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4-8 7:45am Tommy talks marijuana legalization w/Terry Nelson

Apr 8, 2013|

Tommy talks to Terry Nelson, a member of LEAP and a former US federal agent, about why he thinks marijuana should be legalized

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tommy Tucker you know we're talking about pot legalization new study shows 52% of Americans favor legalization in in this sounding numbers 72% say. The Fed's efforts against -- costs more than their words before -- went to the break I said. You know logically I know that -- is no worse and alcohol but yet I can't get past the emotional side of maybe the way I was brought up. Maybe the branding our marketing of of the weed and alcohol where I I I say no I would vote no. Two are ready jaguar opinion poll witches and she should marijuana be legal I would vote no although I know logically it makes no sense but then -- get a text that says your right to say it's no different than alcohol. If so then why make it legal -- twice the problem. -- -- answer a question to Terry Nelson our next guest sees a law enforcement against prohibition board member and a former US federal agent good morning Terry how you doing. Armed -- well thank you don't thanks for taking the time you know I was saying like as said before we went to the break logically I know it makes no sense because it's. No worse and alcohol I don't think. But yet because has been drilled into my head by my parents because of the the branding and marketing analysis society we've agreed to make alcohol legal and tax it by. Why am I so against potter is it because. Bomb that like the techsters said maybe a deep down -- -- problem and ordered twice problems with people driving around didn't stone and crashes and families breaking up that -- you tell me. Well or the air by. -- is not -- drug use we're trying to stick to crime and violence associated with. Argued court in his sect it's that the problem with with. -- -- -- Or prohibiting it targets a lot of crime and a lot of violence people actually get killed and and yet again people get but it would go to jail bigger restrictor so they're marginalize director liked it can't really get a good job -- Get in there there's -- tactic and it probably in that back in jail clothes and everything you. Would probably vote to Egypt -- he got forty years of propaganda. Someone telling you. This is what this'll do that support while there's. And you know keep it ought to do something that institutionalized -- wardrobe included interviews for decades now. It people grew up -- -- girl lied under Tony just you know it -- to the propaganda like. Now drugs are not good sport. But the war on drugs is worse. But it still should be personal choice and not something the government Goldman the government received something then of course. It -- people they have to ratchet -- imported capital port people lapse which probably does more harm than drugs themselves. I hear everything you're saying Terry -- and people are listen right now owners and market them on and make heroin legal wanna make crack legal one and make. It cocaine legally I don't know enough about drugs is I don't do a mint tea prescription pain now. Medicine or narcotics or anything else wanna make ultimately I'm gonna Leo TP video the don't know about that but some of the drugs that were seen on a video wanna make all of these things legal. Well apparently stamper what McEnroe drugs via people that means or cocaine every bank for the simple reason once again. You can't control regulate control bank elects its legal if you leave -- way to use it in the hands of the drug cartel industry game. And they're getting more more properly each year three years ago. Only about 315. Best cities in America that major cartel influence of last year the FBI reported 1000 cities major -- insurance in the United States 1001. One city United States. He and that's all Paula these drugs are equal and proper are so huge everyone's willing to have to wrist like imprisoned -- -- -- The -- to prop social or march. Now to do to legalize well we -- legalize the court reporter regulated controlled. Directly -- -- that have to be people of course. Now we understand at least the -- will not fix our drug problem which will -- about 80% of our crime and violence problem. And we believe that the best way to do a drug problem mr. education. And treatment for those ball through the cracks and court the paper that themselves protected that they -- on the product. I always it would be a well then most well here's the thing and if you taxes. And people can't afford it is there then not gonna be the same black market that exists now where. He'd be overtaxed it. Do you get something worked it was cigarettes eagle. The only success we've had in the last thirty some -- -- we reduce cigarette -- 2% to but it putting him in jail. We get to insult to pressure etc. and and credit to. Educational. But now that they start over -- cigarette put its impact is on so to speak. They're driving it into a great market. So all on the northern border you can buy cigarettes and brassy and not baggy. East because they steel ball -- -- shipment or not to take about a package of no Trace human element of baggage. What caused you all were catching any hang over regulate. What you're gonna create a great market for. It's almost like plumbing 101 -- what do you tell me that you can only put so much pressure on a titans gonna find the weakest point leaked out. And and that's a good good descriptive. You know. It the war in 1914. There are some drug like no there were no legal drugs in this country not try their local drugstore just that you people advised that he needed and we here at one point 3% ever. Society addicted to drugs. Well when Nixon declared war on drugs -- about the apple Watergate and Vietnam of course we have one point 3% of our. Population addicted to drugs that was nineteen that was win. -- 21 is still one point 3%. And an end today it's still one point 3% so perhaps we get -- one point 3% of our population -- addictive personalities and are gonna be addicted to something via whatever it right out all about gold. You know whatever they're they're drug torches. So. An -- but we've we've -- working against felons in the last came here to meet people fourteen million people can't get the kind of job you or I can get. Causing Havoc on the record you know they can't get hired -- to some position they can't get along which they can't get into. They canceled it license in states like the they would be licensed poverty could -- like to -- -- a drug conviction. So the number of people addicted to drugs in one point 3% 9119141972. And 2013. That's that keep -- That's sad but norm what they think -- normative and that's -- -- still reporter and there are a little -- but I shall the end be amount of money spent is you know. 1000% higher at that number of people -- drug but still about one point 3% of the population