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3-7 11:10pm Open Lines

Mar 7, 2013|

Todd Menesses talks with WWL listeners about cheerleading as a sport and whether NFL teams should go for a perfect season or sit out the 1rst string players.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back top Manassas and force -- our final hour to 9608786. Exit 890872. Reset some of the things we've been talking about a all night. And -- featured just shooting off -- lead heading home workers so. TSA. As change its policy along pastors carrying knives on flights he can now bring a pocket knife as long as the blade. Is it longer than two and three quarter inches oh. Do you think the -- making the right or wrong move on this one. Also a Florida legislator wants anyone trying to buy ammunition to have a three day waiting period and completed anger management course. Before they can purchase the ammo. She says she's concerned with citizens who were stockpiling ammunition. If she says it's about getting people really think about how much ammo they need. And trying to keep people safe. Most people say gimme a break. You can't automatically assume people who have guns. Need to buy ammunition. And anger management problems. Also a -- Connecticut. Threw out. The request. By what -- -- university. You have competitive cheerleading count as it woman's sport under title nine rules. They got rid of their women's volleyball team for budgetary reasons and added competitive purely. The judge citizen no way not a sport doesn't count NCAA doesn't recognize that if the sport so it can't count under title nine. What do you think he is competitive cheerleading. A sport or non that is are pretty jaguar opinion poll. 64% of you say it's an activity not a sport 36%. Say it is the sport. Also Jeff Saturday who recently retired. With the Indianapolis Colts. Said his only regret is that they didn't go after the perfect season when they had the chance. They pulled the starters in the fifteenth game. And ended up losing to the jets 29. To fifteen. He says. That they should have gone for the perfect season because as the player. Perfection is the highest school you can reach. And we were so close do you agree with that. -- gentility what's your take on the perfect season. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah yeah I got you there Jack hammered instituted here. It's gone all right. We on the -- it yet. -- play to win every. Yeah that's what you play and the deeply. And -- Played to win every game. You Europe and you don't. What. Do you. And me. Well even at that point if you're about if you're that your game fifteen. And you know at that point -- that number one seed. -- you beautiful people you know you're in the bye week. It. Well it's all because supposedly the risk of injury. And you can unit interpret that about it and besides. Well you know it. Is what. But let's play book that the let's play the other the other side of the coin -- -- you you -- saints fan. Okay your Steelers fan. Steel loser. Have a chance to go perfect season connect. The play in the last game they keep all their starters in. And Ben Roethlisberger gets hurt breaks away. He's out. You -- with a -- So tonight it. Some people in. It would but did it with -- -- So that's my take on it too and I have had this discussion with. With -- and and Bobby -- And -- all these guys and it's like him and and Steve court then you know it's like you know but you can be injured at any point in the season. You could be injured in the last pre season game running out onto the property. So why. Why worry about why the last two games. All the sudden carry a higher risk of injury over the last three year whatever then the first three. And it's you and put a different. You -- look Herm Edwards right you play to win the important. And more and -- record you can. You train to play more hopefully the sixty. It. I didn't panic. And that's. You know it would -- with interest thing the last couple of season though the the last time you've had the number two number one seeds meet in a Super Bowl was the colts in the states -- The last couple years. You've had a while cart team. That has had to play all the way through. And win the Super Bowl so I don't buy the argument about what they're going to be tired they're going to be wanna be -- professional athletes and our flag. It's -- to -- -- and went and seven. And it yet. I don't I don't -- and I think you play you play to win I think coaches are being overly cautious at that point but I know you know I'm sure a lot of its owners as well maybe. If you want to win the championship you don't wanna you know you don't wanna be the coach and I understand that you don't wanna be the coach that's got to go. You have a general ought to be the coach it's got to go to the owner win Drew Brees gets hurt that last final game when it had