WWL>Topics>>4-09 5:35pm Brian De La Puente on resigning with Saints

4-09 5:35pm Brian De La Puente on resigning with Saints

Apr 9, 2013|

Center Brian De La Puente talks about signing his restricted free agent tender with the Black & Gold

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back. Signed his tender offer today with the black and go -- Ottawa command center Brian Della -- Bryant thank you so much for the time in. The last company is I had a chance of really visit -- TA and let the fans find out you know on a play issue -- a little bit more about the players you with. Sixteens. In a three years Spain and you would tell me you know it kind of got to the point now where. My had to go out and as you told me you don't get a real job Buick GM -- had the same. Can't that he NFL -- are now signing attend tender offer. Is got to meet some room especially the union fanned Brian. Well first off of that spectrum you know. Yeah you know it's it's been a long -- I did a deal -- will get a real job as a matter of milk figured out in. You know that it's it's it's entered cultured -- you know they're going to be down here in Portland. For the last few years and having success and playing with such a great organization and just really having a good time. And right is that it almost -- taken advantage of the opportunity. Could you look. When you undrafted free agent in 2008 when you came out of cal with the 49ers. Did your rookie season. He's been part of the time and active roster with the cheesy in the practice squad with the Seahawks in Carolina and -- -- you -- -- -- -- -- -- religious. When you have an opportunity called upon and you don't know how many -- -- usually -- that you have to make it work continued and it. Others -- that about it -- yours and you know prepare every week like you're gonna -- and I'm so when that opportunity dot com you are ready. -- it would -- out there you won't be thinking about play isn't. And you and -- that reaction time and just go out and editorial. So calm you know definitely an opportunity came here he's in the you know it is. -- the right the right time in and everything worked out and it's you know it -- mean it was just. To preparation and then -- that set up suited Thailand Buren tore. Now bright -- talk about you relationship of records crawl more and now he's going to Bears would he tell you and and how we had you back game and how you -- -- -- -- and what did you expectations are going forward. When you when you all of a sudden the meetings are no different because you have a different coach. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- a great coach and who will be missed that opportunity and Chicago was great family. That has terms for -- it will be a little bit different but you know we we except change we you adjust and adapt and I'm excited about the challenge and did it it's very. It's exciting to be able to get back to work exceptionally. You know coach to coach -- back in the building. Now Brian I talked to it is about this before. You know playing a cal. My daughter was in school when you're playing Darren. And also knew Alex Mack. You know he was a first round senator that was taken with the Browns in 2009. When you know -- teammates did you play guard and he was the senator -- blows that relationship but that time. Yeah you know out of my good friend do you keep puts -- out and guard and you know we have we have a very friendly competition every week. You know pancakes and and all that kind of conceptually we competed against each other -- we don't we had a very tough to see America those few years there. And you know and all of them are still really different so. -- me and mean doubts among the much of the guys you know have a have a just from the competition and and really push each other to be great. Now -- Bryant explained. And I don't know -- wearing an audience or fans or correctly. Well we've talked about being a restricted free agent and and attend their offer. What's your situation similar to Chris Ivory where. It if the Saints decided maybe not if you got an already decided not to match it. They -- again a second round draft pick in return just explained -- scenario that you were involved in. And I think they're very similar to Chris Ivory. Yeah it's very similar to Chris -- There's two different tender level they can -- offer and they all involve draft compensation. -- first on the sector and an original round. And the -- Have been an original round -- drafted. Conduit had been no compensation and so. You know it's it's I'm excited to be here and and I'm just I'm actually excited to work. Ended up Bryant you look at coach feel like you said. Back in the fold and obviously do you have any. Anticipation that I know they have a new CBA -- you can practice. But just read a coach -- being back on board just practices and temple on always going to be held up a little. Starting when -- get together as a team in OTAs mini camps and -- training camp. A novel you know start to coach great coach -- came back and that's you know the last few weeks. And he's fit he's he's got on energy. And injury secret you know so. It's that that kind of energy contagious and I can only anticipate. You know if it it's kind of it's Strickland throughout the locker room -- economy -- that. So -- emergency and and in a little bit of that and energy and excitement. To be back -- and back at work. Now Brian look at it you know last season. He started every game at center in the 2012. A season you look at the things you'll accomplish offensively. You know gave up 26 sacks and -- -- the third most in NFL and and also the defense. Ranks second in NFL in total net yards and a coach -- -- -- at the Helm. We've always been a top five offensive not number one. By you getting to play. And and week in and week out and having to deal neighborhood minor injuries. And you look at the competition. What what's more natural maybe as a run blocker and maybe pass block in. Would be a little more difficult and NFL level I mean college is is that a correct assessment. I mean I hit it really all starts on -- that Cabrera situation a game. And it it really would be O line and it's. It's it's it's in the main point is is communication and as long as we're on the same page. And and understands scheme and what we're trying to accomplish as an offense. You know it really be re elect the past you know and we elect to run so. It's really -- Upton and let's go kind of mentality. But as long as -- same page communicating well. It's it's it's a -- departed because it is socialist and we have some weapons. So and so to be. People -- you know it's it's it's fun to be out there and just know that anytime we can strike in. Yes I'll think that one harder than the other I think it's just it's kind of pull off into the hole. You know running -- that when for the call on the Astros definitely a big part of our options down it would true so. You know it's it's a complimentary game and it's that that that just and we do. -- wit with everything in his strands back you talk about the excitement of the challenge again back to work would would you say -- did you think maybe that the offseason work the work out the OT eighties and in the -- the mini camps and training camps. May be a little more on the tenth sack this season. I think that you have to approach -- with intensity. My I think you have to approach it with focus. And in the action on your wrong so if I'm I'm excited to get back to where Rivera -- building on the start -- Monday. So than just the last few Q Monty just to kind of do under and start working with a -- temperatures -- -- starts to happen on Sunday sisters who gets that. For the upcoming 2013 year. It really really does start on Monday which is exciting. Now Brian how is it I -- -- on that elements of line meeting room and -- it's. One full well one ball one type of mindset when you lose a great guy. Alike Jemima bush tried that you can count on a week in and week out. And now obviously the -- always going to be in a Bears uniform. When you look at Charles brown and and whoever might be competing at left tackle how important it is maybe to get their confidence going because but you -- to have any weak links and you talk about communicating. In all playing as a unit so -- just talk about. A new guy come in and left tackle to protect Andrews blind side. You know I think it I think where we're gonna miss what you great track record to me on. Yeah I think the opportunity. Force somebody in the room. Hats to them it's just like and so for me -- years ago so I don't know the guys in the room preparing. Day in day out I've seen it firsthand. So they -- regardless of hooligans. I think that -- do a great job. And it's just a matter of getting them in the in the flow and in this in this communication. In the same the same get everything lined up and -- in the same line so. It did it's an opportunity and excited -- in the competition and and -- who's gonna get it it's it's going to be a topic much. Saints center Brian -- point eight Bryant always a pleasure congratulations again my man we appreciate the time. I appreciate it.