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Mar 5, 2013|

Todd talks annoying cell phone calls. Tonight on the SCOOT Show: a woman in Boston has lost her gym membership because she was talking on her cell phone while on the elliptical. Management says she was warned before and refused to stop so this time they

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Ominous is in pursuit final hour here as we head into mid 960. On late 786 exit 89087. Here's what we've been. It on all nine. A lot of Boston has lost her gym membership because she was talking on the cell phone while on the elliptical management. Says she was warned before and refused to stop to this time they -- and enough. The cell phone use become a nuisance in our daily life of people talking on cellphones and public annoy you. And where's the worst place to talk or text. On your phone. Restaurant sporting event movie theater. Church. Where do you think. And what you're annoying cellphone story. A one week after Yahoo! ended its work from home program best buy ends its work at home program as well. Originally seen as a TrailBlazer for its progressive telecommuting policy you know the program allowed employees to set their own hours of work from anywhere as long as the job got done. Do you think that work at home programs make companies less competitive. The traditional company work policies and you can work from home which you read you the work from home. Or just say you war -- well. Let's see here Von Miller of the Denver Broncos. Today guaranteed that the Broncos would win the Super Bowl. This coming season. He says he was motivated by six year old cousin coming out of a coma now if you had to make a bold prediction on the Super Bowl contenders for the upcoming season. Who would your odds on favorites. The and alleys the highest paid player in the NFL what do you think was the first thing Joseph Flacco purchased after signing his new deal. Ate chicken McNabb gets -- at McDonald's. You sign a 120 million dollar contract would be the first thing. You would use the money on. Sky's the limit to 601 examining its expected nine points and also. I mentioned earlier ESP NN. As. Their outside the lines. Of fever CNET. On the the station but also on their website. They have and outside the lines about Roger Goodell. And it's entitled his game his rules. And it goes into. -- talking about. Commissioner Roger Goodell. And some of the things. That he has done a lot of this is based. On comments from other people around. I don't like this guy actually interviewed Roger Goodell this is all been put together. Buying. Friends of him coworkers. And so forth interviews with them and stories about things that he has done in and so forth and so on. So they talk about. You know how he got started. How he's in there. What is main concern is for the -- in many and say it is safety and so forth. Says six and a half years into. A -- ten year. Is billionaire bosses believe the man who dreamed of being commissioners a teenager is perfectly suited to lead the league through its most perilous time. They paid him 29 point 5000000 and 2011. And in January 2012 he signed a five year contract extension. Robert Kraft the patriots owner says Goodell runs the NFL as if he owns it. The league who literally. Belongs to him. Jerry Jones the cowboys owner says the bill care so much about the game. That he totally emptied his -- did everything he's got and put his life. Into the NFL. He also says could dells they grow the past thinker. For his ability to increase revenues. Now. Of course it goes on -- dimensions. Up about eight. Says the body get investigation. Was a quagmire. Almost entirely. Of good Dell's making. One of good -- motivations. To take a resounding stand on -- gates seems obvious. He was protecting the shield meaning he's protecting the NFL. But it's also clear he reacted to being lied to. The league first got wind -- a possible -- buddy program in 2010 from another team's coach. When investigators interviewed saints defensive coach Gregg Williams and player Anthony Hargrove. However both denied its existence. Allowing it to continue. Unabated for another two seasons until it was exposed. The details also infuriated. Did -- The league have long issued annual written warnings to all the clubs that pay for harm programs were not to be tolerated. It saints players as he saw it. Enthusiastically agreed to try to hurt opposing players. Deeply offended. Morris says of the bill's reaction which led to be -- on president at suspensions of the saints general manager head coach in two assistants last march. Two former new world and saints players. Was doing at the time he charged that as many as 27 saints defenders have participated in the program. But two months later. Based largely on the testimony of Greg Williams and former coach Mike Cirillo. Plus evidence called from saints computers he suspended. Hargrove and three leaders of the defense Jonathan Vilma Will Smith of Scott Fujita. In the