no bearing on where you're gonna end up in the oil. And -- you -- in. The. It. Now or. Or like on my Mike -- season the last pre season game. Broke his collar vote -- what the whole season without him. You know. Exactly. And and for those of you have for those of you who were texting yes I know you can turn the injuries off on Maddon I don't like the player. Did you mean. -- yeah. On the economy as well and it's that you can have a competition. In this sport. At that. Put it strictly from the detectives. It up and the -- is. The -- that is being I mean it's an opinion of them. I mean -- into. The and it. And dependents what did that and we look at the last minute win hectic and did you. -- the petition that they. So much that as well. Well you know and again there are things that are that are judged and I know some point some people say offensive it has to be judge -- judges decided that it's not a sport. But we have judges in boxing. It. And I still say that well that all started when rocky lost that -- Apollo creed by decision I. The the bad blood you have a good night of thank you. Are above musical late 78 statistics that ignited early so we go live for talking about the strawberries. -- You don't eat straw at. All -- want to turn it would be. But they they look so good -- Louisiana strawberries they look so good. I thought my dog just woke up started barking apparently somebody in the kitchen. Probably probably struck thirteenth. People you -- that Robert short -- or write or edit and and the proper. My putting up that. -- abused the make strawberry -- there. A minute -- big flat government going to be picked up back there are combined to Robert that -- People. -- I'm sure my wife has a -- form as well as what she Sid not to. You don't care if she's gonna wake -- currency that a good portion of the work on. Well fire talk about that now under way where you can do that. Doors open and driving yet but that -- -- about. That strawberry and such. My wife got them from one of those side of the road from Cairo in places. That the right where she works again that'd they diverted. You know -- did they get to pick first heard her boss. -- -- -- -- -- -- Stopping at -- stop that you're maybe go eat some more stop. They're degree. By. A -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And as. -- -- -- -- -- -- not have a safe drive home -- -- All right Bob besides music though what 878668890830. We'll take a break -- Tony and I gotta get to your comments as well. When we come back in Iowa promise. I won't eat strawberries. In this break. And this is it for group will be right -- deputy bureau. All right I'd like to win tickets at the New Orleans international beer breath WW oh what's that you at a gas. This Saturday that champions square were talking 150 different craft Beers around the country -- at a commemorative mugs so you can sample craft beer from beer gardens like. Gordon Biersch coming in from house in -- brewing company and -- brewing company plus seminars on how to cope with the year. How to pair -- with beard and more. Walk around relax and beautiful outdoor atmosphere the live music on the blue state is go to our. Website WWL radio actually go to -- -- radio FaceBook page should say. For look for the international beer fest contest. Them like us and register to win. Five lucky winners who picked at random at midnight tonight. So when a pair of tickets to worlds that are national beer fest from W mostly spoke at the time. The go ahead and do that. 26018786. Exit 890. -- that recent text. Coming in at eight and 8870 cheerleading is cheerleading is absolutely a sport and one of those dangerous sports there is. Another text if auto racing as a sport so is cheerleading. If there's a difference. Too in the regular cheer squad in the competition squad that I think it should count as the sport. Other people fixing their favorite wrestling managers I've mentioned earlier poll bearer. Passed away this week Houston manager. William moody was the name he portrayed the manager undertaker at WW he's the one he's most famous for is also Percy Pringle. In wc W. The -- as a -- our Akbar. Remember him got to interview him on the radio -- season he's the real good character and a classy Freddie Blassie. For now on. Let's go to a jail cell AJ you're on WW well. Day. I'm doing fine -- -- valuable or courier -- -- that it. -- -- Garrett first quality perfect accompaniment -- about reference guides are there in their conditions yet all. You know and it makes an incredible. -- I'll go a match is predetermined it's. Fall short of becoming sports vulnerabilities anyone's. I did so it was a big -- and yeah. We call they've been warned match and they torture. A lot should have been more but there was one -- went. Where -- Paul Hogan. -- -- on it -- they were sure that under there could be yet apple. It was nearly an actual