WWL>Topics>>03-01-13 11:10pm Open Lines

03-01-13 11:10pm Open Lines

Mar 1, 2013|

Todd in for Scoot; tonite Todd talks about: the sequester; how will this affect us and our businesses? Joe Flacco to become the highest paid person in NFL history. ALSO;should people be permitted to use their welfare cards at atm machines?Also; a bartend

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We'll take a short break for news and then right back to wrap it all up for our final hour here. On the huge show its dominance is in for scoot you're listening to WWL. BC news talk and sports leader. They'll pay -- seven DW WL New Orleans 1053 WWL FM and 6110 -- New Orleans. Dot com. I'm Jim can -- it's done President Obama tonight signing the order putting the wheels in motion to implement automatic federal budget cuts under sequestration of Friday morning meeting at the White House failed disable the indiscriminate cuts -- Out to us on Capitol Hill. Republicans emerged from the White House meeting saying exactly what they said going yet they will not compromise when it comes to revenue and the only way the consider replacing the automatic spending cuts is with other cuts. House speaker John Boehner the American people for. -- know the Washington has a spending problem even though Boehner and senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell has said in the past they want to reform the tax code and take out special interest tax breaks that cost the government billions they insist that money can only be used to lower tax rates not to reduce the deficit. But because CBS news Capitol Hill. Attorneys for the -- accused Colorado -- shooter now admit that they are considering an insanity defense Rick sallinger reports from Denver the attorneys for James -- have indicated they are considering a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity. But first they want some clarification. They -- know reforms will be forcibly medicated during a psychiatric evaluation. And if he refuses to cooperate will that be used against Holmes is accused of killing twelve people wounding seventy others in that July attack on -- theater in suburban Denver. Prosecutors have not said whether they'll pursue the death penalty. Insist there fla a massive sinkhole opened up Friday right under -- home consuming Jeff Bush's bedroom like selling animal horror movie. He's missing and presumed dead Hillsborough County fire chief Ron Rogers we're still trying to define. And the scope of this cavernous under the ground here we're trying to determine what. If anything we can do. Trying to get into the structure of. Missing coal is estimated to be at least twenty feet across and at least twenty feet deep the brother of the missing man jumped in the inner rescue attempt. I had to be rescued himself. SpaceX is a private company now running supply flights to the International Space Station had a thrust her glitch during his latest launch Friday. -- meant disaster for that unmanned flight but the company's engineers worked the problem and fix it mid flight CBS news space consultant bill Harwood. Clearly got a problem in a pressurization lines so what they did was they -- -- -- -- -- repeatedly sort of pressure hammering. On that system and eventually whatever was it was causing the problem rather it was debris in a propellant line or perhaps a sticky -- somewhere in the system. That hammering apparently freeing it up all the -- are now a proper operating pressure -- it appears everything is working -- The glitch did cause enough of a problem to delay the planned docking with the orbiting space station until Sunday one day later than planned. Firefighters in Riverside County California say they've now managed to contain that 311. Acre wildfire that's been burning in the Santa Ana river bottom. Despite some gusting winds and dry conditions evacuation orders have been lifted. This is Jim Genevieve CBS news. Why -- I'm an insurance isn't the same as having state farm. Who's sorry I didn't your car. No worries like a good neighbors Steve Simon is there. I. That he kind of -- the. 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Well today there are only a few small segments left in Friday protesters gathered again this time to try to stop the demolition one of those remaining strategist developers want to bulldoze the wall segment to make way for luxury apartments. Demonstrators claim Berlin is selling itself and its history. Police in Pittsburgh trying to track down -- -- church organ. Who's discovered missing from seeing just in church the organ and the 200 massive -- -- required to play it. Investigators don't know how anyone could -- pulled also should daring highs without anyone noticing it. Just getting your gonna sell well would have required carrying it down several narrow flights of steps sort lowering it over the balcony. Jim Shannon VC BS news. Because -- switched to Geico and saved hundreds of dollars on car insurance her savings account wants to take care to a fireworks show. But it can't it's -- savings account it can't read where the next fireworks show is in the local paper. 