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4-25 11pm Draft Fest Round 1

Apr 25, 2013|

The WWL Sports Team broadcast from Oceania Grill to cover round one of the 2013 NFL Draft.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back. The draft since 2013. Here on Saints radio WW RA MFM attack on gate at the latest. On the black and -- and all draft coveted WWL. That how all of -- won the thing out here including. Casey went right how Manassas and of course the great Santana. That being challenged in clean as and so and -- me. Well you have who ran into drama -- they -- who will it -- have you read -- -- the house you can't overall that's right right at the delivery at the right what does that when you league identity that's all you need that you go. Also back at the mother ship bought out bought an -- in studio Alice in grants and also we certainly want things singer wrote the giving us a -- -- -- governments. All the way to the deep now that night and of course mom would be Diana. -- the saints' first pick of the 2013 NFL draft safety. Kenny but the narrow afloat it might to reset what's available going into tomorrow's draft of what's available that for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Who -- the first pick in the second round in me that he and the coaches he likes that the value is in round of the about fought that the players made at second round caliber players work. Less than 32 was rated as first round play is so that -- you know there's a -- value in that second round to the politics though your take. Do you like the peak of it but -- on that victory for Charlie on I want jolly good evening thank you for calling WWL. Well for it's like they care what the player. He plays very well and coverage used personal but he played but the mission but based upon what will be available that is not a good pick for the -- I mean. You're saying oh harper enjoyed it's way too much money to sit on the bench. So -- let you -- view future first round pick on a guy who's going to be a rotational player or role player where you wanna call it. Late on it they liked what they now Roman Harper now that. Are aren't they approach now like -- -- on the bills are thirty years that me. Now we feel like you -- the don't love you know we don't let you gotta read you deal. I mean that. That's fair but I think you'd think you can restructure I mean -- that they what's odd million this year. You -- -- they'll look back at the -- policy counts against the -- like seventh heaven on our summer around there. They'll go out Charlie give me -- five coming work out tomorrow and the next week in the saints' facility. I'll look at old marshaled a -- Roman Harper -- mountain Jake. And they also brought into the Romans Jim -- yet you have letter yet and so on me not you you got to load the safety position anywhere. -- you boxed in the veterans yet yet you look at Jim letter that the it wasn't thrilled that the cool about -- Leonard. That about on his coverage ability. Welcome on the power evidently wanted to get paid -- all -- all -- -- little mom my -- nobody humiliating comment. It was beat me in epic comeback it is a guy who was horrible the mean I don't I've gotten him back at night because he got a little bit with the new York and it's likely that it was you have to get it it it was like. He's a tough guy go to Africa Canada and it covers part of it gives out how about. -- basic companion -- opponent and it's not cope with the yellow -- it and they get run support but definitely you'd expect in Newsome recovered in you Pittsburgh. It would our endeavor like Jim Leonard Mike. Is that. Probably -- it one of his best games. And to put it really on the map before the playoffs against the Steelers will -- with a pit people against the Jets. He hit it pretty got you littered blitz him. They have people that have -- hit it to the wrong angle he ran around a lot of points behind -- yard gain and it was Jim -- responsibility. He immediately get blocked. So why I mean when you look at I mean it was the competition. Right now -- the Carroll to the UP tell me that if the development -- -- public tennis and it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you've got to played out our round pick out the depth there as though the developmental in the first round pick you have to play now all of this football team. There because you can't redshirt people anymore -- I mean this is the NFL you've got to play now up I think a big part of this past the go right back down to -- -- and -- up brought up -- I'll make a comment. And ability to matchup with Titans don't feel this team it really suffered an ankle and I Ernest Davis Tony Allen in just look Greg Olsen. It is division that you have to go up against and who knows what else you've got to look -- we kid we got what you could have played in