could actually in the. Well there weren't sure he was gonna let him for body slam him that was the big thing that the media which -- Supposedly. You know know what -- ever body slammed Andre the Giant well. News flash that wasn't wrestle mania. In minority happen. And it was -- Hogan who had done it years earlier. In another match that wasn't in the WW. Out or eat so. Well but the that's -- as well that movie I think it was called king of operating here or that or where. You know that the best -- it. In -- while. Indeed cough outbreak rustling has been it's just it jewelry it's not it's great it's just richt. You -- look at what I've what I've come to respect and if you watch a match you know which are watching if you ever talked to any of these guys learned as I was doing via the wrestling shall we step on them well back in the -- called slam after. And we give these wrestlers on and and they -- talk about and that they may look they've made no. Pretense. That it was real yes they were beat -- each at each other was hit with cheers. Yes they were leading in jumping from these things and stuff like that. But what they would do going into this is why -- say they're great athletes. Say you've got. You guys coming in and you know that okayed the good guy wins this match the baby -- an excuse me with. A pile driver okay that's about all that now. The rest -- that is not rehearsed script it's done. They're in the ring bill. When they put those had locks on and that's what they're on you okay on three strokes come back clothes line. You know -- -- the dock and then the other guy you know -- say real quick religious say you know exactly in order yet somewhat choreographed but it's not. Practiced or rehearsed out some people thought for years they rehearsed the whole match at a time they'll do. I just think it's it's our electoral certain proper or steroids basically it was -- yeah that's -- you. It's well I mean if you located -- a recent for a minute war hawk. -- side -- the operating real subplot here a little bit better half of the entertainment now occurred outside -- robbery. It would always it always has to be honest I mean that's where it always that's where wrestling -- even even in the mid south days. Was the microphone. That's where he's dressers that's where they created their personas was on the microphone what in the ring. You know junkyard dog who became. The big star down here in itself wrestling. He wasn't a great wrestler. He wasn't a great. People he could talk on that Mike and he can route that crowd and get the crowd go and you know I didn't have the greatest finishing move in the world yeah that was the big slump. Basically through the guy gets wrote that turnaround -- in what is thought I mean you know those but it. So. But he was he was able to get the crowd go and you know he was able to to do that. The riled up on the -- the. Or let's consider all competitive surely okay. All -- gymnastics as a sport apparel exports. I don't see much of what they approach all between Barack. In cheerleading coach there very acrobatic moves in there and doll it's probably more dangerous game more challenging it would volleyball with a. Well they also have in and Allison who's back remaining net approaches that her sister computed -- And she said they use scores they have assigned points. -- different moves in and difficulty itself so it's not just the cited by the judges it's kind of. You know all and a W means all. I being called into law. Gymnastics figure skating -- -- serious sports like yep they have to be judged in Europe criterion. Like that you know. They all. The boat got I don't care whether you consider the literature in the sport and for try to learn about it -- because we're involved theaters. Well I but I think it's in and I think it's also. There is. A the NCAA doesn't recognize it because I think they want to control -- there's another group that wants to control it. There's money involved somewhere. Mena that -- front -- Kirk as. Well. The other sports sports related to -- is the perfectly rhetoric. What are all the team go for the perfect season. Well 01 -- it's been quite awhile. The -- came close. Practical at one point -- there were real close a couple of times. And I think what happened was as you know they tried their third run the table and -- want losing in the -- game and lost in the playoffs. And I think. Think it was -- priority -- That was before they'd war Super Bowl 08 merely -- -- when they got -- they weren't waiting that year right. They won -- yeah they want the year. They won that year the against the that is the payers in the super ball but he's Jeff Saturdays talking about. The 2009. Season. When they were they were undefeated up until they they were fourteen -- -- An airplane and -- fifteenth game and somebody obviously lost earlier in the day. They knew they had