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3-5 4:35pm Deke & Bobby talk w/Aaron Wilson

Mar 5, 2013|

Deke Bellavia and Bobby Hebert talk with Ravens Reporter for the Baltimore Sun Aaron Wilson about Joe Flacco becoming the highest paid player in NFL history.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Covering the Baltimore Ravens for the Baltimore is on Aaron Wilson joins us now and thank you so much for the time and when Joseph Flacco was drafted. Back in April 06 foot five and six years ago. Did you think he would become the highest paid player in the national football do you think Baltimore. You know -- Ozzie Newsome thought that. What score quarter they can win with I mean they've been fine now in the process. School that morning. -- didn't know about statistics. Black and so the Bears quarterback who really calm in terms that is. Performance. And -- one of the historical -- and eleven touchdowns and interceptions so he maximized. The timing. And you know he achieved multiple -- stage when you. You don't change who you wore on terms you know where you rank among quarterbacks. There's not been Super Bowl winning quarterback and Super Bowl most valuable player with three touchdowns so yeah you bring those in the they've never been. You know out all the things and then. -- -- marching on the ball. And it could be in terms Baltimore so it's not like the Saints -- -- I'm not game and seeing where they passing offense. Adding it was brutal article where they scored thirty some points. Right right it's all different so I don't think -- Very much. At all come -- -- not without you know quarterback if he's not a Pro Bowl quarterback. Ignored are you -- quarterback. Is the most important time and I think a performer that's what matters for both of -- and the courtroom. It's certainly work for him so he went from being they could -- about that can sixteen million couldn't eat the onslaught yesterday. I thought were more so in that themselves and blunt and you know I've. -- There are a lot of doubt about that adult walks -- which they say. Well I won't -- and should pursue a bit tired so I think it's a reflection -- it's cool. -- and changed you know Friday night he beat impeachment is. Parent when and local injures -- and then he stopped in. About impeachment in the mile and on the way home just in a big contract -- the 29 million dollars on the most that's. I can't celebrate. Now Aaron you know it's impressive to me it because I know. You have when you're playing in the best of the -- that the highest level professional American football. In the world. That how hard it is to win even on a consistent basis on the road in the regular season. So Timmy -- I've been most impressed when it's you turn it up a notch in the post season. Him being the winningest quarterback on the road I mean that says something right there that you can win. In hostile environment and built to handle all that adversity. Well you know -- so. Think that was important or his -- we saw it that way I don't know what level he could achieve that. There were taking very early in his rookie season regulars in. Want to go play the Steelers. And against James Harrison and those guys and performed very well. Own did not seem all. You know really concerned about the -- -- concern about the crowd. And although Spain which exposed and playing being back in Pittsburgh since featuring expert from you received that for the Delaware. After his starting job but. They want it you'd serve a lot control those emotions and as you know it. Well not typical performance in. 66 feet forty guys that came per norm. It's more controlled and it's a pleasure and -- -- -- -- -- the meeting with the -- and see them and the miracle that that Super Bowl. Been more Owens -- he -- really really well you know and then socialists and so -- After a bull Robinson -- setting. In the last five years and this shinjo -- so he just pretty unflappable that makes him different. But you know. And even. Been born and I think that -- you know naked -- -- sweetheart I mean. He's had a personality. At the same turn and it has nothing really changes and I think that experience that bit about paying him. Now Eric going forward you look at depression there's gonna come what the contract you know I can recall talking in the Drew Brees about bad in. How you you still wanna say is stay the same and and that and they'll let it change is still be deleted you are on the team at the same thing now the way the Ravens are structured and because of age factor in liquidate dealing in the -- that subsided a ball. That really the offense Selig would accomplish in the post season that is almost you can't say I like the defense -- Dolphins and I think going forward. All that is a big part of whether they'll continue to have success. Right issues that you -- when it was tiring. Also older more -- them. And agreed. To not be back so he usable luminaries that he's different but what have they put together. What you AFLAC though you have -- rights you have. I'm in -- -- retained in Canada. On Bolden and you've got to. Well that's good and. Yeah those two free agents -- there that you know work on my part -- but yeah it is -- well and so flat so that's the deal. Aaron Wilson -- the Ravens for the Baltimore Sun and thank you so much for the time we appreciate. Are what.