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Before toll free at 866889087. -- This goes so far I made -- -- in force dude it's our final hour of flight to midnight here. On WWL 2601786. Exit 890878. And I here's what we're talking about. We mentioned earlier the state of Louisiana. Today ban the use of welfare money tobacco liquor and lottery tickets however. Officials say. They can still use the card to get cash out of an 8 PM. So there is a loophole that will continue to allow them to use cash. Combined those things that they can't track should they have closed. That loop hole not loop hole and not allow them to get cash from an 8 PM. Offer their electronic benefit carts. Also an Ohio bartender. Realise -- one of her patrons had had too much to drink and was drunk when he left the barn got this car to drive home so she called the police report he was driving drunk. Stop Demi had twice the legal limit gave him a citation for do you why she got fired two days later by her boss. Saying she was bad for business. So who's right and who's wrong. In that story lot of people want to comment on that online. Texting and also on the phone as well. And one other thing. Joseph Flacco. Reported. They have agreed to a contract in the Baltimore Ravens that would make him the highest paid player in the NFL yes I said Joseph Flacco. 120 million dollars 120 point six. Is what he will be paid over the next six years they still have some things to work out. But they expect him to sign the contract on Monday. Is Joseph Flacco. Worth being the highest paid player in the NFL odds are pretty -- or opinion poll. 94% of you now say no. He is not 6%. Say yes. All right 2601878668890870. Let's get back to the phones to GA. AJ you're on the BWO. Hey John Kerry -- you'll find. All. Actually -- -- -- what was they are the first thing that you certainly knew -- -- -- -- -- about the we -- welfare. Recipient ultimately. I can't believe people can -- national forest college yeah I just that that blows -- In error that that British. That that should have been dealt with in years ago where Murdoch you know. Well there are either their claim is you know there may be some bills are things I have to pay that I can't use the card on Sunday to have access to the money. But. That's part of its effort through our -- C electronics benefits card. There is not fair yeah welfare cards not the few networks aren't. Yeah. If you if you need to use it for girls there and in addition the bill through the so the officer let him pay produced typically a forward looking to cash it's gonna be abused. -- there's there's -- situation -- Now the other thing or worse shape and impartial -- for sure that's what we go home. But it is quite reproach in their way am -- to Joseph being impaired driving up any sort of blocked. The way that the laws are structured. Form especially now in this state it varies from state to state -- in in certain parishes in Louisiana. All the -- got laws. There -- say almost almost ruined. There's -- position age old Peter BI it is still a very serious. Rome Rome issue -- it is. It it was a really bad back in the late eighties or early nineties when that first came when he had. -- between forty to 50000 people dying -- LaRue each year all from all impaired drivers -- K. Now that numbers there -- around I think 151000 rupture of the evidence probably but I know it's dramatically reduced because -- -- -- -- -- dialogue protect. But the problem that I have what it is there are few things where you know police just have so much leeway now as far as well. Like they can -- recorder from a bar. Pull you over all for not using a turn signal or not wearing her seat belt annual technicality. And then all of if you fail to sort field sobriety test then you're gonna be required to submit abrupt just. If you pass the breath test they can still use the field sobriety -- say you were impaired in charge you with. The FBI. Village now if you refused to -- surviving in the protest will now they can take your blight. Church just got to the point where. -- it's it's almost like. -- stacked against you bad. Did it could be it's just almost ridiculous because -- can lose your job all that but aren't we attacked the pro British General Electric will. You know really. -- in a rupture like now. Hitting somebody when you're paired in Europe they're like. If you look at the taxes on alcohol in the orange generates from Peter BI. That would be more than enough to pay for education treatment and directing -- picture what I mean by direct intervention is. Out there I was in that situation just. I think it was a win Boehner. And the -- we were trying to prepare for leaders. And I have been through their outlook over there of course should look we have you don't wanna take that the rich right now of both getting your call for civil war and if you get all the you're physically impaired -- definitely get -- -- do you have the arc but the best thing that it happened he would select if -- regular chicklet. The other thing if you can bracket game to call or yourself or worst hurts or kills someone else. Air and there was a cab there she wouldn't get in the -- the bartender could legally. Take Turkey is okay that's where I have a problem where. There should be some -- that they need to be a intervention stage where you keep people from actually getting their call. You can't do that legally are great they're out. You can get all kinds of hell -- you getting your current you don't grow you look at Q3 10101000. Dollars -- -- But that's -- career. Film shape somebody they could have been saved you know -- there -- the person in the