everything wrapped so they pulled Peyton Manning all the starters and they lost to the job. And by such -- thing about professional football. And that we don't really. -- because you're not replace professional football or the other that the statistics do you share as the season wears or. You -- your tire her. -- won't -- you're more exhausted and I entered your body's been through a lot so that's been. The chicken injury does increase in their laps. Few games that's what they don't what are the players orbiter to eighteen game season. Now my my category is okay. In going for patient global. All. All. Championship. You. Have the opportunity. To. All complete perfect she's donated drugs not impair your chances. For for. From -- -- in the playoffs and absolutely go for which saw the picture anyway. What was it. Eighteen or on -- frustrating cannot beat it to win every game it would not mean that's going to be one of the worst feeling you can average sports. You know the -- got close. Throw perfect season and and lose the Super Bowl. There trust me I guarantee. Any came out there if you had the option that we go not seven it would mr. global statewide going. Speaking in war. It's just a goal at the livable -- -- While I understand that but if you're if you reached the point where you're eighteen though. You've you've pretty much done your job. You're you're in the super well. Well but I mean but on the other side of the coin is those were talk I was talking earlier with the with a -- before India before -- You had. You know while -- team sixty teams that have gone all the way you have the play all those games in they won the Super Bowl they're the ones that -- tired. Well it but you also look at the break -- this year. Big Ray -- that he was out for first several games for the deal means for -- big -- -- -- before but they. Brady you played in its championship. -- did. That means -- -- a danger of getting players back in Britain. I -- like -- you like you're saying if your if your star quarterback goes there you -- and XP game that pretty much I mean what happened to detect and a couple of years ago walks matched wall when -- -- -- pretty good -- Uga and you know Eric. The loss of a couple of games before the end of the season -- the the other guy came in and they won those games he played -- right there on the oil in place. It -- what -- And what they do this year with match up. Right Ingraham well they're out there. It's the rule reason that you play the game with -- you don't know they come over unlike virtually. Yeah but you know I I still think I think you should play for the the perfect season. I I I think you should play because you're chasing you're chasing history and and yet they're gonna win the soup they're gonna remember the Super Bowl winners. But if you have a perfect and that means you won the super. Bull. -- only there were few. Teams pop and people aren't. Super Bowl in portrait church to share. Look you're in you're going to be remembered if you don't win if you delete it and make it one near you be remembered it to you good edited for me -- just like -- 72 dolphins. You know. -- we -- with a who get there you go all right today thanks for call. 26018786. Exit 89 -- -- -- to Sodini in the plots hate Sony Europe WW. I'm doing fine. Actually -- war Korea. Thought the boring and obvious debris Eden. Yeah he was he was a wrestler to. Where -- manager. Even he was -- -- he was one of the best for our pleasure and are aware of the best badgers and Iowa you mentioned classic birdied the last -- forgot about you know. Yeah all excellent each day he was that these were all a lot of that the managers who beat guys who became managers were wrestlers. Years ago. Freddy Blassie was a champion wrestler you know back in the in the fifties and sixties and became a manager -- -- Bobby the brain another one that people forget is the wizard remember him. He was in he was up in New York the New York area he was a really old this really old guy. At least what I saw him. In the eighties and used to have this like swami had on him. And I mean this really skinny guy he just in -- glasses and he was just really an outlandish character. Kind of like Freddy -- but. Yeah Freddy Blassie -- really good it's via the manager with the whole you know the pencil necked geek was his. It's very articulate arcade -- an Arctic. Well if you remember before. I'm bills paid became I'm bills -- He was back in the old AWA days he was Jamie -- paging he would actually a manager if you remember that. Now. Yeah they have been some that have started manages and gone on the B wrestlers. You know it's like it's like any thing. Some of these guys get him wherever they can. And for awhile you're going to be. You know that guy that wrestles first for the first five minute match at the at the central plex in nobody's -- of -- whose wrestling