WWL>Topics>>4/22 11:10pm Scoot talks Terrorism in Boston and Shooting in Colorado.

4/22 11:10pm Scoot talks Terrorism in Boston and Shooting in Colorado.

Apr 22, 2013|

Three people were injured when gunshots rang out at a HUGE 4/20 marijuana celebration in Denver Saturday. This annual event was even bigger because Colorado passed a law making recreational use legal. Police are looking for two suspects and they have no

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Welcome back -- show on this Monday night we may get some rain on Wednesday and it looks like the weekend's gonna be really nice for the opening weekend of Jazz Fest. Only 20% chance of rain now you know like -- change maybe it goes down. It's going to be warm sold just plan to have a hat or some sunblock with -- especially you've got kids out there. This year. I'm hearing more buzz. About this year's Jazz Fest and I -- -- a long time and I know we're always excited about Jazz Fest. But I -- it's like I'm hearing more about it this year there's so many amazing acts on. In a local acts like -- and has room. And of course and ovals but Fleetwood Mac Billy jolt Maroon 5. Dave Matthews Band John -- rebirth brass band earth wind and fire Willie Nelson. Think what else is gonna remain his boss. Rocket -- to see another one of the locals who will be performing I mean the the list goes on and on. Unbelievable food fine arts and crafts. And twelve stages it amazes me about that. Is how they can have all these stages in the infield at the fairgrounds. And you're really. Their their position so that you really don't hear the music from another stage. I mean that's just amazing to me. I'll listen to Garland Robinette tomorrow. And Wednesday at 1240 for your chance to call in to win tickets or go to WWL FaceBook page it's simply WWL radio if you're on FaceBook. And you'll also have another chance to win there we're gonna randomly select ten lucky winners Thursday night at midnight. That's 25. So heavy testing from the station that loves Jazz Fest -- WL. Here's what we are talking about tonight's politicians are using last week's tragedy in Boston to argue that America should not move ahead with new immigration reform laws. And I just think this is another example playing politics with tragedy. I don't see how we can. We cannot. Welcome people into our country. And it's wrong to assume that that any Muslim is a bad -- we talked about that a lot last week and and being just being -- trusting of all Muslims. In the face of of of what we've experienced from a few in this country and around the world. Really. Defies everything that we believe in America. You can't stereotype that that the latest good blog is it's on the -- page Adobe -- google.com. It's titled bombing suspects. Prove prejudice. Is wrong. And in many ways these guys defied the stereotypes. That are considered to be criminals. Even before they've done anything. Assuming that they're criminals. You can read it share come in our feel like it's a to be a -- like come on this two page if you wanna join -- show with a comment tonight our numbers 260. 1878. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. Text numbers 877 into two -- your text coming up here in just a moment from Baton Rouge Mike here on WWL good evening. It is but -- -- -- -- How -- separate ball pretty much -- their that it. All of the younger forwards. The Arctic in -- try to users track for. Political purposes. I figured we would just go. In that followed through with the law already folks a lot of -- a major so. But it's prayer but immigration also player. They just choose not to force. Well I get the impression that that there's a lot that's being attempted to keep illegal immigrants on this country whether it's. Flying in from another country or or crossing our border from Mexico -- all a lot is being done and -- It's just it did I guess the demand is so great to come into this this country and I'm not saying that that's that's right. But the demand is so great to coming to this country there's only. There's only so much they can do but the Obama administration has deported a lot of people. Yup but let's let ER westerners and I mean we treat those people to coat your money. You know your argument earlier in the show -- black Berry thriller body of prayer here there are. -- Celine and in. Or worked in Jamaica a manner that oh. We -- or to continue to call those people are or vote for. It is also the culture. Hole. Word within the walls and execute the law all the books. All like they're there with your help here we were yet gave their children we wouldn't it make them serve and we would be you know and they go back we're -- effort back into their country like also we hear her body. Now we can't Mike I think that's a legitimate argument nobody comes to immigration reform. You know I have really been supportive of the immigration reform that is gonna give a break to those