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2-25 6:20pm Deke & Bobby talk w/Cameron Jordan

Feb 25, 2013|

Deke Bellavia and Bobby Hebert talk with Saints Defensive End Cameron Jordan about the Saints new defensive scheme and new Defensive Coordinator Rob Ryan.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome Matt Albers on a welcome in the Saints defensive encampment on net to the radio little cam how are you. -- -- -- Okay I am now as you had a chance -- -- reflect and look back when when you look back on what you think about the 2012 season what is your impression of what to pulling. You know I think there are -- -- Had a hard time learning what you produce but the impetus for big is that an emotional. But it just was too late. Now Cameron I look at your scenario where you ran it obviously. You know some rookies have sophomore -- you actually. Played the position. Not to say overall a dominant considering how you played against the run. Almost into double digit -- but when you look at what you asked to do it as a 43. Davis had been now. Going 34 and Miami as an aunt cal you weren't a 34 David have been so just talk about the differences. Afford three now going back to a 34 which he did it work. Coming from port -- you have to -- -- -- he's really just want your mentality part of the creek or have a respect what that I came from that to get the job. We have not over yet what the -- And particularly board clearly you particularly have the deputy equipment and really work. Ten around the same time yet they have great vision major yet you know it back in the that is where that -- our ability you know -- -- -- -- you look at it. Now Cameron. When you look at. I guess when you're trying to get after the quarterback in the different schemes that rob Ryan's gonna bring to the table you -- -- -- ligament. His history probably more like Greg Williams as far as being aggressive getting after the quarterback what would you say the differences. From a 43 to three for me is that at times maybe. The scheme when you're trying to confuse David protection. When you bring in linebackers who's up who's down in -- confusing pass protection that way out scheme opponents vs -- 43. The ailment that I mean come apartment you know from -- repeated streaked forward you know -- -- down to. Matches where pre -- is one that you nine or more of it that he -- -- accord that. I actually loved being a part of it would be reflected that level ones where it goes by that -- -- frequently. His game much more interaction disagreeing with that the -- Now -- decrease or might that part of it -- -- -- -- -- happened some years of his career with it. I'll back that we have more of a feel for the sport read that would did not get -- to -- yet. Albert when they're down much. In the group so I mean I'm looking forward to leading the team or maybe you -- more actually. And I thought -- what my role will be in the report about. But one of these and what -- In my dump. Saint -- having cam dawn is a special -- 67 tackles on the season border once solo eight sacks. Also forcing three fumbles and broke -- three passes cam now apparently what are you doing and when do you guys get back to work. Currently yes. I'll right now in my best friends. I don't -- California and we're. Well out there Denver. Now we're into a Sammy environment that now and Cameron UN northern California since then or what where exactly it. -- -- -- That included and -- women back about. But no particular nature right now yeah. I think they they just leave it to have a senior night just be curtains stay. I mean you got to come back and support -- -- you know university came from some of -- great talent. Yeah Cameron this to come out the upper out. So so what happened the last time I was visiting my daughter was in school of Daryl Morey Sean mentioned DeSean Jackson and all. Hanging out at rallies on telegraph wrote herded burned down is that that they build -- backup bullet. Yeah they had a bit ago when not to say on. Happiness in the long run -- really been there it's just -- -- -- one yeah yeah I'm so I don't know too much but period well. Cam from year one to year two week we see -- numbers have increased. -- also all what you have done it in what are one or maybe it looks at number one thing you'd like to improve on individually. And hit three. And -- It deftly from from here when you're -- to have the ability to learn from different players like -- ability -- -- All that doc and them and say -- that -- Smith and grant actually just. It's been beyond being a rookie to them in eerie that so many different ways to mind going you don't feel it. This responsibility that spot that -- ops is -- soccer alone to be black and sophomore use some more. Familiar with so little loan scheme -- calm on the and then some reports -- improving -- abroad aptly. The that -- is buying in program course of economic and if you look at -- sanctions we're starting over again. Let you know the teams they're saying yeah -- -- -- talent and I know we get to. With particular cup the year is that noticeable. This is really. Refocusing