parlance of prosecutors it appears Williams. Flipped on the players with hopes of later winning leniency from Roger Goodell. Says here. ESPN has exclusively obtained. Bounty -- Documents. Including confidential transcripts. Of the private -- day appeal hearing held by commissioner. Former commissioner Tagliabue. Late last year. The documents show an investigation remarkable. For its limited. Scope. Only one the saints player spoke to investigators for example. And for damning accusations that league officials quietly retracted. It later memos -- chose not to introduce. As evidence. Former US attorney Mary -- why you hired by the NFL to review -- did evidence told reporters that Vilma held up 5000 dollars in each hand the night before. -- 2009 playoff game against Arizona. -- cancels a volume cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner yet the league did not introduce. That evidence during the appeal hearing. League officials also invited twelve members of the media to reviewing videotape of the 2009 things viking NFC championship. This was the game when a 101000 dollar Bonnie had allegedly been placed on vikings quarterback Brett Favre. Who got knocked down hard by saints players remain a bell and Bobby McCray -- no flag was thrown. After which a sideline camera caught a saints players saying to -- about a gimme my money. On videotape the league had added a caption attributing the words to Hargrove. Who hadn't been in on the hit. Mary Jo White she told reporters that video was undeniable proof showing that Hargrove. Quote smiles and winks and State's Bobby gimme my money. How do you know it's hard grows voice reporter asked. Because you can see his lips moving. White says. That night ES -- of the media -- repeated that Hargrove it's at the words turning him in to a public villain of the scandal but you cannot see -- say give me the money. At that moment as he sits on the bench his head is blocked from view by the back. Of -- -- -- Hargrove angrily denied accusations then -- still angry denies it. Today is agent obtained a voice analysis that shows it was unlikely the voice was hard grows. It was -- our growth to dubious in recent everyone knows it. -- payment of former saints' practice squad member who was on the silent agrees it was a -- ago. I -- was not question about the incident by the NFL or suspended. Declined to comment for this story. Quietly a few weeks later the -- backtracked. From the Hargrove allegation. In a bounty -- memo. Quote I am prepared to as soon contrary to what he had told the public. That he did not make the comment Goodell wrote but the charge. As stock. This thing it it's very long and very interesting. I mean the whole article printed doubts about. Ten or twelve pages long I'm just brush on a part of it here. But it seems the more they go in depth of this that. They really. Messed this whole lot. And their investigation and a lot of it as you read the article. Says it's because of Roger Goodell holds. -- And quick. To judge quick. -- -- -- leaders say it here the thing that he's most worried about. Is a player dying on the field. He says he can see that happening of the game does not stop being. So violent. Happened once before. -- accused of the Detroit Lions died of a heart attack. In a game in 1971. So Goodell is worried about that. But there's a lot of other things. In this article elected -- through this for the rest of the via our talk about. But check out. It's also going to be on the Caspian but you can check it out on line. Obvious -- Dot com. And read all of this to concede some of the reasons why things happened. They say you know the bill is quick to anger. On a lot of things. Let his emotions run him they said he was. Really angry because he got life to that was more the reason than any thing. As to why the suspensions were so bad. And not really thinking things through. So 260 on late 786 -- 89 at 0870. There's a thing on on Roger Goodell. And -- Pia -- very very insightful and talk about how the players don't trust him. And some of the things that he has done. Theirs they you know when this whole. The lock out started he was going around meeting with players. In the locker room. And in fact he was an Indianapolis Colts locker room. And Jeff Saturday who's the player rep had to escort him out at one point because the players start to get kind of hostile because he said. Well I'm I'm neutral and all of us. And they realized. When you work for the owners. In the polar star of hostels and Jeff Saturday that in the meeting an escort. Rodrigo I'll. It's an ever since then. The players. Don't trust him final hour here and suddenly also the the Caspian story of just Tony about -- -- over the past five months. ESPN has interviewed more than eighty people and obtain thousands of confidential documents for the story Roger Goodell however. Declined multiple interview request. This story that they are putting together and I said. Player safety he constantly says that that's. Part of his mission. He often tells audiences a favorite story. When he's talking about players safety more than a century ago before there was an NFL. President Theodore Roosevelt. State football. With a blunt force of his visionary leadership in 190418. Student athletes died playing the game. Mostly from skull fractures. 