people who were brought here under the age of sixteen by their parents who never made the decision to come here illegally. And there are here -- the contributing they've been our military there in our schools and they are contributing members of society I'd rather get rid of those who are American citizens. Who are contributing a from the get rid of them and giver to those who have come here to contribute. I agree but don't give them -- to come here plot here. What what did you think are you. But the I I I I I don't know everything about illegal immigration. But if you do come here you'd you do get some benefits there's no question about it. And and and we should not the system should not encouraged that or the system shouldn't encourage people to sit on their butts and have kids and do nothing and can get healthcare. -- -- what -- what do you do with the innocent children and it's it's. You gotta draw lines -- player -- officials who would buy. Art our our our owners they would just right. Yeah actually argued that there are some people that are -- they ordered the aren't. You know we don't. -- the power superior than I but one of the other. Well an end but to be fair my own American citizens put a much bigger drain on the system and illegal immigrants. I thought so secret America and mature about mobsters. You know we talked about the chuckling all the way. You know I hear. All these monsters are risks are and so. And now -- into our premier. They're. So that it should go back. Check street where they check so purses where there they'll. -- -- -- in BO OK here since grueling. For a lot -- -- -- a jeweler and you're not yours. -- -- the whole problem in in a crawl or article to support whole problem. Country hole it. We don't -- charitable or longer in don't call. We'll let somewhat like this more stronger -- as children. Okay what. -- next urged. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Oh so for. Example -- sure equipment out there you go public. -- -- Describe. What the pitcher -- -- Cummins. And later it sure. And go back. That way it will. In the beer in the 61. Was what. We are all the -- the spirit -- -- -- well you have a child. Or you order order. -- -- -- -- -- Well I I do and Mike I I totally agree with you and I have talked about that countless times on the show and I noble continued to be a big topic of discussion on the show. The one thing that has really changed this country is a lack of of -- respect for the idea of personal accountability. -- back he wasn't it wasn't only that though both the lawless may have been enforced on the books. But. People people didn't breed. On. Criminal mentality. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If we. Strictly enforced the immigration laws. How would that have kept these two guys who were suspects. In Boston from doing what they did because they they would have come up on the on the radar as. Doing something wrong and and I just I just think it's inherently wrong in this country first to say you're Muslim you can't come here. Well it's cute but here are and other radical but it. Actually keep our back all but what it was accurate. It is not clear outlook. And it ever read books or -- all. There are so what we don't experience or are we Americans are more -- -- that. Better person back where -- Go there are -- all the water -- the spot -- It's more export it pretty well but. All the people originated. Between rich and exactly what they're. Right they're radical and they're bankers -- Whatever it could be -- -- what I hear what they reached in two well the well. This is by its. I have I have I have read peaceful things about the Koran. And in everybody's gonna interpret the Koran and the same way that people interpret the Bible you know there's some overly overly brutal stuff in the in the Bible. Even a few things in it in the -- in the -- I just think it's Roy you know you are you and I will disagree I just think it's it's it's wrong to indict. -- an entire religion. Because Islam and I don't know and its and I realize that there's. Did the teaching of you know death to infidels but there's also a part in the Koran if I'm not mistaken. That really it supports the idea that. On if you don't follow. The Muslim faith if you if you're not part of Islam. Then you will be dealt with on judgment day and is that not to grow with much of what is preaching christianity. Yeah and it also say it's actually the Peoria. To submit -- dot. Well again I'd like to Linda Beckett finals out of things in the Bible to that it would like there are very violent. Whether there. Would be some racial strategy here but it but -- the end of the day. You know. All of these -- bad things are happening in this -- personal we are gonna continue to happen. The preachy about it because -- or -- it is -- -- look where. It's gonna force earlier. I would I would relish. That letter we don't look at La. I will disagreement