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Feb 27, 2013|

Dave talks about higher payroll tax and gas prices, the Pope's retirement, and left-lane drivers

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this 27. Of February 2003. Being handed rumor really really is hump day any day you can say that. Teasing no fool around no misleading anybody today. It is -- -- -- Reality today is over will be 60%. Of the way through were we wrong. And that's -- yes it is seems to be moving a little better than last week for whatever reason I don't know aren't that we move right along the winds have died down -- Man that was brutally yesterday it really was I on it would look sunshine meet and warm nights when you looked out the -- And you get out the door. Man oh man -- -- Those gusts up around forty and years look at it now on its gas a ego little cooler by day. It and feel -- is on the it should be a nice day today at the that in quite some time rain. No way and -- club. And that'll take it here's something nice salsa. The price at the -- Has settled down. Gasoline prices after going up every day for more than a month. Have finally leveled off here and war and in fact they dropped to tenth in the today well below and pared down. Four tenths of a penny over the past week and C Mears that is. Up 44 cents last month -- In it. -- were paying eight cents more now of them were a year ago at this time but he came so fast. The increase of the price of gasoline jumped so rapidly. You know -- -- -- Forty cents in the last month but. It was more than that when you start with you know -- beginning years so. And a lot of people -- -- ten gallon tank for -- or rock or up to -- gallons you gonna do great out eight bucks more and but people have long commutes to fill up a lot more so. And that -- the payroll tax and OO pound that thing. That was. Well it was sneaky and and it is really hurts. It was you know it's like wow that's the kind of you know extra money you might have for whatever -- out of your -- to exit thousand dollars. You get twenty dollars more -- -- him and I -- -- 2000 it's forty dollars more or hate jacket 2%. And so you can see what happens there appeared one of those people who you know turn 4000 dollars per paycheck well double. You see what's happening there is. People who were living. Check to check who were just able that made their bills and have enough. Everybody every now and then do whatever it is that they wanted to do for entertainment features and only a little foreign money -- yes something good to work worth after you pay the bills a lot of people gone that either in the gas thing now or going uncles. And you add in -- gas prices yet in the payroll taxes that we begin to break down for years says. Congress quietly let expire it is payroll tax reductions. While they were fighting over the holes. And the year deadline. And what bush tax cuts in the this booklet yeah it. Don't even realize equipment apparel -- again more alarming people -- it up. They aren't able to pay all the bills now let's first check was it was or hurt you know really heard -- managers. Got more painful. How budget that are new folks and you found something you're giving up. To pay for the gas prices and pay for the loss that you're suffering -- Uncle Sam -- -- question -- or did you not even notice. A lot of people have been knows back and I think so. Like what rock laugh about it unless laws -- and -- -- a payment the last. -- -- tournament corporate news here. -- And it has some economists you heard accident by error review and a seriously concerned about what does it do. In a fragile economy likely wanna -- in the world what we've been thriving despite the economic -- of the rest of the nation. Start Catan and the lowest wage earners ability to pay their bills and we have an economy that's -- To talk more about that wells dug by the by the Pope has had his last public appearance. Peace love and double wrapping your mind around this -- -- -- tiger thing. And -- than 600 years. Other than anyone alive now knows anything about -- the both retired last public appearance today. In this search is done now for a new vote for you wanna see in the new posts but it it has -- to deal with the selection of the -- -- perhaps help with dwindling numbers of men entering the -- dwindling numbers of people. Attending church dwindling numbers of people going to Catholic schools what's that Catholic church and do this post election reenergize. -- -- -- -- Good morning I'm telling the early edition of WWL first news bill up and bush I don't this morning. On Arctic plain don't think that would make. I mean about that -- political able -- went up. What apple actually happy it worked or let that the 2% deduction that one it was set up your share -- security. -- have advocated that we had been saying that we. And that all of you that -- got -- stack the deck. Our results are. I can -- -- at aqueduct Arctic he buy you love you. Well yeah. You want it definitely yeah yeah because it. -- now 65 well so that the -- Want to -- Great point lead at the. You'd have to go back and ask President Bush and the congress at the time why they did that but they did it now it's come back with a vengeance. And one president dates haven't texting me at 8787 he says we gave up cable and Internet at home. To get by you have for a lot of folks as a kind of decisions -- having to make -- -- to make it into decisions -- I mean out thanks for the call bill I'm here for Natalie. For your Thursday night that started from the beginning missed media rounds. About now -- your Wednesday a little bit milder this afternoon really nice temperatures later today 67. For a high with partly cloudy skies. Tonight will see partly cloudy skies and a stray shower possible as they cold front moves then temperatures overnight 38 on the North Shore 46 south of the lake. For your Thursday mostly sunny and staying cool -- only of sixty Friday we're going to be chilly highs in the upper fifties and we'll watch for increasing clouds. