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2-27 8:15am Tommy talks to Rep. Joe Lopinto about assault weapons

Feb 27, 2013|

Tommy talks to State Representative Joe Lopinto about a bill he's introduced related to assault weapons in Louisiana

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tommy to record -- WL positive representative Joseph look -- who represented Metairie in. Parts of -- port sulphur and the plaque in an area northern Louisiana in Iraq general. America you can. Add them to scoot around here tell me about what it is you're up to here it is -- you brief filed. I'm they build many of the Indians obviously word about it Federer regulations that come down out of formal -- You know obviously. Many -- Sport but here in Louisiana. And and I don't believe that they've done so as well. And we we obviously you know tragic situation that -- -- them with the tools that they use. Same -- that. You know call -- automobile accident. Bills postings on what is causing the problem there they're current that are -- -- but the problem with drug regulations. It departments is the person. It caught that problem. The person that -- of the problem that you're. You know that the Connecticut shooting. Those governments should not in that person's pain they were in the Indy league they could double him he couldn't. Starts so. So I think any any -- regulation. And overreaction. So we're trying to do on the state level -- legal combat troop level the -- or. Not open up -- number -- But if if the senate to the federal government. And to answer a weapon how. Can we do. And you know -- -- consultant legislature and it's actually been ignored the call we're -- Norton you can report. Well. I had a quote that it would -- attorney and I got a hundred student -- -- -- -- that. So what about when I have understood what has an -- got together a lot of people that small. A lot of people that that. You know work on our staff and and we tried to craft. Good bat legislation. To give us an argument. On. Truthfully I don't know that at the end I mean it's it's -- it's an expert -- but he has the ability. Are writing. A well founded green within our federal court system if if we do. It's. It took to combat in the bigger target federal regulations. And -- -- the ability to present. An old little comic. Again and it's anybody's guess -- federal judge on the ruling at the end of the day. But with a built shelter to set up state license system. So. They say if you are six sophomore Schmidt the -- -- that left and you're. Building guns and now banned by the federal government allows manufacturers. That. Manufacturing -- on an Iowa and shipping that all fifty states. It would capped -- -- it would and that Kevin. Make manufacturing plants with Middle -- or or around the country. And then take those on themselves which are clearly the damage here in Louisiana. And you got so open and in the state. Our own licensed dealer. Would be licensed here -- that a federal farm license deal that you would devastate our when it could be saying it. They would perky little bit -- background checks and ordered the ticket that particular part of weapons. But then upload that on -- in the Louisiana. In the argument it is in the not part of interstate commerce. And and not popular not subject to the federal regulations. Upgrading if they move out of state. And obviously that -- on is that -- Louisiana. Is now an interstate commerce and call back and Federer. In terms of crafting the bill so you you don't know what would be. Potentially illegal. So you just leave it open ended in in the eventuality that. Something -- to become illegal if you can't name specific weapons now. It can't do it in the bill itself is -- Specified the certain type of weapons. The reality of it is that would stall the it would stop you build in the light of these weapons of media. -- -- the reality is no reason or. Six dollar. -- to. Start making Louisiana weapons. You know there national weapons or not may. So it if -- -- not take any action saying. You know were I would see no reason for a gun manufacturers say okay let's make and -- -- them. We do -- you know we didn't even a constitutional weeds here but is there consideration about the raw materials that are used in this and what of the court set and he said people bigger venue in smaller than you have looked in this. In terms of precedent where. If -- word economy and or or any other manufacturer. Smith & Wesson and and begin producing Louisiana guns. Where would they have to use raw materials from Louisiana and escape the commerce clause how does all that were here. Yeah and then we I mean obviously any of them major manufacturing front -- you know would -- the weather should steal or any of that stuff. Yes it would send them the whether it's leading and steal. It -- to Louisiana manufactured. And is the major man and we we identify and bill what that the major -- so. You know holes and that their stuff than that manufactured here. Definitely did you play. You know and again. Though some of those states may end up at an idiot just. Goal at all really. You know that's the the ability to get that argument. Federal court. Doesn't necessarily mean the federal court rules in the paper. Doesn't mean that federal court ruled against it they get that shocked. It's you know well on legislation in order to do it. Obviously that people that disagree with -- -- -- that belt won't have these weapons regardless. But for the for the people within the Louisiana that. That don't see. Gun control solution to meet the problems. You know. This is our that our. To get around with this and -- in only be a job -- Tuesday. Yeah absolutely I mean it's just as a separate government. You know and appeal and a top and or on certain things. I think it would be the only way -- goes on man -- currently. Manufacture the -- that -- would have the opportunity to do. But it would only go for guns sold in Louisiana. Right -- you couldn't crossing lines. Should be on small also those companies may shift -- -- departure reports all that they'll wanted to business one plastic strata of you know small manufacturer. Which neighbor -- -- become. And obviously is difficult build on. Soviet not the it's not the best way to do business. But maybe their only alternative to -- does. And you know we got them an insane and then and I think it's important to remember before restart -- mourn all week really but. Before you create any policy or pass new laws based on emotion I think he needs. Almost like an insurance company look at the numbers we've been saying you know the average. A number of shooting a number of deaths rather caused by. Deviate -- in the AR's main shootings eighteen a year regular rifles 453. Handguns and revolvers and you'd. Well one round each time you pull a trigger over 6000 auto accidents 32885. Drunk driving 101000. 839. Knives 1817. Blunt objects like cameras 674. Meaning of these statistics from the national center for disease disease control of the FBI hands feet and guests. 869. And I guess. Just got to ask you do you think. It there's been a rush when it comes to it to -- enacting laws that are primarily emotion not logic based. It's always about how we deal with -- and legislature are not that the people use motion or to push their agenda. That's what about. Mean it -- though there's no question about that and Andy's strategy get those sort corporate America I'm happy that it happened. -- the people that do not want us -- certain type of weapons elderly and those incidents Norton to try to convince. The other colleagues in the legislature Torre -- so that this is appropriate -- we. And I probably. So. You know and well most markets are hardly believe they. That that is not that are not try to try to take the emotion out of Britain and and what is that policy was what's good policy to -- -- Do you think it has chance of passing what do you heard from here colleagues. It has a chance mainly obviously with that so well -- the stretcher being provisions last year. The state itself and that's so like 70%. You know that that they -- legislation while on. And I -- we went straight and we have a gun friendly legislature and in Italy yet so I don't see any. You know. Awkward by the majority of night you -- -- A part.

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