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4-12 5:10pm Tyrone Mathieu talks about Tyrann

Apr 12, 2013|

Tyrann Mathieu's father Tyrone discuses a report that came out in USA Today saying his son admitted to failing a least 10 drug tests

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- -- Jared you know various successful sports writers journalists who is now -- USA today any featured Donald former LSU defensive back -- -- -- around -- -- you. -- terrain in match he suits up says he's all business there was a part in this article that talked about how. Jared Allen spoke with -- -- an assistant coach for team who is nameless. Because that's the only way he would speak. I'd be in and I feel about it names that if they -- so you'll feel with say those and we all adults they. That's the way I feel I don't know about you. But according to his assistant coach he say he overheard. Arraignment you'd say when he was question about failing drug -- I quit counting and it's in I really don't know. 6 this ran this morning USA today and on line uses data -- LSU released a statement in which terrain disputed. Parts of the article. Vice chancellor and director of athletics. Joseph Oliva came out and expressed confidence in LSU substance abuse program. Welcome in now the fiber of -- -- man you Tyrone Matthew to the radio -- Tyrone how you don't know man. I'm -- -- is not right now don't know. On that I must thank you so much for giving us some of your time. Take us through this this article today -- where did you find out about it did you read it in what was your initial thoughts. Let -- -- -- someone you know my wife she actually she called me he told about it and I am ready yet she told me -- on the field. Some -- to. -- -- Changes that is -- but you can term. Whatever it is third and tackle whom. -- That's. All parts of this in his statement he talks about you know medical information and so forth and the negative side of it is he disputing. That what did very reporting an assistant coach seeing EC at about failing in drug tenth. I mean definitely at an -- you know my wife and I you know all we're going down there you know want to the third -- we -- -- and -- Yeah that one Coach Frank Martin recruit aren't meet -- and if you. Are you are allowed one article that -- -- a big school get my opponent played. And local here and coach -- and -- India was tremendous help from -- and you know arm which -- all support helpful group of people. Yeah which year right now my trying to make up -- the you know he's doing well and and you know here in another -- companionship like they're. You know people -- need a -- street several -- ritual and why he's in there. She worked for a policy that night were patrolling here more than our life we providing great light you know. On the actual bring him out so. It has won -- -- -- all global. -- -- -- -- -- Two people might feel good children will not kill me in Tokyo and our coach -- -- big -- people. That streak and a little streak and on. Eagle at it that my wife and paint. -- paint and educate if we were the children -- a -- Q what it. Meant if someone and some things are a great job. In no way it is every you know I'm -- and -- -- -- problem. It. Didn't. -- cheering people -- and you're going. To argue that the -- and when his wing and help promote him. Different and you. Just try and -- on tour because the potential of a dollar. From the right thing like it parrot let. The union -- and it was out there and -- -- -- in that he's going to be not born in any interest kept and it's not. He'd be at the car and here he is in a career. He's trying to get the people trying to make me and it. Why which is Smart trying to make that. You know. You know that you go from. India may be a good -- in it's important that. It coming out to try to into that -- -- in -- Trotter you put a marketer and but he has that he would take an issue. Some people Tyrone -- It's our special gift season to ramp Matthews father saying it and -- LSU anti ran dispute parts of the article. That wasn't USA today them by Jerry bailed and not part of the deadly flat out dispute is when Jay -- That he talked to an assistant coach that hurts our brand sail over terrain and say that he failed. All east not counting when he failed to stand drug tests in which. The Matthews family to rant and LSU are adamantly. Deny it or they dispute that part of the article we will speak with chair built at 535. A Tyrone. I hear that the frustration. I -- idea of sadness in your loss and -- this must be very trying and it's a journal Waco -- a positive attitude and it seems like something new happens everyday from our vantage point it seems like that while recovering -- but. All this pressure on top though what tyra grant is going to try and stay on the the right path. How concerned you about all this pressure and if this press who -- -- I'm compared with our bracket competence and you know at -- a year each W -- And I have confidence in him that he you know he kind of all know he's probably something. Belichick some negative I am confident -- their -- home. You know he's not