WWL>Topics>>4-29 11:10am Garland talks w/Malvern Burnett & Mark Krikorian about immigration reform

4-29 11:10am Garland talks w/Malvern Burnett & Mark Krikorian about immigration reform

Apr 29, 2013|

Garland talks with Immigration Attorney Malvern Burnett and Executive Director of the Center for Immigration Studies Mark Krikorian about immigration reform.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back this Tuesday show we have done. Mini -- -- -- immigration laws here in the United States potential or another change do. If -- breathing correctly. And of course. I have to admit. Every liberal blogs liberal publications. To balances against that conservatives. And then they contradict each -- don't really know which one to believe what boundaries do. A bring in an expert to try to figure this out here what I'm reading. The from the from these liberal New York Times. Most. Dubbed the immigrant swept -- at least a decade to gain citizenship to will be more pieces new guest worker programs. Stiffer enforcement on the border and workplace it is more path forward that residency for foreigners. Instant legal status for eleven million here illegally. And the implicit promise to future border crosses the some kind of amnesty. Always comes along for those who come and I'll burn that some -- via immigration attorney always turned him over and welcome back to the studio -- -- good morning are what UC this flawed do you explain that. Well immediately it's gonna assist as you said this on 1112 million undocumented workers to -- here in the United States before they -- to prove they're here before. January 1 2012. They're going to be placed in a register provisional immigrant status. For approximately ten years you know be certain triggers that allow them to adjust status. And certain hurdles that don't have to overcome something that you your listeners might be happy here is that these people will have to pay their back taxes. They will have to prove that while there in this this register provision immigrant status they. They maintain employment they stay in school. They will have to establish that they have not committed any offenses which would render them inadmissible or ineligible to the program that's. Right now written that no more than two misdemeanors. Certainly -- felonies. And you know it's it's it's gonna take -- ten years they're going to be in this this squad size of permanent residents asked for ten years they are just a permanent residence at that time. After they prove that they've been paying all the taxes even for that. The to ten years to turn that provisional status. And then three years later. They can take the naturalization examination become US citizens there also -- have to speak. English re writing -- and have a workable knowledge specifics. Or negative if I've been here of since support and we're -- 2012. And I'm somebody that wants to come across. 1010 I immediately benefit as soon as I get across the border I come here illegally. Ten I've forged papers its sale was here before January and how to they know the difference. Well that. We're waiting for regulations waiting for a lot of past one thing and this is just proposal this is that this is the senate you know. A proposal called the border security economic opportunity in immigration lottery modernization act. The house has its own proposal it's it's working on different numbers so we really we really don't know. Definitely there will be scammer sent it to try to be a scam the system and in -- that we -- status. Immigration passes has proved to be very adept you know 22. To discovering the fraud. You -- I'm scared me and says they're adapted discovering broad. But we've talked about it before California and we -- 15200 -- grew out of three quarters of free card gifts of Social Security card. Go to work even pays Social Security taxes so they've been an adept at. Discovering -- Well that's what -- gonna try to do they're gonna they're gonna impose upon states. Requirement to to all have proper licenses which are tamper proof. On and also the -- for the first time in a new tamper proof Social Security -- What it's called biometrics. To conclude vomit and so it was that I'd pupil in pupil of the details Oprah and again these are those details haven't been fleshed out yet but I would assume it's going to be something that. That is. Cannot be tamper with -- with the technology we presently have. If you do have joined us there's a pretty good chance eleven million illegal here in the United States. Mobile soon have a program that makes them legal. -- over a ten year period. What do you think -- taxing machine is down today but -- call 260187. Told per unit where in the country 8668890. Point seven questions comments to receive general -- up. It's funny and starting Ito opened -- part of you saying well it's a picture. Eleven million people. That or illegals in this country it illegal immigrants. Could become citizens contenders in the and I thought. I've been breathing and beaten them -- reviewed some selections does not gonna happen overseas it will happen. So always -- in -- Bermuda Burnett to immigration attorney -- of children stay in this. An -- and again thank you welcomed the show happy. This on the goal line -- -- what I'm reading and different. Conservative publications liberal publications. More pants to residency for foreigners that's going to be given and yes. And more the more apt world. Basically they're they're 22 manners two ways to too americanized as one based on the fair and the relationship Peoria -- With the US citizen -- permanent