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03-01-13 10:10pm Open Lines

Mar 1, 2013|

Todd in for Scoot; tonite Todd talks about: the sequester; how will this affect us and our businesses? Joe Flacco to become the highest paid person in NFL history. ALSO;should people be permitted to use their welfare cards at atm machines?Also; a bartend

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You can also. Thanks -- had eight to seventy. Here's what we're talking about tonight at 10 o'clock mullah reset for the just now joining us. How sustainable ways Siena has banned the use of welfare money on tobacco liquor and lottery tickets. Actually thought they could use it forty by violators of the new regulation. We'll stop receiving welfare benefits for a year for the first offense. If they violated again and they'll stop receiving benefits for two years they do -- third time. Three strikes you're out their permanently. All for receiving any welfare benefits. However officials say. Tracking the purchases may be difficult. Because the money can be taken off of the electronic benefit card as cash. And any ATM. So once again. Is this gonna do any thing is this just feel good. Legislation. Why not close. The big loop hole. That allows them to converted to cash do you think welfare recipients should be able to convert. The money on the card to cash and an ATM -- 2601 point 786. Exit 89087. And -- President Obama. Blaming GOP leaders for the sequester. The automatic spending cuts that he has signed into effect. GOP leaders of course blame the president for not being willing to negotiate with them. You blame. And it does our government need more revenue to operate or do they need to spend less. To continue working. Do you actually think you feel pain from any of the cuts. They're gonna be taking place. In your home or your business that are going to be -- for the sequester. Also Ohio bartender. She was bar tending. At The American Legion. Post in Shelby Ohio. And she noticed that one of the patrons. Was drunk when he left him a little bit too much to drink. Got in his car was about to drive home or had left so she called the police. Told on the vehicle in the report. That he was driving drunk. Police stopped him he was twice the legal limit. So they gave him -- do you want. Her award. She got fired. Two days later. Her boss colder and -- go. Reason being. The regular bar patron that she called police on. Was a board member of The American Legion. She said there was no cab. She couldn't give them a ride home because she was working. And she wanted to do it to make sure that. He got home safe and he didn't injure or kill anyone on his way home on driving drunk. She says if he'd gotten into a wreck that would have been on me because I was on it was all my shift. I was in a lose lose situation. I chose to possibly save a life. And I would do it again. If I had to even if it meant losing my job. Do you think she should give her job back. To 601878668890870. Also. Little football for your reports say Joseph Flacco war earning just over a 120 million on his new contract. Which will make him the highest paid player in the NFL. Currently the highest paid player in the NFL is Drew Brees. Question is is he worth that or not meeting Joseph Flacco. To log on -- WW dot com cast your vote. Aura is maybe you've been calling to media called me with your comments. 91%. Of view now. I'm voting online. Say he's not or -- A 120 million dollars in his new six year contract. 9% of you say. He is worth it. So what do you think. Some of the the stats forward Joseph Flacco in case you're wondering. His 63 total wins are the most by a starter since 2008. When he entered the league. His 93 start to the most to begin a career by any quarterback in NFL history. He also. Holds a record for. Most road playoff wins. With six. And in the first. Five years of being in the NFL. He has won a playoff game. He's the only. Quarterback. In NFL history to do that. Not Marino. Not Montana. Not -- I Drew Brees. Aaron Rodgers. -- -- Go on and on and on. Troy Aikman. Terry Bradshaw. Demo record he did it. He only got -- -- So again. Is he worth that people of Baltimore happy Baltimore Sun reporting. That. Not only his teammates happy. Lot of people a city you're happy that he is staying around. That he will remain a raven. For the next six years in fact. Ray Rice. Via running back for the Baltimore Ravens. Tweet it out to his teammates dinner if -- in a few nights on Joseph Flacco when we get back. Talking about how much -- his new deal is -- the also says it's well deserved. For GO. Do you think so 2601878668890878. Some -- coming in at 87870. No sports player. Is worth that kind of money. Fans end up paying port in the yen pricing the fans out of an event. Someone else takes him about the bartender. Tournaments in Ohio. As a potential -- bad if she goes back. Someone says that bartender needs a race. For doing what she did. And she said. She is I just want people understand. Bartenders -- a catch 22. I can cut you off which -- still getting in your car and you're still drop the whole point is being missed you're still in a car drunk and you're going to be driving. So that's why she. Did which he did. Did you