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3-13 5:20pm Curtis Lofton talks being a strength to the Saints.

Mar 13, 2013|

Curtis Lofton talks leadership on the Saints Defense.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to sports talk -- the Kasey Kahne and Bobby -- bear time Deke Bellavia coming up on today's program -- we'll visit with -- linebacker Curtis Lofton in the 5 o'clock now also. We will visit with LSU coach less miles as the Tigers get set was -- them practice. In CA Rose fifteen practices are allowed. Two in NCA eighteen to Tigers get underway tomorrow they will concludes spring drills at their annual spring scrimmage. On Saturday. April 20 in death that a lot of excitement built around the Tigers. With the addition of Cam Cameron as their offensive coordinator Saints out that reporter Kristen Gant will -- with the inside scoop. On the New Orleans Saints a lot of news gone around in the National Football League as we came into the office. I'll just a few moments on the studio. Wes Welker is now going to Peyton Manning down in Denver. To play for the Broncos as he joins -- but also the Lions have a -- running back in the fall of Reggie Bush Steelers running back Rashard Mendenhall. He goes to the Arizona Cardinals and also looks like a -- Gholston Bobby the defense -- from. San Francisco has a new five year deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. -- B yeah I think. Owner of the Buccaneers goalies in the private typical mom passed on my total Cassel. That that's almost like as well wine and dine in you closed the deal I mean that was just a matter of time. -- the -- that's a big -- at the Tampa Bay. You look at the safety position. You know that fans of the you know looking at where we entry NC the one question and have approached me. Is still a concern. With the safety position. As far as the production and now. We have the trust factor to fans as far as in the Hugo was dealing with the players and contracts -- They look at -- anything we can upgrade from Malcolm Jenkins and Roman Harper. -- that being said certainly -- -- means. Because they remember what damage our program and this team and helpless with a suitable so they'll look at. You know -- obviously Ed Reed you know people that they know -- up from a backyard and read. They'll Andrew Brothers. You know what you're talking about LeBron. Or which local fans are more familiar because you come on LSU tiger vs his brother who went to Georgia Tech in -- with the Jaguars facilities that you can't tell me they would make our team better. Bruce what we have so that is the speculation they have out there. As for as from the safety position. I -- you know because not because I think this is a great move for him a former saint help us when it's doable Reggie Bush. I think Reggie Bush now -- that South Beach. Is not happening like you all discreetly. A depressed city probably the most depressed city right now when you look at the economy and being up in Detroit but as far as the team. The get -- that we mega -- on the island I'd be surprised. Not so much the individuals that as a running back out again utilize him on the -- field. I mean I'm Matthew Stafford -- one more win you can have. Those are tied in. Is it Pettigrew. I'm thing you know it's minimum -- I'm saying they gonna have enough weapons Brandon Pettigrew yep. More and he can you throw by probably arguably the best receiver. Right now Reggie Bush -- the backfield we utilized Darren Sproles so that's a great opportunity. Asia I'm sure Detroit is is excited -- yeah I don't like command staff and rest -- that certainly. He opens. He opens a lot of things and he causes a lot of problems when it is matches of it and still does. Linebackers can't cover you know Reggie Bush -- -- guard Darren Sproles and the got to know any guy Garrett team -- it was like. He had sixteen million of Warriors right as are pretty good deal. Thanks news is concerned by the club did agree to terms with restricted. Free agent long snapper Justin pressure on a four year deal which is. Probably. Goes more on notices one of the most important positions and all had the ability to have a talk let's have a bad snap and -- and yeah always it is -- talk. No question about it on some comes -- you're in the form of a big as the team's. -- so to speak. But big I don't know good and -- -- tell me if -- still does a point because a lot. It's a lot it's a arm maybe a third. Of the fans that -- him and -- they got to move on we appreciate Jonathan Vilma Will -- helpless. A -- is suitable but I look at this about right that's what I thought bang for your buck if you look at whether -- as far as their contract. You look at Jonathan Vilma OK with his. Like originally salary cap figure art -- was gonna come about this season was eight point 6000004. Point eight million base salary. We think one. Leveraged him on the -- adamant who's gonna pay him that. But when I look at him million dollars. No I mean if he doesn't work out they could just cut him. Within you know his leadership and what he's done a veteran -- -- because of the plate now. Will Smith said you know everybody tweets. -- and loyalty is everything Kamal. Loyalty is everything. If you get heavy Keegan needed to yet you wanna be when you familiar with it where you raising a family. Where you live in but you wanna get paid. We'll let -- have any