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03-01-13 9:10pm Open Lines

Mar 1, 2013|

Todd in for Scoot; tonite Todd talks about: the sequester; how will this affect us and our businesses? Joe Flacco to become the highest paid person in NFL history. ALSO;should people be permitted to use their welfare cards at atm machines?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- here's what we're talking about tonight the state of Louisiana. Has banned the use of welfare money. On tobacco liquor and lottery tickets -- the money that you get. On those electronic benefit cards. And now if you violate this. You'll stop receiving welfare benefits for a year for a first offense two years for a second offense if you do it for a third time. You'll lose welfare benefits altogether permanently. However officials say tracking. Purchases made. With those electronic benefits cards. Will be hard because. They can turn the cards into cash. By going to an ATM. So once again. They know that they can converted to cash is it just feel good legislation. And do you think. Welfare recipients who get the electronic benefits cards should. Be able. To convert the card to cash and an ATM. 2601878668890878. Also. President Obama -- me. CBS news earlier last soured when -- hadn't signed in the allows the sequester cuts to go forward. And he is blaming GOP leaders. For this happening and of course GOP leaders are blaming him for not being willing to negotiate better. What do you blame. And do you think government needs more revenue to operate. Or needs to spend less and operate within the revenue they're taking him. I was a work in your home. And do you actually think you feel any of the cuts. If your home or business anytime soon -- run down some of the things that they're going to be cutting. And what's gonna happen one of the reports it's already come out is that. The navy will be cutting the blue angels. Flight team from participating in any air shows in the next coming years so they're gonna. Probably cut that out because that's an expense they no longer. Can utilize. Again that's. That doesn't hurt me. In any way shape or form. Also Ohio bartender realized one of her patrons had too much to drink. And withdrawal when he left the -- gun to his car to drive home so she called the police reporting is driving drunk they stopped -- -- get. Her reward her boss fired her saying the incident was bad for business. Was he right in doing so. Now this happened at. The she -- she was a bartender. And an American legion. Paul. And American legion post. In Shelby Ohio. The patron was a regular patron of the bar and also. A board member of The American Legion. Think that had anything to do that she says she would do it all over again. Because. What if the guy they got into Iraq. Until somebody. And -- would be on her conscience. As well 260 only 786 exit 89 euros -- you think she should got fired for doing that. Or was she doing the right thing. And also Joseph Flacco. Reported he is about to sign. The richest contract. In NFL history. That -- earned him just over a 120 million dollars. Do you think that's. Okay. Is Joseph Flacco. The guy that should be the highest paid player in the NFL. What do you think about that. Currently it's Drew Brees. Once this contract -- it'll be Joseph Flacco. And up finally won more football thing man died Taylor -- ran -- if it came down to drafting either one of them -- fury GM. And he had a choice between the two. Which one would you take. If you -- gonna draft them for the saints are your favorite team. Which one would you take 260187866889. 0870. VW well. Are you -- at school -- I appreciate their bemoaned being here they don't -- me tell you only have to you buddy of course gonna dove. Groups became about the -- grad school current trek really immoral power -- Roosevelt took -- -- -- throughout our guys feel that. These badly shouldn't be paper tomorrow morning BB -- -- I look at the owners way to release comes through parliament they would take it took so great stadium. There are noted ticket were very -- may -- -- dollars goes basically give ourselves we -- any doubt tomorrow. -- and those guys at all. All all all -- to -- -- big industry in eastern BP you know all of these banned him that's. Just the way it is him -- and it is great didn't cosmopolitan. Black gold breed indeed give -- wind out of -- will hold true. And we are -- to do your -- Once fought once we have speed and maybe next hour or so page that's that's the way it is native who district Joseph -- will restore. So so I mean are even though Joseph Flacco right now is. Projected to be the highest paid when this contracts also none any signs of this of course are a reporter -- how much it's going to be. -- you think that's gonna last longer than a year like Drew Brees was only a year. You think -- is gonna make more than him next year. Abu maybe it maybe great PR year. I don't believe we need to put a year admit this normally remote didn't do that then -- units -- remained high speed. There's some I don't sort of do it I think you've got to go out. Stadium and are being built. Oh -- -- -- -- bears are due tomorrow are period pictures you know. -- -- -- their projects repairs which is right