we dumped. Out of -- addicted I'm not -- using right because we have sixteen million people used gad about on a regular basis in America. All terrible way. -- -- -- out it's not give a couple of minutes after the news sure architect all the time you got a good to take calls. -- I'd love they had yet to the news 26018780386. Exit 89087. NC you know Terry is not some kind of long haired hippy freak. He's a former US federal agent that is seen both sides of this and he thinks the only way out of it is to two to legalize drugs to regulate and control it. When you think we'll take you calls them accept -- -- time traffic. And for that we go to terror Robinson I Tommy Tucker talking about news survey that shows 52% of Americans. Favor the legalization of marijuana and 72%. Think the -- it is wasted their time. Greg. Efforts against marijuana they say it costs more than they're worth to you and I guests Terry Nelson law enforcement against prohibition former US federal agents and Aziz once taken beyond that he. He says just legalize regulate and control all of drugs he says that thousands cities in the United States. Are under major cartel influence and it will take you calls -- 260187. -- -- 86 exit 890870. Pretty jaguar opinion poll do you support legalizing marijuana. 56%. Of those responding say yes and -- negative attacks that says one precious life loss because we legalize advocate. And or promoted -- influence and discouraged not and courage well first off my opinion -- thing I think this text him for taking time. I don't think you can create public policy or laws because of one life and secondly. What about the lives -- -- -- trying to enforce these laws that are on the books now. Yeah you mean that cans of well the lives over 50000 lives lost in Mexico in the last five years and that. And equipment numbered and central Americans South America. Fighting the drug war. Are are fighting for control of that which smuggling -- I should say. No we -- -- up -- hands of these violent criminal international organization you just give him more power. The beach. Believe him. We don't know not regulate control so people ordered -- ordered -- -- and drug trade in this untaxed unregulated. Terry in terms of arm the history of this I always say got to look at life as a a motion picture not as a snapshot we look at as you know a snapshot of the drug industry were presumed that these have always been. Illegal what is it that led to. And I know if you -- to History Channel you can see these documentaries that say. You know that you -- that you get Hitler onetime mortar cocaine I think it was mail order from Sears and Roebuck. What is it that led -- that the congress or whomever it was to make these things illegal in the first place. Like to give you my opinion from what -- studying. I don't really know the exact reason because -- you -- it -- there but in 1914. These people used drugs or mulch -- via the Chinese game didn't fumble that gave me -- Trek game to game automated -- trust -- played 18100 such. They were deal chase in the drag they still -- -- opium against him doctor wherever they were located. And that we needed to get rid of this Chinese this yellow minutes that we. Adam we're at war now would -- -- don't go away so they just passed but -- -- drug act so they had done. Did it basically force the Chinese. That were immigrants every here. Out and they if they want most of child went back to China a lot of in the next so that's why do you really get back into it now. And the Chinese -- to Mexico and in 1936. We started they. The first drugs or military and Singler. And he it's was. A relative. We have ground -- And -- -- -- -- newspaper game they had well. Millions of acres of supporters plan. To make of football for their papers well at the time you know. Create -- and reducing paper for a biblical times. And there are those yet. -- media and finger got his ball out what it is just unfortunate shop -- -- it ever. Almost a 100000. Marijuana users United States and most work. We're ability you know lower class Mexicans and acts and stop it just pure -- statement. But remember that number ordered out in the 1930s. And sixteen -- -- and we're really witnessed drug war. And another bank another ignorant ones DuPont chemical you know -- Campbell in the good and patrolled. But. He would also related to -- to reduce pot Campbell and park so he could own conclusions may want done for depart. Protector bodies or create money or somebody. I don't know that interest that the -- dead. I just need -- testimony. That forced the senate testimony but it missed pretty racist -- -- me -- -- -- -- -- back -- January -- federal. Agents -- DEA whom. -- -- I work there I was -- too -- for nine years and that was customs remain in my career was it was customs but I was working for a an -- read. Interdiction group that we worked in gentle South America work in the drug smuggling routes coming nor I were didn't. Mexico City court curable by Susan export -- in Central America except one in five countries and South America so. I've got a pretty broad picture of the smuggling and how it works and they're going to be growing operations and that nick. -- which somebody texted this ended when it calls I'll ask and they say we can't seem to get this murder problem under control let's legalize it. I'll I'll see you connect Latin beat and you want to. But it it you choose to leave that that the drug gangs and and murder charge in the distribution networks that your short. I they have a lifelong red lobster that it do you support. For bishop you don't support public safety because that make these things -- -- caller who's killing and violence. That. -- -- measurable compared to. To. The -- the statement dismayed and you know the country -- the best before or drugs. They still have drugs and so even that works it's just not it it just. Did all those that is an apology network at least be changed ski the remote spanning tree at one point three trillion dollar we spend on the last four decades. Did we go through this with. Prohibition of alcohol only did we saw it didn't work that's why we repealed it now and is it is all about money and politics right now when you get right down to it that. I had no politician would ever proposes because they know they're gonna get killed the next election cycle. Well the one that they want to. That's what used to be there but don't talk. You know politicians are coming -- now that it could easily be able to -- to remember Ron Paul and -- -- considered it did not the election. They're supporting the -- As it -- more people come out in in and start to take sides of you can't get 66% of the American public -- war brought its sale. And continued. In. Purchase tax dollar to the tune of about it nine billion dollars a year span. Our -- drug war that money could could well be used for much of the bank like education. Thank you appreciate your time Terry.

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