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3-6 12:10pm Garland talks with Eric Smith about oil pipelines

Mar 6, 2013|

Garland talks with Eric Smith, Professor at Tulane's Institute of Energy, about oil pipelines

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Are we think about your he's going -- oil pipeline. And -- correctly. Very very very well and from cancer through taxes to bring in ports handle. Think -- the right. And President Obama has been debating whether or not we should do than most of the -- environmental groups. Totally against it they've been studying it for 45 years. -- with the State Department list we came back to the president with the 2000 page report in basically said no real scientific reason. To reject the project. Also the pipeline and they think would cause minimal damage as you would expect. The environmental groups are not happy. We just spoke with -- doctor Bob Thomas whose had -- been barman communications are long over a long time environmentalist in this era. And -- the -- via a -- a very good. Explanation of all the complexities. Of this issue in both sides of the argument. And at the end said that. Because she would rather we reply and it did in China which is word of code to do income -- Because of what -- in the atmosphere in concerns about. His concerns are insured not his words mind but I'm sure of this when it was talking about global warming. Carbon in the atmosphere and it's Federer he was actually in favor of the project. Now we talked to do Eric Schmidt professor two and institute of energy. -- good dog can you do and professor. -- -- -- -- If if this is approved sees that. Initially our -- a lot about how many jobs 42000. People. In support jobs. 3900. People in direct jobs. One to -- your construction people got 45000 people that are at work. They're bring in wages of about two and have billion dollars in the -- of the three point through -- and -- -- -- spending but. Only gives a 35 permanent job fifteen -- -- Is is this worth it more. Well I think here quickly -- rapid job on the construction nor the job running apart on that's really not with the stroke issues. Now both in Carmel community in the early strokes -- that I can deal where. It would agree on one thing. It is our war that the pipeline does is creates jobs in the finding sector and in the downstream processing sectors show. If you like jobs and refineries that you like jobs and petrochemical plants. What -- -- music creates jobs -- -- Louisiana -- actions not so much cancer certain. That the producer -- even even -- candidate apart on requires staffing in maintenance or church and the real jobs. That the current location. How how old toxic. Or hearts and northern more than most what is it -- wouldn't be human and. Betterment of the city is sort of but he. Error -- quote board approved -- bunkers Cheney's old heavy fuel oil that we used to -- ships for years. What they do to lose a child is fully diluted where -- compensate. Chipped it down and of course Modesto compensated out and check on that back door. We think it'll probably go north either and I'm sure -- part -- -- are there smaller companion product line or bar. -- what's -- and -- it Steve. That's successfully. Remember when you're on you're on your reaction here you if you look at change. Good start and that access -- the separated should have a better job. Sees Syria remember that that was nine years. There's some of that let. That. Let's get to some of these and -- concerns. Oreo ports which Prius story. And apparently in Canada. And just one problem most of the strip things done. Extraordinary reports -- It's and it's destroying the forest. That toxicity. Of the ways is reaping huge leaks. That can be seen from experts. Are there are pretty startled -- at all as they have to reclaim all of the property as they finish using accurate picture on. I got the the first port -- bank is. Street market is sort of yesterday's technology most of this shall be produced using what's called kinship to production and our. Psyche. Being assisted gravity drainage. Which she is basically -- Cuba grounder in the world there's rejection well -- there were -- world that you don't really before we hear hear anything else. And and can you re forest the ball real forest. On the plane rare cancers in the media. Downwind provinces. I'm not a cancer expert is mister -- cancer expert but really we're -- of everything. In the Gulf Coast. And every government radio talk show hosts are -- in my opinion and then you'd keeps them without delay -- -- a professor at the university. Here. We're coming right back we're talking with the professor Eric Schmidt threw into key to energy. Hughes owned oil pipeline the president been told Bosnian State Department to re real enough to do what do you think. 260187. Years to tell -- access. Think that it target. By the keystone pipeline and pipeline that can go all the way from Canada to Texas. Bring you more oil but it's from carcinogen -- on the loose the Clinton the most toxic. For remote oil. -- professor Erica Smith with the from two going to institute. Energy. Professor. One of the things that give you -- when I was reading and -- them concerns. Is they claim that approved a large number of people have been threatened with imminent don't domain seizing the property. If -- oil pipelines through their property near to Texas Goddard says. Material opposes debris problem -- college process is the most dangerous and frightening and transporting it to the golf. The waste is very toxic and clinical. And that we have to deal with that I have read many times that many people. Have gone home to illegally taken through eminent domain to build the pipeline. Have do you have any acknowledges weather and that that has been threatened or indoor has been done. I'm sure Internet domain has been used I would I would question