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Mar 7, 2013|

Todd Menesses talks with WWL listeners about if cheerleading is a real sport.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And taught -- is in four -- screwed once again meals do Caribbean tomorrow morning. -- Tommy Tucker who's on vacation -- 6018786. Exit 89087. Or eco tech -- 7870. And here we're talking about the things that have spawned most of the activity tonight cheerleading. Is competitive cheerleading. A sport or not. You can logon to WW dot com and cast your vote is that the sport or activity. 58% of you walking on the activity 42%. Saying it's a sport. And this stems from. A story out of Connecticut. Where. A du Quebec university was trying to claim that that should fall under title nine cover them from getting rid of their women's volleyball. Team which they were -- about. By the players and the coach in 2009. And a judge ruled no. Usually not a sport and it doesn't count so that's been the question. Most of the night also at a think it has brought up Jeff Saturday. Who recently retired as an Indianapolis kodi played all those years at Indianapolis Colts that are for a Peyton Manning. Last this season of course he played for the Packers. And has decided to retire he signed with the -- four you know. Just a moment and then retired -- Tonioli. Retiring as an Indianapolis COLT he says the only regret the pants. As a player. Is that. The team did not go. For the perfect season. When they had the chance. Back in 2009. Win the colts went to the Super Bowl against the saints. In the fifteenth week. Fifteenth game of the season. They had everything locked up they were going to be the number one seed. And they pulled the starters people Peyton Manning all the starters. In the third quarter and lost that game to the jets 29. Fifteen. That would also help propel the jets. Into the playoffs that season with a victory. He says he that's his biggest regret that they did not go for the unbeaten CD says as a player. Perfection is the highest school you can reach. And we were so close. So my question to you is. If the team gets in that situation in the NFL. Should they go for the perfect season. By keeping their starters it. The patriots did it in -- 2007 then lost the Super Bowl. But they went sixteen you know. Colts. If everything else stayed the same could have on sixteen and Jones lost the Super Bowl as well. As they did to the New Orleans Saints. What do you think. You go for the perfect season. -- you poll the starters. Let's get back to the phone 2601878668890872. Bulldog and Bay Saint Louis -- thanks -- WW. -- -- And -- you do. This is cutesy cheerleader forward elements in shall pay attention you know by opening each other out there and you know the knowledge definite -- and cheer for the amateur new and I'll let you know. Other than there they're competing against other cheerleading squad that it's it's it's like a gymnastic event. You know domestic squads compete against each other particular -- I think they're judging Connecticut is one of the smartest guy that may have heard of four. -- now champ can channel and -- it is you know check it out for the team you know it. Well there are -- there's two there's two different kinds of cheerleaders now that these are the ones that are on the sidelines cheer on the team on Saturday this is they compete. Against other cheerleading squad they're competitive cheerleaders they do. All the gymnastic loosens option. I mean you've seen it on TV they have the competitions every year the national competitions but it's all recognized by the NCAA. That's sport. No I don't think it will be at it it seems to still. And you know I think it's the bullets in the -- -- applicable. In Portland. It would it would double the super borrowers but -- And they simply can't say that players should you know before it's that simple well tension in the planet and you know -- The group openly was Super Bowl and that's what -- was always. You know compete week. Two. -- -- in Alaska as a Hollywood and about me. It's what it means that they'll want awareness of global. True that is the ultimate goal for those guys. No but now Jeff Saturday says it's it's this pursuit of perfection is somebody -- -- dates that it's of their -- the championships it would no matter but at least he would is that worldly wanna vote one of two teams that on sixteen -- Well maybe he argue with the cheerleaders and maybe. The cheerleaders cheer them on the silent. Lips and our. Listeners out there. Cocktail fortunes in district awfully okay. Look at the minute the minute somebody tells you. You know money's the root of all the what you need to give me all your money like wait a minute while what I wanna give my evil you. -- the that it be the first indication that this thing on the open up. I have been fine girl I mean with -- and sign -- wrote in Canada Russia you know I guess. I guess you have those fortune tellers like yeah it would get in -- and -- far. It certainly is. I -- at midnight. At that people thought out of I don't know what's earlier that are that are those that the fall for when someone tells you that that should be your first sign when someone tells you. Money is bad. And it's gonna be your arms that you need to give at all to me. That's the first indication. Not the 260 late 786 exit 890870. All right it will take Greg Matthews David hang on -- -- the -- way it would get duke is you guys -- about the perfect season do I personally. I think he'd go for the