do the right thing to 6018786. X eighty -- -- -- and I think so. The Ohio department of public safety thinks so. The local. Police think so. Everybody but. The guy that got in trouble for driving drunk. Who just happened to be a board member of The American Legion where she was working. Few. So all your boss. Or someone who is on the board of directors of maybe where you work. Doing something wrong. And you know it may cost you your job which is still reported. Would you still. Even if you know in May cause you don't shoot -- though this was gonna cost her her job she just thought. She was save in this guy's life. And the lives of other people. Because he was two times over the limit. And that's the reward she gets and she says she had to do it all over again. She would do at the same exact way. 26018786. X 89 at 0878. You can text me at 87870. As well. And you can vote on are pretty jaguar opinion poll 92% of you now voting. Say Joseph Flacco. Is not worth the reported 120 million that he's going to get. On his new contract. That he's gonna sign a six year deal. Then make him the highest paid quarterback in -- is based players. In the NFL 8% say yeah -- he's worth and just won a Super Bowl. We'll be right back strong interest group. On WWL welcome back dominance within 41 dude. Driving my car that. Bartender Ohio got fired. After calling the police it's on a drunken driver that left -- -- Her name is Twyla DeVito. And she was part -- at The American Legion post in Shelby Ohio. And a regular bar -- -- She said he got in his car he was drones who got this car drove away. So she called police. They stopped him he had twice the legal limit. Got a ticket. Two days later she got fired because -- guy was a board member of The American Legion. Is that right. Should she have gotten fired four. Probably may be. Able to guys -- keep him from getting an accident go to luck -- in New Orleans say chuck you're on WWL. -- -- the question back. Word would that bartenders serving fat guy yeah. Well then then I think she should have been part because. She was complicit -- words. She was fully -- -- with a sense -- will -- me and getting him draw. And then and then but what did she think it was gonna -- sleep on the car. And then you know it's her job departure compared to make sure -- out of reserving people and then the dip in cheek -- and that -- them. And then and then called the authorities. She's got a horrible hypocrite and -- should have been fired up how are they just or moral circuitry. Well you know there there is no law that requires a bartender. To reporter drunk driver. She thought about cheap she cut him off when she realized he was drunk. But he still drove away. Usage couldn't get a McNabb couldn't get a run home. She tried. If that she didn't try one and she you know six -- product and they're aware hadn't planned you know is there is try -- the. You don't you don't think you don't think she got fired because the guy they've got in trouble was a board member of the America. Where she was I mean to hurt her boss fired her in he said. Quote. Which -- she was bad for business. Nothing personal but bad for business because you called the police. I I agree I think that if if that picture him at the end that janitors that clean up the bar and cheap is that. She's she's just as responsible and -- it I don't think that is the peak position. Changed any thing or or that what you did -- -- I mean it's one thing if you see a term etiquette nor are. We call the police salute a -- I predict you actively get someone Charles. And then call the police and get them -- that it's so it's a setup I'm I'm. So so how is how was a bartender supposed to know. How much someone can have and how much someone can't. Well every other. -- -- -- bartender to. A bartender but I love art patron and and every bartender I know. When they know when people get control. And and you know as she she called the outs that you probably idiot -- the power -- you -- -- -- the public out. Well maybe an hour ago he did look drunk I don't know wasn't there. Yet but that's I mean I know someone who works here. Who you would never think. She can hold her alcohol but she supposedly can treat everyone else under the table and you never know she's drunk. Now if they did a breathalyzer owner. She would be over the limit which you would know it. Trial so I'd been arguing -- saying that -- the bartender at -- in fact your information. Know what I what I'm saying what I'm saying is like she said she's a catch 22. Her job is to serve the drinks she got caught him off which she did. But. She can't prevent him from driving home. My my problem with with the scenario is that event in light you can. You can can be on the good side of the bad side. It's not about being on the attack ads that I'd get in there. And then on the and then she decided to switch sides and and say OK well I'm gonna I'm gonna make certain now than he thought about the IP. OK so what is what is she cut him off before he was drawn. And she still got fired because he's an American legion he's a board member and they said she got real low and even drunk. I I would. I would support her in that but because it it was. It will a -- bring her to do -- she was