leverage. When you look realistically come on. That. Here it was the four point fourteen point five million in 2013. Houses salary cap number. In the it is base I was going to be nine million I remember saying it is just using common sense. The not even negotiated Seau Will Smith probably. -- worth a third. Of what his contract says similar because what I be done form lately -- base salary dropped to three million. I get -- right now and that's a good deal. The key Will Smith on board I think Will Smith how he plays against the run either what is age. All around Davidson been. And I think if he's in that rotation. Whoever he's with a big combined. This they two individuals and a half thirteen fourteen sex. Well will's committed three million and in an individual -- that's worth it and I still think Will Smith has more left in the tank. -- Jonathan Vilma. Not that that's just my opinion but as far as. What they -- getting paid is with the Saints dictated and not necessarily them UK -- meat will -- and loyalty is everything. It's everything. Because you don't have no leverage you gonna tell me it Will -- all the cell and at thirteen fourteen sacks. That he he's a man you don't want to pay me nine million dollars and you got to cut me. Whenever when are trained me when I'm with Anquan Boldin. The Ravens don't wanna -- of six million. He semantics in my contract says. So yeah Ojeda pay me but he got to get ready meet the look at -- they just want as a bullet putting the best receiver in the playoffs. So he's out of porn on his uniform. So when you see. C'mon tell you that's BS you would think it would be true that loyalty is everything. Is it's everything depending on where you and you career and who has the leverage then that's and you law. Plus today wanna get to a take. Cam Cameron brought in to help fix the LSU offense is -- the missing piece all the talent that Ellis -- recruits. Offensively says they should be producing better numbers. On that side of the ball is Cam Cameron -- does that -- Bergen needs. To mature and the quarterback everyone has expected him. To beat us should take on the Saints in the looking at just about before we go to break and -- and I -- that I'm not Manson but I really think this is what. Probably the Saints are thinking about slowly -- a -- for Mexico memory just -- NFL network has their own version of who they think of the top free agents. And they had -- -- -- try to number 34. And this is what they say and everything to suspect. Bush tribe will be the perfect test case for approving what an average starting tackle with a random Pro Bowl nod gets. On the market. Yet not all that I don't agree that. The a little bit about why I don't think it Bears are reaching you know line line is gonna play with the closed and those c'mon. Coach homers putting his neck on the line development coordinator. Coach -- all of -- line and lucrative deal with them but nobody if you don't work out prior to that statement came on an anemic point 08 is an a's fan to say did. His record says what it is I mean that's. In the I want Pro Bowl right. What is all that in April we'll be okay -- in -- to Provo. Probably -- many of the level that was actually made the Pro Bowl I mean look at it big -- he was ranked about right you look at that team and problem with the tackles that went 30 he gets ahead five or six like I Christiansen seventeen meaning guarantees that means season. Our thing -- hold the -- of the Patriots all of them one of the local aside magnets in the basket look at all these guys get the guy that was it. A tear behind -- behind. Busch -- because it is the kid from UNC Sam Baker with the Falcons and yeah he -- with him he has on the team that is the Hamachi -- Now that there's no way now I would think anti bush bush tried and -- -- -- bush right now it's any team in -- probably gotten by thirteen in the coming back this is sports talk listening to WW well. And welcome back to sports -- the -- he came back BA -- I'm Deke Bellavia. Charles Brown to have him to step up Kenny fill the void left by in my Busch Ryan left tackle -- the Saints need to find a spot in free agency. All our via the draft later in the program Curtis Lofton Saints linebacker spots but for a visit. Saints out and a reporter Kristian -- and Christie Garrett won on Twitter latest things new seat. It's an out if for -- he will be what is -- inside scoop information force at 435 and LSU coach -- amounts to legislator. In the program -- boss -- them off for the Tigers is new offense the quantity Cam Cameron. The and it's sad to me. -- offense. Since 2007. LSU was. Ninth overall. In the country -- to do to a strong rushing attack they were 42 in passing. Since then I'll give you that total offensive rank first followed by the passing. In 200851. Overall 67. In the pants the -- 102. Overall -- second passing in 09. 