perfect season. And I've often said that I'll tell you why we come back the break I think you need to go for the perfectly now for me it's it's. It's a completely personal reason. But I think you should go for that perfect season will take a break and be right back -- And a welcome back to 60 on a 786. Exit -- ninth heroics that those are the numbers to call can also text that 87870. The -- coming in about our latest topic. Through their Jeff Saturday. Retired from the NFL this year. He retired as the colts are remotely and he said his biggest regret is that they didn't go for the perfect season they didn't go sixteen though they were so close. That fifteenth game. And they pulled the starters. So they lost that game and losing. The next game well. What do you think should they have tried to go. The perfect season he seemed to think he does play the player perfection the high school we can reach. And we were so close. From the -- texting updates that meets -- saying no it's all about the championship. Rest your starters. To make sure you get to the championship. I say. I'd like to see somebody go for the perfect season. I want you to go for the perfect season I'd like to see you win it. Simply because no perfect season obviously means. You sixteen you know. And you go all the way through you win the Super Bowl now colts would have done that bought. I want somebody to -- that simply because. I want someone else to do it this shot up. 72 -- -- hired here in. From those guys about how you're the only one that had the perfect season. I'm tired of it that's while it's about meals that do it that's why every time a team gets close. I'm like don't pull the starters come -- play play let's go to David in -- and David drug -- bureau. David are you there. On line three of four David. LO OK David how are you -- your. There. Yeah I'm here apparently their they're Jack hammering it you know around the bill and Alison having a hard time -- it's it's no problem. Not just comment on -- surely. I've got a real simple test of whether or not something of the sport. And current and I think about it sport has to be objective that's to be out in an objective winner and any sport as the judge. That decide whether or not someone's gonna win -- lose forget is. For now include cheerleading at a conclusion big ice skating all that -- to be a clear winner. That in terms of sport -- what about boxing that sometimes is determined by the justice. Well. Again I was saying look it's going to be objective winner. And narrow and earn the boxing letter -- somebody does I would. I would argue look objectively at lucky -- the first place. Unity -- all right into in terms history an -- the perfect season. I agree with Drew Brees. Drew Brees says -- -- history. Yeah and in terms breaching perfection I think you always play to win eagle for perfection eagle from the park exceed -- And the problem is that no guarantee. That if you pull your starters that you -- for the soap bubble that -- -- in the rubble. So you player regained it and eagle for victory and you know you hope that there regain that you played you -- pull out victory and it's you know what they immediately gain the about trying. And and I agree with you our party here about the dolphins a take it from them and run with that. I had 200 hours every year with pop the champagne all right whatever you know. I -- -- under. All right David thank you for call it art but I think dragon on you do 260 what a 76 exit 890 point seven. Now the Texan a seven Yates that if the colts would have rested their starters that year. That may have stayed hot route and change the simple outcome. That you have the other side of the coin where. The patriots. Changed history. Didn't rest their starters at the end. And ended up losing the Super Bowl. To the giants which made everyone think that Steve Spagnuolo was the defensive genius. Others say the patriots may have just been worn out by that point. I think you -- history I think you go for let's go to Matthew Slidell right after your Adobe to via. All right don't do -- fun. -- you people keep going you know countries met with the government and -- feet deep ball and -- -- -- -- open. Label. Felt it was that thing. I am you know the and also New England. You know they put sheet and you know what being. It. He should get from. The Arab that would -- If you're Google that when he built before marriage. It could reject it must let it out back in all of that out. And -- looking like that. Want a subordinate ones that know you put that ball. Well today to -- -- of -- -- although hold on hold on to be honest. Forty -- the 49ers at 31 a super -- before they get Ricky Jackson that's. -- Remember walking out there aren't. A part that bright Red Bull (%expletive) about football they're doing Machida did DP by big money. In addition to gain from them again it would feel and make would you get the ball. Keep declared a war a war quiche -- -- football should not looser and -- CP. I wanna see yeah I would listen you know I -- see the starters but I wanna see somebody play for history is our last call was that mr. reset I wanna see. Somebody somebody to break that record -- we -- You know that that the record that that drew broke this year. -- united his record it's good for everybody thought it was going to be on break everybody thought now they're thinking in. -- that the -- to -- that record's going to be unbreakable the patriots came close to it. But didn't do it and I think somebody's gonna do it and applies -- -- any. Tonight is compared to you know want to. Shocking remember that there's an appropriate and leave it. You weren't bad enough the scope we look at the total budget to run a school get what it can actually stop that. If you look at what we should be -- we -- and you -- -- appraisals don't do it it would need to do it again. Keep altering and trying to get to get -- in on them and he did I ever actually probably at fault but in my country cable. Well and edit in some instances look if you gonna pull your starters and it's happened before. If you pull your starters that you lose those two or three games at the end because you get everything locked up sometimes. You beat those teams again in the playoffs. -- you help them get into the playoffs as was the case with the jets. Great trade is in May -- partly because you know kind of program. But have anything -- and trump probably not looking Nikkei because he did. Yeah and the -- -- you know. You know an ideologue. And -- triggered -- to gain in the. You know you know aware that we you know when you hair here fans really crying about that. If the saints did that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But by doing that losing those last two games the falcons given that the playoffs. Would upset everybody. That's just that's just the hypothetical folks those your gonna text or call it hasn't happened I don't think it hypothetically. That it happened the fans would be an outrage. -- -- All right Matthew thanks for go back to listen to 60187866889. 0870. Another Tex I think the only sixteen lion team. In the league of parity with the bigger feat for -- sixteen and OT. In -- the first team to not win a team. Globally there even. Even the saints. Haven't done. It both. Let's -- it's go to a Thomas. Is new world and say Thomas you're on WW. -- -- -- -- -- Public Olympic a quick comment about the Chile and the technically out lady that Chilean -- or big it is like track and field it is like oh. All -- the other couple involved or rates most small -- people like. Is not well apartment. -- want them on. Game school if the NCAA. To -- true even got it. The continent's -- compete against other in Dublin's. Been technically it will because of the sport to bill. Well it is all because when it's not the concern again. Portland -- and and they have the proposal and uncles technically it is sport if people both black and it is don't want. And -- it'll plug and because of an object on peck at all. Between two people a proposal would have a lot of people to vote on recognized in Portland. Technically it is well. Yeah and and a you know that's that you didn't that whole area you know they said earlier what is -- sport would isn't a sport which may be a sport to someone because there. Their training forward they're competing -- it. -- you don't think it is because you don't compete you don't watch you don't train. You know there's a gray area something the sport somethings yes you can train for. You have to get ready for it is that real sport. I guess it all up to the individual. This particular look at. And implement a bit like tractors and economist -- it'll have physical contact what an apartment. What they do and it paid a purpose is strange to be comfortable with the approach that they can't be. And it the on department of orbit Dolan is political. Game it's become an attractive you know alt sport -- -- gently and even if they -- girls. It should technically be a sport. You know it up apartment. Well sin and we had a high school coach you Texans said that the that your leaders actually have to go to the same -- the football players. Edit them but I am calling the police -- -- -- -- all blind. Well it which has long recognized the what it -- a girl thing that's where a great little bit. Well and I don't know Vick I don't know if it's because it's a girl thing. Because I mean guys beat cheerleading as well we have a gentleman called a couple of hours earlier that was a cheerleader and do the competitive cheerleading stuff so. But you know it's not it's not just for women but. In this instance they were trying to count it. As a woman's sport under title nine and the judge said no you can't. Yet because it'll do scholarships -- anyway through school and it's really that other college it'll walk or they could not open net takeover coup that look at them. There aren't what you looked options like to do -- basketball. Awful ballplayer it's. This topic a couple of them for the people's Bank of America. Oh how of people that do more offensively and will Obama. It -- -- work and -- -- element -- it and it will ultimately if you blow up perfectly and Ford championship at -- so that's one thing they would they did in 2000. -- they would -- it all works and drop the need to be to Ortiz and a is eco. The Arctic in a note to -- that Opel. -- it would be -- what political apartment national debt to all chemical it was -- championship. Because -- day in order well one thing it would appear contrary. They -- a lot -- won a championship and it was it was -- trade in vehicle you know perfectly. Well. Agents felt like he wanted -- baker and in the Opel because -- at all. Well the heat he did win a Super Bowl -- -- they did whatever they beat that they beat the Chicago Bears are but that -- -- anybody does have a ring. So I think you know that's what he said he wanted the perfect season as a player you wanna you want perfection your highest goal. The battle we'll leave because of that. It Tokyo what it before it is a