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Apr 29, 2013|

Bobby and Mike Detillier 2nd guess the NFL draft and grade the Saints selections

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to a special edition of the second -- show. Hope staff addition of this like intentional like the yellow indicating -- and obviously there were a lot of the so close look at this -- upbeat side. And Hancock county Mississippi Bob and I'll be on from Puerto said the night. In the pulmonary Schobel pickle afterwards and what it should be back which you feeling toward the draft that the Saints meet their needs that they feel the right position what could give you our opinions. We wanted to give. Yours also the days -- WL ready jaguar opinion poll. With the return of coach Sean Payton and the team's offseason roster moves including the draft. You think the Saints will win the NFC south. You can cast your vote at WWL dot com Bob you find this interesting and I know every year we did these posts are draft petition shows. Before you came over with buddy you -- always get these odds out. And that you rod have been posted for the what are you fourteen Super Bowl. And no surprise to San Francisco 49ers are six to one favorites. Bimbo Broncos. Fifteen to do. New England Patriots. Won the Seattle Seahawks nine to one. The Falcons in Green Bay twelve to one. Houston. And New Orleans Saints or a team that won. So that means so we kind of playoff team been above comment AFC teams about fifth a car accident they'll look I don't -- yet now I think right now. Listen if we win the NFC south I mean that'd agree to have a chance to have home field advantage in the bottom line Connecticut back in -- well whether. You know tendency to that -- while cart formula I I think looking at the strength of schedule. Tendencies -- -- a great accomplishment. It's idiotic black Chicago. Seattle -- new England and. Is it just shows you go from seven Atlanta they -- twelve and thirteen. Dallas and coach Payton is. You know the coach of the year if he's able to anyway twelve wins with this schedule of bucket of me you know listen he deserves that but. I think the most interesting thing you know big if you can basically bet on anything about you like this. This is total sacks for the when he thirteen regular season. Is that DNC that over and under with him now the Detroit Lions it's four and a half. What keep his main goal former LSU. The -- event now lots on my back with the Cleveland Browns to open on there is great. Guess with the -- on there is on Jarvis Jones. By seven or 888. And you know I said that because of Bruce Irvin had 88 with the Seattle Seahawks last year come out of Winston -- so. I don't know maybe who might have. Maybe Marquez Wilson navy junior the lead. You know Mike that all of a sudden a -- to Butler they might have 8910 sacks and that's what it's gonna take it and I think nobody messed up. Up and not do things this offseason is gonna be the on pack a wrote an article about it yesterday. With the two selections one in free agency and picked up Butler an outside linebacker he's. Drop Bryant's guy and in this and if you did have confidence in him you to pick Jarvis Jones -- round one. And give people -- those two guys are going to be the definition of this off season. Because at this football team is gonna get better on defense. Most guys have got to play a huge part. And really rebuilding is the -- which was really as bad as that game. Well on the Micah -- a look at. The impact. That what Jarvis Jones gonna do with the Steelers vs Kenny the parallel I think that's a fair assessment -- you look how should -- Floyd. How he fell to the Vikings at 23 they were expecting him maybe what six in the third. You know overall pick I mean it's fair -- thank you could do that. Look at the impact -- Can have it not go to inside linebacker -- Woody's gonna do with the St. Louis Rams you know considering that all wood three wood all -- troubles. Eagles ahead of -- -- Cahill and Kevin mr. I think Kevin mr. It's beacon of -- goes -- great police with the Cardinals and and then you got the honey -- and you got. Patrick Peterson. But that's one thing that the Cardinals defense when they start out four and -- now the big asset that and then I think now a -- -- they think he might have. You know the second coming out of Kurt Warner and if you look at LSU might. I mean what more can you say it gave the Tigers. When you look at final pick with the Seattle Seahawks took meant to -- -- or -- it would make. That gave them a tight elegy tie the record ninth selection in one draft they've never had that in obviously it all started out. With the speculation. Well or keep -- angle really contributing. From the -- might we will wondering. Will he be available would think that -- ticket fifteen voted to give it kind of state the -- -- are the bills. So where what eight or night legal legs there early ethics that are round. Just the thing about LSU. And I know everyone writes it about its defensive back you. Here's the deal -- straight years LSU has put a defensive lineman in the draft class know what the school and college football. That's not a -- lineman -- -- -- straight years but the LSU Tigers. And well and elegiac Florida's. You would you look at Montgomery. Locust Edwards and even if they don't have it go man go any employment as an outside linebacker that's still three yeah probably just amazing. Louisiana is it known. First day as a state to produce big man defense of line. But ten straight years you've had a defensive linemen come out of LSU get drafted. No other school and college football can say that this school this state is known for its wide receivers as defensive backs. Certainly Eli Peyton Manning. But you don't really got to put that on there. As a defense of lying to school