car or the other person. -- I'm -- the rotor driving on the same highway that they are without somebody legally been able to go and their anger. You know you're not -- it either BI which are not driving that terrorists and at the municipalities. In the parachute is just weeks so much money off the -- FBI it's kind of like it's it's like. They -- they they've they've played both sides of the game you know traders. Then took our guys who Dicey Richard. Where you get mad but I mean you know this this woman was Ohio apparently in Ohio you are responsible too just like here you're the you're the server and something happens to them and -- been researching the laws of an Ohio while. Well we're going to roll this. There's been now well I think there's been more people jailed last year write checks to him driving and then you get guy in there -- It's just there's some arbitrary steered her true that we need to correct. And which could take -- spirited undergrad and -- saying because man it's such a powerful all lobbying AG. And -- home and chill. -- a consensus of what may be have more rational views -- The aren't and taxes on alcohol being applied directly back at the problem. They were not gonna really we're not afraid anymore -- at this point it's probably going to be its its failure to stay about certain level of mortality. Yeah all right Jim thanks for Colin 26018786. Exit 89 at 087. According to all these reports of this a woman in Ohio. Yes Ohio does have the law that they are responsible and and you know the bartenders have to. Try to. Prevents someone I guess or or know someone is drone can stop serving them and I think she. May have stopped serving this guy doesn't go into detail about that but she said. He was a regular patient and she did know. That when he left he was drunk. Let's see here so she got fired of course the guy was also. A board member. The American Legion. Where she was working at The American Legion post in Shelby Ohio and her boss then fired or two days later. Because you know this guy and it doesn't say that but it alludes to it. That. He wasn't happy that he got a ticket for driving drop. Let's see 26087866. And eight time is 0817. They say now on the police say a -- -- article here the -- in the police stop the guy. They found him he had glassy eyes slurred speech and a strong odor of beer. So. Was pretty obvious. That he was drunk. Could have been a -- rouge say -- you're on the BW up. Stake in particular couple Ullman was a thousand 1000000% right now -- a bartender. Dealt with that kind of -- pork. But it Cheney was right she called the police. -- -- -- -- -- -- She should be given an award. It's simple either -- she got fired -- this -- was some high level looking not what The American Legion or whatever it was it could be just mutineers who audio. -- -- -- -- -- -- He was up there you know. Hard doing the right things shaping his -- change that part forward he's an eighty. So -- her her boss is an idiot for firing her now some people who say -- she she kept serving him -- Is she responsible. She -- serving him. She -- -- and she was a bartender run OK this guy I don't reporting one years old do you guys Brooke she -- -- -- good. To prevent him his application a woman -- demand you know and and you know way to the strengthening the stuff like they're -- did the dashing good. She called the police -- picture was a 100% right I think she did. -- march she can do to prevent people getting -- page views should be unleashing she is owed. I think you had the very least could try to get fired I just because it -- -- It's a matter of the third guy it was a monkey market value you are level do you know she got warned that -- -- Pushed for something that was done as well. I've been -- thank you for Colin. You're all right thanks for -- 26018786. Exit 890870. Reports coming on a police say that when they did find the guy like I said. He had glassy eyes slurred speech and smells like he had been drinking the beer. And he had twice. As blood alcohol level twice the legal limit. So was she right. Or was she wrong. For calling the police. After he left her -- She got fired for it. Tommy your blaming her. Summer saying she did the right thing we'll take a break and be right back -- in pursuit here on WWL. Garrett first news weather and sports every half hour on WWL AM and FM. Most of you know me is that vision guy on the radio but if you tune in Fridays from -- no one. You might -- talking about saints and LSU football corruption cases legislative topics politics crime social issues and breaking news commentary. All -- the goal of informing and entertaining and making you think with me about stories and ideas in a way that will generate positive change. It's a think -- -- -- with me -- to -- the most powerful station in the south WWL. Are you taking pills for male enhancement how much are you paying propel. Eighteen dollars. More if you're paying eighteen dollars per pill you're getting taken to the cleaners what advice and we had one for less than two dollars per -- guaranteed to deliver real results skeptical before you pay even a penny per pill to prove it works we'll send you a full -- supply of bravado absolutely risk free call this toll free number now 1809556568. 