I've got to get to break and I join our conversation. Particular thanks for hosting tonight in Baton Rouge. I go go lead singer Belinda Carlisle but -- -- career. She said that she is lucky to have a nose. After her cocaine addiction. And apparently it's over and she still. As a knows few 54 years old who's been very open about her. Our recovery which is it good news she is a twenty year old son. He was there Woodstock in 1969. And for the fortieth anniversary he was also -- Woodstock in 2009. Folk singer guitarist I most remember him for this song which The Beatles also did. Richie Havens has passed away. At the age of 72 he died of heart attack in his home in New Jersey apparently early. This morning. And there's -- we're talking about on the Scotia overnight to three people were injured when gunshots rang out any huge. For Tony marijuana celebration in Denver on Saturday Saturday was a big day event celebrating out. Pot smoking I saw a lot of pot smoking I inside some places and outside. On the street is Saturday night when I was out. For Tony is 43 in the calendar April the twentieth has become a big day to celebrate smoking marijuana and it's always been a big deal in Denver. And I'm sure arena around Berkeley California plays like that but I just I know for a fact it is always in a big deal in Denver but the annual event was even bigger this year. Because Colorado along with Washington State recently passed laws legalizing the recreational use of pot. Police looking for two suspects no motivation has been determined yet. I just think there's something and again and I'm stereotyping when I I I say that those who spoke potter are passive peaceful people. But I never known about violence erupting and a -- marijuana -- smoking and I mean I've never been to one side I've never heard of violence breaking out there and you know -- trident. You know grab munchies or something and anyway I just like the world is gone man of finals is erupting -- -- marijuana celebrations. When I read via article earlier today it was also talking about how critics are still promoting that marijuana is a gateway drug. Which I'd I'd just never have believed that I think it's more about the person. Who tends to be adventurous with pot might also be the type of person who might be adventurous. With other drugs as well but it's not the drug itself. It's causing people to move onto other drugs but that's -- WW a party general opinion poll tonight. Is marijuana a gateway drug and it's kind of gone back and -- has been very close all night 5050 a couple of times in the majority has switched. To one side or the other right now 48% saying no and -- and -- a majority of 52% say yes marijuana is a gateway drug. You can give us your opinion by going to our web sites WWL dot com are also talking about. An article that I read today by doctor Keith -- foxnews.com. Titled. Why weren't Watertown residents told to get their guns. And his argument is that when authorities told residents. To stay inside locked their doors they should also have been told to get their guns ready. He said everybody with a licensed firearm. Should have been told by authorities to make sure their guns were within reach loaded. And their family members were close by. He said the sub conscious messages that Bostonians cannot or should not take steps. To protect their lives. Their loved ones. And their homes. And he blames it on a global trend. In America for authorities not telling residents to get their guns. Quite often I agree with that doctor Keith -- And I've I've read many of his his -- is is editorials and commentaries is op Ed pieces on foxnews.com and and the other night we were talking about one I don't remember with a -- must I totally agree with dynamic guy makes a lot of sense until tonight. I totally disagree with him I don't think residents need to be told to get their guns ready I would think that if you Oregon owner. And there was problems in the neighborhood you would already. Be aware of having your gun ready and to tell citizens to get their guns ready. And loaded seems to be that year encouraging. Mob rule you're here it's like -- in the past when people would encourage people to grab their pitchforks in front of the town square. If you're joining us with your comments about anything we're talking about tonight our numbers 260. 1878. