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4-17 5:40pm Sean Payton on the upcoming season

Apr 17, 2013|

Saints head coach Sean Payton drops by to give us some time ahead of next week's NFL Draft

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Coach Payne thank you so much all the time man a week away from the draft. Tell us the bit about that again you know you guys have a system but a lot of people we all think he sees -- -- the Saints had to go defense had to go defense. How do you BO dead -- or coaching and do you have to go defense. Well I think first. For the last three weeks you know that -- trust the scouts are all in the offices coaches'. It's a process to greet -- players. Position by position and you start with. But they want all the other and you might start with the running backs and spend day. Going to grades. Listen to Portugal and trying to get your final stat. And so underneath the running back column to be at the top of the board. You'd you'd begin to stack these players and then double -- Would be very straight you know seven will be in the -- all the way down in. So you're you're stacked in -- grade the positions. And you work turn your -- you what are your defense. Then you begin to see. How these great players match when we compare her and since an offensive. Player -- and purses and outside climbed back pretty you're looking at their grades. -- you look closely you stack and then begin the process to look comment what do you think will be in year out. To reach the Browns -- you so much of the attention span. On the first round and understandably so. But you know trust trust to really have a good draft yet to do well. In those middle rounds and then there are two players currently there are a number of them. Try to on the qualities that you look for him in -- big debate project in your system I think it's important you know what's the role but he vision where these guys are going to be. I'm certainly. You know we're looking closely at our defense and that would be priority. You know I would say it's you know when you start getting into that selection and see -- Both offensively and beat sensibly there close close to each other on great line. It's easy to then. You know you feel real close about the players to go with one side of the ball the other challenge is when you see that magnet that sits up there are much higher than. That being sent to player for instance and then you know are here or you're just strictly. Trying to draft -- need players as opposed to rated best available player and I think the key is just what's the gap sort of player falls. Or -- where you feel like you have a real agreement players yet to pay attention that. Coach you talk about the defense that you brought in some players the addition -- coach Ryan. Would you talk about well what about the progress the defense is man you got to give back to go to work a little bit but. You like the progress your team is made offseason defense of. Well I think right now we are we are strictly in. What is no weight lifting and conditioning. Phase been in I think it's you know obviously -- and it's good to have her back. Monday it was our first chance to. Everything leading it and marked Hershey it's releasing a lot of these guys that that I had met. -- during the past year. In the meantime the coaches to work on playbook so -- cancellations schedules. And in really. You know get ready -- -- -- -- that are you know about the way. Along with draft preparations so. We feel like we've been real science and guys that we have a clear role for. Both offensively and be sensibly and we've been pretty patient. And in doing that in and really trying to find the best you're in free agency thing and then being contradictions. Here you were talking earlier. Good example teamed up against the cap that that'd be really Smart. And you're one of those scenes they're cute guys in. People in front office to have great job of understanding that. Budget if you will in it and they haven't been staying underneath the pin and understanding what we have to do it pertains to the rookie class when they command so. All that all will take care of itself. The key for us right now on the next week and answers is our -- of the next five or six guys along with. You know the free agents that we sign after the draft. Find the right people victim you know help this team go forward and in the future. Now coach Berry talked about I'm finally getting together with the team and you know you have their first big meeting and millions to be Shelvin had a bit. And then -- -- -- said at home again. When another fan duly respected. In all of a sudden you have training camp in Jackson and how tough of their training camp was but how hard it is to balance. Almost we -- even though they are cement demand he's trying to get their attention but then you also dealing with the new collective boring agreement. As far as the highly structured practice and and now and always took the approach that when I was playing. That what motivated me was -- fear of being fearful of not succeeding. And not getting comfortable are almost like man I don't do what I gotta do they gonna get rid of me and it is a candidate told you almost have to set like -- gotta respect that hate. It didn't it didn't matter what we did in the past nothing stays the same. Then on all of a sudden we trying to get back on top not just knocking on the door but to be that twelfth team talked about the challenges -- that. Well I think number one you you got to be. You got beyond intended that we we talked briefly at the start of the meeting. About. Missed last year you know and we talked about. All the distractions that took place during -- year. And then you know what we saw. There's a football team offensively he can actually in the kicking game. We talked about the progress we're gonna have to make. To get back where you were the loot into him in. I I think you're the key years to you know every team news can operate within that framework of the -- CPA and in. That that's. Easily understood and he did do. Get to cheater. Would be successful and in more than. Is it all the tales. In in trade and competition that's necessary they. When you have competition. Everyone in that position group plays better. And it's important for us to create -- in in all the drills that we have. Both teams drills offense and defense and girls. And now I think that gets back to you know we were discussing earlier in the draft for me it's important to