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4-16 6:40pm Paul Mainieri on LSU baseball

Apr 16, 2013|

Tiger baseball skipper Paul Mainieri joins us to talk about LSU's series vs Arkansas PLUS their upcoming games against Grambling and Alabama

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well this week the LSU Tigers have four games on the docket. C'mon I Grambling State will be at the box 6:30 PM followed by a three game series at Alabama our coverage starts at 6 PM. On Friday evening at 631 pitched in Saturday it's a 7 PM first dates in Sunday's 1 PM. First it's last week the Tigers came over the very big week for in one including a two out of three wins. On the road and -- saw -- not a weapon in LSU coach. Paul many area coach -- an area again now we've been talking about the consistent play of your ballclub and again. There is solid and sound you didn't have that. Said Beck at Arkansas in the middle game but bounce back in extra innings in a dramatic fashion on Sunday to -- the series victory. Well it was a good weekend force any time you can weigh into that history at a place like our -- it's really quite an accomplishment. Hasn't been to one game that we lost we inept against the -- probably going to be the highest drafted pitcher in all the country. So losing to take him into that team that it was a pre season number one team in the country's -- a chain. But it is really proud of that is. Defected thirteen bounced back from some adversity we haven't had a lot of adversity this year in the second only lost three games. So you know going into the final day after coming off a disappointing loss. You know you just don't know what this. The players attitudes are they going to be pouting and feeling sorry for themselves losing confidence losing enthusiasm. For the gonna come back more determined than ever. And I think the latter -- true in this in our team and I mean it really went out there played hard on Sunday. Played with a lot of confidence. Played with a very determined attitude in our bullpen really did a tremendous job of the last six or seven innings to the ballgame too differently the stretch run across. And we ended up having a great victory in the series went so. -- -- the difference in winning their game vs losing that game with having it to four game lead over Arkansas on the SEC west. First visit to gamely so it was a very pivotal game course to win. Yeah Goodman and a lot of speculation was that -- the bullpen. Was gonna loom large in this series and obviously. You've seen that come about on Sunday and a coach -- that being said. What does this do as far as from a confidence standpoint. When you Indies certain scenarios and situations you look at the Tigers the LT and another season in games decided by two runs or Lance. And our three you know an extra inning games just talk about when in those situations may be that confident as a team that you have throughout the day ago. I think it's true in every sport is here. Quarterback in year used to driving your team down the field the title is within the last two minutes of the game to pull up to victory in kicked that field goal there. He's your Michael Jordan hit that lash got two on the boats -- ten. To win a basketball game it's the same in baseball when you hold on to. To one run victory victories come from behind win and later you win and an extra innings. And that's just unbelievable thanks for your team's self confidence. We have the confidence are ready. To have a chance to win those games that are time you win one like it just another building block just builds your confidence to another level. Where you just feel they Lakewood and when we're in these kind of situations this is our game. Can you could keep that in our team releases is that the -- Had the opportunity to be in the dugout with that. There's no panic on our team you know inflate the game the games close Eagles -- guys panic in. You know were indeed they've they've really just feel like as the games close for find a way to win. Now coach very now heading to Alabama this week and this as the vote well for the team's confidence about his impressive the Tigers won five straight. Road series dating back to last season and that was impressive three of those five road series wins have come against top ten team so. It seems like this and you love the the home field advantage Alex box stadium but it's is that united is it like as a team and Arkansas unbelievable support. I was just watch in the game looking at the crowd and they had out there it seems like uniting activity on the room. All I don't think we're intimidated you know we're used to playing in front of big crowds to start with and when you're out there on the field and the crowds are large you'd you. You know -- it's just a matter being used to that kind of environment whether they're cheering for a year against you you really think about it. I think the important thing you should have and the composure in the poised. And being used to that kind of an environment I think that's where teams have always played so well in the postseason because. Either under the microscope so much during the season because is that the large attendance figures in. There are kids just kind of thrives on on. You know any situation early we love to play at Ellis park stadium like you said -- -- play in front of our folks. And you know being in this ballpark indeed it was sweep tomorrow bet to use our locker room in the that's great we love it. But at at the same time there's something exciting in new about colon and other people's ballparks and it's very bonding. For your team when you know that the only people being count the people were in the same color uniforms the issue. Too we've had some good success part of the reason we had -- success is because we've been able to close out games with purple pants to last year it was. Usually on tightening goodies this year it's. From below and and and the usual on time you know when you winning close games and that kind of environments you get a good chance to win. Now could very explain to the fans of wood comes about when you look at Aaron -- line and realize that the realize this. -- got off to a great start. Here's fired as the first complete game of his career Friday at Arkansas he limits the Razorbacks have two runs and four hits at ten strikeouts. What goals in the play or is -- the pitch count when you decide army begin though to have an opportunity. To have a complete game probably goes in the net pinkie. Well certainly the -- and it's something we look at because I would never put youngsters career risk for the sake of winning one ball game but. -- -- pitch count going into that last inning was just barely hundred pitches. And but he ended up getting the first two batters out on first pitch outs. They didn't take any strikes and they want right away any are made -- really good player on the first ball and then. Stevenson made a Major League player on the second ball diving in right center field -- Got the first two out within two pitches so I figured let's just leave my opportunity to get finished it I think he ended up finishing with a 110 pitches that. Cardinal at. It would have been able to do that last year but now he's put on about I don't know 15120 pounds is such strength. He's older he's more physical he got better endurance his stuff is better and so. You know this is the first time he's gone nine innings but it -- -- -- you know didn't pass that area it's kind of like garage or Bannister. You know beaten a four minute mile 21 to get through that barrier now he made you might see him do this more frequently but. -- we're not at a stretch or guys you know too far we want to make sure that they stay healthy now only for -- for their careers. But if you can save your bullpen after that first game. Came into play you know on Sunday when are we -- a rested bullpen and we're able to use all those guys for extended outing. LSU coach Tom and there's a space again as coach Graham mistake coming out the mid -- game against instate foes and then another tough and we talked about this and as we didn't get any easier. A much improved Alabama crimson to have ballclub again on the road. Yeah you know and to all the players says that the more success which it has when you're in the SEC and at LSU the bigger each weekend because of -- after that. And obviously you know we we've we've handled markets on now we've had a good first half the keys to vote so five big weekends ago including. This weekend at Arkansas. Have to admit accused in Alabama after we have this weekend at Alabama we have only four weekends remaining in three if that's where will be in the friendly confines of Alex box stadium -- You know we can and if we get the job done this weekend so for tough series remaining but -- three of them at home certainly is reason for optimism. Now could very pro relate to go and look at Alex Bregman I mean I don't know some like actually about him every week. But you look. Woody was able to do that 23 game he hit his streak that and then on Saturday. The -- look he held the lead the team. And they clinching victory on Sunday went through before at the plate. Double what is the mindset -- him and all of us and maybe you can have success one game -- -- truly OK whatever department lately get it done the next game. -- -- well let me take is that both sides that it becomes with about three or four balls right on the screws so. You know some days you get get hits it's not because you have been added that because he had bad luck. But he woke up on Sunday morning in and honestly his attitude was I'm gonna lead this team to victory and -- ID you could see it in his state seems so determined. He displayed tremendous game like he always does on Sunday defensively was all of the place. It's a two run homer in the third inning to give the the lead. Later on turns around in 98 mile an hour fastball on their clothes -- to get a base hit attempted need opposite tack on an act in an insurance front. -- -- phenomenal ball player and you know he deserves all the they had the accolades that he receives because he's he's some special. LSU coach Altman there a coach in an -- always a pleasure thank you so much for the time good luck this week okay thank.