WWL>Topics>>2-27 12:35pm Garland talks with Adam Hersh about economic growth

2-27 12:35pm Garland talks with Adam Hersh about economic growth

Feb 27, 2013|

Garland talks with Adam Hersh, Economist with the center for American Progress, about economic growth.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Are they were waiting -- call for Mara Tea Party who usually is a very good about it. When you put a little film here. Our David West -- then co-founder of the Tea Party three succeeded who works there. If you if you miss your conversation with the Roger's -- chairman Louisiana Republican Party. Also very nice -- that always puts up with me when my questions. And what we were talking about it. News. Before I turned in such a sweeping the -- bow. I used to make following a Republicans. And Democrats calling Republicans and and -- don't. And will and I do that and it's because every time. I have one and they would tell -- the other and we can't get anything done because soon won't. Or the other and does. Well all of a sudden we're giving your own reports. Concerning the -- -- That seems like. At least the leadership in their basic beliefs. And we are now joined by David went -- hundreds Tea Party the restriction -- the New York David Long time no talk to prejudge Colin. -- Garland our YouTube and of course any time for you. I appreciated very much. Walsh -- -- -- an -- conservative publication. Says. -- -- GOP's. Great illegally and immigration dilemma. What they point out to Missouri walk through Drew Brees who toned out 33%. From Republicans. Or for an amnesty. John Boehner told -- quote the day after Romney was depleted. He's should quote. We need a comprehensive report. Approached immigration legislation so long overdue. And expressed confidence. He could find common ground. -- Democrat. Yesterday 75. Prominent Republicans petitioned the Supreme Court in favor of gay marriage. Jon Huntsman. Mormon. Conservatives. Petitioned also. Twelve major corporations. Conservative. Petitions for gay marriage Chris Christie who's -- over the Republican Party 74%. Popularity rating. When they ask him why. He shouldn't he says because she's reached her cross. To the Democrats. Is a Republican Party shoot shifting its core beliefs. And core beliefs don't need to shift what it needs to do is be more open to the realities we face side being that. The core of what was broken in the Republican party for many years. I was always strong conservative values constitutional values. The fact that life liberty and the pursuit of happiness is not some words on -- documents. But what were entitled to as the Americans -- and what we've seen how Garland. Art different. If you will or the Big Ten. Within the Republican Party is starting to open up and I'm not for comprehensive immigration reform the way the democrats' proposal because that's amnesty. And I don't believe in amnesty for lawbreakers. But we have to realize that lawful presence which is very different issue in the real issue. It's something we can take on when it comes to illegal aliens in this country. And then we can move forward because we can't support handles that are doing -- the right way. So we we have to separate these bad boys in the media. -- towards comprehensive. And immigration and all that nice sounding terms and get down to the issue is you know I like to. -- winner -- talked to our Republican congressional delegation when a regular text from our. -- routes take -- very conservative audience. It has been a very strong core beliefs because we're -- it's. Why the gridlock and so liberals and conservative view and I've -- this current solutions from the time. Or disable. This is Hawaii for the news is compromised through light -- is given them some of the things you want. In each exchange two to get a product to to reach me need a certain point -- merchant. And what I have always gone from all conservative. Has gone on. There or core beliefs to our club that's why we join. The Bible sets. Dad dad. Gay marriage is an abomination. That. If we allow this next thing you know. Dogs are gonna be marrying him paragraph we had for seven years I can pull that up all of the Internet. -- and here here is the reality we live in a constitutional republic. And your core beliefs don't have to change but also under the constitution. Others are allowed to if you will exist and live their life that you the reality the reality in this country in the reality in the world history. Whether you're for or against -- or believe -- wrong or right is that gays exist. But once you get over that first get past it. Get on to the bigger issues -- -- economy. Some guy wanted to marry a guy or two women wanted to marry. Not gonna change my desire to be -- my wife to be my fiancee now. -- -- -- change that however I understand the aversion to the agenda. And that's the problem I have whether it would you don't we have civil rights we have civil unions for heterosexual or homosexual couples in this country. Our rights are guaranteed under the law could we tweak a few things yes. But let's say -- fit the agenda is what becomes a fight and then you get. You get the right vs left fight inside of the real purses. What's unreal. And in Europe think censorship because. That that seems. No because we were so it's -- the social conservatives to change. Social conservatives within the Republican Party they don't run the party. They're not the driving force behind the conservative movement there are part of their libertarian conservatives. There are insert word anywhere here in the blank types of conservatives. -- even gay conservatives go proud log cabins. I don't want them for years they're conservatives they have strong national defense. Positions they have strong. Economic fiscal responsibility positions. So let's stop would be litmus test stupidity in the Republican Party. And let's start commit the same if you will saying is that we we accused the extreme left of doing which is -- if you're not you're right here alone. They hadn't. You just have to go away that's that's that's stupid. OK Miller limited Brigham rush you a couple more minutes UConn. When we come back look to the Lance. Senses. Here's what it's. Rapid growth among Latinos Asians the people and people of more than one bridge. Have pushed to. The majority. In this country in 2019. To be Latino population. As well as Cuba and come back. -- India