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3-19 4:10pm Kristian & Bobby talk w/WWL listeners about Saints defense

Mar 19, 2013|

Kristian Garic and Bobby Hebert talk with WWL listeners about the Saints defense, Should the Saints take an offensive player in round one of the draft or a defensive player?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Several five welcome into this Tuesday edition of sports talk here on WW LA MFM and -- dot com alongside the cajun cannon Bobby Hebert and Kristian -- and for the big chief Deke Bellavia. Coming up on the program and a 5 o'clock hour Saints general manager and executive vice president Mickey Loomis will stop by sports talk. As the as the owners meetings wrap up in Arizona Nnamdi Asomugha much. He's been on the awesome law watch continues. -- land in New Orleans or San Francisco were asking you to the Saints afford to take an offensive player in round one of the NFL draft fifteenth overall war. Other too many holes on the defense side of the football 504260187. It's all -- 866. 89 and is nearly seven in Austin, Texas and 87870. Body you answer the question can they go offensive player namely an offensive tackle. With a well -- overall pick. While they don't want to reach and is not over yet as far as with the in my doing free agency on the the Mets decided to ball. I would paying dead and they can address -- -- he needed to address. The issue right now. Now you still might also addressing right now and still you know after a player in the draft. But I think if they can address it right now and in May be -- that utilizes fifteen page. Moved down in the draft. And apart from maybe pick of a second round pick. And and who knows at a but I adding. That you can't force a situation. So. You know a perfect example. He -- that we drafted deuce you know yeah as probable highly drafted deuce we have. You know running back would you look at value. You hear that term all the time my utility is that a lot of value. Is that okay this players still available. Was -- with a fifteen pick who we thought this guy would be eight or ninth pick in the top ten pick so that's when it changes and you can't say okay. We need. And outside a pass rush who had to be beavis and in a linebacker. So we get a force them into fifteen pigment really has like agreed late for a trial like -- a much different but. A you can afford to -- on it whether it -- you know late first round early second. You know all the sudden they do in the fifteenth pick overall and -- -- workouts on adding that's a cousin the play -- It's the granderson is the you know how it's gonna play out I think also. You know restructuring deals and how that all comes about. And him. You know. Well we gonna do as far as -- who was gonna take to land not -- more. Or Butler. You know a veteran James Harrison you know we throw a lot of names out there. That I think a card. They make you Moses hole and closed the of this I'm just speculating here. Would you what what was one who who was one player. That nothing happened to we're speculating. As something would happen when you talk about restructure and taken -- reduction is who Roman Harper. Caleb and having that Vilma. Will Smith Roman harbors. Salary cap figures still likes that with seven point Wasilla warm yet and they look at it is an anxious I was still vacant. That they still may be can go to Rome and now I don't know what kind of leverage has I don't think right now out now pay cut with the restructured. They held them maybe land another player subbing me he loses told -- -- -- and so -- -- surprise. If something that would that comes about the help land. Players that we need to agreed to defense. Body who the studs and who who the stud right now passing defense of the guys you -- -- I that would one and that the team it really want to. I did a really there's one. And if it -- one on Cameron darn. -- Cameron -- did premier one. The year two. Considering all around even -- that game holly please against the run and he even be more about it which is the perception. Because he got it done as a pass rush I mean eight sacks with just a perception -- -- -- twelve sacks. Usage did double digit Morgan is not easy in high here. But I think. Every personnel guy around and it fell bad and they actually look at OK with things the with a player. As badly have a high upside and playing at the highest level it can help any team. Cameron Jordan would be number one on that list now. But it is I don't think the Saints have a handful of players. That all of a sudden they're not starting to use their starting for another team. Mean -- beat who who used to these secrets and I mean our fans out there. Who Loney with a good and that that are starting that is Saints defense that went as the Falcons. What is the Texans the Titans whoever NFL team the Browns would. I'm also an -- seasons Curtis Lofton. Yeah yeah beat him because he's reliable and -- would yes better guys up front. How he roamed sideline this line I mean just look at reliability. As a guy in the eleventh twelfth thanks to gain -- tackles a game double digits. And all of that I'd -- yeah. But -- he's old and now -- -- -- Mitchell Curtis Lofton -- point seven bombing campaigns are just thinking you know in the league. But those two guys both -- -- -- prime yet but bye bye -- NFL standards the prime yet of their careers dollar Alexei. Yet it's not like. We have a number arguments of players that teams who want us to law roster. Who the guys that are most expendable by the -- Obviously with when I government contract -- -- is February was draft -- Cedric Ellis on about currently on the roster right roster. As though that the -- speculation. It to -- consistency. -- position. You know considering where they were drafted no. Malcolm Jenkins and Roman Harper NFL players. You've heard me say that before even Will Smith I mean they can't be good idea to be great if -- first round. -- you have to you know be a dominant player. So. I think cornerback if we land and not some long. Longley Keenan Lewis -- mean. Dissolves into my era impact -- still on the team we keep one. Let's hearted it's part of elect to cut ties and -- be here because his contract. Is this -- loaded and his salary is guaranteed. Patrick Robinson that it got to get a whole lot of relief but -- figures -- around two point 12 point three million dollars roughly. Yes they look at all of that and I don't know if you can afford. You know if you agree that corner position. I because you look I'm not someone now of course -- an -- fifteen million dollars. But even though. Heat and drought that form back to meet he was considered me that the Raiders 30000 Nolan. Cornerback overall he was Darrelle Revis with -- it was Darrelle Revis you know as far as the dominant who's been dominant corner so to me. Okay in that there's nobody were fifteen you know -- cornerback but I'm saying. You can't tell me if you cut. You know. It 32 teams figured 64 starting cornerback Ty the thing -- Watson the top 1012. I don't know what it -- to Atlanta to pay -- what -- an -- I am still button. Would be an upgrade and likely Keenan Lewis so. Yeah when you look at. Realistically. -- mean as the big gets a mighty big banners and number of players on the defense especially. Like -- guy obviously going far like Jimmy Graham. I mean come on they have to work on a long term deal with him because his Nolan agreed to Jimmy and Jimmy Jimmy Graham is among the elite of the elite. You know you billion often -- -- -- -- -- and yet and the ball and stuff like that. As few players that have that kind of stroke. And the only one that would come close on you know condemn it badly -- that it would be Curtis Lofton. Cameron Jordan right now Hakeem Nicks is a play on -- -- and yes I'll shouted out a teammate simplest what you paid him. -- that is stealing ability and expect a lot of things. From him so -- definitely a player on the rise in the can expect big things from him. Who the studs and with a duds on the saints' defense 5042601878. Told 386689087. Ink in the Saints afford to take. An offensive player in around one of the NFL draft they have the fifteenth overall selection. In that first round or -- too many holes on the defensive side of the football this at this hour your phone calls next -- St. Joe manager Mickey Loomis later in the program. What was with the NFL network's Heath Evans get his take as well this is sports talk on WWL. Welcome back to sports talk alongside the cajun cannon Bobby -- Kristian -- into the big TT televisa phones we go -- in the Ninth Ward you're on WWL by Lauren. -- My mistake I have water -- A -- -- I apologize. The first and then Bobby certain and -- Fumbled it or different but I'm sure. -- terrible -- great goal. Into the they got to pick. Now on the way in. If they don't that. That terrible habits strictly to. Think they. Were able your attitude in -- -- of them. But then again -- good toward the field goals. And there and then go from. -- -- You know you are terrible well. Am not that. Big ego and it took a bigger yeah. Oh I expect that it probably -- Him it's very work -- now you record mark. -- -- -- the -- -- entrapment. Or pitcher in the history of the game and what their. Well I hit a large Rob Ryan knows them. I mean you know he knows that in obvious today and address rob Bryan which he says by Victor Muller and also went some wallet with the Raiders. The big chest piece in my opinion bodies is in the year and Lawrence is. Nnamdi Asomugha is set -- if he lands here in New Orleans I think that means that in all likelihood a lot of their cap taxes is going to be gone so that dress. That addressed -- that outside linebacker need with -- -- -- maybe through the draft you know you don't know I mean look it. Like you like you said Bobby if they have a trump card with restructured some other deals in the Christian casting people players potentially an early in free agency. The Saints did express a little interest. And there's an obvious connection between Rob Ryan and Victor Butler. Well you know Lawrence if you look at the offensive tackle. My understanding if you looked at tackles