New England next year. Got gronkowski also Aaron Hernandez. That's part of it I think the disappointing people mostly experience not that apparel is -- a good player. Is the fact that you still have a big I don't know as a pass rusher. And we've seen it now for a long time three more towards coordinators all the same sort of thing you know the opposite -- -- -- to pass rusher. About Benitez telling me that that beat the Rob Ryan and influence in -- trust in -- cumulative Sean Payton right people who we gonna get Europe people. And we've got to trust you. That rob -- telling them though that I want McKinney the Carroll rank because I think this morning but that's our dads will sit. You -- to let that at that that they it'll work out. And Victor Butler right that they could work out and I trust -- -- -- and -- inmates any. This mess and I had that knee jerk reaction okay you do what Mike said it is a fair analogy about the frustration I think and that's so much about the pick that up because who else was available right. But if you look at the frustration just on the phone -- golf near Obama -- Well we feel throughout the week about the frustration -- playing its safety. So you really can't be totally disappointed with the pick because they fear is the upgrade the position that it really aren't. It's and got an -- because that's where he was ranked. He was ranked it was a little burst from -- -- hit it no quiet though not a matter available it is but -- the only negative thing I could say it if one of those three guys that mention. Don't have double digit sacks in our results -- -- -- twelve sacks right I guess everybody's always at this like it's on a new beginning here then we Rhode -- You'll point out okay who who Saints could pick in the past few drafts and -- -- this -- -- helping you out there on that Fifth Avenue that you look at appeal to meet him. Right at the meet some sense of go to tools that you ankle on Atlanta at Ellis who was take. But the Patriots took Jerod Mayo we that the offensive rookie of the year. After Malcolm Dickens was taking me back in practice today you look at me you're giving the I would -- boards the elite. Not sure what they were picked it only -- it right in -- and you -- -- a lot of Clay Matthews a lot of people missed him. Yeah is eleven picks later this and we all know Whalen -- at -- did the thing you know what's so scary. You hate to everyone who -- -- -- a 2010. Can you imagine now you got to have a crystal ball and then doctor comet that figure this out. Can you imagine Rob Gronkowski. And Jimmy Graham. Like not that it hi how you cover receivers one of the things that Shelton's he's got that for four years we'll brought up about Matthews could really use Brian Cushing that it came down after Malcolm Jenkins because I had a practical. Went -- people are Malcolm Jenkins and then behind it as it began teeing it being coaching yeah and I think a lot of -- with the coaches really wanted Bryant pushing at that point Mike it is time exciting who in his what he wanted to look at it when you look back but. No it's amazing though we see this hindsight but how fortunate we began on the opposite side of ball and not necessarily believe it is night. -- giving units that and I showed you what we've done on the back again which is truly unbelievable. And back I got to find it but. Look at the latter result in the last seven years that Nolan has done better -- the Saints it's been truly unbelievable. We look at the likes of Jahri Evans. Like you look at Jimmy Graham you look at Carl Nicks Marcus Colston. Zach street hit -- like -- its like if you look at the book well worth. If they think -- seventh round those four players. Nobody in the NFL -- -- better than at saint. And as a free agent -- -- up running backs no one's done that Darren Thomas Chris Ivory did that yes the law but. I think now I think a lot of fans all yeah we know all that might as he -- the players because if we don't get up. We going to be eager always agree we get a feel what they've done in three years from now we -- be look at whether the quarterback. Yet it is exactly we -- to -- that scenario where we hope that we get that a playoff. We're now we have the franchise quarterback to win a championship -- he got to take advantage of aren't -- deep middle of the pack but we're not going to be a top. That dominate the fifth book until we can't be dead last. Week at the bottom in -- -- weighted -- You know our right kind of back recap of the first row it's even gala ball out of college hitting but now is the first. Nicks put a New Orleans Saints fifteenth overall you'd like to pick I'm not. Ellis -- 60187866889087. Email is open big -- at WWI dot com Texas at 870. Eight and welcome back want to welcome with continues here on Saints radio WW AM at them and dot com that a marketing to a