1904. -- -- fan Roosevelt can be in the coaches from Harvard Yale and Princeton to a White House meeting the innovations that were adopted the forward past. The founding of the NCAA help propel. An endangered game into the modern era. This history lesson places to go. Now only places to Delano Roosevelt shoes in the current worries about players' safety in historical context. And also -- one of his greatest fears NFL player. Is going to die on the field. Within the past year Goodell has told friends privately that he believes that the game's hard knocks culture doesn't change it could happen again. Quote he's terrified of it says a hall of fame player who speaks regularly with -- It wouldn't just be a tragedy. It would be awfully bad. For business. 260187866889087. Let's go to dean on the West Bank eighteen you're on WW. Got things to take Michael scope I had done spoken to your -- much. On. Obama trying to story broken everything and -- candidate suspensions. Look anybody in their right mind. I think it's it's it's clear that this Wednesday. Small market team go after them especially once small market team that was -- prominent. As saying it's the dog bit and after the accused and as the scapegoat. Disabled and -- They went after that we -- loosely. Created and the Albany was was hearsay. Dramatic. Anybody that's played football. You can -- meaning you can deal good. -- it is a playground for knock him out boulder and into people. We you are awarded for that your console wars and how picture awarded and just what he did. What he did. Was a -- -- -- It's the change it's gonna look defense and he -- on -- and feel you're you're guaranteed at least Primeau. You know where dean is indeed the only thing I would disagree with you and I don't think he targeted that I honestly. I think because. If rod if if Gregg Williams were somewhere Els it would happen to them I think if you wanna do a story like you know you wanna go after them and you won approval point. You goal where there's smoke there's fire there's always been smoke where Greg Williams has been our primary got a report from another coach that says it. Hey he's always on this at that -- -- -- it there. Though I think it's just the fact that Gregg Williams is here with that's how we got. Involved and if he weren't stolen buffalo they probably. The problem that I would it is not only is this going to be swept under the rug. And it dealt -- cronies. Are gonna get away with this country does not -- a -- for them scrutiny so. We've lost a year mean. It couldn't have notified the saints in the saints and pride to embark on season ticket. Mean you -- a position where I used to be that the gains all. I mean I'm not broke by ship and -- can't afford trial -- -- wanted to host. Can Muster in the to a football game and it's going to be coming out located and -- And I think I think what happened here. Is that look this was -- should mention undertaken. And to respectfully disagree with which the same -- the -- were targeted because they were so prominent. And -- -- extremely the person that really have. It's been four against Tom Benson and open up as -- Do you if you want if you wanna go the reason I say that if you wanna go very prominent team to make an example. You go after the cowboys. You can no patriot. Count on and on -- it's not it's not the states -- we think the states are wonderful and everybody love and trust me get out of this state inmates though. -- but we're not America's team trust me but it. And I agree with people and so from a media standpoint. You need to take a team like that they think. Ron yes man at. Uga before owners. That and handed. -- -- the prior sign means. Do you mean. I don't. -- again I'd I don't think we were targeted I think it's because Gregg Williams was -- has a history. Well again. There's no doubt about that anyway he's all. You noble we used to look at it. Well you know first it was due to pain in the NFL -- a piece of who paying it and boom misconduct and -- and -- more about it. The -- the taping curriculum was supposed to mean agents because there was no evidence right but -- much as much as it came out and oh well. The end of the NFL. Be -- -- the NFL never did anything with the Mickey Loomis and outright and yet some some reporter. Got a got a quote skip somebody tipped them that that was going on and apparently. The. Well all all can say is that the financial Payton. I don't know anybody else. Can't agree on. But I actually like that -- -- key -- to install and he's -- to get started. And I can't think that there is going to be so much. That there is going to be such and most people like Robert. I think the guy is gonna bring. Actually kind of