have. The right type -- guys you know in this room. When we won't draft person class guys -- didn't -- better players and yeah I think a better player anybody that's been working long and understands what we're really gonna play the best guys -- say this every year. You know after we draft these players that we signed free agents and you know we have our first minicamp leading now. Now those players got into the building depth pointers it is of no importance that that was just the method of which we had to acquire the player. At that point. You know what we're looking at production a little bit and how these guys do that in the end and go about what we see you in that might mean. You know -- and draft pick for a veteran that played that we're we're just gonna play the best guys that we feel like he has the chance to win in. I think that's. That's worked for us so I think it's also something the players appreciate a lot room -- and they understand that. You know there really are no politics it would what you would want a way to be successful. And we're gonna go about what we see. Now coach Spain look at it the back at quarterback a position. Obviously Chase Daniel. It was a great team player Hollywood to drew he's now the Kansas City Chiefs. On the column it was with the -- team and camp last year didn't you bring in a cynical Wallace the question I have. And that went with Seneca Wallace when you look at that if you're not the starting trying to provide a good picture of for the defense. And you look at these read option teams now going forceful and a far when its a chance majesty Narveson at the -- thomas'. Like maybe a potentially Alex cynical Wallace have. As far as giving the defense a good look. When you plane -- driver quarterbacks NC can make plays it is the. Well I -- pick this year's mobile. And he can make plays and the C. However. You know we signed him command in and compete for an opportunity to be our backup quarterback so I don't think. His signing was a reflection. Well us really looking for the perfect scout team quarterback two to resemble a -- between two walks leader in the year they find the net. It has been something that we've been able to do all two times or might be a guy on your roster played quarterback. Is now receiver because of back. You know. We've got a couple veteran quarterbacks in here. And looped it and senator that we think you have an opportunity commitment in. To a real good job vote of being prepared to play at to all that meant that starts in their career. And you whether you both guys are are are certainly our team and in front office from the year. With -- Kevin and pat him a year ago not not so much from week ago wasn't involved. But second -- both have got experience. They're both Smart trip it's. -- Why now with Saints coach Sean Payton's Saints take place in the draft next Thursday's first take is fifteenth overall -- the first round. Coach you talked about this system in and having guys in name work in the -- learning what you want to do in the in filling in. One -- it has go away would -- be going to another team retiring and so forth. And now -- left tackle offensively do you feel like a you have Baghdad on its roster currently. Well city that was so I'm doing -- recently and in. -- -- -- guys that that is going to be compete in over there. You know it's going to be an opportunity there -- a great example of the job it's wide open net and hopefully. You know the guys that have a chance to compete for that position step up then -- separate themselves. You know that that kind of happened to him. When when bush came into that position during our -- averages against the Texans you know when we lost. Our starter there and into -- stepped in in in rilya. Earned a spot in and became our starting left tackle for quite awhile but. I think -- so you know we've we've got to go out there and get reps at that position. And you know hopefully hopefully it's an easy decision hopefully some separate themselves. Coach -- men around this time related the 2013. NFL schedule be released the -- our divisional foes in the south. We had a AFC east in the NFC west to Bears down divisions will be facing. Are you here okay great coach we were just ask you about that. The I think this. -- the schedule always some doubt in him and you guys know respect and anyone it's always a little bit -- -- season starts so it's hard. Cardinal in the schedule begin pencil in what you can. Teams are gonna be like you know they say this a lot of times. You know the game prior. Q when you play someone factors in you always look look Broadway you know the West Coast trips to travel. The prime time spots you know I think what a handful of those games. You know in the end but we are playing two very good riddance and -- we -- we talked about you know C west certainly the most improved division in football the last couple years. I think you'll be exciting for our fans it's always a great time when when people you get that date specifically they can begin to plan. Not only home games but what gains and they want to goat two on the road. Now our coach they know when you all decide to do this because I know deacon I will always look forward to this. You know -- and and the grind of training camp when you have in two days is not always two days reduce their training camp in general. When you're able to compete against another team just looking at the pre season schedule. And the you'd think maybe. Maybe an opportunity when the Raiders come to town the price against them or even going to Houston is that decision in May again -- -- those two possibilities Raiders -- the Texans. -- -- we've we've we've gone important refused to quit a bit. It's always been in the second week to pre season -- -- little more difficult was the third week and every teams trying to get into the regular season schedule. That third game. But but not the final been made it's generally thought to what it's done. Usually after the pre season schedules out and before you break for the summer. Right now that we haven't had any discussions. With any specific team used to and we got a touch base with every year we've got a good relationship with them same with New England. Oakland would be a candidate just purely that they're they're a team we play and we to a -- and you know Dennis Allen. Absolutely. Absolutely so. That would be something we'd announce right now I don't know that things and -- plan fracture. Go to Spain -- thank you so much for the time we appreciate. --