81 overall 102 passing in 2000 TN. 57 overall in 2011100. In. Passing and last season 77 overall ninetieth in passing in Bobby from the system that we go by. The talent. This cause. Way these guys -- the recruiting class it says it LA issue should be producing better numbers offensively. Yeah I -- if you look at it. Obviously. What fans want is the kind of offense because you gonna get the athletes that kind of keep pace. With the deep pits. And what they've been able to accomplish there's no reason and not talking about. Top ten even Altman's there's no reason you shouldn't be at least a top twenty. Offensive unit. You look on the Matt Flynn. The illness today unity were number nine just look where we're ranked offensively is -- pass and the ball. And as a unit and he knew. The enemy we broke top fifty so that's I'm optimistic is -- and Cam Cameron will be the difference maker. Now with interest in. Is that you look at the confidence and I think this is crucial. That coach miles will having Cam Cameron. And I I think that's gonna make all the difference in the world. You know to let him all of a sudden. In -- run the offense. -- you know coach miles basically getting Robinson arcades. You know it's poured down we -- -- you know on. Away at the you've taken a penalty. Just to go to show you the record miles thinks. Cam Cameron if you look at it. It's amazing. That coach miles has 180% at a time when you considered considered inconsistencies. On -- it. LSU is a fifth of its a coordinator. They've had five elements of coordinators in miles -- -- -- -- that -- the spring practice. The game and so when you look at that that is his and it's it's is that it's amazing. You know how many games they've won now coach miles says -- I'm talking about coach Cameron is that Cam Cameron is that he would definitely make as better. He brings us an ability to throw the ball. Like -- thrown in NFL. He has an acute awareness. Of execution and makes it different. On success and failure he has an instinctive presence he always knows the right way ago. -- And that's why I'm that he just makes that -- burned or better. In in his no excuses you just talked to Philip Rivers. Drew Brees Joseph Flacco. No -- -- birdie he'll tell article of the ball to be successful. Bottom line so. The -- optimistic about the -- Elijah but you know ten wins. I would be disappointed if they don't get to ten wins again because on. That optimistic that even in the defense is young and all of -- about the carry him early on in the season. All right coming up next Kristian -- Saints and a portable give us the inside information on day -- of free agency what's in store. What's happening with the black in goal plus an update as there is a new hope. Happened earlier this afternoon we'll keep you in tune to the latest and everything's happening at the Vatican allow Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia. Operated jaguar -- Tebow is new offensive coordinator Cam Cameron. The missing piece for LA shoot -- -- vote online at W. Did you go -- our first up a CBS news update in the in first news. We said in a row. It's not. Pope Francis the first. There's announced today. 76 year old first south American Pope first Pope from outside of Europe and over a millennium said to be a man who represents personal simplicity. Took the Bus Cook his own meals has -- or experience not as an administrator. Worked closely with the -- worked as a mediator with government through Argentine economic. Crisis he is the new Pope we will have the latest -- with the bottom of the our updates from CB. -- now they don't question that -- that. Now. I'm just I heard this roughly I don't know the exact. I think he's only three of four years young and in the pulled -- retired. Yes he is an older -- -- a way to handle them having a lot of -- in the pros who have won a younger guy and there's so maybe he's night. Maybe gonna retire. And you know what I'm saying retire early read it and just maybe -- in office that's the right term. I'm -- them and I guess that you know you always have speculation that you know I'm excited -- -- from Europe. Did I guess is different now and we can say is from the Americans I mean I know is South America but it is the Americans then you go. Operated jaguar -- -- is offensive coordinator Cam Cameron the missing piece for -- issue. Conversation with LSU coach less miles at 5:35 this evening here on WW -- At Christian Derrick one on to what he's on FaceBook all all the he gets all of the latest information for us here at WW RA MFM and -- counties are Saints have -- report only one of 32. Throughout the National Football League Christie Garrett joins us. Draft free agency and throughout the entire year and it was a latest on the Saints including today date two of free agency Christian what is -- Bobby and he knew white smoke today it Saints Campanella and that necessarily assign somebody but. Keenan Lewis New Orleans native and out for Pittsburgh steeler visiting Saints can't today of course -- that's certainly music to New Orleans years of course being from. The Big Easy was drafted in the third round 2009. Big physical corner six foot 995. Pounds body it's time in the theme in tomorrow. He'll have Derek Cox. The Jacksonville Jaguars he's also a free agent. And he will be in for a visit tomorrow as well also a third round pick by the bit by the jags back in 2009. Really solid player was going pretty good ball skills four interceptions last year he's from William and marry a lot like Darren Sharper -- Bobby. You know from -- from -- America also another big physical corner at six foot honored and 95 -- so to defensive backs visiting new policies once today Keenan Lewis and -- out tomorrow and -- top. It's not Christian you're we're talking about it what it is Saints plan obviously. You gotta keep the ball roll and you got to have guys waiting in the wings. Charles Brown. It's still like