they probably would be almost instant success. For the Saints one of the guy remain -- wasn't jewels local. Yeah Joseph -- But it material he's not going to be available be around past five so when you look and say looking at the top five -- six solid to tackle so let's say you might have. An offensive tackle -- lightly late first row home you know 2526. -- is that they're great scenario. If all of a sign. You know -- you this unit target ordered those guys that you don't want to take him at fifteenth as you region. With the and you add a second round pick. And -- and then you could you know maybe -- -- late first round they get on the to tackle that you thing's gonna start party you begin that region at fifteen you know standing you get that additional -- Mean we're targets he has an -- like that weren't enough -- saint. There -- -- -- be great but he's been our sport where -- they're going to trial program stretching some would be an outlook that. -- -- or two ago that you. Know. Not a hundred on the street and C today is that you don't player and will restructure their contract. After the him as a group and it certainly. Couldn't do we could think they're pro -- With that they're -- -- but it he would definitely do it differently in order to return to. Run. They're they're what they're the story to it could be and now that -- -- -- of the -- from. More. Than -- thought about. You have you know Lawrence if you look at it. Like even I don't know -- Politico about -- drew. Now Rolen might be rolling the -- But you look at the situation is about leverage will Smith and Jonathan Vilma did. Know that they redone his deal's good. The dating game with the amount of money had to take a cut and paved film actually had to do it two seasons in a row. You look at last year's Dubai -- and he restructured his deal. Because he had to average he's he you know he got more money up front where you know that as a scenario when you look at the guys. Even Brodrick Bunkley when they come on him and you know in the middle voted 34 defense. He's still got his money. You know their restructured but he still got his money so. I think you have to look like a guy like drew obviously. All the money we've paying him. It and and and we don't expect him that he went -- cut in -- But a guy like Roman harvest some fans might say well you should feel fortunate that you've been here. The enrollment maybe in his age you might say well. You know what I don't mind destruction but a lot more money. And not necessarily -- cut in pay. A -- loss on the fact that sometimes we talk about restructuring and doesn't mean. Whose solid American day. Right right no no in the -- -- -- -- spread money around you really spread signing bonuses -- -- me and makes -- the creative with how they basically you know. Take care of self -- money he could be in a number of different factions but then you know Drew Brees is case -- would necessarily. Who would have thought would think mean a pay cut it would just be a spread the money around. And we talked about it a couple weeks ago lobby that it's really difficult to do and Drew Brees contract this year to restructure if you're going to restructure. If and Drew Brees told me that a couple weeks that he be willing to consider anything that would help the team and help the salary cap situation. If you don't do that -- movie next year well. Next year and even yet to -- of library eventually by you know it is -- like you know you're helping yourself out in the short term in the long term. Yet he -- -- -- -- the music 504260187. It's all -- 866 and 89087. In the Saints afford to take. An offensive player in round one of the NFL draft or are there too many holes on the defensive side of the football -- phone calls coming up after the news. Bobby can tell you put together some game plans in your life of judging by the notes that -- funny there and you have mall over it's it's truly. -- -- -- Union system that you have here. On sports talk when a precedent for. So the March Madness and went you know -- league regular -- investigative look at all of these teams. What's -- like enters into it did did more generic so rightly so that's in yellow okay a stand out player. You know who a difference makers going to be in blue okay and then some really. Interest in stuff would be again a case they read his pink. You know that I would emphasize that -- -- and in. You know you think that it is an outstanding job you look -- like a notable alumni and stuff yeah. I didn't realize this you know all you old school people. -- actor and singer Bing Crosby. Mean who doesn't know Bing Crosby and he went against tiger. I got told that the other guys that Dunlap like you say yeah I got told that the other -- I said Dunlap ourselves guys. The ending you know like -- name even in look actors singers. Sports heroes live in. Legends -- and how well they said tone in the -- household name forever. Like Olympian Jesse oh right on the Woody did in 1936 Olympics in Berlin and he's went to Ohio State how many -- stuff like that how many highlighted you go