a lot of determination and played extremely well. I don't know that we could've gotten much better quite frankly went thirteen to water pitcher pitched great captain Ryan really gets fired -- -- You're gonna let -- run between the two of them so if they continue to hit that way and it is. Performance out of our pitching staff director -- it's likely that doing. I think that -- -- into the. Because we are you mention that thirteen to one victory Ryan needs to earn his first win of the season. He limited the lines to one run on seven hits in six innings. Was he just in that group because I believe what he had started out on Friday night. And then obviously the game was called but then he came back sending. How does that work is that enough for -- or you know when you get one of the does that even come in the play. I mean how many pitches you throw and -- utilize him and I don't that this and they start. I don't know that I've ever felt anything like it before. That the -- handled it remarkably well. You know people look at it pretty well he only threw ten pitches unfettered kicker and -- excusing. But by the but I think -- -- look at it that. He went through an entire starters routine. Mentally get themselves prepared to pitch and they only pitched 12 week that we can -- so big -- -- all year didn't get to the started routine and I'm sure that the club and the them. -- fortunate -- only turn and pitch it during the course of the game. But I would I know how he would react obviously I was ensure that we wanted to pitch and I I felt that the prudent thing to do to let him do it and throw. And -- you monitor how much heat he true and how we look. But I thought he is -- a great job he year he went out -- right from the start and threw strikes and had a good curve ball and that you had not known. It's if you -- know you wouldn't have known that the -- he would pitch two days earlier so. Both are trying to really get being in continue to establish himself as one of the premier pitchers around. With LSU coach Palma air attack has taken on new L Lafayette late in the week of series with brown and then Sunday we'll host nickel state coach in an area. I could sit -- read all the numbers but I think it's better for the fans here for mute your thoughts on what you're able to watch up close what -- France did over the leaking it. Well and you know going into. Sunday in game. Yeah you know it to come up -- from there against BYU and everybody was. You know kind of jumped off the band again you know one -- and that I want to panic but if you looked at thirteen rarely. Most of the line it had been performing well in the two guys that -- performing. Part of the world reduced to worry for -- to me and cat. And I told people look at it that the only thing we're worried about it referring to Neifi -- we aren't that -- worried that because those guys are proven. Hitters they played for three years that the collegiate level. They're -- outstanding young man and great character and work or they're great leaders. They're back it to that insured that certainly is that the sun will come up in the morning. And you know rate goes out there and had -- two out RBIs in the first six games then you get. 32 out RBI it further and RBIs total. And then racing can't -- that it hit the three run homer in the current into extra for the game so. There -- -- -- -- -- that -- those two guys combined for eleven RBIs in the book and we get a pretty good chance to morning. And -- out coach Mary you talk about here's all these guys Ralph -- -- -- an amazing -- with their experiences seniors in. Boy you're throwing -- freshman outfielder more player he also what he batted 500 believable the four games last week. The main thing to watch a great athlete to get better before your eyes and that's what happened with mark or are part. It can get some special from the first comment on the and you can't just stick with guys like that let them play the game whatever. You know just trying to keep keep getting them better and if you can get better -- they're out there and and yesterday he had a phenomenal there I think it three or four hits and and he's played great defense to right field he's he you're just gonna keep get better as work is something every -- to a strategy. Now could -- married thing is going to be like this and I think probably expectations a lot of fans are SEC fans think is going to be the case. Who would you look at the polls a baseball America but in the top 25 to look at collegiate baseball and newspaper of their poll. But when you look at the top 106. Offense that -- are all SEC team. Yeah well. What was it is 2013. That could have been hired in the year July 20 years of the next forty years that's what it's going to be what you and coach and insulate you. Play against some of the best teams in the country in -- players in the country. Didn't matter to the best coaches in the country. If you can compete favorably in this league in the international contender just like football. You know and you know who -- any other way if they want to be challenged this is great to come. Now coach -- an area how important it is and you'd done a great job with the is scheduling. Within and state teams. Like to SE is in nickel states of Louisiana Lafayette. How important is that considering. The -- you know LSU is the top dog but to promote. Baseball in Louisiana about playing all of these universities around the state. Well that's something that get bit when he came here and it's something that he imparted on mean it's something I would want to do -- -- You know that that that the good that the game is the most important thing. And you know that that you know that the school would -- most notoriety in the state in. I think it's important for -- to take our team around the state played different. Venues in and electric player -- -- -- every year. In there and knew that we only have fourteen midweek games. Date and so we just came home and away therapy but he to a two real challenge scheduling wise. But I told the school should know that it's there that there were going to play here year admiration. I put them on the rotational rotator ran into. To different places I think last year we're making statement. -- people then nickel state in the and the Northwestern State the southeastern and so were in a I think next you're going back to -- the eastern will be out there. I think we're going up in Northwestern's skated well that in addition to our troops in the world they're year. When we played the Wally pontiff junior classic game and then of course it to rain and now you know it was called back to division one start playing in the air per year so. You know we tried to do that much we you know fortunately the into that late in the game and that's a little bit what we can do. LSU coach Paul Monday area -- and and always a pleasant good luck you've this week against sabathia brown and nickel steak. All right will continue -- -- fell on WW him.