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Laura back. Tell here we have a few clouds right now on 48 degrees at the international airport but -- wins or no wind chill it all -- -- mostly cloudy and 46 degrees. On WW. For that we welcome -- sideline reporter Christian Gary against the hornets -- And they closed the gap they were down Mike Quade talent had a chance to win at the end of -- game back. You're -- what happened is we thought morning scores here on WWL what's up mr. Garrett. Good morning Dave depth -- that snapping a two game losing skid last night with a 101. Tonight seven victory over those New Orleans Hornets -- money -- not pleased -- how his team started. The game down 3120 the first quarter. Unacceptable. If you're not so our guys. All the time about the ability to approach the game the same way every time. Williams in the hornets are back in action tonight at home against Oklahoma City at 7 PM the LSU tigers. Made short work of -- well well last night winning its first road game of the season eleven to over the raging occasions freshman shortstop Alex -- had a big night. There's a long fly ball that nonetheless feel that's got Cary north and that there is. Paul put -- pine tree behind that fence that is a three run homer for eligible. Tulane falls to Nichols state 65 college basketball school board. Come on Indiana -- to unranked Minnesota 7773. Tyrant that he came to the NFL scouting combine with the intention of losing his honey badger moniker improving teams. And he's not as slow as his reputation. Consider the second goal accomplished. -- I don't do good but came into the extremely confident. Believe that can give a full floor and assorted. Matthew stopping by the NFL network the former LSU quarterback post today official time of four point five seconds in the forty yard dash yesterday. -- to come by today at four on WL it's forced off with Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia did Tom Brady prove he's the ultimate team player by signing a contract extension well below market value. At 7 PM tonight you have a choice hornets basketball against the thunder. On WB relative of one -- five point three I'm Kristian garic and that leisurely look at. Sports and tough for the hornets they lose that game that they close the -- like three at the end after being down 2182. But just could not get any closer and end up losing at the end then had to get on the plane and travel. To Oklahoma City the game united Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma so you'll lose that got to travel for a back to back. And -- -- and face a tough. Oklahoma City Thunder teams now. -- rough road for the hornets not necessarily the way they want things ago last night at ball and so there is that. -- this -- Tom Brady taken. Restructured deal and saving. New England fifteen million dollars off of there cap number that is going -- I am just waiting. For the Lotta people say you wouldn't drew brings to that look at Drew Brees get tickets to help the team -- the saints are what they'll. Fourteen million dollars over the got a little little little little below that -- mean they're they're just south of about 89 means no accident that moves they've made the last few days have -- them right and listen we're still. Nearly nine million dollars over and got to do something announced before they can start acquiring any creative but here's the deal they. To remember about Tom Brady and the patriots deal that was a Smart deal on both sides he didn't lose any money today. And oh by the way that cat if you look at the numbers it's really not below market value as much as it is it just read it just -- the the money out and hits out. Over the course of time of a couple of years -- nugget like 57 million heating our hometown if you look closely at the numbers of it. -- really escalate but it whenever the shell game is they play they say fifteen yeah. From their captain them but the saints can can -- can get well under the cap quickly with three moves one Will Smith two of John adultery. Roman Harper Iowa talk about what you think they should do with those players -- to back into point five minute with more support restructure caught up. Just let him go trade what you're talking about Christian will explain when he gets back here and 25 minutes but more sports on WWL your forecast for the rest of the work week after that. People are given up their Internet. People are given up their cable TV. On guys that I just gave up my charitable contributions. Knows that Washington will never get it right because you just can't fix stupid there's a lot of people out there who are hurting now. Just because of -- 2%. Payroll tax. Increase there well stopping the reduction of the payroll tax they were collecting your check. And and now they're taking it out again plus gas prices jumped in a month some fifty cents so a lot of people are now because many many many people live. Paycheck to paycheck whatever they make they spent so they're making. With the start of 2013. And having to take steps to fix it by the weather yet fixed a little bit that windy not rainy. Not nearly as bad out there what's it going to be like. For your Wednesday partly cloudy skies and feeling a little milder than yesterday the winds should die down as well look for highs this afternoon around 67 -- tonight. Partly cloudy skies a stray shower possible as a cool front moves and overnight lows 38 on