Alexy. Incomplete as far as not negative not positive but just incomplete. When. And the one negative obviously when he got whipped. You know against the Rams -- winning winning is Chris Long when he gave up three sacks. Good I want to save I can recollect maybe five gained. That he had started 3 -- come along real consistent so just kind of -- -- a complete -- but. It would do you think is gonna come about that it is the only competition. At left tackle Lucy with Charles brown and there were also. I meant to -- who they draft that you -- Free agency but early in in free agency process I've been on the phones all day yesterday and all day today and I haven't been able to find. Any information about an offensive tackle. Being reached out to by the New Orleans Saints RB -- and him having any kind of offensive tackles on our radar at this point now. With the Saints are are are known for doing what they're really good that is letting the market kind of -- little bit right and they go out there are finding bargains. Yet either that that's that you would tell me is I do because they make a big splash. It's not necessarily over and if you look at the teams that made a big splash and use beatle wanna be in that category is because they're not winning. The Chiefs the grounds and the Dolphins while there's a reason Wallace on all who's really benefit. In the start of free agency is because they have the benefit because the teams had a very good. Who won. March last year the Buffalo Bills the year before the Philadelphia Eagles any violent coming out those seasons worked out so your point is that the Saints have a little money to spend at seven point four million dollar roughly. Right around under the cap and the big thing is that clearly it is like they're targeting defensive backs corners in particular and right now there's a flood of them on them. NFL you're telling me that I that you could still take a wait and see approach and not overpay. And because that means that you're familiar with. He's been up and -- and -- -- it's -- times he's consistent. And a lot of fans that look at that they've read a bunch of these guys go he'd be better in. Well whoever he be competing with like DeAngelo Hall now you told ES got to know this Chris Gamble. He was doing and I think a shoulder injuries that he's retiring. But I was looking up productive the most productive deviant and Carolina history -- you gonna have a imported to a handful of corners have -- will be available. Those veterans Antoine Winfield recently released by the Vikings. I Nnamdi Asomugha. Recently released those guys. They're they're open -- their careers now listen there's still a good bargains and -- vilified net. Find teams my point here is though with these two guys Keenan Lewis and Derek Cox what they haven't common to both four year veterans they're so the younger players that. And it ends the Saints and Atlanta their side that fits their mold they glasses and look when he brought Jabari -- here he had been league stuff for five seasons. And he had he he's done well among my point is that they're gonna target some of these younger guys and get the bargains. Yeah and you look at young guys and and -- game ever opportunity one that has worked out of one that has not the one that has not worked out would be from Lugo Johnny Patrick. My game a chance to do work out the one that worked out last year from Sanford according why. So I think that's a -- look at -- we wanna have this competition. Because of eagle and 65%. Maybe even 70% at times it seems like you need three cornerbacks on the field the way it often -- a structured. So you can't just have to cover guys you gotta have three plus. And if you're that weak link and and you're that third corner they going right at you every time so that's why it's so important. I think -- that makes -- -- -- come -- when they bring inning guys like Keenan Lewis and Bangkok. I mean the guy does leave you this two names I know our top of mine on Saints fans right now -- -- the freedom linebacker from a Dallas cowboys' familiarity with Rob Ryan he's yet to schedule the schedule a visit with the -- Saints and I know a lot of people been asking about James Harrison. The linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers now free agent as well. No contact by the Saints yet. Saints have -- -- Kristian garic -- on Sundays and -- to -- or sometimes a little earlier Alou related to the inning going LSU baseball filed on and Kristian -- one on Twitter or FaceBook in a right here all the time. K double BER in the seat flawed -- -- -- several days as I'll be out but you keep in tune to everything that's happening. With the black and gold and everything else -- and -- you have a a specials Sunday show and soccer. On carpet. I didn't I was -- things I think you -- whenever we whenever like we we coming as the -- cruising -- going for us you know whatever. That boy as a master the strike and on her we called him like he's a blank about being there. Everybody is nobody that's good radio and a. Well I mean getting that that's a big question it's amazing you know this day and -- Mary everything's instant. Is that in the United States Cologne and American football that is football -- to the world. Football -- soccer. And so you know I'm trying to like Christian more on the World Cup level. But the UEFA cup in soccer but Jesus -- -- the this