WWL>Topics>>3-12 7:10pm Deke & Bobby talk w/WWL listeners about free agents

3-12 7:10pm Deke & Bobby talk w/WWL listeners about free agents

Mar 12, 2013|

Deke Bellavia and Bobby Hebert talk with WWL listeners about the NFL free agency market.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to the final out of sports -- -- to Gainey and Bobby bare. I'm Deke Bellavia in time news at this point in time. The Saints lose a couple of players a day to free agency Chase Daniel backup quarterback goes to the Kansas City Chiefs -- ambush Wright is now a member of the the Chicago Bears separate jaguar opinion poll the loss of starting left tackle Jon Busch tried. Is offense left tackle now the priority. The number one issue -- must address so is it still defense casts a vote online at WWL dot com the Saints have also. Of the players excuse me Willis may have been done in -- we have agreed to restructure their current deal as some reports they will say things about seven million dollars. And the Saints at least. We -- there probably are your thoughts on today's action -- angle wise. -- -- big of a -- in my notes. This is amazing when you look at the offseason picture. As soon as the season was over. You look who's gonna be restricted unrestricted free agent. And then. Who had used three million dollar more. Noteworthy contracts in. I had right here highlighted Will Herring. -- That that would be out not release considering. When he was gonna count against the cap it looked 20121. Point seven and 2013 one point nine now another name. The night he came over with coach Spagnuolo. Was Chris Chamberlain. Now now one point seven below one point one million and now. I thought he was gonna help the team to lead analyst and he was in the entry. -- and haven't. -- another name along wearing. But all of the players know with the contracts we've talked about. Considering you know when they stand. -- you know looking at Roman Harper. You know when you look at not emerging as compared to Roman. You know maybe not as productive as you would like to be obviously -- -- the position. And what really count against the cap. What they decide you know will Smith and Jonathan Vilma. You know. In and out now release them they've redone those deals with a win is his team and those numbers. Come back what they actually. -- them. You know going forward this to be back to back years. It talked about conservative Johnston bill would have taken a pay cut to stay in the Saints uniform. Now you look at the stability. Obviously protecting the blind sent quarterback dad being a left tackle and also. The backup quarterback Chase Daniel. Mean unrestricted free agent and now going to Kansas City Chiefs. The security and that is working relationship with Drew Brees in the meeting room. And I him -- an offense that you look at -- with quarterbacks. Out there. Are available and no one quarterback. Andy's 34 years of age his time with the Jets. As a David -- roar. Now before Ryan and it hailed. He was a starting quarterback for the Jets when you look at the competition they had them all girls are with Matt Moore. -- or. And he remembering him we Carolina. With the Panthers and Eagles -- the -- is only twenty years of age. But. You know in the losing his starting job. To -- an ailment that was you know a pretty good competition. So being -- Tennessee was gonna come about. Which Matt -- now. If you look at them with teams. You know if your quarterback annual -- wanna compete obviously look at the -- situation. Look what's come about. With the Buffalo Bills now against -- -- it's Patrick. Mean he's been productive and that he would -- -- backup to Drew Brees but he probably. Still want to start and bills. Released him a salary cap. Casualty but you look at the Jets situation. Obviously the Cardinals. The Jaguars and I mention the bills but. The these -- names fans know about Tarvaris Jackson. He's 29 years of -- Jason Campbell. Jason Campbell was with the Redskins Raiders and things yeah I was -- the Bears. This past year back in MG Kelly's 31 years of age. And you again in my victory and mentioned Brady Quinn and he's 28. I'm looking Grossman Rex Grossman. A 32. And he just a thing he might be given an opportunity that being in -- Because that you look at the read option the spread offense the pistol. And if his head screwed on. You look is the last opportunities with the bills -- only. 29 years of age hasn't been beaten up. Here's a member of the dream team yet and then and the Eagles obviously that they work obligated all these names do you guys. Hostess. Who would you want reliability. Program would that