well right now the only the only good thing going for the cowboys is a stadium for a look -- go to new motor -- agree with the I don't go to guy syndicate may have been just like everything else we're. We've got the -- really know how many schools you know the do you dream job they get their forehand. Wilson are actor not the saints player obviously ray got it right good -- writing in the -- OK it's IE in golf. Hey where it's just pretty. So yeah if you don't have a problem and then again I've said that he -- -- -- I don't I don't normally you can make as much. As what ever your market can bear whatever you do all right Ferrari that's that's your -- American way I guess. Good good good -- specific stadiums mediated you've been increased in all lower than me they're dead beats beats. AP accordion pleats so he's got to go to deep pretty. There are wants her arm which you go -- -- appreciate it -- -- weren't that they are one of solar Ray Lewis creates. Bad everything we do. He would do a thousand pushups every right before we go compete every guy you've got a problem push jobs. Can tell you -- a -- pushups every night. If you were dropped default groups aren't aren't GA appeal white colleagues very -- it's -- paid -- call -- -- solitary. I'm Broderick we thank you very tall man. Okay really kind of a deal would do 601878668890870. Oh goodness well it's not skewed by the way it's time but that's okay that's okay. I broader colored golf dispute that's fine with me. All right we'll take a break ago when we come back shocked. In applause we'll talk about BO sequestered. We'll talk to Bubba is well more tech community 7870. What are your premier who. What do you have to say Friday got a lot of topics to talk about this. -- -- for everybody. Ranging from welfare benefits. Government spending. Duke football. And -- driving and bartenders. Pretty much covers and on Friday night we'll take a break and be right back WWL. Word. Check out online at WWL dot com. Are ready jaguar opinion poll reports say Joseph Flacco were earned just over a 120 million. Dollars. Contract. Isn't worth it or not you can log on and get your vote at WW wells dot com. All right let's get back to the -- let's go to chuck give you applause HO two run derby WL. -- -- are you doing tonight and builds on. Listen how and I really am. I'm Paul Pierce said. Media as a whole has fallen under. I was. A deal where they wanna be censured by the White House spend and I'm I'm not some. Conspirators conspirators period conspirators theory person -- I guess where I'm trying to say is. Is that they are not really Jones -- you know and TV not gonna tell the whole truth don't don't play at all army. And I guess where I'm appalled is here's the last five years. We really haven't gone with what a a budget we haven't had a budget at all mean and in that process. I mean. The Obama administration with a democratic congress senate democratic senate. You know. Raised up that there's -- -- 00 but you know 6 PME six trillion dollars you wanted to -- sixteen now. Yeah you know and and they've created this mess and now they're trying to come back -- know everything that we created. You know when we made this speaks six trillion dollar. Deficit. You know surplus means that we attitude deficit. Net debt is so big now we can't do anything with -- -- we're gonna have to let -- -- there you know stayed here. And then you know you're gonna have to swallow this gigantic -- And you know and -- that the American taxpayer do it you know and that is wall. You know I mean. If and I household. You know I can't go out. And and give 500000. Dollars worth of stuff. And it's gonna run in only make that 50000 dollars but that's not fair and picked a MagSafe. While it's so big now I bet that I can't. You know I can't go -- you know all that Europe sponsor a way of pain in my 400000 dollar bill because I can't go under. You know end and. So they go I go back and goes back chuck to what I said last hour the question being you know does congress have. And government basically. -- we find more revenue or just spend less. I mean that's that's basically the two sides that are coming down president says we need to find more revenue. To me all of our debt and the Republicans -- say and will need to spend less. And cut back on our debt. Oh well -- there is the -- they electrical. Company -- combat through cash and on the on the back of his company. Boehner Eric you -- there's -- the company -- bump my head good. Right off the bat -- the guys says under bush we had 32 employees. Under Obama I'm down to two employees. Heroic and the if you go back I mean he's this. Shoring jobs. With his socialist agenda that he's trying to promote. You know NBA is trying to squeeze it all for -- being well you know it's for the betterment of the people. Why it's hard I'm not I'm not a Communist I mean and I know you're not a Communist but it all but you can't come back in have -- this socialistic bad attitude about things. Any keep won't have social programs. I mean you know. You -- kinky and then turn around until. Well we're so good now we can't beat what can't be punished all we can't steal this have to go through because it's gonna hurt people well well. You don't