the North Shore 46 south of the lake and for tomorrow mostly sunny but staying cool all day highs of sixty. Friday will be chilly highs in the upper fifties with a good breeze and clouds on the increase from the south. From the Eyewitness News forecast center and meteorologist Clark knocked out. I'm wins 89% humidity it's cloudy and 48 at the international airport mostly cloudy and 46 the National Weather Service office in slide down line -- on thanks for joining us on the early edition WWL prisoners summit -- -- mediate 7870s it. Tom Brady doesn't need all that money. His wife makes bank -- is just gravy gadgets out pretty well first off I think there's no doubt about that but. I don't know the -- going to say you know what I'll take a pay cut because my wife is doing so well and yet. Even if that's the case. How does it out. How does that add olive figure into the saints in the salary cap and Drew Brees and all that discussion -- -- life. It was a beautiful woman but isn't making hundreds of millions of supermodel. -- they've gone up next a special report from CBS news the Pope makes his last public appearance as the pontiff before he officially Stan Stan. I coming up the latest from CBS news on the pope's last public appearance as pontiff we'll hear from an economist. And he's hit people are taken to their pockets. With the payroll taxes going up and the president -- go on out much more here on WW 37 minutes after 5 AM -- the early edition of WWL first news it's February at the 27 at 2003. And it's hump day now look at the let says today the last Wednesday of the month the second the last day of the month so that could be the an ultimate day of February acts. Just today and tomorrow that's all we've got laughed. In that room where -- slide right in the march as mark on in to mark a lot of people do that with less money some interesting comments were getting an 8787. About the story we're talking about -- people feel the pinch from the payroll taxes going up 2% from the gas prices gone up over the last month and a half percent up. On persons as I get Erica once a month that twice a month now until then saving money as as they -- it has bought. Some Rama noodles because -- their paychecks a smile that's not gonna be eating his Robin medals but you know and I like -- And wound out picking get for thirteen of seventeen cents a pack their frequently. You know the blood of many jokes and the a prominent college students and having almost forever yet. And I and others other than college students but not it is it's a rough kind of time and the experts -- the last thing that the economy needs is for people to be pulling back. And not spending that's their deal and -- without a trucks as another person attacking a sedate them and he. Now riding -- Harley and several people -- there were cut and Internet cut cable. They're just having to find ways to use save money because you know. And I I've said this before mr. I'll say it again -- Most people right now. Do live paycheck yes. Even the people who are very. Wealthy. By most perceptions the people who drive nice cars and nice homes go to nice places eat nice meals take a lavish vacations. Most of those people now. Still don't have any money the end of the but now they're young guys as they make more money. Based more -- her and the house payments bigger the car payments bigger you know as the -- is bigger in the -- -- exactly it's united 2% suddenly disappearing from paycheck. Because of payroll tax reduction of being allowed to expire this year. And the gas prices go up I think it's absolutely right what we've been reporting that it's it's taken its -- of people -- -- and a lot of people who really are feeling the pain you know you wish you could say. That you had a 2% 3% buffer. You wish you could say that your put away enough money saving -- are not spending your and your paycheck. Every time you got it. But most people do one person says I'm just gonna quit my job and live off of the system that are real seems to work for other people's the person hostages. I think that's tong antsy but you can't get the message says that stay -- they'll try and you know another it's just one more. In ingredient into this a mix is that you know raises -- Who's who's got a raise now I'm in us so with the raises you know honors stagnant or whatever. Not there and then you get all of these increases. In what you're paying for gas and then your paychecks got. Not get them is gonna go watch some duct -- -- because that makes me feel good athlete relied on those multimillionaire. Guys who make -- calls for a living who had a crazy long beards and just live life to the polls because they can. And opened the 2% -- accurate them but man. I don't know people think that makes Louisiana look good bad or in different by it definitely the most popular show any is ever pass. -- and it's back tonight featuring the guys from west Monroe Louisiana who are very very well they call themselves rednecks. And I think it's on love laugh I'll watch it makes me happy happy happy this cotton up. Thank you David -- -- about when he met more -- Chris Miller joins us with output is a plan. That even if the federal government does successfully put in an assault weapons and one Louisiana lawmaker wants to make it enabled so that people can still have assault weapons crystal -- about that and when he -- here on WW. That's gonna -- directly eyewitnesses forecasts and -- date here admired and happy not today -- explains it's meteorologist Laura but thank goodness the wizard on yes not nearly as blustery as we were dealing with yesterday the rain right not back the right deal with all weekend at all those -- stupid things about today's forecast. I think I'm I'm good