and yet know the school can put that on the Monica like LSU and look how they went now. It's spread the tentacles towards me the last recruiting season from Nebraska. The tennis you -- Florida that Texas. You go out and get defensive lineman I mean it does go to show you. That NFL draft is that mass -- cosmic you'll pay for because you know when they put that that Jersey up. But they still that bill Milwaukee used main goal all are if it's Eric Reed or Kevin mentors and Montgomery are pretty -- in. And that's -- not that you can't -- because every 15161718. Year old -- is watching that'll probably. And then Mike also and I think the Saints took -- right -- he can have a Carol I think -- A lot of morality fans they get it -- what Eric -- does that the 49ers comparatively Carroll. You know -- -- -- Rico that they -- -- the Carol would the fifteen you know I'll. A lot of local fans that want their -- needed to -- that elegy flavor on on the state program -- -- that has to be on. It's -- fans bring it up about my -- to win no matter who you have a look at it from Bloomberg the most notably at one point Ahram the Bulls Dominique Bard. But they still sometimes want that -- player -- got the local flavor as far as our right Griffin the quarterback -- a two -- -- free agent. But it just. You know I'd be interested to see what's gonna come out when Eric Reed and Kenny -- Carroll. In their rookie how they keep tribute not know Eric we got -- -- better supporting cast and I want you out of seven era but apart under the as compared to make terrible thing. It's funny of all way back Thursday night I had three. Miss calls all from San Francisco radius that well but Eric Reed and all the comments from Jim Harbaugh -- not -- safety on the board now this -- -- -- -- -- -- You know -- say that do well. I know that that's necessarily mean they say nobody does that Stamford -- to recruit you Eric actually recruited Derrick read exactly what I'm trying to recruit. Eddie lacy but -- man that was some academic issues there and he -- located at Stamford. But he did try to recruit Eric -- so it -- think that they can exchange deal will always be. -- -- Cairo and Jarvis Jones I think All Saints fans will say. That'll be the measured point of this lot more here on the second guess she'll write up this -- year on the second guess show. It was the but it's the welcome -- -- -- -- -- Mike McNeil indicate to him about being there. But it's also the casino -- -- and it got on in Mississippi in the area animal bond business. Will be on your toes on the clock and then we'll go with the pulmonary -- Bob before you give up to the -- it would it would be jelly. And in Ninth Ward picked LA you know -- with Bobby Knight. Yeah. Yeah well I got the break you definitely. The -- or a big Danica I'm gonna go to school with very sound -- you know that would bother in my. Hey guys I like that we could draft when -- this is the top safety in that area mostly that we couldn't take any position would. We should get enough pressure without deep at that coordinated -- elected draft day. We we we got the need that we needed no the and and anybody mean as we got to give them right. But my next Monday question is. How to division schools did -- all we -- and I hadn't been an -- division pros do and Andrea. And now who knows he has -- abundantly. And with without doing so in that. Yet their -- with -- -- have -- off the injury and you know what -- he struggled early on in training camp here you get the ball well. But Vinny he started to make all of a run late and getting better yeah and it gets hurt so. When -- because they count on him this and you know you have got to listen -- you. You out at all and yet that's wrong there but I like it millions Kenny stills is gonna walk in here. And he's got that I think you steel made for this system so our. But he's gonna have a lot of competition -- in with the Buccaneers. We know we -- use differs from pick on Darrelle Revis. Jonathan banks go all that they -- on goals that's what they broke up that second Derrek yet and opulence that they put some depth across the defense of line. Yet and you look out Jonathon banks and LS EC fans remember him. Received like -- perception he was going to be a first round draft pick. One of the top quarterbacks -- didn't run up a good party. But if you look at it in the second Ronnie was taken. I think you have a great chance to learn from the realm Revis then. Big cornerback that there was look at or six foot two cornerback that you look at a lot of pressure. A Josh bring it to be have to work out I think it's his contract here the CB the long term solution in third round that it might Glendon. I don't North Carolina State. -- that you look at at the Falcons. The Falcons went cornerback cornerback the first two picks. First and second round you know David Lee's done the Iran within that loss ring grinds it Chris crystal does create it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But they got desert -- from University of Washington Mike you know the blood and that the bloodline. If you heard that -- -- because of baucus. And they got some roots in Louisiana the guy got a lot of family that that was out like a princely guy on and then. The other guy Robin Albert he's got a lot of routes down via -- got Robert out when right there from Hammond Louisiana SE and a second round. A draft picks so. And we don't talk much about Malick -- Goodman. It yeah put on a show and -- chick filet bowl against LSU as a defense event and pioli comes in at the tight end position. With the -- not that it creates its just a whip. And they got a bit Buick. Because. And it might get as it did -- but yeah if you look at it the protective and alive -- week it low. But but but talk about these two in the visit -- -- tackles are in line. From