happen. Some Avant that drew -- like Matt Moore. And and public and Jason Campbell he always -- -- gains. Against the Saints particularly in a Redskins uniform so. But obviously also think of the future. And you look at the draft and also go back row but I just don't know. If you -- instantly throw a young guy out there. And they -- that happen to drew before. You've basically got their feet -- NFL -- -- veteran. College we had an account and during training camp and then also. I think you know with the crowd and oh his contracts that policy and here so he's probably still in the contract and 260178668890. Rates and his number in both the -- ago needs seeded Jason thank you for calling WW yeah. -- All the thought that quest to move out. Six street. Didn't have any experience in -- little lip out but it. I'd -- he probably I don't know if you played a handful of games dollars in maybe two -- three. That he plays left tackle and needed and did a nice job but the thing is the do you want him and I don't think the Saints view him. As a left tackle game any game now -- right they viewed him more as a right tackle. You know he struggled a couple of games and oh perfectly -- the minded teams gain. You know right tackle -- Debut Zach Strief as a starting on the sublime and more at the right time lines is all things they would switch to the left tackle. I mean week important we could pull out can't get him out tackle in their toll on -- -- -- If I'm me during curriculums and one of the greatest. Are GMs and in the out of -- which is one position. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are at. An epic true true can make a lot of gold will go a lot better material. I girls coming out I mean. He doesn't hold onto the ball right and and Jason look at it. McGee's -- -- -- key in all it's a blind know that there's teams that once that that when their contracts of them teams that won the saint Albert sublime. Being -- when you look at the -- couple years ago we medical. Economic reform and quietly as it was. Well brought -- to beg -- you know. Yeah Carl Carl in the mix of blues Rondo you know how they develop and and and gave it. Right what was -- the fourth round so yeah fourth round. Yeah if it wasn't like he talked about like Jake Long when he was at number one overall pick with the dollars. No that hasn't been the case I think Jammal Brown. Was any mediated first round beat the guy from -- It was I pick I think you're right. Yet -- with the Redskins -- removed of the gave him an attorney with Carolina that year. In the draft -- to slide dale for seemed to -- to Brandt thank you for calling WW you know. What was going on money and he can -- bill of rights. And well first thing I gotta say is I'm going to be the first gentleman on somehow gonna drag my wife I -- it that's where they. But I will be at the at and T eight in training camp with a nice mini billboard. That has Atlanta logos and Tony Gonzales all over -- -- thinks he can view it. Slow maybe that'll help motivate and be canceled that. Right right so. To read do you think. Are you confident that week didn't whoever whether it's a linebacker -- -- can guard Tony Gonzales or do you being -- How do you eat I know I'm going to be I'm surprised I'm surprised about the idea we restructured with Jonathan Vilma. But you know restructured with will Smith and I think the first thing that you do before you restructure with these guys I could be wrong is. You you deal with these guys new coach or their current -- -- they're gonna do and let them. And obviously. The robber -- and felt good enough. Q today I mean these are gonna work. Yeah you know what -- -- out the they imitate. Reduce our help the team in the salary -- it probably looked at a Q what they bring to the table. And he thinks he can utilize him stand out not cut them yet to meet then I just keep them because they're like no they still think. Dance of them that and that thing -- that your. Yeah that that this is the job can noted he made every year it's an interview. And my question to all wise. I kind of -- -- I'm confused now because. Everything that happened today was not what I expected. When you restructured with Jon Vilma and we restructure the world net kept those guys. -- -- more economical and we -- free agency but I wouldn't let your mind push rod we'd like comics go last year. Guys. Do you think we're -- group. All of a sudden I'm thinking do we -- -- patterns again on defense like we did we do Darren Sharper and now I'm in -- -- -- you'd immature on. There actually at the offensive line. I mean do we use our cars. First round pick now and -- that's