gone out on the limb. And I think that the band would appear in Europe but good moral position. A kind so you'd think it's partially her fault because she served in the drinks. All right chuck thank you for the call. Thank you for your comments. Let's go to Paul on the West Bank who he has to say about it -- you're on WWL. I. The current totally hero -- Okay she and her response she is -- to let him leave. Going well this is Ohio. Yeah noted the laws different Ohio give the law is different you know. But it -- he had always machine is responsible for even -- that's both good and belief. -- -- Well wouldn't she try to she couldn't stop him. She's still responsible. -- his plan that's what she called the police. Generation dent in. But just the way Hillary will be I don't know what did a lot. Well there. You go to class. -- responsible lending unit you're licensed by the state and -- Obama there. Well and that's a great teacher or a person getting drunk how they act. And that you were responsible for understand that but again this is an Ohio. If you don't understand it. So I don't I don't know although living have been I know is that. There is Noelle. Law that says they have to a call the police to report somebody driving drunk that leaves the bar you know which you shouldn't try at all. So you say it's her fault. Yes and you only get had anything to do with the guy -- board member of the place she was serving the drinks it's probably got an embarrassing call and say fire -- bartender. It probably did probably hit all they had to do that this. I don't know what the laws saw it and Ohio. But I think you know. The way people all were drinking and they should be changed. So they should we have me. To drink women at every bar that's all you can drink. Now because there's some people like it should stand doing ten drinks okay learn how well -- they're supposed to know. Well when you've got. And I'm sure know I know I'm blanking war on. -- -- -- -- -- And nobody probably close up at 2 o'clock. It'll as call for alcohol. And handed you got somebody drinking. One -- Ollie is an outcome to then trying to -- being processed by you block this. So I don't know -- -- today but decided not long willful. He says blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit my own. I think she she would have known. But what if he doesn't show any of those signs. Ferret out. True but it is I mean a week asking. Bartenders to be. Doctors have been sued to say well somebody's -- is -- We're not doctors. -- capability. And you had been a bartender Paul just playing good. And I own -- ball. So you can tell when somebody. Is drop. Even if they're not swaying -- learning enough and so you can still tell. They they stage you know as excited. Told. And -- excitable little bit more than what normal. I don't know I don't drags on and -- that's why -- ask you know who's. Go to Barrasso that's what mask and. Well I'll tell you that it -- -- aimed at interstate Louisiana is responsible for. Yeah I -- -- and and me and possibly die you know maybe they ought to think about it. Impact so you you again like our last caller say she's to blame. Because the guy left broke even though she called the police to get him off the road. Loud cheer loudly in the league. Could actually show that she should have. Gone somebody and then had -- The American Legion VOK and said look -- -- -- just got a leading. He got. -- -- she says she was still work and so I don't know if the bar was closing at that time so I don't I don't know doesn't. It an all time is to win it all happened so how are you at all. -- Our Paula thank you for the call. All right -- you Mumbai 260187866889. 0870. What do you think. She says when she relies more repaid considered too much to drink. And was about to leave and drive home drunk com. She called the police are reporting was driving drunk. They stopped him gave him a ticket two days later she got fired. Because the guy was a regular patron who was also. A board member of The American Legion -- -- she was working at The American Legion post in Shelby Ohio is where she was working at the bar there. Music's only 78668890. It's MLS two callers say she used to blame. Actually forgetting. The guy -- Jail the West Bank what do you say -- -- Alluded to. Let's go to the empire. Of they're -- -- -- that no additional additional my big underground -- model -- -- responsible. -- -- -- -- Well you know I guess it added. They say it's different for a bartender because you know orchard your serving in the guys and people are getting drunk there they're there to drink and get -- yeah. I don't know I don't I don't drink and a little bar so. Bluetooth situation that you -- it's -- I'm income would need. -- personal -- very important a -- a little -- -- -- -- proposal and Robin broke the. Do you have do you have a friend or anybody you know who. Can drink a lot but doesn't appear drunk. How easily -- album with. -- -- -- So. So you can leave and they wouldn't even know but you may have had over those legal limit. The correct. But -- peace deal and -- credible military responsibility. General and gender and trying joking look like -- in all of these forty. They don't mind. How old -- joke alternate going to