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3-28 7:35pm Deke & Bobby talk w/Victor Butler

Mar 28, 2013|

Deke Bellavia and Bobby Hebert talk with new Saints defensive player Victor Butler about his upcoming future with the Saints defense.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

New Saints linebacker Victor Butler. Joins us now Victor thank you so much for the time congratulations on becoming a member of the Saint Paul thank you. Yes and they will Victor. Are you a company guy and what they did you know all. I mean I'm -- -- organization -- -- and I shopping standup guy and they -- propping -- that you need to compete. And not fumble and another -- that element or aspect of the visit and I'm not followed through these -- I'm happy and excited to be a part of this. Now our big to what approach that you take a look comic take advantage of free agency my understanding. Made business one the Steelers as the Philadelphia at the Cleveland. That you just like go to all these cities and all these teams that does keep an open mind and you know. And the objective weighing the pros and cons in the -- as your best fit. I mean that shot and then that's what you do you go and you talked about or think about your history -- matters to that you. Anyway a lot of polls on eighteen you know system this team recommends that you work for me. Although that isn't going to be a -- -- a restart like that and I mean at the end of the day. The best -- him you know the greatest like I would you know would -- Now of big -- what does it feel like also you know goes around comes around again as. And you probably take the approach you never -- have too many beavers only team that. Also -- be a -- -- we get an ex teammate widow of from Oregon State Keenan Lewis. You got to be excited about that. Mean I'm Barry turner I think what people don't know about or -- as a power -- with an honor aptly. Great football players but a lot of people forget that -- BC it would Q what was great shutdown corner out of -- young that would potentially be one of the best -- in the league. And I mean I'm not Danica looking at -- he got a lot of coverage that. I'm Jennifer doesn't mean guy -- and work -- tremendous upside and he's a great kid great guy to have an organization. Now -- big hero when you look at. Obviously you coming into the NFL and you want that opportunity. And and -- probably wore silk and this all -- like this -- but what did you learn. From DeMarcus Ware and Anthony spent to playing around a bills good players. I mean I learned so much about the game mentally as well the guy who we competitors we normally you know I'm watch real Amanda watched him approach. You know how to break now you know product and anticipation act out what they Burton Burton can't do. But it went in Reynolds documentary. -- and DeMarcus Ware on the boat now Packers to try told you know. -- -- I mean I -- you know a lot of progress in a lot of a lot of knowledge and I'm on some slowly people like that that would be. Now of a big terror when you played for a guy aggressive coordinator like rob Bryan. Well maybe the two biggest things that he did emphasized was in maybe creating turnovers in scoring defense -- just break it down. -- would Rob Ryan really emphasizes though with the defense. He's really emphasizes like it's you know turnovers and scored on the bench but the one thing he's fortunate partly heart is shut -- and -- that now completely. And make them one dimensional what you do that if you stop the -- I mean he's being -- -- the -- our defense. And I mean you gotta love being on the eve of what looked god passion about the game when it comes you know people run on defense I mean do you keep you mean -- He likes he likes to keep their defense sounded that would make you one dimensional we're good out front door and it's gonna stop the run. And at different government get the quarterback and we do that we you have the element in defense I mean it's a fun game and I mean how about that like to briefly. I mean you're gonna win a lot against. Now all Vic you're looking at when you came with an NFL and obviously I -- you can help your team win and how you can contribute. Going forward and a Saints uniform you'd think you'd be primarily focused on defense. Are because you were outstanding on special teams for the Cowboys. I was seeing we had party tackles a forced fumble is that something you think he also going to be involved in this majesty's dodges so linebacker. -- are for real on the environment whatever they need to do -- one out and execute their two point -- I didn't like opposite you know played -- and compete. -- -- -- and and contribute -- -- Doug Herbert Kane on all sports. Now Vick era. Look at it from an outsider and now -- be part of his defense of what was your take when you look at it all of a sudden. Of the Saints finishing dead last on defense and and and Alison given up the most yards in NFL history. Is that something that you looked at it will I can maybe be a difference -- to turn that around. -- club back I mean I look at that defense then you look at the roster and they're not the book Greg for the players great football player on the on our roster and I mean. Everybody at the value of their with a little bit you know and and others. But on the whole I mean there's probable quality players on defense. And on into the that you pieces that admit that cute little thing that they know they didn't get put together. During that Pete and I think without getting many chances and to be recorded -- lot. He's gonna hammer on those things and you'll see a completely different decent not different players but the players -- breaks but it different beast. And I while things that I will be excited to watch this would be just like. Did the ball -- Vick big given a lot of exciting assignment to the fans out there a little pain to -- and now we look forward to. Kits and -- with -- in meeting your personal what you guys get back to work in April. -- -- -- -- -- Victim we're glad to have to congratulate again welcome to new laws -- so big before that you go to get gave us today. Are back are right -- to thank you again -- time we appreciate. -- are right victim but -- excited -- got a lot of passionate about it. He -- and -- -- -- -- babysitting you know look for Rob Brown. Defense to be aggressive one of his main things to stop and Iran and to make -- -- -- one dimensional make -- one dimensional so you're dictating the film. Sit back heels and often dig deep you know you said at film. You know like like he said Victor any easier this league says look. That rob Bryant is is Matra and his models like that nobody is so. Does that you can make offers one dimensional it all starts with stopping the run. This -- the -- to be headed in the right direction. That's the case -- came -- Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia -- come back and -- things up as we visibly Mike Donald Byrd told the talk about. This week's Louisiana derby this is sports talk on WWF.