and he loves -- it when you -- pro ball Christian says the balls and. Arguably the -- I don't I don't want the dummy here on the I just got to texted him the Saints might be. In trusted in Nnamdi Asomugha there's some indication that they might be inch that in that saw just one of the the author of that and we just got done talking about the quarterbacks on in Iraq and it could be a great bargain could be an indication they might be -- targeting Nnamdi Asomugha who has seen guys have Rob Ryan. You know with the Raiders he got his money already. From what he went to eat out of this and I used them no goalie have a skating needed to he's going he could proceed he's going he loves rob grind okay -- -- winning team got his money with some eyes but as he could give more you. You wouldn't get too much time you don't have them leverage because he's my dog you want to try to give would you guess here yes without a doubt it but that might not be to market -- so he in my look at the Saints is a great opportunity because there and any team as -- -- great owner mark -- -- free enterprise back in the late -- sees it. A ball. -- Yeah I think it's an okay you don't is that in my logic I understand -- logged on to stay in large but I also you talk about. They had -- you know to have the the club hand for a hand yeah. Will -- be down me lately and if you can keep it what is it -- lately and done crap nobody is still good play yeah. Though he's better than any -- we got a good team coming in be one has papers we. -- that I see that I don't know what is leverages and Woody's gonna demand on the market. Because I still think yeah he would take the money. When ideal place or here we would all agree what what kind of dog out there and -- and like you said yesterday. Just don't necessarily look at what and how they -- coaches look at these. What do -- has necessarily although he won that go with the Eagles that may be the case to some extent but. Is you know great for your team yes about it now -- as well that's what I think -- these coaches look at too. Not this all may be live up to expectations you may be right around that you probably are. But does he upgrade your position does -- a great your team and I think he would be. There's Rob Ryan knows how good ideas. When he and I'll know as the use of Russia don't do their defense around him out there you. This and he was he was a shutdown corner so even if he's not a shut down corner. He still got to be one and a bad score it denied doing when injuries and some I think Saints fans are welcome him. 2601878668890. -- Sammy less miles in the 5 o'clock now along with Saints I am backup Curtis. Often this is sports -- on WW. And welcome -- he -- game Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia Texas and -- in the eighth inning as it takes about -- How did bowed out -- point books to snag -- I don't know what that means I just take the Mexican team and not a smack myself. Shoes and he Tyndall. To Limbaugh may have been ten dollar stimulant in the I have the goods Rose CO the today separated at our big people on the -- is the movement that he is offensive quantity Cam Cameron the missing piece. For LSU's offense plus. Saints -- linebacker Curtis Lofton checks into the radio little got a preview spring practice the position battles. And so much more later in the program as -- -- -- -- -- That Thomas jones' -- free agent cornerback Keenan Lewis visiting the Saints. Allan Robertson who -- the Pittsburgh Steelers for the Pittsburgh Tribune review. We'll give us the latest as a Pittsburgh has some new faces out there know -- meant an owner James Harrison. It's like Keenan Lewis is on the market so it in a little light Wallace yeah Pittsburgh in a -- in -- right now. While big. And Daniel look at what was the latest you drive where we came on board Wes Welker in the Wes Welker of the Patriots news go to Denver -- -- you look at Wes Welker and did there and Bill Polian was talking about this. You really want and do it is structured and we have that like in -- Lance Moore you want those three receivers. I don't know who is talking about two receivers and a tight end. -- I guess three eligible receivers as far as a combination. To exploit defense is good. Know that. Big B it is sad to see now you know he's done about odds and wagers on games. Ordered irons owner that has any influence. -- a -- to the Bronco. As. Mark it was -- I did is we got to gods yesterday and they didn't really affected much from Seattle standpoint. Will be -- to see how they affect damn birth of their outlets -- Golan listened to those odds in. This is a sports saw whole body goes up for analysis -- man looked -- gonna give it to about a hundred to an opt out let out taping it. And I cannot meet -- and he -- need to you know what out like Tebow. I need to money kimonos skated a -- this is always talk on WW -- He is the case you came back BA bear I'm -- Deke Bellavia -- pleasant out allow command Saints land back to the radio total. Curtis Lofton Curtis thank you so much for the time how -- -- Curtis and now from the a chance I -- to kind of sit back and look back at this season your thoughts on your first year in a black and gold uniform. -- well me personally not Butler had a pretty solid year by. You know it's not all about individual it's about entire team and you know wouldn't. We didn't start and it sinister ways