because you need somebody who's gonna get beat up. But the gather trying to push and and eventually go on to be so that -- stone cold Steve Austin used to be stunning Steve Austin we have long blog here. I remembered that respect the -- few days. And then when he went to WW yes she -- all of the teams don't go. But get imputed to your comment about. That your ratings -- -- This -- You have betrayed or. Edited yet it's. And if you do it that much time training. To me that Africa is it should be considered competition. For every wanna call may be the work it which is pure semantics or what work you wanna use. Tommy armour -- promote watching on -- piano with -- NCA. A and secretly. Cheerleading championships and there was a guy you've been I would think in part about the sizable maybe Syria. Inside linebacker. He was awful you know all the local girl one arm and his arm was even mover and I'm like that's her strong. -- there's I mean there's a lot. To do. Into this and training him and rules that they have to follow him. And in these competitions scores that they give and so forth. You know but. I understand. What the judge's ruling up and in Connecticut. Is I mean you're taking. You're taking a sports. Women's volleyball. That is recognized by the NCAA. It is. And I don't think anybody can deny it's -- sport. There is competition. You're competing against other schools. Known other collegiate schools women's programs. It's already classified under title nine you're gonna do away with that because it cost you too much. To keep it an operation because you have the traveled all the different schools for competitions. The change it with. Competitive cheerleading. That's not recognized by the NCAA. That's not listed as the sport anywhere. I can see what he said now it's not the same it's not the same. I well I would it is always going to be you look at it but. I IRA or the one point Al. And it might be out of left field I think. One of the things that are a look at and probably and I think he's such a little bit. It's a cost if if it's a sport that doesn't make the university money. That are required look and say okay. It's cheaper first they have cheerleading and at the women's volleyball. I mean is if you look at it like oh you're large universe you know. You look at they'll shoot football or baseball drug among. And then when you look at treat -- North Carolina basketball what drug money into our income. -- until that -- Bad air am and a lot of those those who know you're you're you're right a lot of those schools and brought that up earlier. They become basketball power houses. Like Gonzaga. You know basketball you don't for the basketball team. Georgetown. Basketball because the basketball program on the whole. Is cheaper to run the football program. And those those schools can afford to have a basketball program. That becomes highly competitive that becomes well known across the country becomes. Their money driving sport and it doesn't cost them as much on the back and putting into it. Whereas a bigger the bigger universities. Can handle the football. And the baseball and basketball but a lot of the smaller universities. You'll see they just have either basketball -- baseball that's about it. But admiral Archie go escalates on the but it was it was a pleasure talking to. Thank you Tony thanks for hanging on -- talk to me thanks for our about Bobby the brain -- remember him well 2601 late 786 exit 89. -- 0870. We'll go ahead take a break here when we come back get detects it and get a lot of text. About a lot of the old managers. In wrestling. And a lot of things about wrestling yes and about. Cheerleading. -- whether or not that is the sport is well. And for those of you who requiring -- asking I did not eat any strawberries in the history will take a break and be right back. It's WW. And welcome back John this is it for scoot the heels Serbian tomorrow morning. Right here on WWL 2601 late 786 exit 89 awaits him be filled in for a Tommy Tucker and a lot of view. Are asking. -- -- If you heard this week he got. Month on his way to work doing a morning show of the search continues for the four suspects who -- -- Wednesday morning we get a police sketch. And description of the ring leader on our website at WW dot com we also got. The footage. Of a video footage of surveillance camera. From -- business that was his right down there that happened that is also on our website at WW dot com. You can check that out the police have released the surveillance video. Showing the attack. In the robbery. On Escude the other. Music so late 786 exit 89087. Certainly at things were talking about tonight Jeff Saturday. With the setter for the Indianapolis Colts. All those years with Peyton Manning in fact Peyton Manning tried to get him to go to Denver with him but last season he played with the Green Bay Packers. He retired