Republican V. Elected in in particular our own national bases without. A large section of the Latino vote. Coming right back or talk and they've -- cobra under the Tea Party co-founder. Of the 24365. In New York City Garland. But it -- do we call it the think -- Where were weren't thinking about the U Republican -- the conservative movement totally all through colonel and BC news poll since no. 33%. Republicans -- pumpkins ready for a amnesty when it comes to immigration. Conficker Bernard so we need a comprehensive -- approach. It's long overdue and instead he expressed confidence. He could find common ground with the Democrat. So every five Republicans have petitions recorded in favor of gay marriage twelve major corporations. An owner know so we have David Webb with a co-founder -- team boarded 36 and five New York. On the talk about it. And -- -- -- we you know took a break. I mentioned that the recent consensus. -- that looting and also growing population group Asians. And people of more than one race will be the majority in 2019. How much of this change is because. Of that census and because of Romney's feet. And continued to. Continued to to win offices. Without changing -- -- to attract the Hispanic vote. Well first we have to look at the numbers for what they really are and then this would be. He utilizing that you just repeated that's been put out there when you look at itself -- you don't represented. 17% of the United States population right now somewhere around I believe 5758. Million. When you break down the American community survey in the census data you get people who -- out -- identify as more than one. So while it sounds good to say that there's a play Filipinos because they'll be the majority say in fact won't be the majority. Now that we've taken that kind of happen specious line if you will. Off the table let's look at the reality. When we whenever they could -- -- to help me understand. So so white -- roommate in the majority. Is that it's being told that we're gonna become a Latino nation therefore that's why the Republicans are playing into it. When you breakdown the 2000 census 2010 census from the American. Community survey and you look at the actual numbers. Don't represent the fastest growing segment of the population by birth rate its current rate. But they won't reduce it we won't suddenly become a -- nation. That's not the real issues. And why most obvious in the majority. 78% of the country. Self identified as white. We won't really change. Over the war identified as -- won't really change between now and 20/20 my point is it's. These are -- reports are wrong and another. This census data is what I go by. The census data lays out the breakdown of the population. Who identify as his wife to identified as an extra raised primarily as one -- the other. What they're doing when they do these kind of things Garland as they wanna drive a narrative. And I wanted to -- solutions the Latino population is growing. So we need to do is look at the Latino population the legal -- population especially since they're supposed to vote in the illegal won the largest chunk of our. Illegal alien problem are not supposed to vote. But took -- legal ones and all Americans we've got to look at what policies are good. That benefit because there is you know we we've got to stop separated America. Into segments. And then try to amalgam made them for a vote that's the mistake the Republicans made it to its successful strategy. For Obama in both elections. But it's the wrong strategy because -- question Filipinos is. In the two years when he had both houses of congress that you get immigration reform he had the votes you didn't you're being played by both sides. And we can't repeat what happened in 1986. Were Reagan gave amnesty to Democrats promised enforcement. And over the last thirty plus years we've gotten neither from both Republicans or Democrats. A quick question that I just sales via Louisiana. Chairman of the Republican Party. Hasn't. If we don't close the border. It's just common sense that won't continue. To get illegal immigrants than the numbers won't fluctuate. Sixty minutes is that a big report. And ranchers are fed up Arizona. New Mexico. Put the cameras that did get activated by motion and Vermont's recorded foul zones. Of -- illegals coming across every night. So this exempt through billions have been spent by both Republican. And democratic. President. A lot of the drones on -- the radar has been inefficient they haven't built a wall. Technology. The billions and most W didn't work. If conservatives -- for a small government. And want to cut the deficit. And don't only way we do away with illegal immigration. Is to close the border. How do you do that. If if your -- you know one big government -- your -- spin anymore because of a sixteen trillion dollar debt. Well OK then let's separate big government from bad Garland and frankly -- have failed miserably. John McCain has failed miserably. The Republicans and Democrats for a variety of reasons and lobbying and whether it was differences -- agribusiness is on one side for the Republicans or otherwise. Open borders. For those who have left whatever it is. They have failed miserably on the border it's not a question of big government on the border it's a question of effective enforcement. And yes billions have been may have spent and wasted. Because they haven't taken a combined approach and maybe that's the closest to comprehensive. Where you combine physical barriers with technological barriers simple thing. -- human being can only run so fast so far. Therefore you can have a wall you can every technological barrier you can have areas where you have enough time to interdict illegals. But the wall has to be part of that because once they're on your ground. Taken scatter and then you're dealing with. What about some of the issues the left claims to care about their tribal politicians. Claim to care about which is human trafficking in. -- created a second class of citizens that are under the radar or in the shadows. David. Every time I talked to learn something good I. Knew I'd do that to you in the multiplicity. Of published reports. Claiming Latino who majority in this country between nineteen were wrong. I'll take a look at your figures -- consumer -- -- call back and try to get the right message out think who resigned pretty -- -- the another bill 170 AM 053.