draft as they please. It feels real and Hanrahan kimono and -- sixteen point victory avenue Manassas. That's ludicrous to get -- hope you guys announced thought at four in -- about it myself. And hope -- will be your round starting at 6 o'clock the Saints will pick round three. And then his selection 75. To 601878668890. Rates in the newest member of the Saints -- -- -- -- safety. But Texas -- like the big. Ought not to -- phones that we go out into all of the on line six thank -- calling WW well. It can be. All right. Are honored via video radio show I'd love you guys my question is. I care. About Roman Harper moved out that -- outside linebacker position. I'm not -- -- but you know. He's small eastern smog accurately -- -- counts as an outside linebacker and knowing what line keeping their -- in nickel the past and that's it as a linebacker and like I first down it ran right out on a product. Every. The only two tight ends Roman Harper can't cover -- Byrd and David. Yeah and you like the new but. Beyond that I think he get. An athlete he. You can't rush the passer can't do that yeah they're great players but as far as coverage bill I've seen him in the red zone that's -- when he our -- going and and and our coach speaking is not even working on the -- -- that got autumn I don't think he's been a -- uniform. For short to have not three times because he led the receiver ready part of like a skinny polls either understand angles and leverage. And we look look over the loss that a 49ers. In the playoffs. That my. Robert Byrd and David cricket but I don't know how good passed over in -- is the odd guy doesn't have a good pass cover instincts. And yeah it in 200 pounds and if you gonna play and yet outside linebacker. I'm gonna run the football at you every down and. Mode and look we read pick it up and -- we were thinking about thank god -- not. I know enough light but not much much opener -- 2030. He's 240. Pound outside linebacker that can rush the quarterback and he's six foot three. So I mean it's a totally different concept but you're not gonna play Roman Harper full time at outside linebacker doesn't -- all of it lay there. I don't know what they have a what if I think how how -- keep. That. No -- -- -- that I could be doing all. Only got a look at -- on our team right -- obviously -- know where I keep Roman Harper and a college that is I keep Roman Harper. If beauty of it in his -- you might tell him they'll do this you'd probably both the -- To restructure your contract like little bit did. It Jonathan Vilma McDonald Roman Harper is better right now his career and Jonathan Vilma. I'm probably kind of like what Will Smith is not necessarily. Thank you president Sally what you gonna count against the cap but if you really willing to work with the Saints know. Roman harbors an NFL player -- you have to look at thank you -- you what you pay him an individual and their production. And end of it and I think we didn't look how it's a good fit it feels a need it's a good bit I think the big question mark is always going to be. That -- in this football team just has not generated a pass rush at all regular. It could pass rush Mike -- that greatly since 2006. Guys' names that the -- -- at safety. Out of Aaron with Arizona Cardinals eight and -- -- even though that rolled it harper. And Adrian Wilson is wanted to went back. In fact nobody gets sacked the quarterback born in those two safeties. Because they give an opportunity. It -- we came aboard. Do we get this back cheated on that might look at it Roman Harper and that's that Gregg Williams utilize that. Could not think if he's willing to work and stay with the Saints financially yet and added the -- the -- form. How Rob Ryan we utilize them like Gregg Williams all right health. Forget now you can take WW everywhere and anywhere you go -- at WW that count down on our -- Tigers now I tune in the that Condit student dot com the sports powerhouse loose talk that's -- powerhouse of the gulf south anywhere and everywhere you go. You'd be amazed at WW -- Dot com that the only -- your take on the saints' first pick in the first round fifteenth overall safety out of Texas skinny -- now. Houston Texas put -- on line to Tony thank you for calling WW TO. Great you know mentor and our nation in could be back. Might take. The bunny. I don't I don't like it I really don't you know the line. You've built the stands from the front to the back you don't build them back to the front. A look at it today on the beach Corey locally. Who has continued to -- you know you to a mean and virtually every play pool and working there. -- up the middle which called the most problem for quarterback. Or you have like that -- -- who does. A great corner. And I would hate corner. Much wore the safety. Now did it ought to keep it like he viewpoint in the area I'll