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Serves on the topics he's talking about an Illinois student was sent home because his marine T shirt hit two interlocking rifles on at our school dress codes necessary. Or should students be allowed to Wear when they want also is it fair to suggest the military symbol represents. Violent behavior. And Yahoo! is telling its employees they can no longer work from home. What benefits of business more allowing employees to work from home. Or having them all together in one place to some of the topics. -- will address tomorrow morning. Tend to do here on WW. Well. 260187866889. At 087 he's more information on this bartender in Ohio. And -- what happened to her. According to the reports. I'm getting on another report the commander of The American Legion. Told her she didn't follow the protocol. And therefore he had to fire her he claimed it was nothing personal. And then he thought what she did was morally right. However he says it is bad for business. To have customers worry. About being arrested when they leave the establishment. That's what the commander said. So. That's why she got fired. Right or wrong to 6018786688. Nines early seventy and of course the guys that. She had to. She called the police on he got arrested he was arrested and charged with operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. Happened to be. Just happened to be. A board member. At The American Legion post in Shelby. Ohio. Think that anything to do with the I can't think it did. That he was. As our last caller said he. Marky Mark. One of the guys in charge of the police they've got in trouble and got arrested. And that's why. She probably got in trouble as well. 260 -- 87866889. As early seventy operating jaguar opinion poll. About Joseph Flacco. He will earn just over 120. Point six million I believe is the the latest testament that has come out. On his new contract. It's going to be a six year deal it's gonna make him the highest paid player. In the NFL now he hasn't signed it yet they've agreed in principle tonight. He's gonna sign it on Monday there some other things they got to work out but. Is he worth that do you think Joseph Flacco should be the highest paid player in the NFL he recently just won the Super Bowl. That was played here in the Mercedes-Benz superdome defeating. The highly favored San Francisco 49ers. He has set some records some people saying well. Drew Brees was the highest paid last year but now Joseph Flacco is going to be the highest paid. What records as Joseph Flacco. Broken like Drew Brees who's consistently been breaking records left and Ryan well. Joseph holds a couple. He's. He holds the record for most playoff road victories and six. He also. Is the only quarterback. In the NFL history. To have won a playoff game. In all five of his first years in the NFL. The only five years into the NFL. So. There's another record. He's gotten last year he was the most accurate long passer. In the NFL. For the whole season. So does he have -- skins on the wall to be there. He's got one Super Bowl ring which Drew Brees also -- Eli Manning has two rings. Ben Roethlisberger has two Super Bowl rings. Tom Brady has three. Peyton Manning has one. He's in that league he's in that number of active quarterbacks. That currently have a Super Bowl ring. And if we base this -- on how well you are based. On Super Bowl victories. Doesn't that make him. In that conversation. Does that make him one of the he leaked. Quarterbacks. Most severe blogging on. And -- we don't go to come say. Now. He's not most of you who are texting. At 87870. Say. No. He is not. Summer saying these. Not worth that much they should put a cap on what a player can make. Quarterback is only as good as -- offense let's MB. All players. That play there put their life on the line should be paid. An equal amount. You agree with that. Do you think all players on an NFL team should be paid basically the same thing. Or are some. Players in positions worth more money it's go to Mike on a cell -- hey Mike -- WWL. So wouldn't -- the oracle players when they cut the limit of how much are gonna pay ago. It seems like coach just they -- as you can be the highest paid. Really really know these players have early fruit tree that there hundred billion players Drew Brees may be -- they Manning maybe. I I would I would say there's to doubt early maybe. But you know now -- -- -- -- -- Any player that plays to the caliber of big Super Bowl they're calling their best. The best I don't earlier play in the Pro Bowl anymore which picked -- came out. Who wanted to become enough that they don't believe it or -- got people out -- are starting. Quarterbacks are making. Hundred million dollars. Well is it against the quarterback for. Being paid that much I mean is -- their fault that that's how much and owners willing to pay them. -- Good good enough. I mean what went with what people -- you have down the road five years Federer now -- 200 million dollar quarterback's -- Big keeps going this way you have that if the salary cap allows it but. You gotta remember also with the salary cap and when you may not get -- that I mean it's right now 123 million they've increased to for point thirteen that. That's still are gonna work into the camp in the way they work this stuff look. The way they were called this these guys are gonna see all that money. Remembered as a good -- government that's guaranteed. But it's all part of it it's it's become. Prestige and honor to