program that that -- -- call that it that it -- equity -- -- They do little lull because -- would old port -- player. It was that they keep that bit and they run of the play is that they have two legitimate a better position because they have both oracle and he'll -- and it piles. I don't know I still I still say like -- that from me. If the selfish reason and -- it always takes about out of reach some respects them people these agree with me yes I know championships of the ultimate goal. But it is what someone else to do with the setup the 72 dolphins that's all. It's personal for me I'm just tired here of every year popping the champagne and I'll just tired of it. Kinda a pain because nobody can do with a belt and they because it -- CNN. Political with the political -- debate. -- -- -- the rubble and about it and current. Mark remark I've -- a pattern and talk about it. Exactly. That's -- thought about it all right Thomas. -- six or call at 260187866. And 8970. People take the top fifty years from now no one moment remember. The New England -- sixty develop the regular season they will remember the New York Giants won the super vote yes I understand that. I understand that but. If they had gone undefeated and won the Super Bowl. That's what they would be talking about as well just like a 72 dolphins. Always every year is that there -- the only team to go undefeated. The only perfect season. You look back on a lot of those games. They didn't play the world beaters that'll lead that year. Didn't blow anybody out. Some of those games they won ugly. By. Which you remember. Is that had a perfect season. They went undefeated now less than perfect season I don't mean just sixteen you know I mean to go all the way through in the sue people obviously. So you've got the chance but he got to get the sixteen it'll burst. And then go that way what's been happening in the NFL lately. And it's the coaches. And some fans as well. You know we got to protect the players we got to save the players to get saved the players. With gas professionals. Their job and it. And if you're the number one seed at that point you're gonna get a week off. Coming up anyway. So you you have a chance to rest. That's my story stick into. Someone else texting incorrect alliance for the for my for the first -- with sixteen team in opium that's what I said Tampa Bay went on fourteen of the seventies movies yeah. -- the -- it was first -- at sixteen the comment. On the text was. That someone thought -- -- sixteen lion team. Was it bigger beat any sixteen and -- team because the -- of the parity in the league you would think at least they would have gotten one win. That whole season. 2601 late 786 exit 89 at 0870. We'll take a break while we come back -- Howard -- you guys as well. Also support -- coming at about what is the sports it's not a sports. And if your team. Gets close to the perfect season. Do you want them to go for. Jeff Saturday says that's his only regret. He won a Super Bowl ring. But his regret is that in 2009 they didn't get to go sixty you know and try for the perfect season what do you think. We'll be right back step TWO. And -- in forests scoot. Thanks -- grants of Beckett match patrol entering the phones. And reading everything for -- and and and dealing with the the noise look let me hear that sound like he hit that they stopped and yes. Right when after they stop -- play you're she turned -- -- -- a moment ago and and can hear the the noise outside and Jack hammering. And it's your typical construction south of whether Jack hampering its pretty -- while I'm. Are right when it comes back -- -- -- you -- and the the optimum. Think folks. Be right now the phrase. From now. Until midnight. Is stop eating strawberries. -- Text me that tell me that. Soldier coming from a parts unknown. Tonight and man cave. Open -- develop my home and today my wife purchased a flat. -- Louisiana strawberries. That she has sitting on the kitchen. Every time we take a break. Have been going -- their eating strawberries. To which unit told me don't you go the stronger. So naturally that means. I'm eating strawberries. She's a party you know going off to. That for the night if she gets up at 4 in the morning -- to baker as they can at the bakery she works. And so as I walked by this last time and that's more strawberries. I just relies at the going to be about a -- on my -- With in the last couple hours so remind me. No more strawberries 260187866. And 89. Zero -- that respects and 87870. The patriots went three you know it's super bulls when they cheated barely winning all three after the got caught their owing to that karma they beat. Another text if NASCAR raced. Race car driving to the sport. Then also talks letting his two I have to believe that professional wrestling is just as much sport is football because all players must first learn plays practiced -- rehearse them in the field the ring. Howard attending -- football -- Beat if players didn't play you have played memorize to run game and he. Cheerleaders was also practiced a rehearsed plays -- lose their routines just like football players. To. Speaking so much as text -- more strawberries stop that. Speaking of professional wrestling. And I want there's -- entities into one aren't you -- moment but. I don't know if you guys realize this but you know from the shows -- done in the past and and professional wrestling but William moody. Passed away this week and you may be saying -- William moody. He was better known to most of the