residents and others employment based it's offer employment in the states. With family based immigration. The the law will change so that for instance spouses and children of lawful permanent residence. Will be able to immigrate immediately. To the United States not have to wait to tune of five years or longer that -- to presently. Having to wait. On at the same time I should say. All of those individuals. Brothers of the sisters of US citizens. Married sons and daughters of US citizens. They will. They will come into the United States much faster additional decent numbers will be don't into that the quota systems so they go in her. -- And as a consequence what they're doing is they're while they're dumping more numbers into the Stanley basis and to love and -- faster. That this law repealed some peace a lot of reprogram which gives 55000. Green cards annually to lucky people who win the lottery. Who from countries where. Historically they send very few people to -- states. Also. This law repeals the ability of US citizens to file for their Brothers and sisters at eighteen months after the slow passes. -- note the penalty that. So that's on the family that was me 504 Brothers and sisters well as a US citizen you are you are eligible to to follow for permanent residence for a brother and sister. -- who will you know whether the waiting in in England or or or in Mexico and don't to wait for that category is significant anywhere between twelve and fifteen years. So basically congress congress says listen that's that that's two to tune. Two distant relationship that. We don't want these people and where we want war. Immediate relative estimated to. States and I've talked a lot of over the years about the fact that. Highly qualified people doctors physicists engineers often have to wait that 101520. Years. Does that change at all do or we don't know opened the door for more qualified. Yes on for instance the one of the first preference -- records -- those possessing extraordinary abilities that took the real the brightest of the brightest. They want they will no longer be -- opportunity cap there's many of those can will be held in the United States that it is possible. There's also there's no regulatory number -- noticing qualified who knew him from our pace here in town also. There's a new merit based system which mirrors some some -- may be aware of the Canadian system which which gives. Emphasis to. Education. Two page. Two employment history. In -- for him. They -- an immigrant should be allowed to Anderson or later. Well this new but we're now have a a two tiered of merit based system -- those who who are the best and the brightest in. In the youngest is if you complete that will be allowed to come to United States. Faster. And there's -- if we're doing and now have an unlimited number of highly intricate and I think our parents who refused that. It if that doors open they're gonna come through and then you juxtapose that again sake contractors than yeah mine is civic. Saying that the illegals are killing units because contractors hire them at very low wages no benefits from what -- over. Well they've become legal. There are still here to work. But now they don't work for his lower pay. Plus there are up against people their highly qualified coming here and under an unlimited number. Do we end up where it. Uneducated not able to speak the language. Immigrants that have a problem making a living. Know that world. Only the immigrants Francis with legalization program I use that that term -- that's that register provisional immigrant program. Those people gonna have to learn. English and civics. On now the relatives the immediate relatives and they and and others who who were related to US citizens who can be petitions. There will not be have an English requirement for those and it's and that's with the law as presently. In terms of them and say that again. Of -- for media relatives or and in other relatives of US citizens and permanent residents who who can be petitions for there's no requirement to become the United States -- speaking which. -- on posed by the by the -- either. -- -- Over the years. I mean -- in Atlanta -- made on Marlon said. Will put eleven million. Conceive Macon. Citizens because Jernigan per -- block hours and and run him out -- just -- -- physically at Brigham. But don't we have closed the border and I mean from military. Politicians. Corporate heads that -- -- that question have little lead lap and -- it. You can't close the border. Or they gonna do anything to. Restrict the board a little bit more. You know there's there's going to be a couple billion dollars and it will it will be dropped into the budgeted ths and other agencies to two people aboard killed. Double triple fences along the border. Provide for a new drones on two days ago the entire border it's amazing sense -- they can do it now. And both forehand and wasn't even worth a fall. What changes that the politics of -- eleven million people that are going to be casting votes in. We've we've got to solve the problem. But the latter. At -- -- -- was -- -- think about it they've got -- -- opinion of over two billion dollars and into it in its infrastructure to beef up the border. Is a provision where a state governor -- canned canned. Can request the National Guard. To serve along the border and they -- in the National Guard is going to assist in construction. In monitoring of these all of these security systems going. I'm just did that they're doing their best to get serious about -- the -- and out you know whether or not gonna happen. You