be interested to -- Which you reap the law right. With the Vikings -- here and I don't. Know why it's the Yankees it's when everything comes out and if you guys you meet -- like that all we're coach -- I don't think it. Law all -- would vote it was talkers you know -- more time on it and and it biggest statements make this comment that approach. That a all of aside I'd go with hindsight but it orbital. Written that but it's -- -- that had double digit sacks. Why the hell would not our team. And it's every polite yet though but I think they think the thing they -- -- -- replied. Not an -- team about I'm -- it's not that it is projected to be vehicle and Jaguars the Raiders. At it would be pretty kick that that the Vikings went number one victory. I mean in all the articles that picks but with the Steelers. Know that the at this age and at what you pay you can think it was a hell -- demand. And what answers when that comes about. You know thought Mardi Mardy likes the -- opinion the barrel on line three Marty thank you for calling WWL. But beyond that you were. -- in real quick lap that's -- well -- the union. And don't go 31 against Dallas back which she -- he has. That was a lawyer review it. -- Had a lot of it out there aren't that great. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Idiot. You know -- -- power and you deal with it brought back like you can. Battery it is more Jarvis I trust these guys wanted to be one way that you could turn -- restaurant quickest in my opinion. Years. Drew Brees gobble you could do a fire or two out with a long way. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So you know it would draft when he started on the prominent in the draft are we just because that's probably college student and -- that weren't so great. -- in the night but that's about. How they play in the wind correctly in the windy it. -- saintly and Rob Ryan is from Texas right last year at the play over there. -- I just like. -- -- Yeah I mean it is he's definitely aware. Of -- couple of Woody's gonna bring to the table and Holly's -- utilize them. And and this and I hope we worked out this and it if he -- If he does happen hat -- have half the ball skills with Sammy Knight. Our guard Darren Sharper I'm not saying you gotta catch every interception. But Mike you had us that you told me. I did that how many passes the pin and went and had a opportunity to intercept the ball. And when you look at like it might have been a two year run or even last year when he could have been possibly like. 3132. Decades -- years ago it was 33. Potential dropped interceptions last year and on. I'm okay get all of a sudden you plus nine plus hit it to overreach you know you don't do that yes I thought sort of -- that -- that. All right -- three. Foot -- Aaron Aaron thank you for calling WW out. Apparently mindful again and he -- it and you know I obviously don't want ponder -- you don't. -- look like there's so many. In rusher to be honest Williams. I think it will -- -- he's going to be a role harper who pointed oh or these. Same guy he's still under Bobby -- -- have been a little bit I mean night I don't know the. Sammy and I can catch the ball. Yes you're right there that sort in the group collective may widen if somebody you smash the ball. We didn't drop the ball back. Every year. Now every year to Saints fans all he does it all custody then it -- yeah that's why you know that's great season drop the ball and the other. Think you lose guys we look at that this this is the first round it. What happens a little bit -- all. Ought to be able to get a pass rush guy stay in round three yeah it's. So I got to tonic engaged got a little bit own what else you get in the draft yet but based on how they -- -- at Texas. That -- me was perplexing. You went through a couple of treatments of Courtney is there. But why would you play him in the slot. Wood is. Not basically preparing to wait for the one about why would you believe they snuck that a lot of backs like Earl Thomas yeah. Like Ed Reed -- it has done in the National Football League if he's the ball hall. I don't quite get that that's not -- baseball and that that's the bulk of Texas coaches Robert and why wouldn't you put your best defensive back. -- applicants the quarterback but that would be I don't get. Well I yeah I know -- who. Okay how low block any so they went over there old ball -- the last who began you Q you guys know exactly. In the order in the bank. This -- and you know for pro bowlers know the -- and -- and all of well I got completely go -- so I. I think. I still think -- -- -- -- I'm one of the guys that. However I have I think are fits all arriving etiquette that the that the middle of the pack in comical that physical wanted to break. I still think now I'm not being a -- -- a crystal ball doctor Thomas but I think