WWL>Topics>>4-01 5:45pm Deke & Bobby talk w/Paul Maineiri

4-01 5:45pm Deke & Bobby talk w/Paul Maineiri

Apr 1, 2013|

Deke Bellavia and Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia talk with LSU Baseball Coach Paul Maineiri about LSU Baseball.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A perfect photo league last week fall BL SU fighting Tigers the only gave up six runs including. To shut out and -- was they allowed just. One run this week Alcorn State. Lot of content classic against southern Mississippi. And in a three game series at at the box against Kentucky opposite not welcome in. The head coach of the LA -- fighting Tigers number two in the country coach Paul. America is McNair you talked about how solid as a Missouri program was a -- into their week in and now boy negated at all. On Friday night a pitcher's -- two to zero you stretch your legs. On a Saturday and then another -- one on Sunday but you totals they would they would fight you're more. Well say that pride in nineteen. -- really account for date with the century great. Was up to 94 miles an hour vote for 9293. And I think that curve ball on the pitching to -- -- -- draft but fortunately for a shared goal was that it equal not better. He it's about perfect big game if you can imagine. I think he struck out nine or ten batters didn't he didn't walk until the last standing. And -- -- a couple of infield hit but he can mitigate the three ground ball singles all game in the interest Scott McCain and at the end. And nailed -- down or to set the tone for the weekend. Saturday we swung the bat very well against their pitcher got -- overtly. And then yesterday with a tough. One you know we we felt I had the -- -- at the beginning to get back in the game and take the lead in each -- with furcal and -- pertinent to the barking. In the water and ended up winning one run games so. It was an easy in the united these these people think that's for sure but it was great it is -- on the road been back home here this week. Now our coach -- how would you describe this when you look at -- team is at right now as far as homers. You can in leading the conference and home runs where you look. In the past with a different back. Where you -- the call and maybe score number runs gorilla ball but you know when you look at his kind of production. And doable with the bad they have now how impressive that two lead SEC in home runs. But victory tortellini Holmgren does because the racing can you get thirteen himself. I think it's hard to explain. Each effective ticket groups and and hitting some people hard. Is it -- it's been a leader for of course international players that we couple weeks ago when he -- get named the national clear that we parents so. You know it's nice to have him on our team but. You are in a couple of homered in -- and it -- this weekend so guilty you know in the winter ball around a little bit too little bit more prevailing prettier hitters. And it is a lot more confidence to -- because if you appear here and that's the part that. -- like it that makes -- -- and each game be -- the leader of our team especially in that department. And that it for a -- you try to a lot of ignorance. Now coach what are you look at things like now obviously first things first got out corn Indy got. You know the classic come and zephyr field against southern miss the volley part of classic but when you look at. When you're playing SEC baseball of the challenges though week in and week out in. And look at Ned against Kentucky Wildcats would've they'd done and I've just got to talk to the fans about their program all of assigned. From a national perspective has been Kentucky basketball not you know. Football baseball would you -- with the did last year and now this year being a ranked opponent what is Kentucky done. Is it recruiting and the players coaches are common Asian or what. Well I think the it's the thing is they -- that great recruiting and they got some really good ball players. And they get great pitching you know -- left -- Kentucky -- that is anybody. And you know Friday Saturday and you'd like three quality in the pitchers like they had you'd be a lot of teams. -- that -- In -- We have separate series remaining in our conference. -- schedule and oh -- and of those. Teams are ranked in the top -- so it's a lot of work cut out for you know we're we're just the midway point of our overall schedule. I'm not even at the midway point of -- CC schedule. And you know it's a catalog were you in beginning with Kentucky this week and are going to be very formidable opponent I think they're ranked seventh in the country in. Slippery. And so it's going to be probably spotlight series in the entire country -- we can without our stadium. Now could -- how important it is that obviously LSU fans throughout the state and especially in this New Orleans metropolitan area you know you look at that one game. With Tulane -- are devastating and now I haven't the -- -- of classic. At zephyr field at navy and some fans can make it out to Baton Rouge to have this type outing. With a class in wood seven -- come to town that they're able right in their backyard seeded Tigers split. Well I hope we have a lot of fear they'll appear from the city new Portland you know -- -- in the world and I love -- throughout the word and -- you can hear. He hit the -- beautiful ballpark separate stadium in. And you know it to achieve victory at -- To bring figures are important -- he's pitched. Aren't. We they're they're. -- -- -- to wait too young. But he made a great impact in the time that he was here -- -- -- influenced because of the being the epitome of the student athlete is it that well chronicled. And that this is a great opportunity for us to play a game for a great cause to keep people. You know keep remembering -- -- his contributions to our community into the south believe in -- tell -- baseball. We get to play a very opponent southern Mississippi we've done that for several years now we really -- -- the Tibet this year. -- -- became important for us for. In the end is the record in and post Keaton and those type things but like it's -- it's it's just mercker are opening day. It looked through it literature they want the country come out became one. Being a terrorist really nice crowd that you really good baseball so hopefully it will you know the people in action. Coach pulmonary Kotchman -- thank you so much for the time to look view of the Tigers this week. Colorado law abiding bad Deke Bellavia this is sports populace at WW.