know who knows it and in another aspect to this of of the new program it's that I think is gonna have some teeth in it's it's a program that that you don't care -- -- know from past discussions and that's. Where where every import is going to be required to verify that the person it's worked for them has lawful. Terrorist networks and no it doesn't worry me that. The criticism is well placed it let. But they're but they're going to improve the systems significantly. And they're gonna start imposing. Tamper resistant Social Security documents. And in IDs to comply with the real idea. To assure that you verified does work and in -- -- Various companies of their sizes are going to be required to uses he verified resulting ultimately in. Every employer. In the entire United States using either five within five years in the enactment the law in the and also beefing up you know they're they're doubling the fines doubling criminal time for people who violate the law. There there enhancing on the Border Patrol. Ths is getting tons of money to enforce the law. It's going to be of -- tremendous when Ingram from you. -- -- -- We've got troops all over the world a lot of -- that on the basis and we bring them -- month border the National Guard can be busy all the sudden it's a good idea this is something you and I've talked about. At a time absent that I can't fine. Very few in the regional -- almost nobody in public knows about it. There's something called an earning suspense. File personal security and Medicare and what it is. These eleven million or at least portions of eleven million over the years at bay Social Security I didn't. So when they went to work but the pay cut -- they had to anti Social Security. Now these numbers and -- found. Only go back to 2010. At that time a 189. Billion dollars sitting in the suspension. File. It's a suspension. Could they don't though. Who paid the money through their holding up with the thought that maybe one -- we and that their ballot they've -- and so security plots. They get added to that fund 7109. Billion dollars a year and that's needed. To keep social security and at least a little bit of Medicare. Solvent. For a certain period. What happens in the bunny suits going into this well. Well if you are if if if you get registered as a as a professional provisional immigrant. You get to correct your Social Security recipients -- so you used to number that you just pull out of the under the thin air. You have to I -- You know establish that that that you did use that number -- and at that -- and you would apply after so once you get lawful and not that you get you get a new Social Security number and you would merge those two accounts. And if you've been here pro level here that's a sizable amount of money but as soon. Yes I would assume it. All right. The -- got to cut -- a couple of things -- 25% of working she's American -- first generation immigrants or their children. That figure is up sharply since 1960 is projected to climbed 37%. But 2050. So even without illegal immigration we're gonna -- a big. Expansion population. Of immigrants and their children. A tremendous. And and you you know you have to wonder if if people theories in my age. Don't need -- -- -- and use it at. No -- there it. You know because I know you can possibly urgent race and look what he people take care service both of figuratively speaking in my particular and -- that that's the so quote. Well I keep wishing my children they care and other -- rather than -- -- Go to the -- got Melvin Burnham. Ultimately reduce the gifts immigration attorney -- called Tuesday exit 170 or let tech machine is dead today. Try and do it. Resuscitated a bit. But in the meantime. Comments thoughts on immigration illegal immigration. 2601 -- he told -- Anywhere in the country at six succeeded -- zero and seven. All right. -- fly the Q it looked like. We're being told its current immigration illegal immigration whatever you call it. And we've got a couple of experts who -- them got -- and Burnett in the -- with the Cambridge and turn it. -- we're joined by mark -- Korean executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies mark welcome to show our career. What what do you see in the the new law that they're working what major changes to use. Well the basic point of the law is to legalize. The amnesty all the illegal aliens were here. And promised that. Until the law will be enforced in the future so we don't have. More illegal aliens you know dollar eleven million down the road and that's the key problem. Is that the that amnesty happens first. The enforcement promises or postponed for the future this is this was the problem with the 1986 bill. Other 1986 law that gave us much of the problem we have with illegal immigration and you know it's like the old saying says fool me once shame on -- book fool me twice shame on me. About reports that say we're gonna pump in two billion dollar zone. Closing the border and added security instances in the National Guard in itself. Well you know we hear that the awful lot and it's not all nonsense -- mean that we we are back doing. A somewhat better job at enforcing the Mexican border and not just that could remember the border every airport as -- border. And we're doing this somewhat better job at screen people. Foreign visitors coming into our country. It's just that the job is in complete. Just two things for instance that are that really should be finished and in place before we even talk about amnesty. The first is mandatory use. Free online system. That employers can use my own standard