you dog Purdue well I mean when they were drafted it -- that's value yet at the right they got value but let's start with Billy. He's a big man in the middle who could push the pocket really good in run defense but I think he's underrated as a pass rusher who want chart. He's been a god it's been a little bit of a stock market lay up. But what needs to go up right and it gets them to -- guys in the middle and get along with Charles Johnson don't want side Greg Hardy on the other. At the pits event meant you know what they pretty strong and it it is the protection. All are the star player on that football team and who -- -- -- and he might have if they protect him many people only stays healthy he'll have a 150 tackles and he was that good last year in my got a lot of interest in. And and you gotta come from a general manager point of view their general manager David -- said. That in any -- got this from Tom Coughlin goes Tom Coughlin words bill written resonate in my years he told me big man allow you to compete. He said that approach why he went out to be too big you better tackle he said I'm leaving Oklahoma coach Coughlin told me that if you have big men. They allow you to compete and I can't be big but not been yet -- -- -- like you have those Giants and it's a lineman but that was the approach the Panthers took. You know years ago -- -- this that this team -- a moment demanded -- York Giants. In asking him about you know receivers defensive backs office at the its line and he said the peso. He said -- settle this thousands of years ago when you have a chance to pick a really good big man are really good little guy the big guy always wins. If they're out there and that's the way. We built the Giants back with Bill Parcells and you see a lot of people gotta copycat it hit the exact same thing it would. Tom Coughlin told him was exactly almost a little bit different blank when -- -- sort of the same battle it out it. Dedicate to the Carolina Panthers defensive coordinator. You know what to shade -- Rose any fumes here on the big 87. Love about that -- I guess Joseph Mike McNeill -- indicate to him about me there and I -- -- -- -- -- casino -- -- Hancock county Mississippi Bob wanted to things that. This team has done really well in his -- on the -- is one. The middle Ralph created a mid round draft choices that are really you'd be -- also hit on number of free agents and I think yesterday who was interest me. Certainly know we had all talked about -- -- -- possibly -- in this football team long before the draft started up once before. It's it's a good pick up. For the saint. But it's the line backing -- that jumps out at me because. -- you look at picking up Kevin Redick who was a three and a half years starter at North Carolina very productive player that is not linebacker. Chase Thomas with a very good football player at Stanford execute from the Georgia area and that's the first thing somebody bring up while we don't want to California you know he's a joy to -- that went Blake. Football at Stanford on a really good treatment. But the intriguing -- to -- it's Eric Moore played the incident at Nebraska one year starter for them last year eighteen tackles for losses. Thirteen quarterback hurries eight and a half quarterbacks explain the incident. Now it's a bit of what I wanted me to remember to learn more -- that albums and it's what we -- -- rebel -- Michael or Brett. It just think football player from a actress standpoint. Being switched over from the incident outside linebacker and it's like the -- great success in the middle round. You know it's ugly it just goes to show -- scouting department an outstanding job that they've done. And you'd have to say and approves it the putting the the best in the whole NFL. You got 32 teams to the Saints -- number one. So all you gotta have confidence when you look there round. Beyond third fourth fifth -- and you look 70. Wouldn't be Wheeling dealing when they picking. Stolen base value Armstead. You got -- AJ -- filled -- Johnson that they've done their homework on them and and they'll have success. Have a great opportunity -- the reason why -- say that. You look that you are paid billboards in 2006. Along -- Mickey long with only three off the sublime and is that the NFL now has been drafted after the third round. Think about it you look at the whole NFL. Since 2006 only three elements of linemen have been drafted after -- round and -- all right. Pro Bowl career in all three of them are saint. In my Busch brought in a fifth round Jahri Evans in the Carl Nicks and then if you -- Jimmy Graham that makes. The things that drafted four pro bowler in the third round or later. Since 2006. So like you look at -- or pro bowlers but -- -- -- after that and know what the team that drafted mortem to. In those rounds and the Saints have had or if you look at a case can be made that you all that produced. The best a third round pick in the NFL. And a history -- should they are since the 2006. Sean -- -- That you -- I think he produced the best there -- Jimmy Graham and the best sport around there and Jahri Evans. And the best -- on the Carl makes. Jahri -- is considered the best guard. NFL it IndyCar on the game and look at the underdog ability got you got Jimmy Graham in the third round Jahri Evans in the board. Carl Nicks in the fifth then you -- there -- a seventh round pick Marbury Colston. If you look at the past seven years blooded -- hit all seventh mics that are -- that whatever you wanna call it. In an and I casino alternatives we had. Right now it and -- those -- -- it's like we've hit they've hit the jackpot on the latter rounds the last seven years. Do think they announced that mr. Christian yes I think if -- -- doing the wrong homes that I think he's a guy in on that end up being a really good left