with. -- and temperatures. It will be in the upper six later rounds no one out spring like weather app that -- close to normal we should be in the upper sixties this time it years week. Transitional closer in March and that's -- today. All right so the second to last day -- February brings this upper sixties and no wind no rain. Yeah really it's going to be a nice day out we are like my. A exactly a week's front moving through tonight and -- it's gonna bring slightly cooler air to Barroso tomorrow probably day. More similar to yesterday where it was a little breezy high easily around sixty for Thursday -- -- some cooler partners today and went to the rank them. Well we free in the forecast for the next couple days get -- sprinkled around. Saturday or Sunday I -- 10% chance -- mean it's not much I think it will be a little cloudy though over the weekend. And it's going to be chilly temperatures are in the -- over the weekend that has filled its. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Be celebrating down in saint Bernard parish they canary island parentage. Parades in the next three weekends of the pressures on mr. -- -- -- -- -- a good weather in case you -- -- kind of want to pro rate withdrawals -- never -- -- -- remembered as Lance. About which does not stop us from having bring us aren't they just from eat -- -- doesn't stop us from having fun right absolute. At least and yet we get the Irish Italian news poignant sprayed this weekend then we are going into the team Patrick stay in the Irish Italian grades. The next couple weekends. I don't let the board's -- Across the region Saint Bernard in Metairie and in the Irish. When you drive you. Like to keep switching lanes when your last year's day pass in the left -- drive in the right lane and customers real. People some people hate to switch languages right in the left. Why that I want to dot -- -- actually not mean I definitely get over it -- merely enforce a guy Louisiana but that doesn't help things that that it that is that he that I am gonna say when you're in on the interstate and somebody's driving in the -- and all and won't -- people are lined up behind them and they will not -- the left -- Even it instantly burying -- even if they're going to say look there's every amount hours direction ago and eighty and there are in the left -- But people are lined up behind him like a -- -- at a fast -- -- Marty -- now I'm not over -- over. But you can't -- straight in the left that's. Only it'll taxi lane and now we have to get over the I don't understand what people want to stay in because they hate changing planes in an origin they're trying to really -- -- here in Louisiana I I've known people who got ticketed for writing in the left -- that path. Extracts between New Orleans and batteries it's pretty bad. In Oregon though they wanna make 80000 dollar fine you be driving in the left lane with now passing. -- you know I don't think a you know an integrated at some -- -- -- -- -- whatever that the speed limit but at some point a lot slower in the left lane. And making it can cause you know some adverse reactions just because you -- -- slam on your brakes that people are trying to -- in the right. Plain -- around trying to hit it just left -- as we know many many people not -- this beaten it's. Business licenses to people ride in the left lane refused to go over the right in with someone comes up behind him they belong and they. Beat profiles. -- -- thinks then. Well you know it is the pet peeve of mine -- -- -- the worst thing in the 2000 dollar -- that don't have with a thousand dollar fine line but it. It is kind of an aggravation but people little easier liquors are accusations -- it out give them another non violent episodes and we can't you know can't draw the line subway if something's just going to be aggravation of life right just have to deal with it. It looked up but now always with this sunny disposition here on WW -- -- -- -- them and and it's left playing through some things as people angry one person to activate them and it's happening now it could be a thousand dollar might be -- 2000 dollar fine. For writing into the -- -- gains sports time now on them. Sorry -- find Christian there -- 2000 dollars or almost every day there's. He's doing well yeah I would get my money -- would you deserve it sports time now on WW values back Danny's gonna tells Solomon. The -- want to lost four of their last five games now they wanna 197 defeat at the hands of the Brooklyn nets last night. Coach money Williams using the keyword after the game. We got to be able to bring the energy and effort. Because we all. High level talent at every position. And we just didn't have in the first. The more it's on the road tonight against the Oklahoma City Thunder at 7 PM on WW ballots and I want a five point three. Eleven -- -- the LSU tigers pounded you LL last night on the baseball diamond. She won't on a ground ball to -- that could be due to the score one of those throw the first it's the past the first place but. And apple allowed a runner from third to score. -- she runs their record to seven and one of the season they're back in home Friday night against brown two -- falls nickel state six to five college basketball school board fortieth. Number one Indiana stunned by unranked Minnesota 7773. Tyrant Matthew put his skills on display at the NFL scouting come by yesterday. It's never been a question of on the field talent for the former Seahawks stand out but trouble that's -- off the field Matthew has met with several NFL teams. This son of former -- soon so that's good because when he when he wants us to be able to do that because you've been on a -- of can you even -- kind of person or you -- them. The