be all right. -- and -- and particularly a couple of -- and ideology just automobile little on the it took our blog aside also light a full week of the. I -- I. 120 million. Well look really -- anybody in the -- morning. That's the way you know the -- you know right now. We got a quarterback lol I got in April. Or 2000. Hi Greg thank you for the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Another Texan -- coming at 878 -- how as a bartender is supposed to know if you're driving or getting arrived. Is it a requisite to be a mind reader when you become a bartender. Another Texas don't really see how it's her fault sounds like they need the breathalyzer at the bars. A low let's see notes sixers think the law Ohio states of the bartender called the cops. On you for being drunk negated DW arrived in the bartender gets here and -- that may be what the law says apparently. Let's see she's not at fault for the guy getting drunk. In love. Text. Says she should have called. A cab for him -- as she tried -- there was no Campbell available. I mean they're gonna beat cabs running in Shelby Ohio I don't know how how big it is you know there may not even be a cab service. There. Let's see another Texas. Last year fans are -- station saying paid who Drew Brees. Now they're saying. When it came to Drew Brees so why not Joseph Flacco. Good point. Episode Drew Brees is worth it why not Joseph Flacco as well he's got paid also. Some more checks and 87 the 87 me. As people coming in. And texting about the bartender now asking about what has happened there perhaps there's a little more to the story. All I can tell you is what has been reported so far. Is that this bartender Twyla DeVito. She was bar -- at The American Legion post in Shelby Ohio she'd been working there for almost a year. -- She called and reported to police that one of the regular bar patrons. And who's also board member The American Legion. Got into his car after appearing drunk and drove away. She says there was no cab she couldn't give them a ride home because she was still working. So she called the police. They stop them here at twice the legal limit. Gave him a citation for operating a vehicle under the influence. In two days later. She received a call from her commander telling her she was fired. And he said she said he called me and says that she was bad for business. He said it's nothing personal this is all business. But I'm going to have to fire you. Commander said she didn't follow protocol but there was no protocol. When someone was leaving dropped -- 60187 -- 86 exit 89. 0878. Two out Peggy in Metairie hey Peggy you're on the BW well. Hi thank you and call him about I can't or. Aren't content I know quite a few people who weren't the extent -- and American agents and the people all know each other really well. Iran where what most of them -- aware -- veterans. They all know each other there are vehicle bodies and they are in communication with each other -- regular basis. It's a close knit group and every unit that I know -- I think that she. Didn't know patrons very well. You know the people who obviously she didn't know that those on board and I can understand that but she didn't know. Other people in them and she didn't know are people who frequent bar and only it's not an open bar. Yeah BMW Barr is a private club Brian. -- -- should have gone down a list of the people who belong to -- if standing tissue on the money given me a ride. I really think that and even if I hope can't she could've found somebody even arrived home. What he or she could LSU but the only person and a billing sites where you could've found somebody to populate the sitting down and waiting telecoms might get it right -- -- so you say because of where she wasn't because The American Legion you know how that works. That there were people probably -- that she could call. Yes back. Act consistent magician he just continues. Is that the protocol that her bosses claiming she didn't follow IG there's no I don't know no protocol is now. I don't know the protocol is but I can guarantee you that -- called people are asked around a little bit more. She would have -- -- I take -- stand on more pounds to my regular -- compensate them until they were to go home you. I can almost guarantee a 100%. If these people are all ex military people and they watch Jaret act. OK so -- let let let's let's just play devil's advocate here what if there is nobody else in the bar. She couldn't find anybody to Cole. And the guys still insist on leaving. This year OK and calling the police to stop him. I think that's only other recourse however I I cannot imagine that wouldn't happen and especially in a small town. And -- towns like colonel Shelby is that it's sound like a small town that somebody would step up and say how can help get. You know I really I feel very strongly that she -- -- -- -- you know any better. You know treated no issue was servants you know -- constituent -- at -- juggernaut. Since you've been working their home on a year or just stupid and I'm serious that's just not even in that. But even work and -- -- -- here and you don't know the people achieve certain eating onion. Well again I can't I don't cloud Q well I can't beat for the