through in the course of maybe a year. I don't know because the company I guess in a -- who would they provided performance on the I'm actually going to store and buys so. The story right and big chief. But it. It begins to award to the -- I don't just go to where kind of even you know put an upside down in that wasteful now awaits what exactly is -- and so. I'm I'm utilize him all the way to the end -- I am somewhat responsible and that Kendall and -- of milieu on W about Kendall. -- -- -- I so the collision that out of the biggest thing. -- it. Call. At the -- right. Well I I tell you like Pete route to knee is too much. On a roll calls and now you could see is that Atlantis is and he'll make a play of it and you gave. You -- burn you get toasted. And now and then. Yeah but but you don't like candle watch Roman Harper. Then I they Rob Ryan. Is going to be a better situation for him obviously that it was last year. That they gonna put -- -- -- he's still got about the Pasco is dominant tight like it is and I think the Roman. Roman can get after the quarterback and you look Adrian Wilson. -- -- Wilson just signed it he came in the Cardinals. In nine at -- -- they were very similar. When you look at net you know guy -- get after an opposing quarterback that in the safety position. You know we all talked about LaRon Landry Buddhist Saints. Might be interest that in have to find it where I had a bit here's. A guy like Roman RB you put him in the box you have a run support. Almost like an extra linebacker and then you blitz them. And -- cinema after the quarterback and he can be very productive than you put him in pass coverage. And -- he gets exploited. Now -- that being said. I look at the 49ers playoff game. And I mean is he -- -- -- -- in the reds don't don't let the guy carries the ball and partied and hit them needed to get called for interference has been and given up a touchdown. So yeah he's still been a liability. In coverage and I think you have more opportunities. When Rob Ryan in his system. -- -- they obviously gonna have a coach bags last year would be more Gregg Williams like. That -- they can ever upgrade. I think I'd be a scenario that they probably would have to take a look at it. Burnett as of right now back to speculate I still think. -- Roman Harper will be in rob Bryan. Explains 615 career tackles Bobby as nearly three times as many quarterback sacks is does interceptions. Yeah no I mean they have there and bought him out when Jenkins they have not made you know plays on the ball six interceptions for his career. The active that that has not obviously. You know been the -- -- -- is an elite -- Gholston the top free agent at safety now again at the free safety. But he had nine in two seasons but -- just look good when and read. Mean you know sixty plus I mean interceptions. So no it is that has been very disappointing especially 'cause. An expectation of what came about but I Darren Sharper. And in the Davis -- he was making plays on the ball and so on yet some fans. Listening and have to see it first. Before they ever gonna have their trust factor in in Roman Harper. And you know all the -- he's sacked the quarterback makes you earnings driven the ball create turnovers. And I think Rob Ryan again those opportunities and do you see him make him placement as far as making plays and a ball laws -- past the pin and it hasn't happened. I'm Ryan is not there up Lamar back on hole 504. 200187. It's all 3866889087. Anxious to talk to sprout here river ridge. This is sports talk on WW well. In river ridge first -- you're on WB well sprout. A couple of guys. On a couple of comments first being an -- play out like it out like this -- the draft. Somebody actually conclude sought to move up and maybe get a couple of extra -- out of the we dropped -- late first round in the league in the second round pick in the fifth round pick order. Or something like that and and also. Well using movement you mean move down in the well what we're. Back. Somebody else move a lot. We need to exit the 22 -- at it we got penalized for absolute killer -- means that Peyton may have impact that last year but those hits and an impact for years to come. Not having them in an allergy which all thought about it for the back -- quarterback may look on -- the money -- capsule back or sign a sign that. So much like that seemed like you wanna protect. He has put our power offensive anything happen the true I'm if you gonna lose a whole lot that he has someone like Hasselbeck for a couple 23 gains in there would be solved a lot better. Yeah what was brought you sort of thing is that yet to pay -- and hassle back. I mean -- he Eagles that are close to me he's gonna be almost like a player coach him what he's gonna do with luck and end up this factory. Mean Fitzpatrick has signed a big contract now with this -- Titans assignment is that at a young guy Jake Locker. I dig it would be more along the lines of what needed last summer. Christian and he ended up with the Falcons. McCallum McKeon yeah yet that adding that would be more direction