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3-27 7:45am Tommy talks to Raymond Burkhart about NOPD

Mar 27, 2013|

Tommy talks to Raymond Burkhart III, a spokesman for the Fraternal Order of Police, about NOPD response times

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tommy Tucker talking about NO PD and response time in the Crescent City Raymond -- -- the third joins us right now the spokesperson for the fraternal order of police. Are you more than an -- with the FOP are just that. Our guys -- -- the law but I do a lot of war between -- else. I. Tell me as we talk about do you every recruiting you reserve officers and retention and manpower what what is the salary food is starting salary or the average salary for a new loans police officer. Very on the started right now. Around target our grand a year are started police -- a -- all of which wish they'd be felt incredibly important and over -- I'd use those 35 case starting salary if you factor the rest of -- in and is that includes supplemental paying. I'd so. Reasonably speaking. And officer can expect to make -- notes. Yet as a result. You could make related to depend upon -- -- -- war. What to raise the hourly tolerated and feed chocolate to work a virtual child available. -- really -- the -- on the city and not make much. And it certainly can make the wage. To buy property of. Your ears on track and that's what I'm trying to get to it in terms of whether it's feasible to live in new -- islands. I'll auto police officer's salary -- years are you trying to squeeze too much stuff into a bank here area. -- do with the residents recorder residency requirement and maybe I should raise a question differently. Well why is -- PD undermanned. I'm a woman and. Welker and we don't have the boots on the ground that we need is quite simply on the record money wasn't there -- a couple of Beers. Additionally. More or -- what or wherever we go forward with regards to all digital credential -- While some of the changes that would get people on the job -- were on the court. You also had disciplinary actions on the dot ordinance does not help. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That does not tell people a reason to stay here and every time they turn on the news they are hearing about you know how all equally aren't -- Archie caused such. And much of that is ado about nothing because the department. -- change and people like any other government agency. But it surely not all that bad it sure actually that you see the work and dedication on the -- police department so that's all Serbs. You really count -- At work and I bought all agreed. Does the consent decree factory in his. Most certainly die because that was a signal for the officers that the federal government want to take over and that the physical you. What are supposed to be all of the bank and now that the city has started to back pedal called social work at the consent decree when they also -- Told them you didn't need to consent decree should put it of these reforms in place you don't need to do it. Pandemonium -- popular recruitment manpower equipment where agents. All of the officers or -- just what it goes. So they consent decree is the the that the guidelines under -- of -- and is going to be -- what four or five years. That it could be a good place for two year two -- years are. I'd serve instead of four years. Tell me what's gonna get better in terms of recruitment in terms of retention in terms of even reserve officers. Well. -- -- absolutely the consent decree -- to close to deal with constitutional police are making the department. Is about the odd lines of the Louisiana and US constitutions with regard to people right. The consent decree can change -- such as -- -- performance level server. What you absolutely not to do with four or six bad. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Everyone's on on the administration side that there will be at all Kabul on on the -- government meanwhile school. The holes are all world that we door -- -- -- so instead of having the government. We are and what they -- simply don't want instituted the well for them or place an awful or that or -- that would be covered by the consent decree. Charge. They shouldn't focus money. All of recruitment on promotional test frequently. On anyway. Apology court -- this all the department the department. Installed an extra code to make -- into the. So here here we go again and his slash Houston rain and Burkhardt namely new chief of an LPD at the superintendent. -- that facetiously but. Hypothetically speaking if I were to give you the reins of the department -- -- did it. To fix the man or woman power shortage get more boots on the ground and do something about the as fourteen and have minute response time. The first that would do was give my options that raises the second they'll do is trying to dismantle all the secondary employment. The starting I would do would give promotional Chester police torture -- that we've capitol police major. And finally I would we couldn't get word of the Centre court. I would start working what -- chosen to trust my -- so personally to find out what they are on what is going on street. And I'll certainly -- Marshall one which -- And given affected nothing happens and a vacuum your honest opinion of the chances of any event happening. You know to be I don't know. Because at least in the store right now a lot of relief to counsel were kind of on the council wants to -- protest. What kind of incentives the City Council won't. All with regard to bringing more all cultures and makers should more market. -- about the Alibaba shortened to actually what would not have been on additional categories it's all just the City Council yesterday very interest. Indeed they -- so I guess I'm an optimist about all about say that it can be on the island now. One more quick question Raman in terms of triage your priorities will would you put at the top of the list. Our promotional trusting. -- have probably repeal of the domicile or night and liberty -- I appreciate your time thank you thank you.

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