tenacity. That -- maybe Greg did. But look at look at growth. Understand when he gave that position. He was painful and in some ways as you Oregon's expanded. -- -- -- -- -- -- And you know this guy can't -- -- -- job and it was -- I mean you've got things that. You know like it's I mean. You know we're just so they just lobbyists and -- -- Wrong wrong I think what apple would patent though is that patent should. I -- I think there were some things done wrong. And I and I and I think there was a pay for performance whatever you want to call out -- out sure you. And you're trying to send a message to the rest of the league to not do that soul he sent that message he he put the hammer down and like it says in the article. People around him think he put the hammer down very hard because he was. He owed that Gregg Williams lied to him right that's why not once. Not twice at all times. And it's coming next. You and you you've got -- fit -- program and no we don't know we know we ago. Do you do on back and we have a pretty crippled -- program which is still wrong. In the history of sport and. But you know but but just because everybody did it doesn't make it right dean and -- are. I did not and I agree with it you know in in the history of sports. Not not coaches have been suspended. For an entire. Year. Exactly he wanted to send a message and he did. You can put it in and trust me you'll get the message and its rocket impacts directly or. I'm surprised somebody didn't some. Somebody -- actor in this city. So we got a golden. We don't know. I'm Elliott wouldn't last and last. Like I'd like to give animals swapped -- McCall RID thanks solid music though a -- 7866889. Through its heavy taxes. Ask yourself what in jumping five and if there were no infractions yet. Again I think it was a year. I don't think it was maybe to some of the degree they're claiming. But I think because of the suspension of Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis and -- -- All of that in the player all of that happened because. Roger Goodell was lied to and that's what this article alludes to. Not once not twice but three times. By Gregg Williams. And I'm sure Greg Williams flipped on the players. Because he wanted to get reinstated which he has been. To get back into the -- And I don't think the saints were targeted. I don't think Roger Goodell. Sat down and said. You know what. Let me look and pulled out a list the ball 32 teams. Go after the saints. I don't think it happened that way. Really know. And -- this lawsuit. He was trying to prove that we're trying to do -- and protect the players. Even though the players are trying to injure themselves. He got reports. From another coach on another team. That got wind. Of this. Program going all of Gregg Williams. Brought it to Roger Goodell. To get dole asked him three times. They denied it all three times. And then. They turn to. When they started getting more evidence when Mike's Cirillo. Started telling them things. And then when they got the computers. And access to that. They started finding. More evidence of so. I don't I don't buy that the saints were targeted. It's the hole where there's smoke there's fire there was smoke. And they followed it. And I honestly think that if Gregg Williams. Where they head coach of Buffalo's deal. Or at the Redskins. That's where they would've done it. Because he'd been -- on the same program there that which UNC. Musical donates 786 exit 89087. But yes I do think he went overboard because he was angered. That he was like to go to Allen and Algiers -- -- you're on WWL. Target for my call. Rob. Arnold breweries. What do you I mean and that's. Wallace there's hold up what I want to talk about what do you think. The streets and they may be here -- the be it evil blood. I think excellent it is trying to get all the attention these times because. You know they have they have put it behind us but we need to -- -- -- -- now. You know I have other in this article like I say that this this was a part of -- -- triggered -- -- it. About Roger Goodell that they put together and and I think most people realize that the reason the suspensions so drastic was because he was. PO that he got like -- Well again. In no one appreciates being lied to and I think that you you know your year rate I think it was it wasn't so. -- to an extent that what well that they actually that it distributed at Atlanta's right -- -- earlier. I want to about the texting yeah -- and more it's. And when you hit it I mean I've ever experiences personally anybody that's why I was in line though. Shopping or media -- restaurant but more -- takes place. You did support for a girlfriend and occupancy. Has been wasted because the future wide field -- doesn't why doesn't dole takes much and so. What from the -- do I mean. No I text my wife a lot my wonderful text me in the and a lot of times to be honest it's easier to give me through tax because light. Right now I'm talking on the radio my phone's not generating zone. You