as a -- Earlier this week end. He then. Was asked did he have any regrets. And he said. The only thing. I wish we would have done differently. It is. I was in favor. Of going for the perfect season. Is talk about 2009. When the colts. Were. Playing in the jets. And they hold Peyton Manning. And the other starters in the third quarter. And this was the fifteenth game of the season so at this point there were fourteen ago. And the other team that they were watching and chase and make sure that they have the number once the obviously votes probably the patriots that year. But I'm not -- And they lost so. They said okay -- the starters because it's we're okay. And they ended up losing that game at the jets 29 if it. He says that's his biggest regret that he was in favor. Of state and obviously he got voted out by the management we pulled everybody does Politico by the wayside. And ended up losing. That was a great opportunity we have as the player perfection is the highest school you can reach it we were so. Close. Do you thing. Teams should go for the perfect season if they have a chance. In the NFL. -- it done once the New England Patriots came close of course does everyone famously remembers that went succeeded over the regular season while the playoff games made it to the Super Bowl. And then net Eli Manning in the giants. And the giants upset them. Still considered. The greatest upset. In the history of -- polls. That it's probably number two. On that list number one of course still being the jets over the colts. In Super Bowl three. But. Jeff Saturday says he wishes they had stayed. In. And continue to play. If that word the saints have that your your team who dat nation. We mind. States have everything wrapped up last two games of the season. Last game of the season. Do you wanna play and Drew Brees. You want him playing. Here Thomas. You want him playing. Jimmy Graham. Or do you -- sitting out. Even if it means losing the game. So it's actually an 87870. Says that they're still trying to win the game. They're just trying to win it with different players. Well yeah they're not trying to lose it. We understand that. But I think everyone would agree. That if it came down to winning that game. Do you get a better shot at winning it if Drew Brees is playing. And that Chase Daniel. Playing at quarterback. -- think we could see that. You would think. You have a better chance of winning if your starters are in there that's why -- the starters. Some say no. Championship is everything. But is Drew Brees once. When he was chasing Johnny Unitas -- record. There's something to be said about chasing history. That's what you go for. That's what you try to do. And so have been done wants. That was way back in nineteen have been too. With the Miami Dolphins. Would you think. Which you want your team to continue. To play. The starters. To try to win Jeff Saturday -- wishes sixteen -- -- What do you think. Also cheerleading that is are pretty -- or opinion poll. Because of that decision. Up in. Connecticut. The judge ruled that competitive cheerleading. It's not a sport. And it can't be used. Entitled nine as a as a substitute for women's volleyball and title line equipment tech university in Connecticut. They got rid of the women's volleyball because of budgeting concerns. And they added the competitive cheerleading. And also. Women's rugby. Now the judge ruled that the women's rugby. Didn't qualify today they've put two big Edward of one sport an attitude sports. And it's at the rugby didn't count because they didn't have enough. Competing teams to play against the only hit four other teams to play. So that didn't count and in him enough options. What do you think is competitive cheerleading a sport or an activity log on cast your vote. Gimme a call or text. We'll take our final break and wrap it all up when we come back here on WWL. And welcome back criticism for a scoop tonight because light. The scooter urges that -- -- forward Tommy Tucker. Tomorrow morning which means I'll be back again with you. Tomorrow night. Some final text giving him at 87870. -- the year ago after listening to your show all I can think about a strawberry covered cheerleaders wrestling. That's -- some other -- giving it about -- matters article Paul Byrd died this week after the well bottle. Oh -- the captain. Ms. Elizabeth and about the south Jimmy Hart. Some of the other names. That people were texting as well as some of their favorite wrestling managers. When they -- ransom for Manning master control tonight and keep -- everything. Under control and bearing the brunt of all the employees. From the jackhammers around the building. Tonight that we do it again tomorrow night which means we'll be coming from parts unknown once again for tomorrow night show. Until then you guys stay safe. And we'll see you have a good night Dave -- up next.