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3-13 4:35pm Kristian Garic talks Saints free agency.

Mar 13, 2013|

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Hope Frances the first. There's announced today 76 -- first south American Pope first. Pope from outside of Europe and over a millennium said to be a man who represents personal simplicity. Took the Bus Cook his own meals has -- or experience not as an administrator. Work closely with the -- worked as a mediator with government through Argentine economic. Crisis he is the new hope we will have the latest -- with bottom of the our updates from CB. Now they don't question -- that. Now. I did I heard this -- well I don't know the exact. I think he's only three of four years young and in the pulled -- retired. Yes he is a notable is no way to handle them having a lot of cavity in the pros who have won a younger -- and there's so maybe he's night. Maybe -- good guitar. And you know what I'm saying retire early read that -- just maybe -- in office that's the right term. I'm -- them and I guess that you know we always have speculation that you know I'm excited as time from Europe. Did I guess is different now and we can take is from the Americans I mean I -- is South America is the Americans then you go. Operated jaguar opinion -- is offensive coordinator Cam Cameron the missing piece for LA issue. Conversation what LSU coach less miles at 5:35 this evening here on WW -- At Christian Derrick one on to what he's on FaceBook all all the he gets all of the latest information for us here at WW RA MFM and back counties are Saints have -- report only one of 32. Throughout the National Football League Christie Garrett joins us. Draft free agency and throughout the entire year and it was a latest on the Saints including today date two of free agency Christian what is that. Bobby and he knew white smoke today at Saints -- and -- necessarily assign somebody but. Keenan Lewis New Orleans native and -- for Pittsburgh steeler visiting Saints can't today of course that's certainly music to -- New Orleans years of course being from. The Big Easy was drafted in the third round 2009. Big physical corner six foot 995. Pounds body it's time in the theme and it tomorrow. They'll have Derek Cox. The Jacksonville Jaguars he's also a free agent. And he will be in for a visit tomorrow as well also a third round pick by the bit by the jags back in 2009. Really solid out player will win pretty good ball skills four interceptions last year he's from William and marry a lot like Darren Sharper than about -- You know from -- from -- in America also another big physical corner at six foot honored and 95 pound so to defensive backs visiting new world sees one today Keenan Lewis and it out tomorrow and Derrick -- It's not Christian you're we're talking about Q what -- Saints plan obviously. You gotta keep the ball -- you got to have guys waiting in the wings. Charles Brown. It's still -- Alexy. Incomplete as far as. Not negative not positive but just incomplete. When. And the one negative obviously when he got whipped. You know against the Rams -- when he went against Chris Long when he gave up three sacks. Good I want to save I can recollect maybe five gained. Idiots started 3M from a real consistent so just kind of I guess a complete Bulls. Who would you think is gonna come about that it is the only competition. At left tackle Lucy with Charles brown and there were also. Amaechi who they'd draft you tell -- But I think you're right I'm -- there's going to be somebody. That he might look at in the draft or they might look at the latter stages of free agency -- early and in free agency process I've been on phones all day yesterday and all day today and I haven't been able to find. Any information about an offensive tackle. Being reached out to by the New Orleans Saints -- Barrett and -- having any kind of offensive tackles on our radar at this point now. With the Saints are are are known for doing what they're really good that is letting the market kind of subtle little bit right and they go out there finding bargains. Yeah I do it that that's that you would tell me as I do because of him make a big splash. It's not necessarily over and if you look at the teams that made a big splash and -- beatle wanna be in that category is because they're not winning. The Chiefs the grounds and the Dolphins while there's a reason Wallace on all who's really benefit. In the start of -- is because they have the benefit because the teams had a very good. Who won. March last year in Buffalo Bills the year before the Philadelphia Eagles any violent coming out those seasons worked out so my point is that the Saints have a little money to spend at seven point four million dollar roughly. Right around under the cap and the big thing is that clearly it is like they're targeting defensive backs corners in particular and right now there's a flood of them on them. NFC you're telling me that -- that you could still take a wait and see approach and not overpay. And because they have names that are you familiar with. He's been up and on it talks lot of smack Bennett times he's consistent. And a lot of fans -- look at that -- to read a bunch of these guys go he'd be better in. Well whoever he be competing with -- DeAngelo Hall now you told ES that -- know this Chris Gamble. He was doing and I think a shoulder injuries that he's retiring. But I was looking up productive the most productive deviant and Carolina history but you're