I go out there sort of a problem beginning. Put I would like to make like looked me complain trying to make plays and -- Not now Cameron well -- season the a belt obviously you are veteran now and and you look at years of experience of double B Carrera and NFL would you dad Steve Jordan what advice did he tell you after a season like. Just keep working hard and -- -- and Cunningham the Lawrence Otis -- Garwood advising you dad give you after the two seasons in NFL. I mean that right now my dad is Republicans and sort of in -- -- -- trying to keep working out there and -- might actually you know. -- -- calm down pick even take a month ought to relax just let your body. And ultimately. You -- like -- so much better. Physically. He's in that particular strain on your body. So. I took a month and half off and after. People like we get brought stated knows. Alou and you know enjoy my golf course and now it's time to get back to back in California. Great into training you know later -- -- -- about you know that he's real Spears about it. -- what were you surprised when you learned about you you're going to be having a new coach on defense this year it's me audition at third year -- and get their defense a coordinated. -- -- they have -- -- Rutgers years expert speaker scored the -- two years and actually typical. -- recorded in. Think probably so this -- the equator but you're. Certainly a problem being comfortable and uncomfortable situation. I'm used to. And who. Now -- Canada looking at that the transition obviously going report three in a 34. The most success the Saints organization has ever had as a -- -- you -- -- -- In the late eighties early nineties was 34 over the dome patrol -- and linebackers when you look at the transition. Global what would you advise. And do you think they're capable of when you look at the back of tackles network report 318 Knicks. And Tom Johnson and you look okay. Candy play that true nose tackle and what took part of that and at 34 but how would -- -- -- -- as a 34 and -- considering. A new situation for both the team makes and Tom Johnson. Could count on and on as people -- and I think a team. That play. Or and or record knows. He's got the brain and body to do -- very difficult to do. It will be interesting tactic is. Big team and yet the way to play and or gain -- B -- -- do. I don't want them rather -- nose tackle and a strong. The imposing force when it was -- Now camera along those lines you look Martinez Wilson Illinois he was a linebacker. Asserts its way to put him at the end to rush the passer but and you look. Junior the last. Here's junior gallant. What -- -- Davidson and I believe it to this year in college you played outside and practice for two years. So it seems like almost -- minutes think standpoint and when he learned football. That he should go to pick up outside linebacker role. And now it is reports. -- At Belmont this -- to better fit whether you know the guys that we have right now and -- nine enemy. Junior at. I'll have played outside linebacker very actually probably more playing out a lot record and an extra -- of them market -- -- -- -- -- forward at all being super forever you know you know he played well become kind you know when it comes to that. I mean more comfortable playing -- three -- -- record we had a partly because there and I think you get a good beat on transition but then after -- Now -- camera when you look at listen yeah I have leaders -- to have experienced veterans with -- you're dealing with a salary cap and it's all around the league when you get around thirty years old they consider you kind of both of football. Compared to young competition when you look at what they count against the salary cap. Like a Will Smith -- Jonathan -- do you think they'd be willing to restructure contracts and maybe pick -- kind paid to stay with the Saints are you think BL OC would the market will bear. Honestly I'm not a numbers guy you know I'm I'm -- You know it's whatever works out with green and believe -- the panic that we had targeted the things -- right. The sport cap space -- number fired art -- making it. Audit I'm not really I don't really in that now it. So I'd rather not speak on it but I believe that you know I can you imagine making them to do everything in his power to make -- -- right in particular how lucky. But Cameron you have learned stuff from veteran veterans obviously like Jonathan Vilma will -- it. -- without a doubt meant Manning the nod that he gave me this year and clearly indicative. Of how much factor -- what you'd pick up the game so here I mean repeatedly. To -- due Friday. And you know report. Are -- to practice. -- Africa before our last meeting Palestinian emerald. And maybe the breakdown is -- without us being in the room of some sort everything in name only he can eat eat you know. Put -- behind -- -- line going into. -- -- -- -- -- -- meet progress faster even -- much more Saito had repeated maybe we're very different. Saints today it's a big cam don't cam it is always a pleasure thank you so much for giving us some -- time. All. I can appreciate.