say this is how we're gonna reward you you're now the highest paid guy. Whether he gets a 120 million at all he may get half of that. You know in guaranteed money. But the rest is you know maybe five years down the line they say you know what we got to restructure this or we gonna have to let you go Joseph. That's what opened. -- bartenders you're bigger part of -- that we don't hear about. -- -- I don't know probably. Several but maybe they don't come right out and say it that way and you don't mean played this guy pretty much just said. Hey it's bad for businesses. Patrons think they're gonna get arrested if they leave here. You have to consumer responsible for you consume you. And he should know your limits or you're consuming. And should never be your physical businesses are -- to build you or your own -- So whether or not he decides to -- undergo we closes her own choice. And whether I can decide if we choose their own choice. I respect a gun crusade nobody forcing the trigger districts. Try to -- shouldn't have been fired. She was -- during her job. -- -- and she knew whether or not she knew that this guy was a quote high ranking official that's on them. Well he's a regular patrons she knew him she'd been working there almost a year or so. -- We don't know really with how it played out whether or how he acted when he was strong. Now brutally on the police say he had he was glassy eyed slurred speech and smelling of beer and they pulled it over. And it the first -- -- either and don't you worry I don't I don't know planet that hasn't come out most in the story at all. Then again and I thought all right thank you Mike 26018786. X -- 890870. Yeah I don't know if this could it was the first time this guy ever got arrested. For a driving drunk or not. Does say he did get arrested does say when the police pulled him over they could -- -- tell you he was drunk. So the other -- coming in at 878 semi regarding the bartender. The -- in the right thing and should not have been fired the drunk one out and got into an accident. She in the establishment may have been open to civil liability for other people have said that as well. Someone texting everyone getting paid the same amount in the NFL would change the NFL and bring dynasties. Back. If you put Joseph Flacco on the free agent market he would get a bigger deal because every team needs a franchise. Quarterback. Right now. Yes he was they could he could become a free agent so that one of the sign him up and wrap it all up and again. It comes down to -- Baltimore is willing to pay him. And while we may not think he's a franchise quarterback because we've got Drew Brees. Baltimore certainly thinks he is. And the fans in Baltimore think he's a franchise quarterback. And they wanna keep him locked up. How many teams a look at for quarterbacks right now. I mean the 49ers. Reports their trading Alex Smith. To Kansas City. Because when you read would like to have Alex Smith there as his quarterback. Probably -- Matt Cassel. Who. Got the -- because he had a good season. In New England. Matt Flynn. Had the one good game. And suddenly. People were trying to get him bidding for him he's in Seattle. But they drafted a guy called Russell Wilson. And so Matt Flynn. Ended up being the backup quarterback Seattle now is saying. They'd be willing to look at. Options. Those that are willing to trade for Matt Flynn. And there are several teams that need quarterbacks. They're hard. To find it's hard to find. A quarterback. That is the face of your franchise. Many times they think they have a look at the the jets they thought it was Mark Sanchez. Doesn't seem to be. And all of that situation get turned around. Kansas City thought it was Matt Cassel. Minnesota meanwhile with Christian Ponder but they got Adrian Peterson. Who is their. Big -- Player. So it's gonna continue happening willow -- Salaries continue to rise. Yes. Will the salary cap continue to rise. Yeah but not as fast as it's been rising. But it will continue to rise. I don't have a problem. With a player making as much as he possibly can. Because. Think about it. There window of opportunity. For making their salary. And making their money in their profession. Is small. By the time. Their 38. 37. Sometimes 36. There's certain talk about. There in the twilight years of their profession. They won't be playing for much longer. What other profession. By the age of 38. Or forty. Are you considered. Used up. And can't continue working. I think a lot of times people forget that too. Whose judgement goes money put. They don't have a lot of time to make it. Truthfully running backs even less than quarterbacks. And I think we tend to forget that. You know you may be at your profession for. 2030. Forty years. Not so with most of these NFL players. So I don't have a problem. -- trying to get as much as they can now they -- And seal -- got to strictly Aaron -- That's what they're doing. And right now for Joseph Flacco. The timing was right. The timing was right. He was about to be a free agent he just won the Super Bowl. If that had happened. After the saints won the Super Bowl. It Drew Brees was about to become a free agent. The next year. You would have seen him. Become the highest paid player then. Sold timing was everything for Joseph Flacco. And the way you reward these players. Is by saying okay we're gonna make you the highest