why I'm don't know how to find cheap talent when the union contract but it. Now I'm confused wage I'll think about that. Well I mean you know you have a one -- reach and force the issue. You know right now -- today. Had a left tackle and he all of a sudden thought he would be gone in in the top in the city eight the top ten and -- balls in the saints' lap no Bob Gibson and draft in. And all of its attack even those fans who -- got a -- -- between -- pass rusher. This idea I don't agree with that you know I -- -- it's whatever it on the table would have been. We have to get -- that player has to put it can't you can't hope he works out he has to work county has to be a great player. That that you could count on solo what would that being said you know a lot of fans they -- approach that they think. That a sport is degrading says about the Saints were great and that there will be a pass rusher. That's gonna have an immediate impact and help the team you know within a fifteen day so. Put this -- -- is -- -- forward I don't know bigotry back. Maybe -- a pig -- the second round. Because we need players right now. Moving him on the EU and you -- field that we reached. And and I know on the line it's a whole lot different than -- secondary 'cause there's a whole lot more Wear and tear on the body. By. Do you think maybe three are free agency or is it going to be possibly would that change here or energy on Ingram. No I think is going to be more seconds here. Free agent I mean the -- like you know like a Mario Williams the I don't know woods John Abraham is asking. I know he's been. Unbelievable and a Falcons uniform when he came over. From the Jets but the city elected James Harrison -- -- James Harrison once too much money. You know aside I think -- not gonna make a splash. Well -- it's inane that -- casual football fan who follows the NFL is gonna recognize that name I think his and that being maybe. Awarded to guys that you got to do your homework that you not necessarily. Familiar -- it does that make says that lowers our. Be bullied talking about the Zito are we -- -- I really appreciate and you are talking about the up until mom and a couple of nights ago with Atlanta. And then -- -- you know for any that stand out. Sam Quigley thanks. Sam Baker and all the. Now -- and I mean what do we do now because that was really. Honestly apple we -- -- Vilma I didn't I didn't see it's reached -- but now obviously with our. Rob Ryan's talk to those gods obviously. Like I think I could be wrong. I think is Rob -- linebacker coaching so was over it and they did they -- look at. Okay here's Jonathan Vilma what do you think he has laugh. And the money's not an issue -- helpless. This upcoming season. And I'm sure -- -- that night you look at as a player and also the only good leadership he was the quarterback of the defense. Well we won a suitable the only question I admire. Is that when you look at Vilma initially. People even speculated he might have been dealing with a knee injury even when he came to the Saints from the but he overcame that. Would you look when he led the -- Jets for the saint. It was because. And the era part of it was they went from a 43234. Defense and he was a 43 middle linebacker. So they put him. And at 34 potentially in the middle of this and it didn't work out with the injured so he comes to the saint. And does an outstanding job with the quarterback it'd be -- and yet here we get through four and now I just all. Have that confidence in him right now in this stadium had a weak side linebacker spot that you -- that disruptive. And and have an impact. Beat because of his age I mean I had the you'd think that that Will Smith all of us so we put him on the weak side. He's a Pro Bowl -- like missing income and a pats running right now. -- -- mean absolutely you know and I know that that is my concern on wonderment. You know and I could see junior go let. -- given him an opportunity outside. And an elite talent you have you're responding to it during your deal and we're committing to a -- and that's Barrett that's my that's my bank now -- -- I'm like OK we've got. We got cam Jordan obviously -- rookie contracts bill. We've -- junior a lag in now where we're keeping -- Which I mean -- you know I've been to many games and allowed human blocking goal. What did -- -- -- about well what by Dickey well is because we wish you would rush the passer better and then I haven't -- any sacks have like twelve of thirteen. But I think you look all around as holly plays against the run and the pass as -- combination. Kind of like we Cameron Jordan brought to the table. So