tax me something I'll see you later and you know -- was there but. But. You know we we talked and we tax I don't know -- We text more than we talk we orally about equal with I would say the younger generation definitely. Yeah. -- way more than. Than adults. It's ambiguous and you wanted your report teachers work all that he had. David -- said in an image there's time -- Well you know the thing with -- though you could if you wanted to get out of a situation you can have somebody halo in this meeting. And I don't wanna be their so so page me. And this certain time. And you know that way I can get out hole I gotta collect call. You know those you saw those things happen a lot -- papers. Her her -- and they use you. Maybe a lot opiates yesterday's shouldn't be on the opry the prediction here at -- pretty. Don't get the option of action here. Unless you know something I don't know and yeah I feel that we do on the show with the court. Good logistic that you that your interest usually don't go to school -- interest so spans about sports knowledge standout sports and I thought they might. You don't well here it's like taking off that's not just kind of keeping their -- Now that I like I like doing them my. You know I'd I'd I have a little bit of knowledge about everything I guess it's dangerous so. But that -- Jack of all trades master none. Yeah I guess so but -- little trivial knowledge you there. And we hope it'll take all that a couple of you do it's you know he may have screwed up the first way I do too well. That's why you know we you know -- RAX capped Italy that he you know he never would quote bonus and a minus -- -- -- You know Renault. -- what you're saying is Alvin. They'll do so well -- in pursuit. Because you want me to stay doing the -- if that's what you're saying it around to bow right. Thanks it. They all music elevate 7660. Nines there waits that we will it take a break here. What we come back. More recalls in comments about well this is we year wrap up the night. Here on WW well. The what do you think about that. Dean caller in what happened with Roger did -- the Caspian article that took them five months to put together. Talked to bunch of different people. More than eighty people thousand the confidential documents they went through but Roger himself wouldn't talk for the this is what they've put together. Don't forget tomorrow you can join Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia alive from the national World War II museum. Celebrating gridiron glory you or your sports heroes growing up. And are there any athletes today worthy of the title hero plus NFL network's Brian balding -- Will join in the envelope with the pros sport 630. Followed by LSU basketball LSU taking on Texas a and M on the big gates seventy and then at seven you have a choice the hornets. Host the lakers. On 1053 WWL FM. The flagship station. Of your new world sports that is tomorrow to 601 late 7866 hitting nines -- -- -- let's go to a gene Guerrero -- -- on WWL. And at the side of things to. One about the time it said. Now I thought that. And got a bit. -- that hasn't been happy that they get. That. -- -- -- -- He meant to you you. Democrats. And they. Keep -- -- -- -- And I immediately that he. Now that's not that's a cool you'll like food -- -- -- You couldn't put it and not out of pocket it's my. Time to. You didn't. -- Everywhere -- can't they can't put everything in there to -- to. To jam the signals that that's against the federal laws but I have they can have a policy that you can't talk on the phone in there. And I do not like -- and if you would open. It. What can you. Beat him. But. I got to him now from. -- -- Well right now the tolls are gone and hopefully they won't get voted back you know made guilty. And Lucent. We went -- -- the cut into that -- can't they just. You've got to Gina thank you for college. Hi Bob 260187866890872. Mark in Metairie Haymarket on WWO. Think that I need to do -- great great is that the predicament one degree would did -- -- son. It incapable prediction is you on the on chronicles. Oh yeah Von Miller. Yeah yeah it operated what degree because you know. On -- record of elected that his name right now where in a way you know obviously -- you know most likely would be brothels and again the 49ers. But guess what. -- that we -- it was a morality. -- that density. With Andy Reid there. And -- and do that. And a Alex Smith that rhetoric and I there I think that's going to be a pretty good. Combination and that you exactly you know. I got no problem with the Kansas entities like. And the but it won't thank you know are on the Pittsburgh Steelers you know don't him -- -- that new derivatives and handed out and indeed as you know -- -- basically -- to get him out that it was 1970. When they. What can remember it quite which year. You know detained in an example that he. Alia that the -- yet you gave that the rules have changed and evolved within through the seventies and the eighties I mean. Used to be able