paid that's the -- now. I'm going to the Pro Bowl. Probable means nothing. It's. We're gonna make you. The highest paid either at your position. Which happens a lot. And because the quarterback. Is a position that gets the most money in the NFL. That's why you're seeing Joseph Flacco making that much in becoming the highest paid player. For awhile it was a receiver. Then it reverted back to quarterback would make a -- Was the highest paid for awhile. Sometimes you reward somebody were making in the highest paid their position. That's how you do it. So. That's a landscape of the NFL I don't have a problem with. A really don't. Somebody -- Well you could argue our -- Manning was a franchise quarterback the problem was. And there was no franchise around him. But once is Drew Brees or you pay -- you get you wanna keep those guys. And keep them on your team. You know Archie would Archie was a good quarterback. And I don't I don't know of many people are seen as but there is an NFL films. All Archie Manning. And they talk to other players. Of that era other teams some other coaches. Ten they'll say you know of Archie. And then on another team -- probably one. Two Super Bowls at least. But he was with the saints there was nobody else around him. He was it. So. I would argue that drew breezes are second franchise quarterback in saints history. And you're seeing it more because he does have. A good scheme around him in a lot of players around him as well -- 6018786. Exit 89. 087 meals go to work drew mid city hey drew you're on WWL. Any are hopefully we had. Archie who I was so try and charge or else -- -- Drew -- Are allowed to age division used tremendous -- Cover program you're wrong you're broke Marino's records now show me the best. He was higher state quarterback when he made his deal yes. And tower bridge and are being banned we -- -- smoking warm Timor ever -- the serve because you don't want. -- restructuring marrow to hear what shall all -- a lot of guru of dangers etched. Oh I don't know I contractual here and try -- chain then ensure it would take. They can feel. Yeah but Tom didn't lose any money in that deal he actually made more money. Although. There and go in. You have to instead -- to -- major worry usually. It is our low dollar contract was hired -- -- become -- Flacco and truckers say drew reasonably. I don't know how much it would. He made that is -- earlier. And that only. Will alert the rest. The rest of his teammates are all happy he got the money they say is well deserved they're all sweetened. -- Currie. And formed iron. True reason -- earlier or later. Courier and tired and we didn't come Quebec Melbourne to preserve it always. -- immediately. Get it when we got lucky. Getting an injury. I wonder we have control or. How -- you are loose herbal or all woody did a good all. Okay out of I don't folly of their. Our world. Think that you are for -- injured guy really tradition god. You know now when we got men and he wasn't pay here or he wasn't paying a lot and then blew it would bar structural forward and didn't make earlier or computer if you are. -- go but I do but I think the Irish. I'm going to bring Brian what are your ride but I think I think drew. Has earned his current contract. And they can who can argue that. Well -- are not children were pretty glaring. Yeah. -- previous contract auditor Drew Brees and the guy or just do it or Richard Green. I'm not sure that's -- it usually works. Yeah we -- Got other people around I understand that we got people around drew though. Although Iraq okay. You know OK you do you have appeared -- drawer. Who rightly or rare -- I'm not as their leader. Would happen and it would have been in Indonesia -- and iron -- our drew had no would have. And in Indianapolis. Was Bill Polian -- Bill Polian and continue to push back. What he was paying. -- -- kept restructuring and so I kept coming back on the back end. Thinking OK I can keep giving him this guaranteed money we got to keep him. And I can draft people we can let. The other good players go and I just keep drafting. Cheap labor. They can keep -- with him would happen though when you continue to start your winning in your drafting lower and lower in the draft. You know I get -- first rounder sometimes you're getting high second round picks. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah and who is what would change America. I did start nick who knows yeah but I think beat everybody out there I know but I think I think I think the proof is in the putting drew that. Mickey Loomis and Sean Payton and been able to find those great diamonds in the rough in the later rounds whereas. The colts. Didn't. They couldn't find. Those diamonds in the rough in the later rounds and turn them into good players. They didn't find any Marcus Colston in the seventh round they didn't find any Jimmy Graham's in the later rounds. Didn't do any of that. They were drafted in. In the vernacular sports. Bumps. They didn't pan out and any thing and that's what happened. With the colts. And that's why the when Payton got hurt they went away. I don't think difficulties 6018786689. 