you don't via the the sequester in everyone's talking about it you know that's. It's gonna cut in total one point two trillion but it's gonna take ten years to do it. So. It's not like it's going to be you know all -- once all of a sudden what they're talking about right now. I think that's gonna take an effect is like 85 million or something like that that's going to be -- 8080800. Something you know yeah 800 for the big day like 800 billion yeah I mean. And the what's 800 billion. Toward is already. In all almost a couple of trillion dollars I mean. Good lord it's nothing I mean it's it's only. Have. Of all. I mean it was this 5%. Of what the whole budget years yeah I mean it's nothing it means. And it all and end -- pneumonia over the that they hear that they can't take any budget cuts. You know I mean this thing isn't Boehner is right you know whenever they have that big deal. At the beginning -- of January. You know it whenever you go to future taxes -- you'll -- American numbing the middle class taxpayer. They're gonna pay more in taxes we're gonna be paying more taxes plus on top of that there's all kind he had another thing that's been there as well. You know they're they're now -- They're the death tax I mean most people don't understand you're going to be windy when you die. You know I won't get everything that fit your family I don't get everything the government comes and takes their fair share. You know and take it. It had always put back in that was eliminated under the bush tax cuts but that's now backing him that's all been expired and everything current. Oh yeah there I mean there are a lot of things and and you know what's going to be cut basically on this 85 billion. Some federal agencies defense spending mandatory and discretionary spending going to be caught a lot of losses like this at a party decided. How they're gonna start cutting the navy says they were gonna cut back the blue angels aren't gonna perform this year everywhere and things like that I mean their ways that they can do these cuts where it's not going to be as drastic as some have claimed. And you know the president kind of said that today because as it keeps coming out and saying how they're gonna do this and how they gonna do and it's. He said well yeah those are going to be as apocalyptic as some people think which should. Well they're Democrats have been saying it was going to be apocalyptic but now ultimately realize you cannot. He himself has been saying this is going to be a pop up -- ballistic you know that but I mean now he's had ejected about face. Which you know it's the media would hold him accountable for more things that he says. You know we wouldn't have this all this drama going on in our political systems start off where. And everybody it's it's bad situation. And the thing is is I think Boehner needs to be you know praise for what he's doing the end and not being slapped around. You know because. And I think you know check I think there's I think there's room for compromise on both sides and unfortunately what's happening right now you know the -- the Republicans compromised. Last time around and I think they want President Obama Democrats to compromise this time and they're saying no we're still gonna compromise you guys could still have to compromise and the compromise both sides have to give up something and get to get something and -- -- that -- nobody wants to work together. And I understand a bit to see what happened was was back in January whenever they -- -- attacks when the bush tax cuts. Expire and everything you one thing to most who don't realize is is that it's you have what they call eight dead. I mean I attacks. -- reduction. Balance there -- because normally would happen is this for every four dollars that you. Raised taxes you do four dollars in tax cut. -- at all. It's probably it's called the -- -- ago they have to write whatever they cut they have to offset it by eight. Tax hikes or somewhere else go to somewhere else. OK but he realized that back in January when all this came in and Obama and Boehner was in the back office. Well we got was was 43 dollars. And tax -- But we also got only four dollars in tax cuts. And so that's why Boehner saying look we've given you everything we're gonna give you you're gonna have to do more you have to go back. And at least balance. You know that if we're really didn't do off 43 dollars and tax increase. You're gonna have come back with 43 dollars -- at least -- tax cuts and and now Obama being interrogated he is -- sitting here saying we can't be we cannot go back. And and and could anything else we've got to have that yeah he's basically a socialist now because people they and then. Every program that he is started under his administration can't because. It's completely arrogant to me. -- -- thank you for the call man. Thank everybody I thank you for the -- to 601878668890870. Let's go to Bubba Metairie -- -- you're on WWL. What does that you feel like I'm doing my boots up. The does Joseph Flacco thing OK okay. -- -- business India and every he would like to go up with the money I put the money. I think they're going to be at the -- I don't think forty years how well does it stop back and look I