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WWL>Topics>>4-1 6:45am Tommy talks to Prof. Pearson Cross

4-1 6:45am Tommy talks to Prof. Pearson Cross

Apr 1, 2013|

Tommy talks to Dr. Pearson Cross, a Professor of Political Science at ULL, about Gov. Jindal's tax plan

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Sound exactly seven WL first news talking about the governor's proposed tax swap plan. Do away with the state income tax and replace it with -- state sales taxes and got us thinking about they had the -- whole a league vote that happened and when it came time for the tolls to expire. On the Crescent City connection is Republican governor that. Was so staunchly anti tax we thought there would be some leadership music is not to be a vote. It's not going to be any legislation at the tolls are expired -- it no more taxes but yet. -- we heard was crickets and he -- -- to let people decide -- here we are with the governor wanting to do away with an income tax and have people pay higher sales taxes. We were think it will want to let it go to a vote of the people instead of letting the legislature which by all accounts he controls. Decide the issue -- though we'd have a friend. Peterson cross from ULO come on I shouldn't say just -- cross he's a professor of political science at ULO come on good morning sir how are. -- Very well thank you bombed how does this all fit in with the governor's political philosophy and with. What's going on in Louisiana and with the control he exerts over the legislature and does he have enough control get this through. But those are number big question talented -- not. It's over all of you I mean I think he feels like tax burden should be lowered and state government should do laughs you know not more and that it that I don't like on a bridge not like the bridge those things let me exactly. How that -- -- Sure calming influence and control the legislature and that's basically everybody should be supporting the governor's plan has failed on this the ministers sir are. Complaining about and fairness and it -- step in the back attention from lobby you know the other day should be a prime supporter. You know it's business these special interest are there that says it's -- -- no in no way governor recommended her so. -- people are rats or late in the show apartments and. Did he overreached did the did it did Pete when you say stabbed in the back did he had the support at first and then. Did the LA BI did their members called the leaders shipments that are riady a mind will it would that the dynamic of this is. I don't want on I mean one wonders -- gentle wandered away from reality base situation -- and you know I mean really. You know of course. You know eliminating income taxes it's been a visitor amount you know Republicans for a long time and business people just get rid of those pesky income taxes that the great. But to do so in a way to actually analyzes business -- -- you're saying well the reason we're doing that is that we want to attract businesses. Just seems kind of crazy you know and also there are so many problems with the Louisiana where we raise revenue and state. That's frankly -- could take and am in -- serial way and you know attacks some of them. Individually and he would had great support legislature for ending some of these practices but it had to try to do this and one by awaited -- business. -- don't know what he's thinking. It a look at it two ways for herself when it comes to these -- credits and don't care -- it's tax credits for. Oil and gas on -- film industry I don't care what the industry is. I always wanted to look at it is it is it a good business deal I don't care about anything else desire I talk about laundered welfare of if you're gonna give a company a tax credit that's worth 60000 job and then they're providing a job or creating a job that pays 40000 mile. I don't think it's necessarily a good deal for the state although I guess if you look at the economics of an NC how many times that money turns over maybe could be win win. I'm not Smart enough to figure that out you would think. Somebody would be go -- before we start handed out tax credits. And and politicians while these things because then they get to say well we've created X amount of jobs somebody should study all of this and get us a definitive answer is there way to do that professor. Well yes actually -- -- -- this the problem is that gentle kind of ignored their recommendations remember he he kind of neutered that legislative group that he was gonna have study all those right there were -- 68 tax exemptions on the book. He pretty much right -- Belichick studied this but I'm really gonna act starting -- particularly anything to controversy dormant distance myself from this. So as a result they didn't really say much. But you know you would then movie credit just to take an example since 2006 that's part of what we -- -- taxpayers one billion dollars. I mean you don't think that we that you have billion dollars since 2006 given that we're facing you know budget deficits every year. And that's my point we have to go. Doctors may be an oversimplification but we keep create know these jobs and -- handed out credits that we keep space and more more deficits. Something's not make it sensible to get up here next time they get appreciated. -- and are you that professor of political science -- ULO.

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