0870. Let's see no other -- coming in. Has there been any confirmation on Drew Brees restructure his contract to help the team until we know there hasn't. Talking about. Great quarterbacks don't forget. They're great Aaron Brooks. It's a joke folks. The joke. That's what somebody thinks that they're joking as well. Done -- for scoop will take a break and be right back to WWL. As New Orleans has the French Quarter they'll. They -- 71053. FM and WWL dot com. Feeling varied by all the piles of paper in your home or office maybe it's time you traded in the old filing cabinets for a new office assistant. Meet the new digital filing system featuring the only scanner that actually things while it scans -- meets all your important documents can be easily scanned and then organized with a neat software. So match -- box full of receipts instantly becomes a manageable expense report that stack of business cards can go directly in your computer's contact list. Virtually any piece of paper automatically becomes a searchable document that you -- with a simple keyword. Need can be both powerful and portable to -- organized is easier than ever and now you can try and any digital filing system for free by calling 180306741. They need digital filing system has been featured on Oprah's list of favorite things the CBS morning show the Martha Stewart show just to name a few. Try it for free by calling 180306741. That's 180306741. I'm mainly see him linking them iron in my opinion about this cool places you can go. It's a web site -- -- -- colonial would say don't go lose hundreds of government information online and that's mighty fine numerous city you don't know what. Questions on new log cabin housing answers and they have them. When you -- SE dot com as your official source and -- good social security and hold one on eleven news ID theft prevention tips because that's truly. Even change my address so I don't mean they get wearing. I'm on the moon rocks and stuff so I was a good read I would buy time on this believe it's called home Monday. Maybe yeah. Hole. Big hit from the golden a stolen life. USA -- all these women sounds. Total holy rollers scoring seven years and check it out and remind all Americans is what I'm talking about the. WWL. To voice your opinion. Golf Bible for 2601870. Our total free at 8668890. H seven there now appears -- Actually Thomas is in for a school. -- with you tomorrow it is a normal shows up without the home improvement show with a special tribute show. Tomorrow from ten to noon and then right after here I am glad to noon. Until 230. You can catch. W illegals resident outdoorsman -- you gonna hang out with a -- Dubuque and hokey guy Asia on tomorrow. They'll be broadcasting live from the North Shore harbor fishing the senators celebrating the third annual North Shore boat and fishing show. You talked fishing football and food. Went on to -- you can -- judge on tomorrow noon until 230. -- from the North Shore harbor fishing senator hero on WW well and then right after that. LSU basketball fans. You can catch Saturday's matchup against the Missouri Tigers right here on the WWO premium at 230. Tip off at 3 o'clock on your station for fighting tiger sports. WWL. 26018786. Exit 89. 0870. Tex coming in at 87870. Before the rookie pay -- the number one quarterback taken in the draft was usually the highest paid. I like the fact that Flacco earned his big payday. And he did -- it you know it's not the the guy who. Never played it down in the NFL. Becoming. The guy with a big bucks. And I think most fans were upset about that. You know the first -- out of the draft was a guy who made all the money remember. JaMarcus Russell. All the money mayor of Oakland. And he was a bust. He was abolished. That doesn't happen anymore. Oh he is trying to get back in the NFL and if you've seen that he's trying to get himself back into shape. To get back into the NFL see if there any. Teams that have an interest in him. To -- because there's so many teams that do need quarterbacks right now. But yeah before the rookie pay scale. First -- drafted usually quarterback. Was one of your highest paid. In the NFL. And there is a whole list. Of those guys that did not pan out they got the big -- -- And went nowhere. So. In this sense now and fans were upset that now all the veterans the guys who've proven themselves. Are the ones getting the big pay days and and for some reason some fans are still upset. About that. Knew he deserves that much money. No one clear person should do that much money. I think he can get get it. No matter what your profession is. You could be you know someone once told me. No matter what your profession is. Somebody. In their profession. Has got to be the highest Pate. So why shouldn't it be you. Or someone else. To be secular right played there in the way. No matter which profession you look at you look at salaries there's some person that's the highest paid. Because that's the way it is nobody makes the same thing. All across the board. That's how it's all set up here. In the good old US of 826018786. Exit 89 and 087. We'll take our final break. When we come back we'll rent it all up -- Korea and get to set. For a tomorrow take what's coming up this weekend it's and a bully of one and they don't want to bring this up to. Guess what they're doing now allowed in California. And what they're all concerned about and trying to protect I'll tell you when we come back here on WWL. If you don't you. There's things LSU. Orleans hornets on the big vision gets bigger -- news talk and sports leader for generations WW. What. The Big Easy -- -- in baseball academy featuring batting cages and an enormous sports -- arcade today get a twenty dollar certificate good for all these boards pastor bringing these courts blacks for just general. -- dot com slash New Orleans. The Home Depot was good and dual -- starting in only 2497. Ago. 