I still think you know. Do you look at his role with the become a bodies of an every down player. Will Smith is -- is good enough obviously to play in a number of teams NFL it just depends what European. That's why like to see that contract -- that's been restructured. As he can play. But D'Amato money they were paying him -- even Roman Harper I mean the only -- peso -- going to be great and not as good. And obviously when yankees -- 260187866889. He rates in the gym I'm bush right now a member of the Chicago bands Chase Daniel goes to the Kansas City Chiefs. Plus. Willis may have been down the Vilma restructure their deal is a busy day of free agency within around the rest of the league nexis is sports talk on WW yeah. But that. And welcome back to sports talk easy KG can't -- BA there I'm -- ability again Javon Busch ride is now a member. All of the Chicago Bears and Chase Daniel moves on the to the Kansas City Chiefs. Always something interesting at WW dot com on tomorrow's program Saints linebacker Curtis -- -- will be Willis was a conversation. With LSU coach and I smile as the Tigers get set. -- spring practice and LSU fans Thursday LSU plays Georgia in the SEC basketball tournament. Pre games 1130 tip balls at noon here on WW. You know. Plus black smoke at the Sistine Chapel meaning no candy was selected as Pope on the first vote stick -- -- for the latest. And if you want to -- the video of the -- proceedings at the Vatican take out the bank. On our front page also today's free agency to KG -- Bobby bare. We give our takes on the -- thoughts on Tom who's the black and go -- -- -- with the latest vibe on the inside -- News as well all that's available at WW -- Dot com and it's been a busy day for a black and gold news bombing on this first day of free. Ending and his try to look at or potentially can go about with the market now. You know that Busch truck you know it's like defense defense now that bush tried is no longer Saints players. And now on the pole -- as Chicago Bears and coach Eric -- You know their relationship and how that had to come on the play. Along when his contract obviously -- ago with the Bears. We brought -- Sam Baker. If you look at handoff to tackle for the Atlanta Falcons. -- what they'd be willing. The bring in a guy like Sam Baker and who's been standing. UNC a spectacular but he's been steady is a run and pass block and has been a nice job. For the Falcons you were terrific Atlanta and and obviously help yourself. And and now with being idle on I'm just speculating here then maybe you can get them cheaper. And you were able to maybe it would -- what would bush -- was willing to take. Jake Long on the top tackles he'd be somebody probably have to pay more than bush rod obviously. He's been considered. Wanted to -- -- to tackles ever since he came to lead the number one overall draft pick in 2008 but he used it wouldn't torn triceps injury. Last year reasoning -- Bulls were given a clean bill of -- also a couple of other names with the -- Brandon Albert. Now they are looking at his age he's only. 28 years of age. And that's when you look at the market. Big. It was a I think -- -- -- with the Chiefs. And and kind of speculation with -- with the Chiefs. Let him walk in draft an -- -- prospect to replace him. So malice and name you know they came at the line. That being Brandon Albert and also. -- not -- status to him that is as the Patriots guys that audience's interest in. Not because he's played right tackle and left tackle and he's only 28 years of -- I can't see the pages let them go with Sebastien a Ballmer. I mean if you look at Atlantis is the him I was reading where he plays both tackle spots he made five starts. On the blind side at left tackle. As a rookie in 2009 protected Tom Brady. And you'd think that. If the most teams probably would want him. The canopy and the big bucks -- a left tackle so that that could be on and -- -- -- price range they would they'd be willing. To pay him. Now we gonna do more homework to see what's coming about but that's. You know a cub ruining -- three innings really that I mentioned. If you going not necessarily in house or even looking at the -- but Sebastian Vollmer. And then also Sam Baker. And and Brandon Albert and Al bush -- age push rods two when he eight if you again -- 28 homers Tony Sam Baker 27 so. That's all that realm. Where all know as you project and Drew Brees is blind side and investment that you have. In him you know that has to be a solid position very similar to what the -- of -- and Matt Ryan. And it you know I don't know was gonna come about with Sam Baker but he was the