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Feb 27, 2013|

Bobby & Deke discuss tonight's match between The Hornets & OKC, Saints & other hot sports topics happening today.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening -- the final few moments of sports are coming up at 630 LSU sports network the Tigers. He -- take on all consult night they're five and two in February trying to get above 500. And Southeastern Conference play hosting Arkansas seventy in tip also night. The Oklahoma City -- entertain the New Orleans Hornets at the 7 PM tip Jon Kitna and John this Asia with the call. Here on 1053 -- radio on the flagship today's pretty jaguar Pena poet WWL. Dot com. Tom Brady restructured his deal with the Patriots for the good of the team. Should Drew -- -- this thing cast a vote online at W did you go back now most like -- talk about the Tigers. Johnny Oprah. Look what he's done averaged only two points -- -- the past by gains he has toward the goals in this best of him in the paint he's unbelievable really well. Could could be 1:0 that's I am not a repeat hotels and on opening -- -- been endlessly in -- did. Seven is -- -- -- -- trade Johnson also Bobby news from the com buy at the great combine in reading a lot of via. People who graded out who did a great job to -- -- right up there but in an interview today. Can a topic of discussion on ESPN. He was asked about you know his keels said topics -- pocket Elvis Calvin Johnson Calvin Johnson greatly. He did here is that would give match -- Calvin Johnson got five it is Atlanta -- two turnovers. And you know here's the thing. When you have a lot of attention to you already. You don't need any other team in man -- tea house says something that the media can play on. They gonna play some my technique wise Bobby you've done I'll meet -- the the rest of the country they all use in this as a top of the conversation. He just did a great job of interviewing you did a great job to respond to the media. You know all of -- -- stuff and -- man become. Calvin Johnson is on the the best receivers in the game the you haven't played football in two years. You've had -- Played in the NFL -- -- don't see you can total Superman's cape I don't know. Well wrong with the net. Right now. -- don't say that that would be a stupid statement if he said he could do that against Julio Jones. He is should not be said Harry Douglas I'd say okay you know you culinary compete against -- third receiver but I'd go to say you gonna go. They shut down a Roddy White Julio Jones. A mega trying Calvin Johnson Andre Johnson. When the Texans though life -- general. That ain't happened now and come at the elite of the elite not you might have a chance against Larry FitzGerald because how they struggle at the quarterback position. Would you look. When Matthew Stafford away and I just -- it Netanyahu you don't need you and say that exactly this I'm glad to have an opportunity. You know I'm looking forward to having that opportunity to play. -- -- -- -- Bobby two teams at all. Improving their resonates for the conference tournament we talk about an issue and also coach Ed Conroy too angry with their 411 in their last five. A there importing games the seventy empty denies the DeVon fieldhouse in attaining. You may be green wave was six and six in it too big blowout victories as of late. Eighteen in nine overall they had game and a half out of third place so this is a very important game for them and also talk about LSU. If you're looking at teams in the state Louisiana for me and stamp on with the best opportunity right now. To possibly hit. Two of the tournament you had to stop when Louisiana Tech who broke into the top 25 this week the undefeated wet plate or big games coming up. Real Faulk is the conversely does Utah State Denver and also. In the New Mexico. Then we talked to coach Michael White Jesuits don't on Friday very good conversation. If I -- on WW dot com and also Bob we spoke coach Roman banks are at a decent southern can be the number one seed in this way animate. They're doing extremely well they've got a week in game against Texas southern and in your alma mater. Probably the most not probably the most consistent men's basketball program in the state. In the last 1520 years and the coach Connie and that is an Al west as they demons once again atop the silent count. Yeah he had big dad and I guess is that kind deciding when he came about we've made me upset Iowa. And their personal -- yeah Steve off it yet and they want a 100000 dollars. -- -- like what was the most biggest -- -- I don't know who was who sponsored it right but -- -- -- getting like a 100000 dollars so with that win. Against Iowa Hawkeyes you know to -- -- -- -- weakness as some teams haven't even with Tulane and LSU in ninety the right now right now looks like they don't have to do win their conference tournaments right you know or at least finish of the season strong and do well I mean there was -- a while back when Memphis was dominating that if they didn't win their conference tournament. They would maybe have trouble and then they're really -- as as an elite program there that they would dominate the opportunity -- he has a -- now the current coach and hopeful. But I mean this is about -- coach analyst this year they've been able to kind of balance out the goods -- the game. In the last few seasons to maintaining it down the stretch and I think that's