and better and -- a pretty good. I mean you know stop gap short term experience. Has -- NFL games another name -- Kevin Cobb. Yeah after an experience and in the -- now you look at guys and the Cardinals minute ago and the Ambien and represented by the same agent that represents. -- staying also. Some familiarity there yeah in the NFL -- about it -- yet that you would think here's a guy that experience. And made big money to go to in Arizona -- obviously didn't and now but. You know win colon Schilling can feel com -- it's like in the brain he's about yet. As I know I don't I don't think the community even though he has been around familiar with the office judges don't see. The Saints were lying and saying nick and field is Drew Brees is back Ryan on a cell phone you're on WW well Ryan. I don't Bob. Anybody I really respect your opinion on things in your analysis that you better than NFL network guys. At home he added eight as well Ryan -- I don't know a lot of times and it's on network like all the NFL. But I think I'm kind of on top of things -- -- thing that. But that it's a you don't agree B Roman Harper and in a number of fans in the evening Roman Harper is flat out garbage. Isn't that what he did that and when we appreciate his service it's it's so what equipment he's come on c'mon Bobby he's. He's not a -- Well what we've paid -- he's not he's not -- I mean Timmy bank we have but no I mean come one. He he is still productive in the that would -- look at these active look at a number of tackles. -- he's involved and. And now as well though but but I'm saying Bears rolled farm. When you look at -- -- the in the box he is most effective water and the Gregg Williams style of defense yet read rob Ryan's gonna have that similar approach. -- -- -- -- -- He had his most productive year 2009. But I would say that it's and he does -- make enough plays on the ball CC. That you play and I agree with that -- I agree that. Had to politic. To decide speeded because when. Some guy that's going to cornerback on the court Bernard Pollard -- -- guy. Could have that would cornerbacks men that you would agree with that. Bernard Pollard the same kind of guys as Roman Harper he's a thump -- Bubba did run -- The thing is last target date is even now that is more -- -- this way too many tackles. I can make plays -- and can -- Yeah but -- Heatley and where Arenas of the -- -- the Bulls missed tackles. I mean it is right there. To make the play and and he knows him as the -- and he's made plays in unbelievable hustle play against it that Jackson Tampa Bay but plays on the ball. -- yeah against Roy Williams remembered again about. Yeah well you know he bailed out route Reggie Bush against Cowboys Arroyo is hustle. On a slant route and no that's too big time. You know -- also plays but this -- should be doing that this is a first round safety you consider him and we needed to be great -- good. But that. I think Saints fans and number. Of just people observe in the Saints safeties that they might be the week is Jules. In the NFL then the combination because it just simply don't make. And now plays I I get frustrated -- Roman and I mean -- he coached me get on him as far as -- angles in the reds' home. And how he's gotten beat in the old tight coverage. It is that no big going right at a quarterback veteran quarterback to legal right at Roman and see -- is as Simon is in coverage. If you look at the last drive we lost a 49 is Malcolm. But Vernon Davis and a touchdown in the end zone is a combination of channeling. And now Roman Harper will Roman Adam cares about part of what he did he get in affairs are cheap shot and you can't let him catch the ball. He indicated cannon Bobby Hebert Christian Gary this is sports talk on WWL. Our Saints general manager Mickey Loomis joining us from Arizona at the owners' meetings and of course. Nnamdi Asomugha watch continues Bobby who dat nation anxiously awaiting. See the black eagle can land a 31 year old -- was once considered -- it was once considered deeply miss the premiere. Corner like it was at Doral Revis. You know Revis island before there was such a thing and so that's why I mean to his game. -- Eagles fans might argue it is I mean now bank -- -- -- maybe was stealing money are used definitely overpaid that. I still thing when you look at all the starting cornerbacks. That he's still in the top ten top twelve top and so. No I mean all of a sudden you go from suspect that when you have Keenan Lewis and you have Nnamdi Asomugha. Then also in the conversation. Maybe as good as against a dual quarterbacks that I still city -- have great cornerbacks that you still have to have. They -- pass rush. Saints general manager Mickey Loomis will be within 520s. Or about twenty minutes here on Saints radio W into okay and the -- afford to take an offensive player in round one. Of the NFL draft or are there too many holes on defense that is -- ready jaguar opinion poll. On line at WWL -- cutting catcher -- there or call us at 504260187. You're told 3866889. Is nearly seven sports talk rules on next hour.