WWE fans as poll bearer. The -- -- with the undertaker the manager of the undertaker. He passed away this week. At the age of fifty was also noted at some point in his career from the -- reverence Percy Pringle. Yeah yeah. He passed the way this week he managed. At one point he was the undertaker manager and then. -- manager. And also mankind Mick Foley. He managed him as well. And some of the outpouring from some of the wrestlers. Triple H. -- rest in peace ball where you'll never be forgotten no there will be another. Mick Foley. Says he used to babysit. -- children. And they even called -- -- Paul. All of their characters as well remembered. Most for the soap opera twist in the relationship with the undertaker was still considered one of the premier stars. Of the company in what was interesting is. He was. He licensed. Undertaker. He was more efficient lies license -- -- so. It's been -- know that when he asked him to become. Pole beer. Villa manager for the undertaker -- so it was a basically. A perfect fit for him that day he -- At the age of 8260187866889. 0870. Let's go to Howard and Texas a coward on WWL. Definitely tied -- in the United. States. What's wrong with people OK yeah now that it was wrong what we saw didn't think it's well slightly -- In yelling Long Island -- And then some. Cops give tickets for little girls that eliminates stands summertime. And it -- -- they believe that ticket to mother for a trio child or between them alone. And it -- please -- as a -- I'm really glad you know. On and where I live in -- in Colleen Texas it'll. But -- seems -- lately police offices is the stupidest things in when they do it he goes. It. Well and edit some cases like like with eleven -- Stan. You know they don't they're not gonna do living with somebody complains. That somebody complained there at this guy complained here that is neighbor complained he was laughing too loud that it. He's actually laughing at him. Is what it was. But I mean it's not anything like like this -- -- we get the noise again could play that. Announcement built on point with you the racquet. We do that. Every time basket goes away when they they listening to me down there. The guy with the Jack error must be -- The WWL because every time I -- -- it goes away. So will try again what do you. Good points would go to support. The but nobody the building wherein -- they're doing a cosmetic work around the buildings -- -- and support should it yet but you know these. Cops in the sometimes I wonder if that happens sometimes. Some incompetence small towns we've got that -- here could now I think this year where it can mean of the sun beat down hit. But one thing that he'll live along with taxes and -- in the long -- giving stupid ticket like that before. I mean you could -- cardinal PD doing anything like it but it is it's -- needed. That gave the tickets at will what I would always vote. What's more baffling Howard is that the judge is throwing it out. That. That's the god I'm off more informative and call these people. Not like some crazy but I will call the police station now called that judge secretary. A comment. Just an -- you know he supplied some people article -- stable. They jumped on the topic. -- cited woman's kids -- to put people on one of the Monica to take the cops got part. It is -- as a result of people calling all of the nation. So what did systems deployed -- proposal -- nation on said that it you can be proud you know PD packet out stupid -- I don't look at it well and forget that okay. I'm Wilson you have an hour right but all right -- analyst at 260 late 786 exit eight -- early seventy. Let's get our final break out of the way and I'm sure when we go to break that's what we'll have all the Jack hammering going on. Because that's how it usually works. And what we come back Antwon urgent -- wanna hear about the F perfect season and program that was -- I heard it while. It's quiet and it's. Wow. What makes them amazing folks is where she's got the Mike she's listening right now she's on the interior. Of the buildings she's not anywhere near the windows. Why -- there doing the show I'd be right next to the windows so the -- All right we'll take that break and be right back it's WWL. And welcome back to ominous is in force dispute 260 donates 786688908. Series we at the top the hour here. -- -- CBS news some -- coming -- 7870. I remember him as Percy Pringle when he managed Eric -- In the W the the W mentioned that the poll the year. And a passed away. This week hand. All of William moody was his real name. But the he passed with Egypt if the -- he had you know he had some weight and health problems over the years. You know they haven't released though why. He passed away. He wasn't the healthiest person. Around in professional wrestling but he missed. It was trying to get help and -- what he was one of the one of my favorites. Managers. I guess he always he's one of those guys that always cracked yep and apparently he was also a fan favorite to even though he was quote. -- -- The bad guy. The fans really liked him as well. Antoine and justice go -- to you here right at the top of the hour a few would do me a favor please hang on. And immediately after the CBS news. Your first up -- is well here year comments about. Professional wrestling. Also and anyone else who -- your favorite manager. In pro wrestling. Place that I select Paul -- Liked. Jimmy Hart to. And to Cornett was one of my favorites as well we'll take a break and be right back Debbie if you.