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4-26 10:10pm Bobby, Mike and Deke talk to John Jenkins

Apr 26, 2013|

Bobby, Deke and Mike talk to new Saints DT John Jenkins about his experience in the NFL draft

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And we have another two Alison come out of fear -- into something good three. It's they'll go to Bob and I are pros and its a big day -- our coach Sean Payton and about 22 minute press conference recapping. The tees Dixie says they got their top guys that they wanted to run -- their offensive tackle from all consult -- look this way campaign go to lives. And the eastern division -- but the BS EC. In defense to tackle John -- Saints have two picks now they stand pat in the fifth round 144 overall. And round 6183. In his office -- welcome and a new member of the Saints and the Saints defense. Defensive tackle John Jenkins to say it's very good job congratulations to you how are you. -- -- -- -- Doing extremely well at take -- student -- here you come out of high school he played for coach Campbell. At the Gulf Coast we had a tremendous career a great run defense lineman. You go to Georgia helped get that program back on track a -- thought -- -- year but since -- you guys have been red hot and pound you into pro football. Take us through it yet and I Iraq right there until when you got thick collar day. Being effective but her. -- like this ain't high goal from Connecticut. All cool. Yeah September is that it's yeah but. I. That. In the count him out all out there oh well -- -- and it's traded down moment Wal-Mart right now partner who -- -- That's occurred beyond -- go to sleep pretty man. Other people closer though it is from -- different him do it. Article closely Campbell he'll command on my -- as. It. All Motley -- So he's like -- I -- they got. Cody Cody and -- and -- a song. -- I got down there all the mile and an honor. And torture -- on -- somewhat under it and I'll be -- so that was mark -- -- -- better be smarter. The golf course -- -- -- to step back you know local book is that so far more you know local animal himself all those guys up close -- gave it all liberty coordinators. There during which. I guess and I felt myself there today one of the guys that -- years ago looked out my school to think. Universe in Miami University Florida. Georgia. Right. What do Georgia. Compliment. Wanted to be part of something great. Ability a little bit. George. Our our our. John -- dollars or three you know you might eagle on the birds. The -- that back that I ever seen at the numbers. Is that it was that you in the running back number oh -- where'd you get in the sixth round that's like our merit but it is big guy. Yeah Madonna and it looks -- -- It's an annual big man six mixed in the union. You the situation right. But beyond that you. But Richard -- didn't -- it was low. Note you know home -- our -- and our old Englander when you know be part of this. Good defense and you'd -- wrong word that I use these huge majority these are pure -- -- -- part. That image. So -- and it's good market Marshall. And the defense and -- tree -- right now the good guys ordered out -- that was the told them that. But Hewitt -- there like -- -- I would say you won't be able to like the road where we were actually saw. It right. So I'll. So that about the whole thing would be able and an announcement so. I'm more. -- for the -- will change. Thought highly of -- to. With speaking -- Talbot -- defensive linemen now picked -- with the Saints in the third round 82 pick overall in the 2013. NFL draft John Jacobs to new member of the black and go with he goes through its draft there's ivy there and Mike Syria Deke Bellavia might. Sean. As a big man in the middle and you can have a lot of playing time -- the -- tackle. Is the biggest problem for you sort of speak is just to keep yourself low. Because those sodas can get on you passing on a move here Ronald little bit is that something from a technical standpoint that you worked on a lot which you hand your leverage. And just kind of stay low because if you get up I etc. all -- is gonna move all around. Jeremy you know there. Currently a lot of guys are -- like -- here. A lot stronger and soul what I do it by actor in the right. Like when someone actually got to -- -- -- and looking back. So that wearing that reason you have become charming looking back -- the norm and guys French and more importantly there. Not done looking at your position now and and obviously. I don't know how much Cuba with the NFL but you being right there in charge you know the rivalry between the Falcons in this thing. How excited you are now to go back to charge in the -- -- on at least once a year but you know wanting to whip. You know -- Falcons who represent Georgia and now you're here in Yalta the -- -- nation. You are you familiar house series this is that this is like -- the Georgia Tech guard charge an -- and I did this authorities are charges sop Carolina. It's pretty serious you look at it this thing to the Falcons. -- and I. Obviously -- and ulcers that. You wrote his book Vietnam does some Islamic art and play it don't matter -- -- little smile oh. I am going to hurt me a -- -- you know so. Love it out. I mean. I'm not we'll all -- haven't been knowing -- -- mentioning look like the car so I'm gonna. Is -- but how -- team and it. Things happen themselves that these problems -- an army. Right which John Jenkins over Georgia standout now with the New Orleans Saints taken out of Flacco at their 82 pick overall not at -- -- laws against it down 2110. Snuck him. Lot of guess formal vote -- -- -- -- all this talent car Rambo he's CO. -- -- -- you talk about political term known when you went to Florida game it seemed like from that point on. It really thought explains that the defense that his team could. What was it down district this season -- -- it's easy to execute -- that he's got the thought of late like accountable plays that everybody thought you work on Tuesday. Need to be some achievement I would -- future -- -- or any other things that mount street so. Armored cars -- question. I mean that we would we do it. 1 game. 1 o'clock game live. The Flacco the -- back -- EC championship game you know our own blog and I'll collect gave us. At -- today medal opportunity and it's such an. Have a chance to play for the national. Normally sit on that you're Florida game would just return reports park where are the lower era. How much it's a big part of on a worker. -- they would do it and you do it will. Not done that what do you see your role in -- think uniform you always is known as the level one rate a run stuffer. You know yet -- great size and UMass that you can go eat up space and in the middle and you know there is a role where the only -- 125 snaps whatever gets on first down. But you that your -- gonna be like look I I got occupy blockers that are linebackers it -- Is it particularly on first down our running situation. Edges. Just eat up space and not be that run stopper. And my arms like under Earl Clark your honor your arm or. There are more political. Local -- -- -- -- the game where now a world -- man role. Archer are. A little. Archer too much anything I'd probably in my ability and on these. Don't look at me and believe in my ability credentialed as there are people that. When I get -- -- my good -- and -- game plan and child she's Marshall. Tom what's the one thing you worked on the Moulds in the offseason since the season and in the bowl game. But you know although on a Senior Bowl type work out that things was the one thing you concentrated on the molds the thought of great gains. -- -- It doesn't matter at this point of the foreign stayed there have -- such momentum. Arguing that -- -- matter it pretty. -- comical -- McCartney well mark a couple of bases and a walk more than some private work go blow was -- minister -- very. -- -- -- -- Technique and that would be perfect I'm always wrong. All pro tight and -- they occupy their dorm all wore bow her for the holidays. And all that. Is there -- maturity. Cannot afford it go it was a big hit on -- -- where. I thank you so much again congratulations. -- you are becoming a new member of the duel and they elect to economic you know all in line. The alum and I got to bring them in rats and -- duplicate that it is story. You know he beat -- -- with all they were like getting reports that you broke that story. Admit it Oca I wouldn't they'll. And I think -- game congratulate. -- sure. RI -- in saint defensive lineman taken with the second pick in the 2000. Mike today I'd be happy that they -- they don't look at public. Sounds good. -- the rest practice get it over the all have them on a all what the Saints have gone in the first two days equipment that's you know. Have ground ball right you -- -- do you you know -- -- -- that sixteenth birthday is the road.

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