to analyze discriminate CO of the hit slapped. I know that deacon deacon Jones made famous you know he'd slap people outside the hits and an -- and -- -- pregnant and that now you used to be able to army when. When the receivers went across the field. Technical and knock them down before they got the ball but yeah all those rules have changed and and I think I've won. I think the rules made those rule changes made the game better. He had -- you know when doing -- talent I was watching again economic I was off for it. But when I look at the highlight when you go back on between northern and somewhat -- that he did I am commentator Timothy. It was -- that now yeah I'm like one hole. And we all remember the -- the NFL films music don't own them and those Beers and everything but yeah. And one more thing to do then -- what I do if I was given. A great big. Gypsy crime contract they'll its first thing -- by magic as a -- and and the -- It is that -- you -- the money you know political full power not to look at tomorrow because issues that you need some money you know -- to get that done. It's just kind of -- to you know to basically on the waiting so you help era. You know -- -- thank you have a great. I'm marquis to thank you meant to 6018786. Exit 890 it's -- -- the odds right now or at least as as of Monday. For winning the Super Bowl a -- Miller made a bold prediction. He said that the Denver Broncos are gonna win the Super Bowl. This year and that's basically what motivated him was he is a young cousin -- six years old. Was involved in serious automobile crash. And just came out of the coma. Emerge from the Coleman he says it's a sign. We're gonna win the Super Bowl this year I guarantee it. They are the Broncos are seven to one. Odds on favorite to win the Super Bowl. For next year. Patriots. Have the best -- at 521. And the 49ers in the Broncos are tied both at 71. Seahawks are eight to one. Didn't think they'd be that I Seahawks -- two on the Packers are ten to one. What's. Interest staying as you go down the line. They let a falcons last year -- made all the NFC championship game. And the number one seed in the NFC. Saints missed the playoffs had a miserable year -- little bounty gate thing. If the saints. And the falcons both have the same odds. Of making the Super Bowl this year. Last time I checked it was. And it was sixteen to one. Where their odds. May have gone up to fifteen to one for both but they're both right there. The same. Just found that interest and the little footnote they have for the saints for the falcons is they think they're coming back of the pack. For the saints. They think election will be better than where it goes -- -- because Sean Payton. Is coming back to the pan. Morrow morning. On the. And WWL first news. Reveals -- Filling in for. Tommy Tucker. Crescent City connection tolls are suspended after a judge throughout the election. You commute across the bridge -- and share your feelings as your poll -- for the first time minimal time. Is your commute going faster. New election is set for May fourth through the -- be renewed or not. Crescent City collecting -- generated 22 million dollars annually plus. A former DEA chiefs want the federal government to stop state laws that legalize pot do you if pot was legal in Louisiana would you smoke. If pot was legal Louisiana. Would you smoke it. Iowa Republican lawmakers want to pass a bill that makes it harder to get divorced. One reason because -- prevent young girls from becoming promiscuous. Should no fault divorce. The illegal for parents whose children are minors and should parents stay together for the Kia. And -- violation new world and make case by case exceptions to its residency requirement. Boston Chicago and Philadelphia all have domicile law should people be required to live in the city if you work for the city. Where do you work and where do you live you can talk about it tomorrow morning with spooked. The -- there in fort Tommy Tucker. Six to ten right here. On WW where. He's 601878. That the that it that he knows I do that tell him that all the time atomic states that are people. People laughed at that -- -- have a I'm a pretty good relationship where we're like that this is me over here the phone thing that's that's a close where. I don't wanna think guys Shelden Williams for a Manning master control. And keeping everything running enough blowing -- all of you who called and texted. And join the show ms. without you guys. Not much show tomorrow. Will be coming on after the LA issue basketball game. So tomorrow L issue. Takes on a Texas thing in them. Adam Viet 630. So will come on on the big -- seventy when that game ends at seven. You'll have the hornets and the lakers. Knack Kobe Bryant the guy's going to be at the hive tomorrow. That'll be on the flagship 1053. WWL. Have them. Again. Thanks for joining me tonight and I'll see you guys tomorrow night right after. LSU basketball. Here on the news talk and sports. Power files. On the go so. It's WW.