don't think nobody schoolwork. Excellent the excluded -- -- -- -- multiethnic and -- put I don't if you can drive that truck that fit our money to make and I support the NFL hole. Are really good but boy isn't it isn't -- up to his employer. If he brings in. Okay say you work out to -- worked for a -- if we if you work for say you work for the saints okay say you're a player. And because you're a good player because maybe you're the quarterback and you're good player you win games you win super bowl of you sell out the dome every week. If you increase Jersey sales. You increase all of this stuff so that as the owner you're making me more money. Why should I reward you. We're seeing you know it academic data points. With. Tiger you -- actually it got a lot of you know what really bothers me. Don't you guys. I think he had at -- he has -- out alone. They were soon to play it straight they weren't sure yes -- because again I can't tell you know what you shined up a war. You know I don't know -- they are important because you know because they're number eaters and they did the intent to make an amount of money. Put out a -- -- panorama you know I didn't I don't change a look if you download the super dog that's one thing you like the even -- don't need to put somebody -- I didn't have a problem and a hundred employee and how I don't know. I think it was found book but I couldn't fathom. And that type of money I don't get him being -- -- -- bad. Well he's not an -- again that led the way the way these contracts -- -- Bobby he's not get a 120 million dollar ones know that OK so it. Chances are. They're not gonna see all this money on the back in an enormous talking about Tom Brady restructuring you lose money actually gain money in the structure. But aren't really will he see that on the back end maybe not a problem -- release him by them. Okay let -- not the only point only until I got to -- for our company ensure everybody doesn't everybody hello wake. -- -- 110% do you work every day -- good. I don't feel -- -- 120 million dollars. You know yeah. That's got to put those -- the annual Super Bowls with. Don't quote me the OK so alluring decked out like -- -- more than me -- there are going to be drew one that's about it. It's probably better than they do they doubt you are currently no we yeah export the doers and I don't know. -- category -- do the job you know do work. I thank you Bubba hey 26018786. Exit 89087. We are ready jaguar opinion poll. Reports say Joseph Flacco war earned just over a 120 million on his new contract. That'll make him the highest paid player in the NFL is he worth that or not. You can log on to WW dot com cast your vote give me a call here as well as us -- you were calling the talk about the Flacco deal others are gonna talk about. The sequester what happened today and the financial crisis and so forth that's going on lots of topics were talking about tonight on this Friday night. Our opinion poll by the way right now 67% of you say. No. He's not worth it. 33% say yes. He is worth it. My outlets get back to phones to Wayne in Mississippi -- Wayne you're on the BW well. Pay period are you -- -- until finally. Good. You are additionally the Comair Bob Brett you're applying early on our client golf. -- bullies are many non complaint by a quarterback shovel mole and you know get played real good but I think is true mug shot. Really not a lot to march I'd rather play it too emotional our doctor. Somebody in Asia I would somebody truck merely somebody acting after football run the football. Show William -- -- way that's that's not how our society goes right now and I don't you know movie a movie stars music stars here I don't know all the money. But -- -- a guy. All right your barrel and a brace for up to around the world are Somali engineer -- do. Yeah most people can't do read and are your blood money should go to look real pretty -- -- British concrete cash flow from a war. And what I didn't. Yeah well you know that I think that should be that way -- we hear that all the time and you know what it's it's it's not even that way another country when you go to other countries and you say welcome. Their make and you know more then their sports figures really they're not they're just making more because all the other salaries are either higher or. The doctors and nurses and teachers salaries are lower. -- everybody's you know about the same like England. The guy that doctors they're pretty much -- don't make anything like doctors here made. Yep I know -- and and that. I don't know Apolo Ohno and christianity are probably pushed hard for my church are part upper -- But it was sure to bowl rumor charmed denominator push number extortion rent -- Now let's forget about church and they are. They are very low light beer and watch you don't treat me he ended should I I wrote sports Russia -- orange -- are not likely will go home we gonna. For that for the Super Bowl when that happens -- I've jokingly said many people suddenly. You know convert to be Jewish calendar meeting that the -- over by sundown so if by the time kick off is ready it's it's the next day right okay -- tracking. -- -- They don't go through 6087866889. 