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And a text -- 77 of the two reported -- coming up here in just a moment from Metairie Nate welcome to the spiritual. -- -- -- -- Well that's wanted to comment -- this shooting at the -- where they smoke out. Yeah are basically ammunition but urge you that the state legalized does everything. I don't think it's a coincidence that the the first problem event. You know somebody else and outside influence that going to draw attention to it took so everybody say look how -- -- -- You know that was all on. -- the country. And nobody ever has their problems but it just does dispatched that you. And they just legalize that and somebody strong. You know make a flaw out of it and played that well look what happens when you have when he smoked I -- -- -- it is legal people shoot each other. So you think it was it was set out to give a bad name to smoking marijuana legally. -- And and that's possibly the the other thing that I thought -- -- that since it's it's legal now even for recreational use in Colorado. It may be there are some drug dealers. Who were losing business. Well I mean that's an abundance of people at the top and nobody caught anyway so it's a price to gonna go down on something that they used to make. A whole lot of money you know I mean that's bad that a business. So look what better way to draw attention to it than to say no wish we made a mistake by -- and -- people should know -- I hadn't thought about that but that's an interesting theory because you know it did just doesn't seem like something that goes along with. I'm a public pot smoking. Though the violence is -- I mean it everybody if there was a Jack Daniels drinking around vodka drinking festival. There's going to be there are gonna be some problems. Right and that's been legal well. Long time Mike and glad I had made up so I'm -- Scottish officials into -- -- -- -- here's a text are clearly the 420 shooter is a follow of the jihadist movement. Here's another text -- to claim one's religion. Is bad based on reading a book -- someone else wrote. Just tell that to our caller doesn't. Understand life outside. His own upbringing. That's the other thing that you know you need to be cautious about a book that is written about the Koran would be a book that was written about. The Bible. And it would really be and if if you are if you are not Muslim. And if you -- decide because of of the behavior of these two suspected suspects one dead one in the hospital. In Boston if if you were suspicious of Muslims. And you picked up the Koran right now and started reading it you would be looking for things. To used to condemn. The Muslim faith. Now before 9/11. If you read the Koran then maybe you'd have a better chance of leading it with an open mind. But anybody who decides you know what I'm gonna take a -- -- -- reading it. I would venture to say that the majority people who are doing that are gonna be doing it with. An agenda in mind and they're going to search for things that support there. Pre disposed opinion of the Koran. And Muslims and again. These two guys in Boston who are suspects again one dead one alive in a hospital. These guys. We're not here illegally. So I do think it's wrong. And people have disagreed with me tonight which is -- it happens every night on the show and it's it's it's OK I mean this is America so you know we. We celebrate freedom of speech which also -- celebrating. A differing opinions and you know one thing we talked about recently on the show is that the they hate that has gone along with differing opinions and and how there are many talk show host across this country -- many radio personalities across this country who I -- I guess they're not intelligent enough. To do anything other than just try to rile people up and incite people would get them to follow their -- their show by by causing people to to be afraid. By inciting them. And I you know I I I think that's a mistake and I've you know it doesn't mean I don't have passion doesn't mean that occasionally -- little bit of -- to show and and display at. But I'm you know I'm not going to American and hate. In two. -- A debate about political or social issues. And the politicians are in in my opinion some politicians are playing politics with this tragedy in the same way that both sides of the gun control debate both sides. Used. The tragedy at sandy hook elementary school. To promote their -- and I just don't see how stricter rules on immigration would have prevented. The Boston bombings. And tonight there is some new news that has come out. From the suspect who was in the hospital -- -- and if you look at his name it looks like the bottom line of an eye chart I mean you know again that's just something that is like so. So foreign to -- Yeah things that are are based on on Latin -- many languages are are. Familiar to respect. Asian languages and Arabic. And also a Russian Slavic languages totally different from -- and you know but not all the letters -- pronounce and you could say that with our. I mean we have the names that are confusing as well -- Phillip or names like -- with with the flow for lower doughnut flow that would be a fellow -- you know it some of our language is confusing as well. But this guy is talking he can't he can't verbally talk please express himself by writing things down. He was officially charged today and he may face the death penalty. On he may not face the death penalty if some kind of deal was made to save