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3-27 5:10pm Deke & Bobby talk w/Paul Mainieri

Mar 27, 2013|

Deke Bellavia and Bobby Hebert talk with LSU Baseball Coach about LSU Baseball.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to our number two of sports talk 7 o'clock tonight it is the New Orleans Hornets taking on the Los Angeles Clippers here. On 1053. Sports -- we'll continue on 870. -- -- Public there recently Jonas in just a few moments for us off a fourteen to one mercy rule victory over the Tulane green wave number two -- Is 232. On the season. LSU defensive back we just spoke gambled on a lay it again very compelling very good stuff from Tony Randall MacKey that's coming up at 535. Former LSU all American also of the issues NFL draft Eric Reed would Jonas Jeff -- oak note last night's Lady Tigers. Big victory upset victory over Penn State will be what is in the 7 o'clock hour and -- all junior trainer of -- Louisiana derby entrants. Departing and Louisiana bred some -- -- Jonas in the 7 o'clock now. You want the Saints to gamble on and pass rusher like -- -- Mingo ought to ran Mathieu can the Hornets beat the Clippers. Can the Bulls stop the Miami Heat 123 into. Fresh off a fourteen to one victory last night over -- thirteen stadium. The Tigers have not trailed in any of the past five games were welcome -- now LSU coach. Pulmonary. To the radio -- -- coach him and -- how well is your team playing right now. I feel like it played pretty well. Think that thought. Our -- but this here at the last few days. You India to touch at net we had -- been behind it but it that we put in order that. We've been pitching the ball really well at behind those pictures it's good timely hitting. Got a couple there that are really really hurting that -- -- -- They had really been credit. That -- counts were up at the thought -- it out but you elected he's played well but we had an awful long way to go -- we get in the dirt. Now a coach there is saying like every interview you you give or maybe even -- -- -- today. That as of late you talked about Alex bring in then also amazing cats the SEC leader in home runs and RBIs. It seems that by if it if they continue to be it is hot do is get outstanding pitching I mean disguised amendment. Well that bigotry and talk about it but I think it about the report in the other chipper or but it it -- by. And it looked up there it hit two or three or four intimidating that -- RBI so. You know we're very fortunate. They have not only those two guys that -- right in the middle of the order it really gives us some very formidable. Mark the order which put up against anybody in the country. And went mark players getting on base and pretty neat bars protecting. I think -- it makes for a pretty good but to keep. And -- coach whatever you look at baseball history and and I'll start it was give Berman and winning national championships in and you look what you've accomplished and I continue the process. And LSU fans are. Well aware of this you look now 23 and two we only what one victory away from matching in 199017. At the second best start. In program history. But as you continue. You go one ahead to Missouri SEC play what what can you tell us about the Missouri Tigers as you head out there this weekend. Well it baseball in the new world would duo that have been out there and in this sense that. They're coached in the game and and I were teammates at university Portland back in 197879. GQ that freshman and whether here I was the junior and senior and -- play that great rod may streak. And then Tim Jamison. And after he graduated it was that this is cinco should be her -- or six years. Prior to going back in Missouri which is I think we're able to -- -- bought -- book book that body. Is that Jamison. It was it the other Belfort are put your work to St. Louis Cardinals that he -- that -- Nader. Anyway an assistant football coach at university of mystery as well coached Indiana State so. Tim and I shared common thread in that we were both the -- the coaches so I followed Tim's career and so -- followed the Missouri program. And through the years it's a great program. You can view people follow baseball recognize your name's Aaron Crow over Max Scherzer or Ian Kinsler. That difficult -- university military and they are all outstanding ball players. To that caliber of baseball player and athlete that the university misery attracts. And ten games and has an excellent coach in and he knows what to do that when he gets themselves. Very close and I noticed that last year 2012. They won the big twelve championship there last year in the big twelve. And it got knocked a little bit of a slow start this year. They get swept the first two years but that they've won one and at three and each of their last. Two weekends in the SEC. But they have added. Unbelievably. I terrible early. -- and what their situation and I know I talked to him earlier this week that -- step in game speedway had their that their team and they've really been able it is kind of a group. Although I know they played today they want pretty handily. So I'm sure mobile he's fired up this week and it's going to be a big weekend. For -- as well as them and we're excited about going to Missouri. Coach any concern on the way that I know watch in the basketball regional last week in Kansas City they had this big snowstorm in the midwest and you. You go and a and a place where it's this time he is critical. Well you are we let them call in -- he's already here urgent in the world to within -- -- cited church and state -- I can assure you that. You know every time we play the game and that's an ideal conditions. Especially when we've won -- reminded that team. That it's as proof this is preparing for Olympic Columbia Missouri in March it's going to be any colder there than I think it's been some date that we played this spring. Here in the -- -- other they're expecting dumpsters and that. This season and maybe -- sixty degrees on Saturday and Sunday so what you'll be an excuse will be ready to play. As coach but I look at it last night obviously that the great rivalry between a -- Ellis shoot. -- you go to church in stadium and and villages jump all over Tulane is that. I mean. Is that something listen if you get off and I kind of start five runs in the first inning. You racked up fifteen hits and then what you get a solid performance on the mound and talk globe and about freshman Russell Reynolds. But also when you have that kind of start you have to be pretty confident that now when you come by the gate smoking. Well it was great to get up to start the you remember too that these midweek games. Gained so pitcher top pitchers and so it can happen where you have a start like. And I mean take anything away from that to mind starting pitcher said he picked up to them all year. -- we we just came out into ball and find some holes and get some clutch hit and should have been there and -- played in the first inning and kept the inning alive so. You know we took good start which always makes it easier when we have a freshman pitcher on the mound that allowed Russell to try to take -- -- and get its -- Currently on the Granada got by the fourth inning so it got into a group he pitched very well. The fourth and sixth inning -- many pitches out of the jam. It really has been in the seventh I was really pleased with the way wrestled through the good start for him and for our team -- Sugar Bowl and -- really want to use cut inclusion. Because they've worked so hard at the opera series so. Everything we do as well could be expected last night for the Tigers. LA shoot coach hall might marry the Tigers taking on Missouri. Three game series begins Good Friday here which on the network at 530 our time and at 6 PM. -- -- -- -- Thank you so much for the time have a great a week in and loser. They go all right that's LSU coach palm an area coming up most sports talk. Operated jaguar opinion poll analysts say he's a high risk high reward type a guy in pass rusher. But TVA's Mingo who do you want the Saints to gamble on the outs and I -- back there. Plus we'll -- my -- and if you were to ran -- coming up in about ten minutes is a sports talk on WW.