former LSU cornerback posted an official time of four point five seconds and a forty yard dash -- the dot got to come by yesterday today at four. On WL it's -- Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia that Tom Brady. Prove he's the ultimate team player by signing a contract extension well below market value at 7 PME have a choice is hornets basketball on WB well let them have won a five point three against the thunder I'm Kristian -- that is early look at sports eyes so full discussion on sports stock tonight about the whole Tom Brady. Taking a temporary pay cut -- to allow them not pick up now it's a deferred payment you'll take a lesson now and get more later took his team can get under the salary signing bonus so -- assigned Bono I get it again I understand it. They'll talk about that more tonight on sports talk right now you'd told -- you have a solution. For how the saints who are still nearly nine million over. The salary cap can get down. And get to a position where they can start next month taking advantage of free agency and and actually you know look at drafting of players and paying them. You said there's a three pronged approach now the saints can get some money freedom number one is that is will cement what they do with what's. Will they can neither restructure or out right release of minutes Tennessee about fourteen point five million dollars as captain. Cap figure for this year is fourteen point five dollars -- that they restructure that. And they get much more cap friendly they see a lot of money there allow Jonathan -- donate regularly you would you would try to restructure with wealth and ethnic networking -- and correct properties that point number 20 the media summit Jon Vilma. His cap figures eight point eight million dollars restructure or release all right and Roman Harper. Seven point one million dollars restructure a release died so really with any one of these -- They get rid of bomb there. Either below are very close to being below the salary collect the biggest one obviously as the ultimate if they could restructure all three. It really -- it. Will Smith Jon Vilma Roman Harper. If you -- these guys with you take effect that we can take you can't. Not a -- Roman Harper. You're you're you play in the open market there while released a fine you'll please help if we -- Belmont. -- -- welshman. It's -- -- Organ consider like you're back on the radio entertainment or sports here on WW well enough -- -- restricting Garrick. I'm Dave -- the early edition of WWL birds -- Much more talk about what is. Tom Brady thing and how it may or may not relate to through Greece they'll do that on sports talk tonight. We don't have nearly enough time overnight -- -- right now. What -- attacks -- -- 7870 to people who ride in the left lane and won't move over when someone's coming up behind them faster even if they're exceeding the speed limit. Deserved deck while about a thousand dollar fine but the day at. 5:55 on your Wednesday morning let's get on over there and these forecasts and a. For the afternoon Temps in the upper sixties appealing a bit milder than yesterday in partly cloudy skies that tonight I stray shower possible as a front moves through otherwise chilly 38 on the north sort. 46 south of the lake tomorrow mostly sunny breezy and cooler look for highs around sixty. And Friday increasing clouds same breezy and chilly highs only in the upper fifties. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Clark talked sell this. Call up David thank goodness we don't have yesterday's gusty winds 3040 miles an hour the -- in -- comedy international airport where it's cloudy and 48 degrees. Mostly cloudy and 46 the National Weather Service office in slide down another text message today 7870. He really hate it when folks don't get otherwise they can pass in the left wind left flagrant as permanent the state is that. Another says I'm the last plane right now classic and very bodies. Enjoy yourself until someone who refuses to get over get to get that they've known what again it's not the doctors do with that for the next four hours upon right after the my 58 good morning hey -- them if. Favorite takes a little time out today to enjoy yourself some Tabasco or really any hot sauce that you like. As they're burying Paul's CP magical Haney the former chief executive and chairman of the board of the Mac or any company that makes trademark line of Tabasco. Hot sauces. Sixty years old like cut way too short but a man who really helped propel Louisiana flavor. Around the world really took the Tabasco brand and turned it into a mega. Mega product that also led to the creation of many more Louisiana based hot sauces and now. Consumed sold. And enjoyed. All around the world. I know it's going to be a -- of -- but I'm gonna Dallas stump and in some Tabasco today and then. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Lay him progress. I'm Dave Cohen thanks for joining us on the early edition of WWL first news coming up Tommy Tucker -- for the next four hours upon end. Continue our discussions. We've started here. -- that we got the ultimate terrific text messages I'm still getting. But it 7870 about people who are dealing with the 2% payroll tax increase and higher gas prices we've heard from people cut there in an -- cut that cable. Cut their hair last. When geysers on salad my big boy toys sedan. Sometimes you can't have those special. Extras in life when the economy doesn't play along. Now -- -- all -- some of the I'm Dave don't enjoy your Wednesday ladies and gentlemen David Blake is back with the news how can we keep assault weapons of Louisiana if the federal government bans them.

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