gonna have a -- to handful of corners are probably -- Of those veterans Antoine Winfield recently released by the Vikings. Nnamdi Asomugha recently released those guys. They're they're companies in their careers Alison they're still a good bargains and they'll be able to find that. Find teams my point here is though with these two guys Keenan Lewis and Derek Cox what they have in common to both for your veterans they're so they're younger players that. And the Saints as a lot of the other side that fits their mold they glass and look when he brought Jabari -- here he had been league stuff for five seasons. And yet he's done well among my point is that they're gonna target some of these younger guys and get the bargains. Yeah and you look at young guys and and -- game -- opportunity one that has worked out of one has not the one that has not worked out would be from Lugo Johnny Patrick. My game a chance TV work out the one that worked out last year from Sanford according why. So I think that's what they look at -- we wanna have this competition. Because of an eagle and 65%. Maybe even 70% at times it seems like you need three cornerbacks on the field the way it often does a structured. So you can't just have to cover guys you gotta have three plus. And if you're that weak link and and you're that third corner they going right at you every time so that's why it's so important. I think -- that makes -- that you come in when they bring inning guys like Keenan Lewis and Derek -- Bobby DL does leave you this two names I -- our top of mine on Saints fans right now Victor -- the freedom linebacker from -- Dallas cowboys' familiarity with Rob Ryan he's yet to schedule a schedule a visit with a New Orleans Saints and I know a lot of people been asking about James Harrison. The linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers now free agent as well. No contact by the Saints yet. Saints have -- Puerto Kristian -- Christian on Sundays and Stanton and sometimes little earlier Alou related to pinpoint an issue baseball fallen and Kristian -- one on Twitter or FaceBook in -- right you all the time. K double BER in the seat -- the next several days as I'll be out but you keep in tune to everything that's happening. With the black and gold and everything else -- and if you have a a specials Sunday show and soccer on carpet. It kind of goes god -- I think you -- whenever we whenever like we we coming as the main cruising gets them going for us you know whatever. That boy as a -- that strike an honor we call him like he's a blank about the third and everybody is nobody that's good radio and a. Well I mean getting that that's a big question it's amazing you know this day -- -- Mary everything's instant. Is that in the United States Cologne and American football that is football -- to the world. Football and soccer. And so you know I'm trying to -- Christian more on the World Cup level. But the UEFA cup in soccer but Jesus see -- this and he loves Chrissie we need to -- ball Christian says the balls and. Arguably -- -- I don't I don't want the dummy here on that I just got to texted him the Saints might be. In trusted in Nnamdi Asomugha there's some indication that they might -- inch that in that saw just one of the the author of that and we've just got done talking about the quarterbacks on in Iraq and it could be a great bargain could be an indication they might be a targeting Nnamdi Asomugha who has seen guys have Rob Ryan. You know with the Raiders he got his money already. From what he went to the each other on this -- -- them no goalie have a skating needed to he's going he could -- he's going he -- -- -- -- -- a winning -- -- -- money -- -- -- but -- he could -- more you. You wouldn't get too much time you don't have them leverage because he's my dog -- -- try to give would you guess here yes without a doubt. But that might not be to market farm so he in my look at the Saints is a great opportunity because there -- any team as and they great owner mark Jesus they -- free enterprise back in the late in a season. A ball. Run. Yeah I think it's an okay you know Arnaz then my logic I understand your logged on to stay in large but I also you talk about that hey you know -- have the the club -- -- -- yeah. Will -- be down merely in it and if you can get it what is it Dolan lately and done crap nobody is still good play yeah. Though he's better than any court we got pretty -- coming in be one has papers we. Is that I see that I don't know what is leverages and Woody's gonna demand on the market. -- I still think yeah he would take the money. Would -- -- at least or here we would all agree on what went out and out out there and act and like you said yesterday. Just don't necessarily look at what and how they -- coaches look at these. Would attack has necessarily although he won that go with the Eagles that may be the case to some extent but. Is you know great for your team yes about it now -- as well that's what I think my these coaches look at too. Not this all may be live updates imitations you may be right around that you probably are but does he upgrade -- position does you a great your team and I think he would be. There's Rob Ryan knows how -- he has. When he NL on though as -- you know that I said don't do it defense around him out there you. This and he was it was a shutdown corner so even if he's not a shutdown corner. He still got to be one and a bad score it denied doing when injuries and some I think Saints fans are welcome him.