Matt -- -- Watch if you don't have six to eight interceptions. With the Baltimore Ravens McKinney McCarron has -- -- two or three I don't know scheme whatever you what they. I'll go to the unemployment on 68 -- apparel in year one. Yeah I have I don't think I'll I'll go villain asks a lot of in the snowballs and you went on but I am saying Matt -- of sync with the Ravens at -- didn't reach junior. All the studies have an impact I'd call it and actually -- I believe impact I I guess there's Jody I'm not a homer I think I think yeah David Carroll. Would do better than Eric Reid doesn't far I had I agree with about it nobody -- deal with a birdie at eleven is the right to live right spot and six interceptions and a rookie season that's a lot bought I'm I -- an opportunity -- Draft basket that you still -- -- restaurants there they're an act outside in the world famous French Quarter the Saints -- -- can give accounts say the out of Texas you're -- you like to pick I'm not gonna back to avoid a callus right here on WW. And welcome back where it Oceana restaurants -- there and -- outside in the world famous for its quarter. The Saints make it even Carroll safety out of the University of Texas with their first pick. Fifteenth overall in that the draft the draft how -- at bat. Many linemen drafted in the first round and via a record. And of course five of the top ten -- picks in this years draft or offensive. Lined -- 2601878. Texas at 87870. Email be chief at WW attack on your take. All the Saints because of Katie McCarron. Back to the off -- go hand let's go to who we had Brad in -- long Lyle won Brandt thank you for calling WW yeah. They've got things play out can you discuss them with Kia I'm gonna they've kind of been been touched on both. You know I don't have a problem the -- he'd be pretty much went where you can kind of -- where you would go on the draft. I think the -- here guys is priority. And what I mean by that is the priority. Buys that this and that you rebuild the worst defense in the NFL history and I'm talking about -- Hey David Bragg that's a good point in NFL history. Whoever got last year in NFL history right now. Something that you're going to be able to relate to stop him and what I mean the idea in eagle putt on the stoop to feel a little while ago you -- and maybe they're gonna -- -- -- who went wrong on the right. I'd rather do than looper. I don't really get your mr. don't get me -- boy from Puerto. Give me guys who. Four -- you know. The would go on rush the court that's what we right now didn't play makers in the line didn't play like it in the free skiing. Didn't play makers especially -- one back rushing the quarterback. Then in the outfield for right now. It or even in the third round like -- says it like -- dropped the draft Philip Thomas. They've got -- Reynolds lady and I. -- of the project OK because a lot but it's up against the -- might be there -- Other thought went for a couple weeks ago about it until in I have to thank Scott. I'm won't agree with. You saw Paul Moore played behind you know linebacker. And that one guy is not going to be -- -- read that you would seem that defines the -- got nothing in front of so like yeah I think the keyword here is our team to what was. You say what you say the play at saint Pete for the saint that the prior our. Well it didn't didn't -- -- thing as. I don't know I don't think it matters if you put at safety -- you know whether it's a good player or mediocre. -- radical and his front smack me any of that no -- saying that -- Hartman now that it would be better and better players in front of a well I don't think -- how good was your secondary would you please let's. That's -- got -- -- with this place Bobby. Those guys a lot of good -- -- in -- -- you know that might cook. On at Stanford. Because angles held Jerry Rice Oakland team the year and how about 1990. Lightly here for fourteen yards. -- -- -- -- -- Robert -- thinking about. To handle all pro defensive backs know we were kicking ass and ultra -- -- And I think that's why things Saints fans see what's going on in San Francisco. And gone on Seattle and that brought up that -- got a great secondary now I think that they're only active basketball world but look what they got. Rusher and I think pressure breaks the -- no matter what and you look at that I think that's why Saints fans a little frustrated that. In this that let me get skinny book Tyrell he's a good football player -- what are we gonna do about a pass rush. That's what I outlined it makes you all -- very defensive back. We don't play it right it's hitting the Karol we gonna make it different than any team. -- -- to win or lose a hole because that would have big interception. We -- talk about a big time sack. We sack the quarterback he stripped the ball in knocking out all of a sudden you win the