WWL>Topics>>4-12 5:35pm Jarrett Bell on Tyrann Mathieu

4-12 5:35pm Jarrett Bell on Tyrann Mathieu

Apr 12, 2013|

USA Today's Jarett Bell discusses his story on Tyrann Mathieu that claims an assistant coach told him Mathieu admitted to failing at least 10 drug tests

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to get a -- off the -- tournament in the game day -- covers the National Football League among other sports. Boy you don't think it day to day -- had a piece that came out the title arraignment he suits -- saint c.'s all. Business talks about the rain yankees process that the Allen shoot who want their rehab time in his life on track visiting team's innings it fully NFL draft that the ought. In the article in which LHU and arraignment do you dispute there always a -- how hard my man. I'll not the most what did the plot point LSU -- in the release a statement says that the rain and denies all the -- of the Vietnam or try to dispute the part about failing to opinions in if he say it -- -- assistant coach told you. That he said he failed it's not counting it's in trance. Take us through the process in this article. Well technically you know -- well. -- -- -- -- Saying that as well so I went in and -- are wasn't there when they have the drug test so. Basically. I think we know that he had some issues right Bryant didn't get the any denied that so. I now I think that you know obviously -- term there. Put on the right now. That you wish it would go away here this year and hopefully this will be on the net. You know. That proved to be a chair that he eventually got -- you know go down -- in a few years maybe never come up the game. But I think until that happens until he gets to that league. Go through the process would be Apollo. -- you know that squeaky clean life out with you and and having ages and it -- I'll put that game I mean we are. Go from -- you know one of the player in college football so I full well and the reason why it happened so that's not been. In the but -- Bit that this -- -- yet you hear things and that kind of you know what I try to put it current that's what my problem. Right Padgett and a dental assistant coach Dave told -- it is and -- wanna give his name and and that's that's what frustrates me I think a lot of people who don't you know comes they would immediate. But I hate it easily as we can get -- back -- that somebody says something. On the condition that we don't say anything I personal like that because of that now to say some in the ought to give his name but that's just the way I feel so was -- -- Yes so worked so well this but I mean they hate the idea that they mean you don't make rule you know we just follow. So what is coach in a -- Yeah I'm gonna give -- to column that the situation has targeted sort certain. And on and trying to really active on the floor -- I don't know I thought I was at -- I'll just ask him what the coach. The coach who told you what you -- you quoted he said would do with zero. Yeah well we got the -- that went back -- -- that's pretty so we don't know them on. Yeah there are permanently at war world by. Note that sensitive situation. And I know that in this process with the draft that ways of course and the ball goes -- it was for what reasons you know. You know sometimes the teammates say something. Someone may be some information about upon pot -- -- you don't go out there -- you know really wanting profits than it is that prospect. And hope that maybe other people it's gear box and maybe want this guy so you know I think all of those. You know possible -- in this situation. Did you know hospital like this. And though you shot on time final one at the you talked to -- -- Q did you give it. Debt he's a young man that it is pat yourself on the ultimate tough time with -- but do you feel like he's on right end. Well I did not talk it out for that sort of article tried to arm tactic or a couple of weeks Jerry to not have not been in the top. Our one -- one but with that arm bar when he did his. As Brett you know had an awful. -- out of saint that we interviews he's you know he did at the time on -- so you can -- so much. Bob what's so once -- In pay per conference situation but -- anything but very likable guy these things like that you know and engaging guy. And you know at that point yeah I think the guy who is it's shall we don't know what he needs to do. All I think -- so obviously and you know that that's not to make it to -- in a long way it or not you know would do well do -- -- and what we'll start out like everybody else. If say the facts are. What they are in terms of you know with -- -- you he's definitely our players a lot people are interested in. And whichever team takes them. They'll have to deal would. You know all of this turned out they go forward with them but hopefully we don't have a lot of support in. And if you do it. -- always a pleasure thank you so much for the timing and repeating what you're saying this isn't some stuff you got from Wayne. That -- was. Did it with the media it would -- combat and other things and the coach -- we understand you can't say you name it we don't know if he was and -- not correct. Allowed just I'll I'll wanna do mom and I am IQ I just pay out I'm just the messenger I just wanna make sure I get the message out there -- Always. -- -- -- -- I've got to got I don't know I didn't do it thank you so now we now are the right.