one. Last year who came up big protect and Matt Ryan's life. Is a free agent -- Bobby espn.com. I'll try to go through we have -- book on his computers can be fixed tomorrow but bear with me. -- time -- Nnamdi Asomugha can't cut today by the Eagles has not. I'm Mets don't anybody else yet same for Jake Long with the Dolphins ranked -- With the Broncos Wes -- with the -- busy run reclining position with the Broncos I think they put the franchise that your friends and I plan yet but the -- is as a unrestricted free agents that being Wes welcome no movement on him yet. No movement on defense today cliff April. Obviously we know about Joseph Flacco he's on the record deal a week ago but still no movement on -- agreed Mike Wallace and unrestricted free agent was gobbled up quick today. When the horn sounded by the Miami Dolphins a five year deal worth sixty million dollars thirty means. In guaranteed Dwight Freeney is still out on the market Tony Gonzalez says he's -- to stay put with the Atlanta Falcons. The number one rated. Free agent on the market according to ESPN's top fifty is receiver Greg draining Greg Jennings of the Green Bay Packers. He is no no status on him the sense that it wouldn't use it Google spies tumors. In. As then you know like. You just threw in the -- Michael Johnson from the being with the defense today and he was franchise signed free agent linebacker -- Mac little. He is no movement on him yet Casey Hampton unrestricted free agent. For the -- Steelers is no movement on -- offensive tackle for the chief -- out but he was France as well and that and it is listed the distance on lap back and Nick Barnett was cut by the BO's he's still open on the market. This John Gholston said to be visiting the Tampa Bay Buccaneers the safety with the San Francisco 49ers he's on the open market now so as a running back Steven Jackson who would be a nice addition to some team that's. But -- the -- -- back there and hopefully not Atlanta did become a suitable contending ballclub. Our guard Brandon mowers on the open market -- affected created so -- linebacker Daryl Smith. Victor Cruz and Bobby with the Giants understood he's restricted free agent so obviously. They had the rules they pick -- next guy like Chris Ivory reject it where if -- would you don't get some in return for a second round pick yet it is somewhat Chris Ivory gets -- and -- spent the would have been an attractive guy but the Cowboys did decide to franchise him. Osi Umenyiora varied interests in there about to go undefeated created. No movement on -- -- OC at same for Brian. Urlacher. A DJ Williams was cut by the Broncos an attractive linebacker there in the U yes no movement on him -- bar one same for him Michael Bennett. The defense at the end for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is that if some other notable names Bobby that they hated -- -- -- Austin on the market is an unrestricted free to you mentioned defensive back cornerback Chris Gamble and also -- grants to guys that you brought out there no movement. On Doug -- Christian and the Chris Gamble the business the -- the banking Carolina Panthers history of it. Suppose McChrystal was telling me that his agent -- and his agent because again as dealing. There of with a shoulder assuming that he's looking. To retire so you know Monday and yes I mean there's a guy -- a play. They now he's been up and down talks a lot of smack but it I mean when you look at it compared to our cornerbacks DeAngelo Hall. You know with the Redskins -- looking -- his -- in the I think this is a year. That you can't find cover guys -- team better without overpaying them looking at the rest. In this Bob -- available players a DeAngelo Hall was caught them early this week by the Redskins he's still available so with cornerback Quentin Jammer. From the Vikings on the field lol lol once and LSU commitment. Played Oklahoma he's in the unrestricted free agent Bobby. And enough but the visit tackle as a tackle but Dunn looks like he's gonna. The main retained by the Minnesota Vikings -- -- in the big defense to tackle for the bands in this game he was franchise tag. Quit -- Michael he was cut by the from the ran to safety. No movement on him yet the same for a the -- that you talked about it earlier just a few moments ago from an offensive -- stamp on the Patriots Sebastien ball mark. Antoine Winfield would know about and we played him a few times since he's played with the Vikings he's still on the market at the being caught. By idea. By the Vikings are Charles Woodson as well Bobby commander Ahmad Bradshaw. Chris Canty was caught by the stats that since