game because that I play. I I got to wait and see because that's that they -- the lifetime let you make the playoffs are not. It that much different people indicted seven or eleven at five that's -- you -- changes difference makers. Well Adam I agree with all that but I think also to go back with the local -- -- -- -- -- -- quarterback. Right -- the least you can let Marquez might get after he made me and -- with Butler ankle with also sign a good defense and Lewis. -- let that Wilson. Right now I'm in I'm just say this may be vocal runs they like might say that we can be may assume that hey this with the coach rob Ratner I think it is not a candidate and defeated the east making them. I think I can do this to what we've got here I need I need some help at safety. Because of me if let's face it coach Iran I agree along -- coach -- in the -- the all bit up pass -- was better served right now. The -- sources within in my hand to pick Jarvis Jones has the gas. And I had I had caught the right now child does the fact that if you let it lie detector. I guarantee of rob Bryant -- instead to take our results so it -- ridiculous -- -- -- Jarvis Jones. They trust Rob Ryan right right to keep it that much this of not talent dislike wouldn't grant up around the pits and on the coordinator Gregg if I look you can't know everything grant got a -- -- -- -- -- All Rollins to run that would be -- Greg. -- for Patrick Robinson. He wanted a big cover cornerback Paul cover cornerback he pushed me. Bottom line you got it. All right let's get a tour draft party ballot making up was remarking on all 32 picks will go to Steve -- -- -- -- tip -- final draft recap all of the guys beat. All right this WWL NFL draft update is brought to you by the Louisiana lottery. The powerball is up to 140. Million dollars for Saturday night drawing. Well something you won't be hearing me say this round is. A running back first time an NFL draft history since 1963. That are running back was not taken in the first round. With the first overall pick Kansas City selects tackle Eric Fisher out of central Michigan. And the Jacksonville Jaguars would take in another tackle getting -- local from Texas thing and am defensive end Dion Jordan at a organ becomes the first duck. Defender to be taken in the top ten the Dolphins moved up to take him with the third overall selection. Philadelphia gets tackle wing Johnson out of Oklahoma. City on sub BYU defensive end lands in Motown the Detroit Lions. Defensive end the -- KV is Mingo out of LSU wins in the Cleveland going to the Browns at the sixth overall pick. At number seven Jonathan Cooper guard out of North Carolina -- and Arizona. The St. Louis Rams trade up to the number eight overall pick to get their man think about Austin wide receiver out of West Virginia. Then back to back to back picks of Alabama players going cornerback -- -- go to the New York Jets Tennessee giving chance Womack guard. And tackle DJ -- Booker going to the sand Diego Chargers. The Oakland Raiders moved down to the number twelve overall slot getting cornerback EJ Hayden from Houston. Missouri defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson went to New York going to the JETS. At number thirteen. The Carolina Panthers with pick fourteen get defensive packer tackle star -- to lately out of Utah. And the Saints would be on the club with a fifteen overall pick and get safety Kenny put Carl out of Texas. The Buffalo Bills moved down to take a quarterback but not geno Smith it's Florida State EJ Manuel. Outside linebacker Jarvis Jones at a Georgia wins in Pittsburgh the San Francisco 49ers trade up. Giving LSU safety Eric Reed with eighteen overall and it. Justin Q out of Syracuse. Goes to the New York Giants at number nineteen. Chicago land Oregon guard Kyle long Notre Dame defensive end Tyler eat for -- the Cincinnati Bengals with pick number 21. The dirty birds move up to pick to number 22 giving Washington quarterback Desmond Trufant. Florida defensive tackle -- -- plummet the 23 overall pick going to the Minnesota Vikings. The Colts get defensive end to -- Warner out of Florida State another seminal bang goes the Minnesota Vikings cornerback Xavier Rhodes at number 25. The Green Bay Packers solidify their defense with defensive end date tone Jones out of UCLA. Clint -- receivers the country Hopkins lands in Houston giving them some more offensive weapons. Denver Broncos are on the clock at number twenty getting North Carolina defensive tackle so that's for Williams. The Minnesota Vikings trade. Getting the New England Patriots twenty ninth overall pick giving Tennessee wide receiver -- -- Patterson and inside linebacker out of Georgia Alec Ogletree lands in Saint Louis and number thirty. At 31 Dallas moves down. Getting senator Travis Frederick out of Wisconsin in the Baltimore Ravens. Wrap