woman and again I don't I don't uniforms and -- British -- she -- citizenship. But she should know that people realize issues -- -- well she said it was a regular patron she knew it. That's why don't they -- -- -- back around saying she should know that the regular patients. Trench he should know that he is you know maybe over drinks and a regular base cents. And somebody should you know maybe in -- at an -- important places believe Robert Horry said she could bent upon them. That's how it got him to got to work and I had a time. It either regular patron and it's something get strung -- regular bank and she shouldn't start working on. Time. Articulate. The used to live uptown New Orleans and that little bar -- maple street. And the bartender knew everybody ala regular and he knew who could try and who couldn't who -- he would do that he would -- color in the camp or -- time. -- -- Colin people neighbors and it's time now it was amazing that I was and you. And anyway he is content and everybody knew what was going on and it would it was pretty for the final boy it took care of its people but that's what makes it except -- -- that was a Barbara crap about what Matt. Again so I'm part of a club. And -- and I'm getting text coming in an 8787 you're talking saying. So The American Legion fired you for saving one of their own life how grateful. Well I mean I am and that's part I I agree but that's always gonna be in -- thank you. Think they're a club and you turn money into the police in the aggregate demand you know so. They don't look at it that way don't look at it and say that -- they look at that as. You know you're turning into the police -- I think she -- found someone taking home I really believe so. My opinion. God you pay again and again I'm I'm I'm not disagree with youngest trying to. They don't cover all the angles that's that's -- I just know the population that age group and that's I think. You know. It's a 180 degrees from the way people think now. All right thank you thank you for calling thanks blister aren't. 601878668890878. Some more -- -- -- all these people are putting the responsibility of the bartenders backcourt about the drinker he chose to drink. He chose to drive. Someone else's VFW and American legion are two different organizations regardless. Does sun make driving stronger right. Someone else -- He didn't tip. So that's why -- call for it will take a break MB arrived back and done in pursuit bureau WWL. As New Orleans as red beans and rice. You WL AM endeavor. And dominance is -- we're. Through it. More driving music. As we talk about lot of folks last couple comments last couple attacks -- 878 semi talking about the bartender in Ohio. Who got fired after calling the police on a drunk driver. That that left her bars she was. Bar tending at The American Legion post in the Shelby Ohio which have been there for almost a year. And says she caller reported to police that a regular bar patron and a board member of The American Legion had gotten into his car after appearing drunk. And drove away. She says there's -- -- could give a ride home and I was working. So she called the police who found him driving with a blood alcohol level more than twice the legal limit. He was given a citation. Two days later she was fired. 2601878668890. Late seventies and -- coming in an 87870. The bartender should be awarded. Clear up -- airlines callers in the good old boys club that's the problem. Someone else texting. Talking about Joseph Flacco that is also are pretty jaguar opinion poll. Our reports say Joseph Flacco will earn just over 120 million on his new contract could -- six year. 120. 1000120. Point six million dollar deal. They agreed to the terms. Tonight according to team and league sources are still some issues to be worked out. But he's expected to finalize the deal on Monday. Drew Brees before that was the highest paid player. In league history now old Joseph Flacco will surpass. Drew Brees. And some of your text coming in that 87870. Think Flacco won one Super Bowl and -- -- atop a quarterback really he's not even in the top fine. You know whenever I do my list of the top active quarterbacks. And I've done this for you guys before when a right after he won the Super Bowl I think Joseph Flacco is probably number seven. Out of the top ten quarterbacks no matter which way you stack it up if you do it by Super Bowl wins. You do it by. Consistent winning in in active winning and how they're doing. Comes out about number seven. And the six ahead of him. All have Super Bowl rings two or more than one Super Bowl ring. They're only seven active quarterbacks in the NFL right now. That have Super Bowl rings. And Joseph Flacco. Is one of them. Let's see another text. Talking about. Joseph Flacco -- that I decide. He's now -- the because Joseph Flacco doesn't throw for 5000 yards consistently comedy records as Flacco broken. -- actually holds a couple. No way should be in the same conversation. As Drew Brees. Let's see -- think about this. -- other text the bartender probably would have been sued by the man's family if he died in an accident because she let him leave drunk. Or by the family -- person he might have killed while driving drunk and she says