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And what you call came they can do all these things well. Harry gain unlike old fashioned gains the hurricane does it all that's why this freestanding -- is the fastest selling Kate on TB. And right now we're offering our best deal ever on radio you can get the hurricane for an historic low price plus free shipping when you call 1807000833. Discovered the all terrain -- that people are calling the Cadillac of cadence now back. Best invention of the 21 century a miracle. To take advantage of our best deal ever call now 1807000833. That's 18070008331807000833. Now back to V news talk and sports leader. WW well to have your say would -- -- 504260187. They are told free. At 8668890. Late seventy. -- the Max on Manassas enforce -- Texan a 7878. Sam Bradford and Alex Smith got a record signing bonus and guaranteed money when they got drafted first. Also yes they did took Alex -- awhile. To a -- out Sam Bradford. They only get bit by the injury bug right away and he's now labeled as one of those quarterbacks who gets injured. A lot Alex Smith. I think he's a decent quarterback. I don't know if you should win the first in the in the in the draft. But. I think the year before proved. He could play good. He was playing well this year till the concussion. And he gets on line they're putting -- predict. And I think under Andy Reid he's going to be pretty well in the Kansas City. I think he was a victim of so many different offensive schemes offensive coordinators had coaches. For the first several years that he was out there in San Francisco that it just had his head spinning. Let's go to collide in the world and takeaway -- WWL. -- don't doing fine. Most solid support to the constitution didn't really treated tested Diop and on board member that art. Should be written in the to his future and -- fired up well. Commission did her job and -- right. Now literally to achieve or not -- court urge you to work not -- heroic -- that wouldn't have been able -- liberal. Yeah. Yeah he you know I guess he got embarrassed. They haven't still you don't shoot a good option. Eager to have saved his life got it now audits it and promote damages are so we don't know saved his life maybe. Yeah yeah yeah cutting wood -- know it by the NFL. And it and it felt like this football player -- quarterback yeah it's. Joseph -- Yet Joseph Flacco then you give him whatever else we get -- or not but also allow -- Colombo in the water receiver. They're similar piracy and it changed its some -- -- it. -- -- the team has just or birds know me. Brian I'm sure there gonna restructuring Hammond and see where he's gone I mean they -- Ray Lewis retiring. I'm sure they're they're not gonna be able to sign everybody I mean that happens. Every season you can't keep everybody. Yeah but I doubt they'll certainly try. But yeah I think you get to -- a bit you know like I got out Collison will go to stop the Hamachi had to quit quit with a little. Will area you're you know up. It it's it's not gonna stop until. You know I guess some of these old old timers like Brad Shaw and and Manny Archie Manning in these guys look good what -- make him nowadays and you know it's like wow. Wins again the stop button you know it's a different different era means the NFL the NFL's most popular sports. In America right now some of their make him money and they got a TV contract -- pay them they got the availability due to pay these guys so they're paying them. It that bush didn't know going. One remembrances look we do my job back you -- pressed charges you guys that's I would do it -- -- -- her job back this year alone to back. Now we'll see the story I guess is still developing planet thanks for Lisbon man thanks for calling -- -- art but lack. 2601 point seven EA six -- 89 as early today for a sound here I -- I said. Still -- are doing out in California. And every time we mentioned somebody out in California people automatically think. Okay it's going to be crazy. And you -- California. They have their own the California Endangered Species. Act most lot of states. Do that. They are going to now protect. Great white sharks. Off the coast of California. Will be protected by the California Endangered Species Act beginning. Today. This because three environmental groups asked the California department of fish and wildlife to protect. The great whites the beginning of February. Know the groups say there are around 340. Great whites in the north western Pacific region making them in danger of extinction. They didn't say how they reach this number or how they got to this number. Or how they counted up. The a 340. So they're gonna go ahead and protect them and put them on the protected Endangered Species Act and some of the text that witnessed -- were like well. Next time one's bite on a surfer you better -- hit him back or his going to be in trouble. And someone responder will do stuff surgery. They're going bankrupt. The State's going broke. And they're worried about how many great whites are off the coast. And they need to protect. That's why it's crazy. Things to --