his life. -- in exchange for information. But he's already giving authorities now according to CNN. Information about how he and his brother were not working with any groups internationally. It was their plan they -- idea. His brother was the mastermind and others have said his brother was doing it for religious reasons. And also he said that. He learned how to do this. By watching a jihadist video. On line. Now you can't blame the presence of the video. You have to blame the person who took the information from the video. And made the -- If you wanna join our show tonight -- comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. And a text number is 877 from the world's Gerri you're on this huge show. Yes -- policy agreement where everything he can you sleep at night I mean let's. He didn't hear you handled it where all think we should discriminated against most loans because. They're Muslims I mean down. You know events from Muslims parsley. And Spain and -- -- -- scientists both of what was my support and technical. Well yes and and and we have a tendency not -- I don't use a pronoun to. Describe all of America but in this country they are are. Too many people who are so quick. To rush to judgment and I just think can it's it's a shame that now. They're using this to politicize the immigration reform -- and you know that they -- did politicians who have just in. Just looking for that reason to say no win and what is at the gang of eight. A bipartisan group Republicans and Democrats have have come together and they have a proposal that. It seems to be workable I haven't read it yet but there are Republicans -- Democrats who agree. With this new immigration are reform deal but now there are people endorsing no we can't do this look what's happened. How would stricter immigration laws to prevent this from happening unless she just wanted to stop letting anybody into this country. And it's frightening that a lot of people believe that. But I don't see how well you can you can respect America and and call yourself a good American. And support the idea that we don't let people into this country. Here's a Texan -- so Muslims card discussed that as disgusted by Islamic radicals. As much as Christians are disgusted by the west Borough Baptist Church. Here's the -- according to the center for immigration. 95% of immigrant households with a child's. Have at least one worker in the family. It's a wage issue not a lazy issue. Here's another text -- my pastor said something Sunday. That and maybe think if you. Yesterday is -- Yeah amazing you know here is silly season enters a pastor says something that makes -- think about -- -- -- Is that my pastor says something Sunday maybe they -- you yesterday is gone. Today is here. Tomorrow's not promised people should concentrate on what makes them happy instead of trying to change other people's minds no matter what the issue. I'm glad that nature think of this show because I've totally prevent. Here is a text and these killers said that this is in reference to the people who shot. People who are arrested four per shooting. And apartment complex on the West Bank on the -- on. Nobody died -- two adult women are in the hospital and three kids. Three and under. Are in -- hospital shot -- AK 47 this morning apparently over an argument. It stems from a bar argument six weeks ago. -- reads these killers always have passed criminal charges. Wanted to still walking the streets. Swinging door justice. Hi I agree can I don't know what happened to -- -- I'm I'm thinking we may still hear something about him but. Governor Jindal. I talked about having the this session of the Louisiana legislature. Deal with. Releasing. A number of people who were in prison. For nonviolent crimes so I guess it would depend on the crime. On to make room. For an -- to save money but also to make room for those. The beginning at present and at how often do we hear this in the news I don't know about you but you know what if if I committed a crime. I would think. My life's over I'm going to jail. But think about all of -- very young people. They have long long criminal records. Maybe they've never been convicted -- say what if you had been arrested. Fifteen times. And -- didn't charged with something fifteen times. Chances are you're doing something wrong. And maybe were convicted in I don't know why you were convicted. But we do hear about people who. Have long criminal records and yet they walk. Among us. I want to remind you that you can now hear WWL everywhere and you can listen anywhere streamers and WWL dot com. Download our app or you can find us at tuning in. Dot com. That's too -- N dot com here's anywhere and everywhere there's talk of sports powerhouse of the gulf -- WWL. Here is -- on the text this about a caller we had earlier asked Mike if he's ready to make forty dollars a date picking crops. He's writes no one is accountable such as in -- mentioned here a couple of the corporation's banking corporations in America. Here is another text to. No enemy combatants. That was part of a larger group has ever relied. -- captured. And claimed to be working alone. Well I guess that's meant to be sarcastic yeah we don't know if this -- telling the truth. But nothing showed up on radar there was no chatter -- which would have something to -- something it really would have confused. Law enforcement in America because. Quite often there are there are there some chatter there's some kind of tips that something's being planned. On. It seems like there is such pride. In the talent bond and al-Qaeda. That those who commit those crimes. Are proud. And so is there organization proud. To say what they've done. To join our show -- -- numbers 260187. Toll free 866889. Surely semi tech's number is State's 7870. And from every time here on the -- show good evening. Thank you notes that my my you don't question -- -- statement as a result. More local than what you could talk about him and I'm really concerned about these criminals going to be brought to trial. And the judges opt -- I really believe -- entire problem it is. The judges or not sentence of the people. Two powerful. Sentence -- that they can do. Todd and I you know I think that's I think that's obvious because and because it's it's it seems obvious. That people don't fear the consequences of committing horrific crimes with guns. Well what order I don't understand why hasn't that everytime you hear major crime and a lot of time -- have rap sheets from way back. -- and and -- keep getting. Manageable. Sentences. And I don't understand that and and one on the judges beer and held. Accountable for that special committee amendment it that day of -- Bergmann struck -- And it has been convicted. Then what the judges do. I don't there. I don't know you don't that's -- and it's something that people have occasionally looked into but there hasn't been enough done about that. In this city. And more should be done to expose. What the problem is with the system of justice because you're right and I don't wanna hear excuses about well we don't have room. That's no excuse for letting somebody on the street who should not be on the street. Then dammit make the -- and built the tent and put guards around -- ten I don't I don't care what find a place for a I know Romans is no excuse. Well parents -- order stands. Is that the judges should be. More concerned about this because it comes back on them. I don't understand why the judges in other words when. Let's say somebody gets. -- and they get like. I don't know a year. And then they get suspended sentence so whatever they let them vote in the year. They commit. Rob and kill somebody why is it not brought back -- of the responsibility. Of the judge. Let them out of the. I'm sure we would find. Systemic problems with judges who do exactly what you say that is -- sentences that are too lenient. Or you know I mean look defense attorneys. Can't be a kick in the -- of prosecutors in all these cases it all these people get off. That just doesn't make sense to me Tom on political show thanks -- to WWL. Here's an update on our WWO party jaguar opinion poll tonight this this poll stems from the of the shooting at the 420 celebration Saturday in Denver. Nobody was killed two people were I a three people were injured and -- looking for two suspects no motive known yet the question is is marijuana a gateway drug. And the poll has shifted again 48% say no and 52% say yes it is your opinion by going to our web site having -- -- -- -- this is a song Kryptonite by the band. Three doors down. Bass player for three doors down Todd herald. This has been charged with vehicular homicides. I intoxication after an accident on I forty. Near Nashville Tennessee. He's 41 years old he was jailed it's still remain in the jail early yesterday morning I don't know if he's still in jail and honestly thought it was a 100000 dollars. A fatal crash Friday night interstate forty. Near Nashville. It claimed the life of 47 year old Paul Howard's. Shoulders junior or Nashville police. They said that he showed signs of impairment. On when he underwent the sobriety test. This sub bass player. Robert Todd -- -- -- three doors down has now admitted to police that he was consuming. Hard cider. And taking prescription. Lower tanned. And xanax. You know overdoing anyone of those strings that anyone of those three things would be terrible. And doing all phrase like you know my god when. When people can learn I mean you you can't. You can't mix that. And it really function in anyway. Certainly not from driving. Up from uptown -- you're on WWL good evening. -- cannot mention that about Robert tartar. Our our Arab -- that whose family on the. Don't feel bad for -- for the person who died as well. Shanley and and the people that it that that -- and Laura Ramos and Asia never