uses it is voluntary. To check when you hire somebody. That the names of security number date of birth is actually real but they're not lying to you and the other thing. We need in place and working first. Is at checkout system. For foreign visitors to close half the illegal immigrants came in event that are legally and they just never left. And if you don't know who have less than you don't know who still here. Those two things need to be fully in place working. Overcome the ACLU lawsuit against them. -- more week and then talk about what to do about the illegal immigrants to hear. -- incumbent that checking out. Aspect of this. Well you know it's that the process now places it when people come the United States they don't know -- towards -- and given six point United States. When he depart United States to turn this little white -- that's Ditka basically shows went into the United States and when their status expires. And so let's CB customs and then and were told take -- in and in and put the system shows person left so the person doesn't leave within. The period designated. They -- there and United States unlawfully. And you know mark is correct and you know that the that the new law. Imposes on ths. A requirement to to initiate a system which will require. More stringent check in check out of procedures but that that kicks in at a later date. -- the the the register provisional urban status starts first. And their their triggers down the road that it did kick in when when. When when the new provisions and forced. List both of you this also -- mark. We often hear about democratic president Republican president whichever. Party is in the majority. Passing something that is goes -- ten years 1520 years. And all the experts and doctors so that's always affable. You changed powers structures you change parties should change president. And they just go back and do away with the revised it to cut it down and -- -- whatever. Do we really truly think if this bill passes and hasn't ten year window. That it will be implement -- are with you. -- coming this simple bill there's just no way that it will be which is why. Is why the enforcement's stuff have to be in place. First the thing we were just talking about this check in check out system for foreign visitors congress mandated that. In 1996. Seventeen years ago. And five more times since then. Read re mandated if you will and it's still not done and they've done something but it's still not complete. And so you know this is the kind of thing -- enforcement. Promises have to be kept first because look. The illegal population. Even with good enforcement. Most of them probably still going to be here we app government and all leave and so. It's still an issue that we're gonna have to deal -- one way or another. Even if we do be enforcement stuff first whereas if you do -- the other way. If you legalize the illegal immigrants first. Then just like you suggest. As time goes on the incentive the political incentive. For congressman this. -- those enforcement measures keep after the bureaucracy to get it done. Those incentives disappear and they just won't get up. -- over well. Every politician likes to be reelected. All right. In these register provisional immigrants would not be eligible for citizenship enhanced will not be able to vote until it is established that they've got a 9% effectiveness rate along the border preventing. Illegals from. Period so now so it may take ten years but it it's gonna take that long I think for -- Ths for the states to get serious about border enforcement and we can't you know we we can't wait ten years to deal with -- 1112 million people that are here. It's it's it's it's hurting our economy we need to make these people. Legitimately lawfully authorized to work in the states. All right coming right back continued competition -- tech's program is down today but you've got comments -- questions Gibbs called 260187. Illegal immigration. Emigrants counted tumor alone 111000010. Year period they become citizens -- -- against. Governor -- obligated 70 AM and 53 year. Are welcome back we're thinking about illegal illegal immigration. Congress debating the build it over to you after him and I'm extremely. My beautiful. It would -- Amnesty to move towards citizenship. A lot of the debates we've had about the highly qualified people that have to wait 101520. Years in my -- an opening for them to. -- two experts with the sitting in my album Burnett here in the studio immigration attorney. Mark recording executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies. A gentleman. Here's. One post area and had a caller through search and polling. The poll yesterday -- ask you this voters do you think the current level security of the country's borders is to restrict not strict enough about -- 60%. Said not strict enough. Last night when I was little homework on this. Read something or where in California in particular but three -- -- -- well. The fastest growing population. Or Asians. And what they're seeing -- read the direct quote. Renewed complaints maternity. Tourism. And citizenship. Cottage industry that -- Chinese women here to give birth so that children can have American citizenship. And it talks about the huge numbers that they're there. Finding this does the new law -- -- anything. Minimize that amber and I haven't seen any in the and -- you know -- to limit the constitutional right to. Berth in nine states contempt for US citizenship. Market that -- that might -- -- -- could there be a numerical problem. Well I mean it can be we don't really know I