up today's first round getting Florida safety Matt -- now twelve SEC players were taken. In the first round that's the most in league history in them my -- also. Tying the record set by the ACC. Back in 2006. I'm Ron -- are now back to the guys that draft list and Oceana grill. I will come back rapid -- adds credence -- all -- calls. Great night out here Oceana big Mo -- that -- A-Rod Domenik Hixon Casey Ryan I haven't since and it's cabinets is. I attacked with the team at that back in studio -- but the guy and Newman -- -- on the mile an audience in a row that at -- camps the gala and Christie Garrett with Griese and moderate Palestinian look at the tactic for the Saints. Their first pick in round 150 overall -- take the pick and not. Is his draft that's -- here on WW. And welcome back draft since 2013. -- wrapping up don't get -- thoughts are it. Heroes grew on 6040 victory avenue and Hanrahan Christie Garrett and hope you guys on the in the -- At 4 o'clock we will get to sit four rounds two and three. Give -- the newest member of the New Orleans Saints fifty picked over auto forget. We wanted to thank god you for tuning in and also log onto WWR dot com on tires that I'll whip team. Today by Scott -- and many others getting content in making sure you're at home by via text. To me. Email FaceBook. Being a member of log on to WWL. Dot com thinks the big -- all of these days here at WW though attitude at Oceana restaurant a great place to come in and welcoming everybody in the Zurich classic. Benefits and of course 2013. -- this week in and that. This week in as a whale. Back video phone lines we go and let's go to -- you have to attack on line service. -- thank you for calling WW -- JD and Bobby thank you male. -- -- -- -- Yeah I'm -- optimistic about the pick I hope to god pan out of those things Spann who want him to do good you know I'm. -- -- -- But I just don't get why -- Payton's and he's afraid to beef up as the front of the -- I mean it goes deep Arab body keeps talking trash rock. We we I don't know a lot of -- back -- a lot ball over to us while we need to be up at the line. Yet Jack you'd think they'd be on Vicki little was that the boys that they Shell shocked when they went at that Johnathan Sullivan. And it actually a -- I mean off I don't countless yes it looks Sedrick Ellis where he was taken I think he's been good. But the without worthy of of atop the big having that effort rather. -- you don't get out. You'll all they got a rabbit out there acting in Dwight Freeney though there. Well you know hit the weights and wouldn't you know remaining it would grant that you talk about the rush the ones that that -- in the years between the tackles. The Saints have about five point 30 wrote that the words in the it is getting that. Note that not. -- that -- that I got out immediately and maybe throughout the top five available going into tomorrow and -- Jacksonville Jaguars will lead off the draft in. Round two geno Smith quarterback West Virginia. Sacker. -- in Stamford. Eddie lacy. Running back from Alabama school board Robert Woods the wide receiver. Man I -- still in Kevin minter. Still look multiple up I met Barkley also Matt Barkley at quarterback off the brow and in -- holds the defensive lineman -- chart. Marcus month. Johnathan hankins John Jenkins and it's certainly go to the quarterbacks that Johnathan banks of Mississippi State. Jonathan Cypriot as strong safety -- Florida international. Robert outward from southeast Louisiana yet still won aboard. And -- -- -- -- -- William and -- also the guys that they have I think -- next two days he will be heading and we see him -- believe. Where you -- see the irony that you there'll Simon many low give those guys Eddie lacy -- you'll go all the board pretty quickly. So what direction might you see this thing going now with the -- and William mock draft. And I'll like this guy Phillip Thomas and safety out of Fresno so what direction you thing navy third round. Mean listen if they got a guy that can -- the midst of an outside linebacker that can rush the quarterback at that point. That's where you gotta go but Jordan -- the tackle from Louisiana that. Also somebody keep an eight all right Colin does this is the next I don't like the big bow out does that happen Oceana governing -- -- on site into the end back in the studio Balkman saw Alison ransom and -- wrote on the -- -- -- -- -- I'm not a Pete -- and Newman are in our web producers. Thought tonight the DDT Rob Thomas -- haven't obtaining Casey. What you write and of course at Saints camp who -- what they -- -- had a poor Christie -- and Steven again. And -- other. Hope it does not my it's humiliate Jonas tomorrow has got restarted up. It feels threw a 6040. Victory avenue and her hand on the ability he is thick cajun and it Bobby ate there bundle -- -- -- -- people.