called in orbit. Somebody was sharp chlorine that you generally. Pull someone over and in -- there -- them because there's a chance that they minor accident in Jerry -- But I mean now that their chicken board -- -- -- think that's better than Knowles strawberry -- just readers had to walk -- line or someone asks. Yeah of course event brings up on a whole other issue about whether or not to should have to submit to a blood tests -- we talked about that -- on other shows. On his articles I read about. Roberts on -- three doors down also said that the the driver who was killed 47 year old was not wearing a seatbelt. I don't think that's really I mean everybody should Wear their seat belts but that's. Now it's and no excuse for news for his death in in this particular case and you know you just can't drink alcohol. And especially can't drink alcohol and consume more -- and xanax. All of the same time and unfortunately people do that. -- -- All right drew given that the so far I'm bracket to calling for the first armor a shield. But Joseph I appreciate that thanks listening to WWL a night in them call us anytime you have a comment or an opinion about our show. Our time thanks to listen. Here's a text I don't share these kind of text with you very often I usually share. The other type of text. Here's a text great show. Nice to hear. A radio talk show host from an unbiased. Rational. And entertaining place. Well. I think I'm on biased in terms of not submitting to the cult on the right or the left. And as you know talk radio has been infected. And I use that word on purpose talk radio has been infected. By this mentality that you have to be a right Winger. You have to be one way. And those days are changing. You shouldn't have to. Incite people. You should have to say things like Minnesota radio host said when he said that. Recently when he said. He thinks the victims of sandy hook. Should go to hell. For infringing on his. Gun rights. They did infringe on his gun rights. They were victims. And yet there are people. In my business. Who say really. Ignorant hateful insightful things. Just to get your attention. This is this good show. Here's an update on our WWL party jaguar opinion poll tonight is marijuana a gateway drug -- shifted again a majority 53%. Say no. And 47%. Say yes yeah I hung out for a little while at a Margarita Ville downtown with a friend of mine who -- his senate vintage car outside -- And you know we get the pictures up on our website tonight the billions to pace tomorrow night I took a picture this this guy ordered this. These not shows they were so massive I just I want to look over it dude what did he get the big ones. A tomorrow morning -- W offers news Tom detectable talk about the fight people including three children shot in Harvey early this morning. What if they would have been -- with a pipe bomb. Are we so desensitized to gun violence in America that it takes a bomb to get our attention. And terrorist thrive on that -- will talk about that tomorrow also -- -- -- a conversation a several mosques in Boston or afraid to give. The -- that the brother. Who was killed the first suspect. A Muslim funeral for fear of repercussions. -- -- tomorrow spied with talk gumbo wonder for here. On WWL. From New Orleans -- -- nor -- Actually there publicity. Very I think that the gun control is you know only evil pertaining to things in two one of the where some people. People are ready to these two guys -- Usually use guns in Austin. People -- all of this it's probably talk about you just kudos -- You're -- you're remembered they'll be able to. Yes a very vague as they might be. Yeah at least it won't stay at the American people are. What -- birdied the authority that he has not figured opposite would happen they already think you're not. You know people. People think you're liberal amount. At the -- you know and you know my attitude on their show -- and I appreciate you calling on people can think whatever they want. I am just going to be. On I'm I'm a radical moderate I mean I'm very definitive with all my opinions but you're not gonna tune into the show. And here's somebody insight you from the far right because those people are hypocrites. They're hypocritical. Here's a text that recess -- to deal effectively with crime the prison space should be reserved. For hard core violent criminals. Not nonviolent soft we'd. Drug offenders. -- affect their Shelly Williams our studio producer tonight Jack Harris also in the other studio. Latest good blog on our website at -- on the -- page Debbie WL dot com. It's titled bombing suspects group prejudice is wrong you can read it cheery and comment honored if you like. And if you think this country is since. Looking to blame groups of people think about how these Chechens have now caused people to wanna blame checks. From Czechoslovakia. This has been this future we're back tomorrow night's -- on -- New Orleans.