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4-26 10:20pm Bobby, Deke and Mike talk to Terron Armstead

Apr 26, 2013|

Bobby, Deke and Mike welcome OT Terron Armstead to the Who Dat Nation following Day 2 of the NFL Draft

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Iran Armstead -- to -- -- thank you so much fun atomic congratulations. How are you are great great you. -- not to argue about that there aren't a lot of hands this season the golden that you coached Coleman got things together. Dominated sweat late inning to one's -- championship. And it after the season low with top about the call the interest you started the unit fielding and what do you do to better prepare yourself. -- it phone call today. My leg at a time of attention -- -- -- our game down in Tampa Bay. -- yesterday game with a great opportunity so on the player with our better cup appearances. That would -- look at their records being able to another opportunity and try to do the bit. About a month -- -- better -- so. The policy that really busy trying to prove try to improve nationals he's in a -- And acting ability and -- gave me because there are currently. -- two questions one is a -- you -- one black and gold went up the black and gold so. Maybe beautiful -- status thing. You're yeah that amid -- going to be count ready I get -- he must think on the game a lot of -- and go. Doesn't think too isn't haven't watched it at Arkansas I'm not a lot of people don't know your story maybe you can give it a little bit more detail. When you came out of high school who actually had a number of division one offers. To go to school which you selected Arkansas Pine Bluff because they also allowed you to participate in track. So gotta tell everybody -- the bit longer a story about that because you know that that's a great situation you put tremendous track athlete. But also great football play a lot of people -- -- he's a small college player I know you're recorded by notebook division one teams. Yet there has there been recruited by saying that can can they are. Obama might TP -- protest on the wrong days have been count was warehouse and we don't mean little in the business school recruitment. So after that and ask him to mob ball and be one school -- -- -- let me do -- at all article problem it division one public who -- let me pupils are Obama attracts so I decided to take better. Make the most out of. Toronto Armstead in new member of the New Orleans Saints -- third round -- have to fit over all. Now a black and go to New Orleans Saints offensive tackle expected becoming you compete at that left side -- Now to run what I was reading you when you look at the different ride. They love talking about says that you very explosive a great pop. With that initial hit but when you look at and may be something that you could it get better on with that at times maybe sustaining their blocks. Where does that you could sustain in that you truly can't be dominant. Yeah yet quote that Nolasco allowed improvement on it and make my game already torn to get to -- -- wanna become more the technicians. With my athletic and the ability to understand the game. There's like -- more Obama craft and become won't admit to not believe it can be dominant player honestly. Not the -- you look at the history in National Football League game. It's a year round business and you know you talked about the East West Shrine Game the Senior Bowl Q when you go to come by -- It now you always go down at those somebody beat this record to the run the fastest time at any offensive linemen in the history of the scouting combine. Of what was the scouts reaction as soon as you ran that forty. And you ran that time that you have scouts is coming up to you what what they tell you or could you see it in their eyes. Pocket back and bill ran it pretty fast promise to become my arc and actually -- around a lot of votes Obama could blow later. And -- continued -- -- that would of the trio I'd seen some doubts they don't want to deal with. The month I was pretty impressed with. Well rested and have a lot of -- a lot of work to do Villa become fun out. -- one of the things you know and all players they watch. Other top players is that someone out there that you put on a strategy game that you watched a lot of people want you see no -- -- be that type player. Are a lot a lot of great Cologne. A lot of Joseph Bailey allowed -- as well. Although although really athletic guy our -- DiMarco and athletic tackle electable would be the second level even the third level about it. Pushed around most corners -- Tehran has got to be a great day for you and your family when you got that call where were you take us through that moment when you officially became a member of the National Football League. Solve that they're not in the roll -- it would. A big permit Booker looked around a Latin peavy probably below what color of my own room -- -- minute and when I got the ultimate thing. And that it meant houses looked at least this I would -- -- Around you growth in -- Missouri area like you talked about a Rams fan I would assume -- showing her now you can could be a part of one of the greatest offensive units in the game. Talk about that and thank you for coming in Michael -- says he's expecting you to come and compete right away. And and no doubt it on film -- competitor. I'm going to give them a -- -- they're probably going to be great period. Really great Expos and I'm only glad that Drew Brees and all of I am making the buck -- Toronto quickly. Local money Coleman's former NFL linebacker what do you bring to the table we you. Because you know and all that NFL experience how much did he really helped you this process. Outcome of them -- musical comedies he's seen him at what it takes to get to that level. So we really been able to look at it much be more focused on ball. Off the field things collapse or the community here is we have -- model that -- and so -- helped me develop that command them. On how to pro days and I've been on the field. Not out there on I don't know if you realize this animated in his early. Now you might cross paths with him at Arkansas apply glove but. Hall of Famer Willie -- probably the greatest Saints player I ever or are easy in the conversation. With the Louisiana -- will be some Arkansas Pine Bluff that you -- that's who Willie Roaf. You have had that been moment talk about twelve audit process at home probably two days ago. -- -- Murton a -- your phone call -- phone call conversations. On the -- out it. And spend a little bit problematic California -- and do. But yeah he's been helping me out. The rock -- there in the middle of the New Orleans Saints in third round pick of round seventy it appeared that the black coach rod thank you so much -- the -- congratulations again -- union family football to meet you Bears soon. OK there I give us a little debt -- There they command months -- that you hear. With draft this 2013. Gone another nine minutes and I'll open up the phone I ask you to take a look at things and not. And the first day that the NFL draft and also the things trading away Chris have your take on that. 601878668898. -- you can Texas at 87870. Emailed us and beat seat at WWL dot now.

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