the does this mean if you could move in the top three in a tournament that will be huge opportunity -- it. But -- And then of course we talk about women's basketball LSU had a big victory Sunday Bobby against the Kentucky. Of their big victory for him Tulane coach doc and watch the game consisted. In the in -- both proud and Xavier and Xavier team so which can that be at the tournament and it's getting to be NCAA tournament -- and finally got the women's final four here and the coach of the number one ranked team in the country. MO would join us tomorrow when you talk about you know when you say okay what was that would -- my here to do. I mean to champ legends that have. To messaging. That they weren't -- from team to fall yet yeah yeah yeah yeah and -- national championship as a coach and now the favorite team. This year novel one Allen Allen committees and that was a very good game. Last night this month this month with a Monday night before last. When they went to UConn and beat Connecticut Connecticut with three game and but it was a noble one Brittany griner. 68 yeah and that's just say Mika so intrigued -- actually watched. Nothing whole game probably half of one of college ball in his tank and watch and -- -- she was in smoke it was in duel in two weeks ago at the one -- in game -- recruiting. Ultimately -- morning it was the one of the best teams successfully and they all move to the final four after the Monday Tuesday's boys and quarterfinal. Match ups coming that we did JT in Mississippi. It off at a Hornets basketball. And LSU basketball tonight at 7 o'clock. On WWL and welcome Matt moments away from city ought to LSU basketball vs Arkansas. And it's 7 o'clock and I don't Hornets taking on. Oklahoma. City. To the telephone to -- Mississippi for JT thank you for calling. Okay so AG the. The network good to just get -- in order taught what to do that show well. I think Bobby or this morning I think when you got straight -- and coach or. Odds on note you know breakage Draper is great but it it could be that. -- Like Jim Mora needed to get it. The man knows an unbelievable was now in our. Pocket as the regularly fifth and he -- about the -- in fifteen years -- -- -- maintain maintain his weight and he's just he's he's good good physically. I wouldn't. Stand out in I was I went to its true. Treadmill and not fair match in the two in there. About 45 minutes one hour -- league game out but a country you know on it and it just you know. Well -- I went and took the show what do oral goals -- -- -- trade. -- -- came back out there and still wouldn't trade me. -- -- -- Yeah -- As a marine background -- do you now work ethic and and him and B you know it was all right then also lucky -- as a coach Waltz is the wide receiver coach. -- -- you know little benevolent single double and wins it at times. No the knee it didn't work out alongside and they can hang with. A project like Colin and -- but it. -- all right JT try very much to tan and we appreciate that once again tomorrow on the program. Can't market will be what I -- women's basketball coach at Baylor among other guess high school hockey coach. Delivered a trip in opposing team's player I think it was a thirteen year old during the handshake on the program to get fifteen days in jail what are you seeing that you. High school and college games from the -- the field to the Colts is there more or less sportsmanship today. Whose words coaches -- parents on the witnessed mark and it in other words -- be potentially. Coach in Aaron coach. -- -- -- big odds on -- the -- in the stands right but sometimes Kolb. Nod and it was so I think coaches they get involved with their kids is un believable Werth aboard -- -- But don't try to live through UK yet and that makes noise and don't don't MO to keep it would be stolen yeah amicable I want school with some day in the mean. It is Disney -- everybody who I mean everybody knows it. Everybody knows -- to we're going to Christian. Okay because I don't see anything on. Christie Garrett Saints -- I reported to us not to doubt what you guys. They're big feet and body formula confirmed. This and reports out there -- been able confirm -- -- -- leash larger level contract. Players obviously -- ground being one of them. Good thing about four million dollars they're bringing his base soured or about five into round one point two million dollar it also short should. The contract so what -- remark as cold and linebacker David all torn and Dolphins to one Sharia and so a couple of players restructure contracts are forced to wait on the will that. And that job at that possibly restructure their contract so the start again and salary cap relief and you know new league year at the start of the league year -- Against saint -- Puerto Christie Garrett is forming us confirming that Saints players Marcus Colston. Offensive lineman Dan Grubbs and Jahri Evans and linebacker David Hawthorne at all. Restructured their current deal was to make it more cap friendly to help the team. That's right and you know again. To be children are. -- -- out -- in terms of how much money exactly they're going to be a real looks like being -- They were able to get a runner up four million dollar and and so pretty significantly right there. Just signed -- Here -- cap figure. We're going to be right around and point one million dollars this year or so are compensated for -- and you know -- -- that you guys