they picked up by the Baltimore Ravens -- moment yet on James Harris in the former NFL defensive MVP. That was cut by the Pittsburgh Steelers Darrius Heyward-Bey still on the open market as some Michael -- And LaRon Landry and not Andy lemon tree Bobby the guard who's a good putt by Buffalo but. Is -- picked up by. The Tennessee tight so they have it is on the ESPN big boy may have this thing -- just like you do and if Andre Miller update I'm sure there will be some guys are beat. Retain or as you -- moved on overnight. Yeah bigot and looking at the amount of money has been an unseen element doing one year -- watch NFL network earlier and I -- Seau might be misbehavior. I think the bridle like by formal and then I had like forty million now. And there were only count -- Yes so again and -- and about it or at the right going to -- idea. Yes of that -- but it had to remind the resources to do it I'd like to Cleveland defense salaries. I mean they were -- -- -- much better than Erik Boland that you gain good you know I was -- deal with in the Kyle -- -- -- -- give an account where I was at become beat them in overtime. But -- I don't -- and it's going to -- Cleveland team and they hit it the right time I think Pittsburgh's team it's. In question Cincinnati is a younger ballclub that day in Cincinnati two youngest teams like that that the fans who vote him in division but. That's probably more on the side of the Browns -- -- could we -- -- of -- is the soup OT to give back to the big get regular defense days there's been miserable. -- this phase in the Cleveland Browns team around -- and Indians like heavily used to dog eat dog about double whammy. Yeah it could be -- look at him and the Baltimore -- us through the Cleveland Browns they leave unity when -- over syllables. In annual capacity issue and articles are as the quarterback goes heart -- losses. At home -- on the road in a Broncos. League you know who we noted is until you finally when is suitable this thing you know blue collar fans. We have as -- Cleveland. So you know that something that you wouldn't necessarily -- Giants. If almost a few blue collar football and how I you've been a -- you probably would. It's -- against the Browns. I just think they do -- they got to make it happen and they are on sale to. Mean just you know hot hot dog with a Butch Davis on a team and they got to the playoffs that year one of the years have those days they can't turn the corner of the young quarterbacks they -- Had a couple of good receivers in the and you know they'll almost like in the when Mangini got pain and the burning Willie McGinest and they -- some veterans Adonal etiquette -- can do something here and then. Now they have a young ball club so they've gone back to the traditional way of doing it. Ginn the plays via the draft pick at some young skill people think of good sending quarterback and now wide receiver and also at running back which are religious and with. You know in that division Bobby from a young standpoint you can get more excited you do about Cincinnati. I would Dalton and green I mean in back to back gears in the playoffs Pomona eventually this is this the number showbiz today will break through. Well that type of experience included this area I was the Saints that are all president of the Bengals defense. Part of opportunistic. The Mickey plays on the ball that's within that -- friends that I never spend money that they never asked him on that as I look look at the Bengals guys if I was him and we did that happen -- production you know what they've done defensively. Bridges is having getting a difference makers you togethers. The policy. That's a -- in his -- his nephews and in all pro. Who was the kid -- keeping his -- now that I was thinking about finesse things with the end up putting. The franchise tag on him I got his name right here. It was a guy that was -- boy. You know here's here's a guy you don't necessarily know unless you follow football scores. Being a household name. But again after the quarterback it was not right here a Michael Johnson. Here's a guy the Eagles haven't and a half sacks. 