0872. Ronald in New Iberia they Ronald you're on WWL I told him. It's it comes on. Erica I got a quick comment about the -- political issue of course part of some but it's -- make -- -- that you -- picked. In London YouTube also participate voting is gonna make so I mean is there. The big picture thing. Now then another thing you're about the request. I think a lot of that quote you know I'm independent myself because. When you look at the extreme paying their credit I think bishop be one of two terms in wars bimbo thereby both. I mean I hear people talking about corporate welfare and things -- bit doing compared government contract for somebody came up a 110. Jim and I am out of spoke almost poetic on the -- it's -- -- -- my dad and baby up politicians Barnett but mariners. Probably worried about 300. And they 81012. -- always -- -- could -- a million meetings called my lobby is lobbyist and those that support campaigns. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Should come if you diplomatic and pay pretty that you weren't particularly in about a month bill. That's. They obviously feel they wanted to keep him around him. Right now there's -- Ronald. All right thank you 260187866889087. He would read take a break here. Do we in Georgia hang on we'll talk to you as well. And I'll check let's see some of the Texas. They're coming in the -- 87870. It's okay if Flacco gets paid but can they afford to keep other members of the team. Because Anquan Boldin could have easily of been the MVP -- game to. Let's see there are millions of teachers cops and drug drivers only a dozen. Franchise. Quarterbacks. -- someone else let him play another as the teams he always does the team makes the money. For the owner to 601878668890. Weights every time and -- Imports Bluetooth and you're listening to WWL for a. Or is good because screwed is -- import Tommy Tucker. He did so this morning Andy will of course next week as well and tomorrow. We got me special edition. Of the -- show. From ten to noon tomorrow. You can talk about does some of the hot topics that he wants to talk about Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer will no longer allow employees to work from home. What benefits of business more allowing employees to work from home or having them all together in one place. Also in Alabama Condo association asked the soldier to remove his American flag because it violates their rules. Should the soldier take down the flag is an unpatriotic. Ask him to follow the rules. And do you have to do more than fly a flag if you really. Patriotic. As some of the things will be talking about tomorrow. Here on WWL. Starting at 10 AM to 601878668890870. Some text at 8787420. Million really is a sick number and no one man deserves that kind of green. 85 billion. For the sequester it should have been three times that too caught. Someone else says the players only get 51%. Of the NFL revenue would you rather give the money to the owners. And another checks it's time for millionaire road known as Washington DC the senate and congress. Time to them to stop spending what they don't have. Stay within the budget. The Americans. And stop being party players. Believe they mean. Their party Republican or Democrat players to 601878668890878. And are pretty jaguar opinion poll. Reports say Joseph Flacco -- earned just over a 120 million on his new contract making him the highest paid player the NFL is he worth that. Or not. Log on to WW -- a common cast your vote. As we always say it's an unscientific poll -- right now home those of you who have been logging on in voting. 71%. Say he's not worth that much. 29% say yes he is this Carlos go to -- in Georgia they do or you're on the BW up. The -- you are but it felt I am very important times and I think they wanna play -- the carpet. What a marketable barrel or blurred up a -- -- probably better poor record. Provide a -- I would probably name. Three quarterbacks that are probably better than Joseph Flacco but right now he's the guy who just on the Super Bowl he's the guy has got a contract extension him. They're gonna -- him. Such armed robbery -- -- relentless -- it. -- at all concerned. Oh grow our area to call -- -- a book calling name -- ukrainians social issues and other. -- -- what are your regardless how that we got him to look for natural mesh we almost wanted to repression. And we get very good as you do you believe though coming. Parties still Greg McElroy and I guess seat. But I tell you he checked over release foreign countries like quarter how close the people who war profiteers from at least two wars that were. Not that she -- start. -- -- tax cuts but no we won't know how the history of the country have we ever had war going one war and then cut taxes never never. But we get that then so how about a real bad both fixed those special no -- no bid contracts. To a company that has since moved -- they had orders -- to Dubai. So you don't alert for people have nor. Well you know and in doing that that goes along -- every. President and I'm not defend and President Bush I mean. President Obama dumped billions of dollars into clean energy that didn't go anywhere you know although those companies went under so. You know and that was taxpayer money put in there