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3-27 8:45am Tommy talks to Jeff. Parish Pres. John Young

Mar 27, 2013|

Tommy talks to JP President John Young about funding for the CCC decorative lights

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy Tucker here will get back to the NL comedian a minute John Young joins us right now parish president to talk about. The young leadership council in a decorative lights on the Crescent City connection and John first off explain what happened with your and in some vital lights are back on and and I'll get to. And talking about weasels. That's my opinion -- get to that in a second Telus would have with the ordinance. What happened with the resolution yet economists -- the PC approved. Accepting the donation. For up to three months actually June 30. This year -- thirteen through the end of this State's fiscal year while cities it's gonna came to light detector light. After that. -- language into the resolution which -- and was second in an approved. You have the power PC directed DOT the department transportation development. And like the bridge with the transition funds that are available. For opted not to exceed the year -- a traditional 21. Baby except. Private donations if if companies want spotlight elaborate put. More Portland were appropriate solution. Throughout state legislative delegation and working together as one region to make sure that the state steps up to the plate and and honest -- some responsibility. But if not under the law because there's a law that prohibits it but in this case there's a distinction because. Wind a wild seat to Oprah like in the nonprofit that created economic and the united into diplomatic abilities to state. The state agreed there and it in response to accepting that donation forward to following doubt about. That -- was a step back when it was 500000 dollars right. But they agreed to write their bridge. The decorative lighting for the useful life for the Bruins and light. Of the life that they're saying the statement saying that the lighting. Be useful life. Expo you know because of Katrina and have them so it was called thereby so. How could they said -- first John and first they said. That deal was with the MR BA in Myanmar BA it was. Abolished by the state legislature which you had to be because of the waste fraud which you know included things like millions of dollars for insurance policies to. Prevent Britain -- the bridge from flooding unless of course it was a named storm at which point. A huge deductible but and they said -- now it's not the and it's not because of that it's because the lights changed after Katrina -- to exit exam. They keep changing their position in fact when I first started working with the royal city. -- product and who and then when they do -- people -- we put a product of their rights. At first -- that -- they couldn't find the agreement -- they'll you know it was never reduced to writing well after much stake in the public records request that the agreement. Appeared they haven't taken the position that. Under the terms of that agreement about obligated to do that we differ in that regard. About the dispute is it's the people's money in his -- there for the purpose and allowed to work out -- permanent solution. And I think about it what do you where you stand on the -- -- certainly double post the -- have been and will continue to be. Everyone should be the fun of this recently to make sure that the state. Stepped up to the plate arms its obligations under that agreement as it keeps those flights. Well -- and the other thing is this resolution provides. If we're successful -- that regard and they the media to be yet to reimburse the wild city and the European the transition -- the extent -- -- participants spent. I've put a 125 dollars until money on my credit card right before -- That that they did judge said we're gonna have a new election here's a what happens their money and now all the tolls we paid what happens -- that the you know. That's another good question remained if if you put in quality obviously. In the post -- You should be responsible. You know things -- you guys you talk about that today in terms of traffic light cameras at the Jefferson players' council -- They get the presentation today I mean obviously that's a little bit of a different -- absolutely and added -- this -- un constitutional question but certainly that. That's the direction the council's move again yes. Hey you know John -- you you have to be diplomatic about this but I don't they and I just think as the biggest slowed you know what I've heard a long time first. It's part of the MR BA the contract was very examiners know -- -- MR BA. Crescent City connection Department of Transportation and development or Jindal administration it's all part and parcel of the same things so let's. Cut that foolishness secondly I think politically. They thought the Jindal administration thought they were gonna punish people by turn and off the decorative lights. And they misinterpreted that rather than remorse people felt anger over and -- and I think they made a huge mistake do and then and. It is still some local elected officials in this not given name being -- -- Of flat again about some of the countless public comments and make that lets make the people. And maybe the overall for the -- well it's about the way to do it in -- -- world. That that logic is that final element in its galvanized people against the polls. It's about 400 million dollars of money over twenty years how that money is spent with different contracts and who knows who and we're already paying for bridge maintenance with licensed the taxes and gasoline taxes they go in the trust fund so. We all know that story will continue to talent thank you John we -- precise time.