6727. You know that's the kind of production you need. Saints players and the Saints uniform so hopefully maybe. That the -- gonna -- new scheme in. And position that rob Ryan's gonna put in. You know junior go and Martinez Wilson and maybe during camp -- named in which -- -- -- you know in fact it. Yet we Disney. This middle of the pack production about the dental clinic season. Come back was squeezing and Brandon and Joseph and -- said is -- Returned to the night programs these have been filming and the timing gone over the last few weeks scoot it back tonight at 8 o'clock right here on WW. And welcome sports talk. Coming out tonight. Scoot is back at night. Yes indeed after being off on. On in the morning -- in for all all hosted doubtful while school is back in his regular shift. It lead things off of his top aided by leaving calling enhance the about how -- -- -- is fine he will be with you and about ten minutes. Always -- something new at WW dot com in the program they -- -- jewel in Canada. They are twenty dollars that it just ten dollars it's the place to show up for the president is everything. Take out a unique gifts. Troll beat collections and Vieira Bradley. Their -- and noted about a -- there was some nice bags and sacks and persons. In my in my deck you gotta say. You know that is -- like one and one of them along you know from the little bigger. And says look too small -- -- divide over the way that can pick one up with its own -- -- -- can. It's on sale my New Orleans Brooks dot com to the phones we go Bobby let's go to Lafayette for Joseph first Joseph thank you for calling. All of -- -- it would -- a deal -- 180 days to the start of the season where ago. My question is DelHomme from Pittsburgh. -- -- Well -- Laura guard though you know the Steelers you utilize them and guard Knight has played tackle but. I mean. I don't know -- you'd think that eating red tackle 6566. She's like 63315. Powell's awaits a private. I don't know that the Steelers and you think they know a few things not over some blind -- utilize them more and I guard and tackle. I was just they outs and I think maybe he can move over and he was I think he was that second round pick -- attacked it and he's not bad. He's not an agent at -- I think in the league. Well you know Ron. You know ironically where he went to school. He went -- Buick to Hofstra. You had the hops to -- you know Marcus calls the thing about that. Being here Hofstra beat -- -- to have football anymore. You know he talked about how he was drafted in a fourth round the Steelers that policy two picks in the fourth round they took him. Their first -- -- in 2006. I'm litre engine makes it okay. Will the Saints look at Glenn Dorsey he's batted an analyst on a bad day. What did their decals. He's like Sergio -- junior yeah I don't know where it in the end I was at LSU and if you look at the number no he's getting an LSU put you wanna get Ricky Jean Ross Barnes and I trust me there's a reason why it -- -- -- Now in the indoor season. Begin his anti Christ and his defense. I think -- you know right place right time. They needed to be more -- a 43 team. You know stamina of saint Pete in nine at 349. But no big. And Darcy as. In more disappointment -- Tyson Jackson. That's two players considered in both LSU product. Dorsey Tyson Jackson considering where they were drafted. Okay you say they're good players. But they're not great. You know and David difference makers with the -- It ended she's got a bunch of pro bowls but this god damn. And gruden I mean and being and that's in and I did and I agreed that first you gotta be great not good yeah yeah. I. Haren hand for Brandon thank you for calling WW. About it was 00 he Brandon. I get to questions for yeah I was here that we pulled -- that -- did were there. From Jacksonville. What do you think about it it -- about. Well -- Now where did you advance on the rumor mill that you hear about Cox of -- what -- did went where did you you read and it's a horrible way. Read all blow. Uh oh whoa world odd -- coveted steady play around visit with a -- in the Chargers. Well. -- and now I think if you look at when all's said and done. I mean you see a guy he's in the pledge a lot of times you don't know when is setting these rumors about. You know unplugged is a distinct and going here there that age is putting step up but I haven't heard some of the do some research. And and and look at that decade now -- and yet never gonna get but I look at that -- guy who's. They don't -- to -- and a linebacker. That was from the Jaguars. I can't think his name and nobody -- board this -- did see have success. At and a 34. But. Consider more 43 linebacker. Ray Lewis talk about it tomorrow thank. So must -- in Rancho Santa rotate -- Christie Garrett and Stephen gala Jonas tomorrow on the program at. Where Curtis Lofton Saints linebacker will be -- and also will visit with LSU coach. Less miles -- the latest on free agency and Saints news go to WWL. Dot com on the -- it's still. Coming along with. On the ninth wave I've Deke Bellavia he's the cajun cannon by the -- Bears won the whalers all night.