are so. You know they all they all do that and it really needs to stop. I mean you need to stop the lobbyists -- need to stop all the other things the the you know the political. Back beings corporations. Backing candidates. And so forth and so on I mean look when you look at most of these corporations. They hedge their bets. They've give money to both parties to both candidates deceived because whoever wins. They wanna say hey remember I helped to get elected. Sure -- that the whole process as -- public what we have now the biggest problem we have but I think we Evan Washington. Is we have politicians. We don't have statesmen anymore. And the founding fathers. They were looking at having citizen statesman. That's what they've they thought we'd have who would go in do their duty. Then go home and let someone else go and bear the burden of helping to keep this country governed. But that's not what it's become it's become politicians -- become a career and has become almost like a business. Well dinosaurs -- -- for the next election yeah. Exactly keep keep the voter happy so -- elected again. And well now what that's not what it was envisioned originally. But do you actually pay protocol or actually there's clearly partial. Now. They should be able to deal unlimited donations to political approach I don't think so that's crazy. Now I don't think so you -- this Supreme Court here and all that Miller how much individuals can give and so forth and so on but. You know lawyer you gotta get through and and straighten all those laws all the pac laws and everything else and put together all these groups that you can put together in and buy ads and and you know support a candidate that way by not actually. Giving the money to him I mean it. Those are just loopholes are always complains about the old tax loopholes in this loophole or someone else gets around this. Those loopholes that politicians set up for themselves. So they can get the funding that they want to stay elected. It we'll do -- thanks for the comment. -- thanks to listen you 226018786689. And 087. He still semi 1% of you say. Joseph Flacco is not worth being the highest paid player. In the NFL if rumors -- a contractor true and he will -- Just over a 120 million. For six years on his new contract -- go to Bryant and Hammond hey Brian you're on WW up. Hey. I don't think Joseph Flacco -- -- -- there and here's why. I think you've got to do a little bit longer -- sustain that level -- -- -- that he had this year just say that you're the best quarterback and therefore demand the highest salary I mean you look at Tom -- you look at Drew -- You know maybe a little lesser extent you know Ben Roethlisberger. People who won multiple. Super Bowl -- gathered Johnny come lately he does not deserve that kind of money for that reason. And as far as all the loopholes in the politics and you know everything that's going on in Washington right now yeah. I had just started to form an opinion that you know our system of government will never work. When there's so much greed and selfishness president and here lately I've heard a couple of quotes I never really knew exist but I think one came from John Adam. In May be another one of our founding fathers kind of said the same thing you know that without morals and ethics. -- our system. Will not work it is doomed to fail so. My Jason bond that I appreciate you take -- Markoff. Our Brian -- gone. Thanks for listened to 601878668890. H seven. Some more text. Coming in at 878 so many -- has put Dave Ramsey for president the -- disappear. You do. You hear Dave Ramsey coming up midnight here on WWL UVs in the White House showing where they had free. That would be pretty funny. Some of the cuts that are of the automatic spending cuts here's what's gonna happen for those of you that or wondering about that. The federal agencies and their budgets. Including defense spending mandatory discretionary spend different kind of spending will be hit harder by percent. Here's what they're gonna do as a defense spending will be cut by nine point 4%. Mandatory defense spending would be cut by 10% discretionary non defense spending will be cut by eight point 2%. Mandatory non defense spending would be cut by seven point 6%. And to Medicare and other mandatory health programs. Will be cut by 2%. Now. With that said beneficiaries. They can't touch that okay in this agreement that they reach for this whole sequester thing. It won't touch. Some of the most popular relied upon elements. Of the social safety net they're -- Medicare for instance will be cut. But under a special rule that limits spending reductions to 2% and and also prevents benefits. Being reduced. So the cards will come in the form of a lower payments to doctors hospitals and private insurers. According to the congressional research service. So. You're still gonna get. Your checks. Other things that are exempt. Totally exempt Social Security. All programs administered by veterans administration's. Medicaid. Children's Health Insurance Program. Welfare. Pell grants. Food stamps. And Medicare part. For many of these costs. In the the sequester. That will take place. So. -- on any of those programs you don't have to worry about anything being content from there -- 260187866889. 