that. She stated that's why she did it. And she says she would do it again. Because. That would be only begun in -- -- that would have been on her. Then if you would of caused someone else to lose their life that would have been on her too so she thought she was actually. Saving a life on that. 260187867886698087. Another calls says it's it's like me selling you crack and I'm calling the cops on you. OK some people are saying on the bartender some people are saying it's on the guy. Who was drinking and got drunk. What do you say as well are pretty -- opinion poll is about Joseph Flacco and boy I tell you. Started out. Why you thought Gary's words that are of those that were voting early. Not now. Not now nine east. Three. Not named -- three. Percent. Of those voting online at WW dot com. Think Joseph Flacco is not a word. The reported contract of 120. Point six million. That he will be getting over six years. But you got to look at it this way. You know when Drew Brees got his contract. There were many around the league saying Drew Brees wasn't worth paying the highest paid quarterback in the NFL. We saints fans all phony was. But there're many. Around the league that thought he will he shouldn't be either. Is that how we're looking at a because we're not Baltimore Ravens fans. Is that why you're look at it this way. I mean let's think about it. Right now. Joseph Flacco is probably. The most accomplished pro quarterback. Since Johnny Unitas in Baltimore. There's -- the last time the ravens won a Super Bowl. Everyone's -- low because of a quarterback. And -- get. Big contract. Was. -- -- a point. Still for. Trent -- -- Again. Are you OK with Joseph Flacco do that get me contract I say if they wanna pay -- of Baltimore wants to pay him. Then. That's what he's worth. You are worse. What someone is willing. To pay you. Drew Brees was worth 400 million. Deal. Last year. Joseph Flacco. Is now -- the 120. Million deal because that's what Baltimore is willing to pay him. 26018786. -- An -- ninth -- so we will take a short break when we come back Willis battery want to talk about -- bartender. In Ohio they get fired we'll talk about that as well. And more comments -- from news. -- is enforce scoot you're listening to WWL. Alright let let's get back to the votes to will in -- he will you're on WW. Check out and number all right. Oh I would go about -- bartender and -- -- a (%expletive) -- about it in our current industry or fifteen years -- one -- you've heard so far and Margaret it don't work but are. Yeah you bet your wicker -- sit. According to you that you are you read our embargo on. Theater balking at York criminal who are all you any activity that they had in addition to being fine there are any establishment. Our own apartment -- it is at night they got cute call the police. If you try to stop a car parked in front Dana maybe you -- So a man. I don't know I don't know how the law reads in Ohio on -- they go throw this -- this was a private. Club I guess The American Legion post where she was part -- -- But I mean -- they didn't have a -- -- And all going through anything quite a bit at one of art and you. Don't like equal -- drunk. You're you're gonna get out -- -- are finding out what are fine you're called police. So I I don't even understand you know where or how would -- be fired but I could. You -- -- -- otherwise. Com. And get it open owed it did. Yeah. I -- I'm I'm I'm getting all kind of text back and forth. You know some people are saying it was the guy's fault for drink amendment to drive in their say in the bartenders fault for. Our -- the you know here I don't think only the bartender opted -- Bernanke made it toppled -- got that are quite. Repeat that art you know you have to call police. So. That debt not content on the execute the right thing and a lot yeah. Guys you will we'll thanks for car thanks for list and -- Bubba. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Says. Joseph Flacco mood deserves about 30000 dollars of free bag of skills in the case of beer. I wouldn't name any more than that. Someone else's one less team we won't have to worry about because the ravens won't be able to afford anyone else. Another text -- the people say the bartender was wrong. Are off if you're in a bar and you get Stockard they're saying she should have physically held him until help showed up. In that Wear them they would have sued for being contained to the guy that owns a bar hope your employees well because it seems like you'd throw them. Under the -- someone else -- she should -- called the police before. He left the bar. All right 2601878668890878. What do you think. About all this and are pretty jaguar opinion poll. Joseph Flacco war -- there just over 120 million in his new contract. Making him the highest paid player in the NFL is he worth that or not. 93%. Of you now say no. He is not worth it. 7% voting say yes. He has and he's won a Super Bowl. He's one of only seven quarterbacks to have a Super Bowl ring. Active. In the NFL. Because. The big -- got two of them. Tom Brady's got three of them. He -- got two of them. And then the rest all have one. So he's one of them he's -- -- Dare I say he leads. Number I've been hang on we'll get to you we come.