have been talking about. Or last week or so actually not too much about taking a pay reduction clutches and it spreading the money. Yeah occurs it would -- and Justin now before today when you look at it. This -- you know -- where they were over the cabin thing with some -- round like sixty million dollars. So -- in his in his he had -- did this all players whether they actually stand. When the overall salary cabinet and the savings and all -- -- But it -- you know what when you look it was gonna come about. Wilson man I think also Vilma. And Roman Harper is not going to be similar. To the players you just mentioned because I think is going to be a redo on their contract. Saying we still want you -- to pick -- a cut in pay yeah. You have to debate. Daughter in order for the you know they can say -- in the morning but also. Are you guys talk about this earlier -- it -- You know those two players at 31 years older in the back half of their career so you know they're not getting as much thank for their buck in order to stay on the team and about a -- like. Brett has Will Smith that you look at his age or both -- all of a sudden like Sobel Jiri at thirteen nap -- -- big he would have leverage. And the Saints and how we still want him and he's playing at a high level. I don't know we gave him all that would and he would say well I'm going to Morales has something for sure. Would want him because of his production but would be -- -- lately though -- if you around -- knotted at the salary that is to a spent again. Saint sell out for a Kristian -- is confirming your reporting that Saints players offensive linemen being groves in Jahri Evans wide receiver Marcus Colston. And linebacker David Hawthorne have all agreed to. Restructure their current contract to make him more cap friendly. To eight team in these. As we get ready for the county to install the free agent process and Qaeda Al getting sick to McKay -- Our mind on and off of told you before but out to you now wise does that mean you are like man decides it's in -- Crawford took me. You know they don't say glad to select the baby Davis and I think. -- he's -- real problem is he has a -- is maybe. Christian Derek Saints at our opponent and Kristian -- one on Twitter and host of it's just sports -- we will talk to you tomorrow. Oh all right and also -- always something new WWL that complimentary law make a proposes a way around it. Possible federal gun man he wants gun makers to set up a shot in Louisiana the last. The Saints money not trying to get under the salary cap in -- -- a defense and Drew Brees is willing to consider restructuring contracts. In the wake of Tom Brady doing so to -- the Patriots check out Cano piece on it just some things on line right now at WW TO. Dot com. And Bobby and not handing out in the sports world is this was -- -- thing that I want to bring up her career. And that I didn't have a chance -- while we close at this will be something that will move. On a bit more today it was reported today ESPN radio in Denver yesterday evening. Tight end it Cassel. Out -- that K eight yes eight. Was asked about different things he experienced in the combo. And he was and he -- teams as you'd like do you have a girlfriend all you married. Do you like girls -- said in the radio interview. Those kinds of things and you know it was just kind of weird but they would askew. With a straight face in its pretty weird a pretty -- experience ought to get meaning now that the NFL is investigating on if this was done. Because it was an extra prospect asked about it's sexual orientation -- outing of the what is an illegal yet you know it's supposed to do now telling inning I mean no. And no job process is that supposed to be in the in order to meet him a -- -- dominant as rabid sect or I guess all -- I'm sure there are some instances when -- -- Obama. Mean innocent -- -- is the overcome a lot of the -- meant to detailed course. Yeah you know. All of his two out ironically it says the Mardy we're talking about sportsmanship. Our parent. Pants my Sports Radio hers told these workers and a and it's -- coach. Yeah I guess you're right I mean time they champion radio official poor sportsmanship. All like me. Oh. But directed -- both -- -- but coming up next the Hornets an action. At Oklahoma City at -- a tough one last night and the -- of the Lopez problems the one to went to a brother. Well Brooks is better it is the better it is isn't always the odds and ends -- -- question -- Adam -- -- true center right behind. -- -- top -- night Dwight -- I mean not -- -- season and the best conversation and he did it and yes does that mean he -- -- you know it's just on an -- and you know but they give me intimacy of the harness -- as of late. If you look at that on their -- on seven street against New Orleans. Not anyone 89 loss on January 24 Kevin Durant. And you -- if you look he's had the Hornets -- averaged thirty points a game -- -- and shooting the 63%. He had 35 and then 92 to 82 will be -- in December 12. The most recent victory. So a lot no. Date that the images had the Hornets number reasonably. Thanks a most is the -- big John the Kristian garic. 87 EA ML SU and Arkansas from the team Arabic December senate bad routes. 1053 at them Hornets at Oklahoma City Jonas tomorrow from four to 8 PM. For more sports talk on Deke Bellavia has always John by the aging cannon Bobby a -- more on the rain delays at all -- people.