087 but many say. That is the jump that we need to cut. That is the part of the budget. That's taking up the biggest space. It's not. Not defense which is gonna get big cuts taken there. But a lot of the other. Basically the social safety net the social programs to 601878668890870. There may be furloughs they -- you know. If people time off without pay and they're all kinds of creative ways. That they can make this happen. To. Ease the pain so to speak so most of the American American public won't feel it. But. They say in the long run of the keeps going. We probably will start to feel it as well in the economy. All right we'll take a break on dominance is enforce good 260187866. -- 89087. Lots of things -- Some people wanna talk about Joseph flag goal is about to be the highest paid player in the NFL they -- over a 120 million. First six your contract. And just wondering men's side Taylor tiring and Matthew you came down to draft another one of them which one would you take if you -- eight general manager. And -- the state of Louisiana banned the use of welfare money on tobacco liquor and lottery tickets however they still can. Get money off the cars VN ATM -- -- so. They're betting there's -- loop -- down. Are there any way to close that loophole. Should they oppose this I'm done in pursuit we'll take a break and be right back a bit of well things were talking about a course. Ravens quarterback Joseph Flacco. Have agreed to terms on a new contract the sides agree to a six year -- were -- 120 million which would make him the highest paid. Quarterback in the NFL the highest paid player I believe also in the NFL as well. So what do you think about that is Joseph Flacco worst it. I guess if you're a fan of the Baltimore Ravens here in Baltimore looking Baltimore Sun. They're all excited but they've got their quarterback signed again John and Missouri. What are you have to say about it. They got re doing and I don't find job. They haven't talked to you for a couple of weeks I think you get a -- pretty good wrestling show on a couple of weeks ago yeah I sure -- I park you know it was great. Well here's my question is -- -- you said there was 71%. Of your -- chose. Flacco was not worth that kind of money plus an 82 now port 82 well -- now. Dead even it is is is higher than when anticipated but I wonder of those 82% how many Eagles people actually. Patronize professional or NFL football teams that might. That's what I'm I'm anxious to find out about they say. These guys aren't worth the money but yet you see people all the time -- to be sporting events. He had not. I myself I kind of got out of going to pro sports couple years ago put I still like -- go to college games. He had -- a high school sports but I'm not gonna. Patronize. Something that I don't believe in and I sure won't -- be worth the money. Looked -- oh by the way your tigers are quite in my -- here in Missouri a ball we think's gonna win -- -- -- Basketball. I don't know LSU have been doing pretty good I have I haven't really paid attention to what Missouri has been doing the basket. Eldorado rolled your every -- South Carolina pretty easily the other night but I think it just so lot I think it's going to be a good game and -- -- a bigger game as well. Yeah one other thing I want to comment on and I won't keep -- You had a caller on a while ago and he kept referring to how well. Obama out Eragon was and his arrogance yeah he had not. You know it if you want to talk about arrogance I have never seen anything quite this many years but. The senator from Kentucky they're Republican Mitch McConnell yeah if you recall eat came out in public months ago months ago. In this was one of the most arrogant thing that I had ever heard in my quite. The end east stated publicly that that's his main goal. Was to prevent President Obama from being reelected. And and so he was concentrate and directed his fellow Republicans to do the same thing and put everything else on the whole. The end of all the arrogant statements politician mean I had never heard a -- so where again tomorrow right so. You know the urgent calls on both sides of the -- so far as I'm concerned. Did it sure does John and they're both they're both posturing they're both my sides got to be decide that comes out and winds. And you know weigh in the American people get lost and all this. Both sides we'll tell you I'm trying to look out for the best interest of the my constituents. Meaning the people we're gonna put me back in office. Right absolutely not it's not the American people like us that there's no statesmen anymore they're just politicians who -- constantly trying to get reelected. Student student. Great guy great children like keep keep up the good work. Hi John -- love I'll be around for awhile because those disputes going to be filling in for Tommy all next week. OK okay our next week that's half right John thanks thank -- Thanks Louis 560187866889. And 0870. Will take a break for a CBS news fans and local news as well and then when we get back -- resent everything tell you everything that we got going on tonight. And I want your opinions on Friday night. Your chance to talk about many of the topic.