whether it's evidently legal and its often use in the argument in favor eminent -- is that it produces the most benefit for the people. Super there. A single and over from -- In a pipeline or any other power lines or the other utilities which you can record. From being -- approach is property. But it is not illegal it's because it's quite well regulated. A -- one of the concerns it is oh callers very larger -- primary in Nebraska. And I think -- -- of reasons if I remember correctly that they re routed the pipeline pipeline that that led to the State Department thing. We don't -- major scientific reason now. I'm trying to make a direct order kerrobert remember this is the fourth. Were you in four years by the government each portal which has it's not a serious problem. But in talking to doctor Bob Thomas. He mentioned this appointment they they re routed that -- -- but it's still in in the general water shipments of plug. When it goes through taxes that can cross and number of Mitterand Cooper's. And I just got through doing. -- show yesterday which wouldn't work. On these scarcity of water and we have 36 states that are big trouble with the minimal water supply. How does all that fact. Our ground water is certainly they're concerned any time you have apart but recognize we have. Tens of thousands of bottles of oil pipeline at all that the country -- at all sort -- -- first. And to my knowledge nobody has gone Kirstie as a pipeline. It was built under their territory what. I would. Suggestions that the main reason they -- the pipeline -- -- sand hills area which is an area were whooping cranes and various -- moral life for quite prominent. -- -- -- down around those -- are sensitive areas. At which point the state was perfectly happy to promote the -- disturbance to the state that. The three states that are crossed that's -- pebble. You're reading an article Leo and -- on our you know the media's grabbed hold of -- year ago or almost. Breed of Middle East -- -- was quote self sufficient. In the article was pointing out that even the biggest major findings. In the gulf. When you extrapolate how much we use per day my excellent year. None of them because energy independent long. -- -- well either -- -- does that. Contributors territory. The improvement. Remember this applies also. Sweet crude from the Bakken shale. Which is being produced. And in North Dakota and he gets that took markets. Between the sweet. Like crude from the pocket which is totally in the US and that's heavier crude coming out of Canada were able to displace imports of sweet and -- crew from people who don't like for virtually director dinosaur. This little bit different but we'll have a couple of minutes someone from a killer application. Explain to people if you would. Cushing Oklahoma the problems that creates and will this pipeline and minimize or eliminate the problem. I'd be the entire pipeline system will help illuminate the problem the problem. Cushing is it's like an injury -- -- to gas -- -- or. Its main pricing in the United States for criminal. So called less taxes and immediate because -- marker for the -- With all of the additional crude coming out of the world shale. If all goes into pushing into tanks and storage facilities. And there has simply not enough pipelines to get it out of Christian so you've -- -- Wednesday. -- Parker clogged drain in the -- you know obviously controlling our prayers -- not enough. Flowed to get prepared -- -- entry. We're reversing pipelines were putting in new part -- -- all sorts of things turn relieves that pressure. Some of the pipelines and drink put are ever coordinated with terrific the keystone XL part tour. Sure -- that section has already under construction. From crushing down to use them. Who was Colin who's in the good argument I have dual pleased to beat them look so good for the image. Are eager to BM. It's it's better in darker complicated. Story but it's. At the end of the day you can reduce these things are pretty simple concepts through. The crude oil output -- that Canada has broad terms pointed out carrier. Can go Obama two directions sure there are Chinese. Oil companies. Should appear side. In our the American sell quite apart like great -- will -- to go to the Pacific social political world kitchen and that's a very real threat and I can practical issues and real. Strange places we've reviewed the Chinese insurer invested in or Egypt or put extra. -- -- -- It was evident that swear word well. Professor and you're absolutely right you can always take very complicated story and make it simple enough from England spent. Appreciated Tom index returns as always good talk. We're coming right back this is the painting and Robin that would give. Should be an interest in cure tomorrow we're. Bring reports are best known to court pictures. Written an article were boosted their college president break the NCAA's. Vice grip on let addicts. He -- the NCAA uses Sheehan in his race. Well again out of it. And he gives all the reasons why. And as usual elements and -- producers as well -- him. As national figures I come -- and sure enough. She got a newcomer in the show. Him. Tomorrow we're -- gonna talk about India major article in time and think -- over 2000 words when the longest articles ever. On the cost of our local not natural -- at its. Current medical care and it's kind of an article that that basically says it against obamacare would try and you won't what we've got what we got some -- but -- million up next. We're gonna talk about. Mugging of hers who got -- this morning so we're gonna talk about that have you ever been mode would take your calls and comments about that. And at 3 o'clock we're gonna speak with Barbara Ireland the -- director of -- -- -- about CPR and -- it is appropriate and do you know how to do it -- do you more good. And -- look great joy of being in the audience.