you know we wanted to but you know put that in the -- in the really look forward to -- Now -- Curtis when you look at you know court trying communal Bordeaux what is your opinion on an outsider before you. You know you talk to him one -- one is that it pretty much. -- gonna Hamburg are aggressive style. With maybe the Saints fan I mean Saints fans and Saints players are familiar with like we Gregg Williams brought to the table that. We get a set the tone vs navy -- Dolphins dictate. Played to us. -- -- -- -- -- Speak to the group wouldn't comment but that was here Rome it's. From what you know on the outside and Rob Ryan you know sort of very competent coach. On. He's been coaching league twelve years that have some great defense is. And you know like -- -- -- aggressive style -- defense that please and more so dictates our offenses and don't -- office to detect -- -- and you know he uses. Many different -- a quarterback in. You know he's been successful in the league for many years so -- and therefore. Now Curtis when you look at. Even though on the anything's pure when the 4334. Just talked to fans about the middle linebacker position. -- in a 43 you by yourself. And I kind of direct in the traffic and then all of a sudden now you got to middle linebackers side by side how important it is. That really so you keep a full -- -- online and a big nose tackle or someone up front occupies blockers. Social you can make plays. Our home. -- -- To me you know there's enormous difference for middle linebacker in a -- record in this thing you know in. In the fourth -- you have. You know yet so some might widow. And you know it you still. Have those different things that go along with that before you have to our backs are also about who's. You know could be effective in -- you have a big nose in the you are in our personnel to go you do or will be verbal all of it uses such move forward. -- -- allowed back Curtis Lofton is our special as black and go play his game back to work next month. In preparing for the 2013. Season terrorist -- would you say is the this spring the best caught -- of your game. Yeah. I have acquired they were much stressed in my game virtually no Australia. -- silent a silent. Home. You know I make a lot of plays -- determined them bar have a motors. You don't outfit that was sullen silent. Curtis do you feel now. You know coach -- wasn't a more last -- night comes on board it's a new season every season's a new season that. You look at -- the Saints are right now. Do you view yourself now laws that you've been here that your quarterback of the defense. In just kind of like a changing of the guard a passing the tarts and he got a great relationship with Jonathan Vilma. When you look back he held the Saints of being that leader. You know to win a Super Bowl but it seems like now on the back end of his career when he's gonna play we will linebacker. They all could be on the field the same time. Well Bubba how do you I guess established leadership even though you -- are new but -- Unita. A newcomer anymore you -- -- for -- -- that mania -- are do you worry about that today on the man now and on -- -- People know about it and be that leader on defense. -- -- you know this. Passer with some of them but. You know not on the -- that -- told about the number one though lose include a expresses. Winning games and -- is -- You know went to speak to leadership role in the into that though we have a great working relationship and -- know are pretty different and so. You don't. -- say that there's only one solely your own for a defense wouldn't. A woman. You know upbeat we both do a great duo take responsibilities. And you know as the leaders continue to you're -- -- Chicken and -- -- all of you know so it's not just one person that you know leadership -- also. This is that to put that effort got together. You know saying that no matter where the F -- and and whatever it takes to get that you know that's -- do. And you know that's that's the kind of -- that you have. And you know Lester was a terrible year towards and so that's this league -- hunger in categories but that shows that being very straight and we look forward to this compute. Curtis a lot of folks scores and opinions say well when you look at -- the Saints defense hand legacies they just bring -- -- a lot of new faces in this league they'll they'll be different faces but I mean the majority of players will be here. -- what you guys have been your teammate tonight. A new coach come here. How much improvement how much better can the defense -- makes these. -- -- -- You know there's there's a turnover or whatever roster and some years. There's never -- it actually is and so -- producer -- a couple of races book. You know select we have so core group of guys on this team and to speak to the defense side than epic. -- -- I -- right today. -- and start off -- season and tendencies and then you know just been more aggressive style attack in the sense Rob Morrow likes to play in. You know actually it's too much of the particularly evidence that they haven't. You know -- -- spoke to and so wants you know I get that done in -- ability more -- about defense. Say slam back Curtis slumping Curtis always a pleasure thank you ma'am ma'am we appreciate. Well it revenue like I ride and update on the new poll and sent a Rose with. First knew this is sports talk. On WW yeah.