mean he's right that that build not what. Did not contain any provision. Affecting citizenship issue but I think this really is. Something we get people's attention it's not even the issue I mean one of the issues is children born to illegal aliens -- who were automatic citizen. But those people that we live here you know in the kids grow up here. What do you think you were talking about is people not just from China but this also happens from Turkey Korea and other places who come here. Specifically to get a passport for their newborn child. And then leave the country because it does not grow up here has no connection to America doesn't go to war in the pledge of allegiance to school none of that stuff. But as this. Passport and that my son as well you know spoke to go and join the Marines and defend them if there's some problem even though they're in every meaningful respect foreigners. Except on paper. So that is one of these issues it's. You know it's a smaller issue but it's definitely one that really gets people. Ticked off and nobody seen the you know there's no policy movement at all to do anything about it even. Change the visa rules because if you're pregnant you can comment that look I'm coming to America in order to have a baby selected as a passport. And then leave and I couldn't tell -- about America after that. You can't be turned out for a passport I mean. It -- rule like that change. Are looking to bring an caller real quick -- -- elusive bureau and a bit ago. Yet they're mr. Garland outlook but the -- all these marriages. Moderate and -- -- -- that with the people who are in the system now but that is very disgruntled dang thing. I think we will problem with a call. -- let me go to something else in the meantime. Melbourne. Our scale of one to ten what do you think the chances nor of this bill going through do we -- of right now. -- with changes here and there but by and large ten years eleven million people get shot and endlessly. End that actually being carried out by future presidents and -- I did is close. I would say. One school went out I would say given of about a 90% chance the nine of it a bit passing. Now it's -- it's. I don't think that house representatives version is gonna mirror of the senate version I think that -- as. As stated by several. Ranking Republican members of the house they do want a longer wait. Four. Undocumented workers to obtain this to register provisional status in his citizenship. But I think that I think it is excellent chance it's that a version will pass that the -- document will be taking care of there will be a pathway to citizenship. And I think that for security. Will be enforced and future presidents. Will will will be obligated. To enforce. Mark when -- that question for world Peter. I've been told by pretty conservative prisons that. Well you know I have to worry about the president changing congress changing -- -- the Republicans. Can lead. This is spending vote. Even more than the Democrats present a valid argument that. If passes it'll survive the ten years. No army or in in offense if of those people who think that. Chasing after these -- a quote is a important goal the Republican backed such an argument. Four. As saying that the various requirements in the bill warmup survived ten years that they'll start watering -- -- the ink -- -- But I would even challenge the -- I mean Republicans obviously need to go after. Any voter group and there are significant. Minority of Hispanic Americans who will vote Republican and that number can be increased. And Republicans should work increasing. But it never going to be very day. Hispanic. As a whole are. The biggest supporters of Obama here are big supporters of gun control are opposed to reducing the size of government. Native born Hispanic American to make up most Hispanic voters. Have the majority of their children that are born to them legitimate. Very high rates of welfare use of this is that a description of an overwhelmingly. Democratic -- not all of them. Obviously causes big group and -- lot of differences among them but generally speaking. Hispanic voters are Democrats and so the idea of importing more of them as a solution to the Republican party's problems -- kind of silly. Marco is always there -- -- -- called good talking you have good day thank you. -- -- -- -- dumpsters about it if you've got a fake Social Security number and can you vote. You know -- and you should -- question because I've seen. Various individuals. Sign voter registration. Applications and actually vote without having any lawful status and I think it did -- and state to state the requirements. I know you know a lot of them the of the motor voter. Registration. States required to have a valid driver's license and India -- registered to vote. So it's good question I mean and I know that undocumented have been known to 22 vote the past is going to be way for redone. All right. The agency I appreciate it one more -- -- -- germane to what to what Marcus and you know these these registered provisional immigrants -- -- of current status it will not they will not be eligible for Obama care. They will not be eligible for any means tested. You know benefits welfare. Through the due to ration of their register -- status not to -- just a permanent residency status in ten years old people to repay in their back taxes. -- that they will not be -- That mean I'm not a boring subject in Melbourne if I didn't get to appear when that debate this subject would be about three minutes ago appreciate government not pleasure and Tom governor bill coming right.