only that and not -- -- -- -- in New Year's -- you know you got old and email on. You know you know what to keep you keep detriment. You look at -- fit into the during the all wanted to he would remember. Initially written negative stuff all thought that what do you do it too far and Cahill our children are not just viewed much I'll. They are on approach you have to not -- Much like. You. Spotlight. -- -- we were in people. Buffalo will be able to move on main street. And -- problem I would need. He we were 80. I'm going to be able. Right -- Tyrone. It Aaron with or without it being stated and I know of the questions coming tiring and we we asked him if he's been mentioned it to the NF aliens and all of our questions. It would this -- hand and stuff where do you think. All of this is hitting his followers when you look back on and I hear you say what tiring idea how good QB was -- what what happened we're -- things go well. You know on. Important England media tour and winning that well apparently they're -- you what was taught him how. It will look different in anymore but once we got there you need on our. Support it aren't in this spot. And a lot people know about the -- -- Heatley each you know by just. He made the decision. Our children something. You know. You know but look it's been. -- Growing up you know like Egypt fatigued now. And build things that he'd be out there. There is comparable -- -- at the and have an idea and now he's or who it's career -- -- -- that they'll get a wrinkle that trust in him we could be a good important to him. And appreciate in -- here. I'm that -- -- Tyrone do you do you think. All of this behind to -- this is that he -- -- you greater role Allen and all of this is behind him. I think that kept coming which apparently he -- them and teach you know he can't remember the thing. In our -- paint and in net and -- That's what you need England but -- -- remembered and so remorseful. For the except for. Meet the army because apparently it's small white in the lobby there not much in the upper. You know make you probably know my -- you know and our reached. Definitely. Being. Right tapped out rowdy do you think do you see wants tiring it is drafted a couple of weeks so whether it's you know. It's sad day a Saturday are what have. Do you see you and your family being as close to. -- rant as you are now have a -- you know if if something goes well we -- falling your way you can. You know it's a -- different what college whereas a -- that small you know you can have felt like the old place. Are you can't -- that you know it's your roommate where you know if it would be able to afford it. You know what he signs you can move him lived together a lot of people call us they tell us if -- and it's close with him to get mail. Important at that no one in anything he knew you'd think if you don't know 11 -- -- few. -- you want to -- bowl betting forum. So net only for. You know but it's a lot of people. That can get a lot of people are about it and -- third. You know we have an. Arm sparked the people oriented society -- -- so. I think what we eat out so far the peep about that chip -- best interest you know on. The Eagles to it is out much yet you know auction we'll get out. And finally -- we certainly appreciate Tyrone Matthews father to -- executive Matthew family -- issue denying. Our parts in the article that was done by -- failed to -- USA daycare it would Jonas after the bunt down news. -- once this gets you that went disappointed in LA issue contact you -- your family now or are they can't directly touch with Tara -- Directing -- retiring Nomar wide and an atmosphere -- should inform me you know barn on you know in normal we've been mediator -- -- down. And nature to defend it and keep Eric in get a job. -- if you are not he's gained a little more about next step that is some good people and you later reached out. All making too much are we going to be different and looked -- -- and that that for an. And all of a plug in order for it -- the family apart for a -- a child and just. Can openers -- -- it targeted arraignment and be successful in his career. Looked at me. And found -- how we appreciate did you did you really find out. Who you could try asked how Randy saint thing but as a parent when all this has gone about it's out if you really find out who's really. Close to you and you close France or maybe it was not when you go through something like this. Who in it but. He's an artist got the speed to -- like you can't control them. You know in you know I mean yeah I mean I don't -- -- me repeat that effort and a in -- and so to support the brown -- its -- -- It -- -- in a lot to get hit it that edge it broke. I mean we knew we are -- Pete are -- -- -- -- -- -- Troy your kids to war. You know if it was wild child you know on. That -- on him in camp. You know -- that don't know how concerned parents. Tyrone Matthew Tyrone thank you so much for don't know assault on such short notice. We appreciate and we hope to -- you guys and a couple weeks during draft week here. -- -- -- Much appreciated and use it in -- and Torre brought.