tackle in this week. Now you. You could not be given some refinement warp. You understand he's a small college kids and Jonny Evans in the transition very quickly to mind. It took him -- while analytically you have Jammal Brown in front of nobody. Got a chance Canty took advantage -- -- right there in Houston. Will we tell the story all the time no matter how real it is a faith are price and against the Texans it was like one along with all the different drills. And I tell you let it like. Some different type -- junior college where's the varsity and you had to mine push rod vs Mario Williams -- brown Eagles down. And to my Busch rod is getting well in the one on one drills of practice thus they come game time I don't know how long they gonna play. But Mario wins -- -- or five -- -- it and into waters I think it worked in my Busch ride started rules that occasion. He would've gotten beat you know we want to be in the second go out and -- got rid of equate that -- it think now other than that c'mon we've tried held as the home. We Mario Williams and the rest is history and he hit -- hit a really good job but that left tackle spot and listen he had to take that money. I mean that was unbelievable my money to go to Chicago. And boy they they were -- on the go to Tampa -- in the UK at that existed. Don't look at it through that eyes at that -- that your kids. -- educate our our our view of that element that was you know -- husband. And Carl Nicks got the kind of deal he got the Tampa Bay and -- trial at the Bears come on you they are you cannot go. And at this that we are thankfully it did but the Saints like Chris Ivory. -- Chris I've it was a -- in the same uniform but when you win the golf ball. Sometimes that change your life you've got to get to bring it into an all out yet so and I think as a win win for the Saints and that it. -- easy Crimson Tide in my paying all will be right back with you after this break here on the big 87. Welcome back to the thinking gets you elected the along with the -- to cannon Bobby Hebert and but the symbols of the casino beach side and it got on Mississippi job in the area be careful what. We gonna keep you updated on all the weather -- you call our -- look telling you about -- they feel that that's going down in the Metairie Kenner area. In all across. So honestly in New Orleans area this we're gonna go to Brian -- Brian you know Ottawa body might. You might not be neighborhood. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I've ever seen them much in comment. How elbow. Sean Payton and so are. Wrong we're hopeful. And Malcolm did it in no. In the -- brain it is is because -- Gorin active at the rest these parents that he'd played an -- shall go. You know. We used to god that I appreciate what Paul well and think he needed some people are out. This game and involved in the differently. And not somebody could be a -- from. -- -- look at its global grind them out night in there. UK that was the others are but Roman Harper. Now what I'm doing. -- you understand than the secondary goal -- yeah the second their room but but when he was the nickel guy he might go back get a nickel that's why I think he's going back to. Right -- don't apply. Yeah we can't permanent Qaeda wouldn't say that's the problem. Being that neither one of these two guys can call. DC I need somebody that can call. Not that not and not -- horrible call who was. Is that maybe he's not experienced what opting -- I need it bearish rob wouldn't that they have people were being blocked pretty. No it didn't look -- row is plenty fast. The big knock on any and it's always been that way in this celts were beaten Texas coaches is that despite the fact which you heard. That's not -- the greatest hands but he interception. He's not a got it's it's only picked off five passes in his four year run that you beat now they'll tell you what he had his back turned to the quarterback you play in the slot receiver. Well my thing about it this. If he was that -- not this is -- -- But it seems that the -- football hall why isn't he faced up to the quarterback. And play in that set up your position. Because on that defense may if there are absolutely horrible. On defense so I think the big knock is not so much his feet. But that he has not think god it's gonna end up with 67. Interceptions in the season. Yeah the thing is if the -- cover. You know Tony brought -- islands Greg Olson and it got to got to play like an -- that weekly. Even past the pin. Because if you look at it basically you have five interceptions. In fifty games. A couple of -- -- -- ball hawk you gonna have obviously more than that but I think. They -- utilized. I could see this Rob Ryan receive these on the field them out completely gone slotted playing maybe a little more quarter like he initially did. Would Roman are permitted being in the box blitzing when they're Roman Harper have success and I think uniform under Gregg Williams split -- -- SEE the second right up their ties cityscape that NFL with Adrian Wilson and the Cardinals. With sacks like it's the end you know -- that way. And remember with Greg at one time. We played actually had a set with four safeties on the you'll at one time so be interesting to see. The different looks that Rob Ryan is gonna get that is the Mets got a lot more -- mistaking this show right after this break. Welcome back to the second guess you'll like it the along with -- there a lot of the syllabus that the casinos be decided Hancock Donnie Mississippi if you -- part of the shore just wanna hear it again. You can listen to the podcast anytime visit WWL dot com. Who shows and scheduled cyclical Bobby's name in scroll down to the interview or show you want. We're gonna go to crimson calm on the cell. Saddam you know -- and everybody. I don't know until I you don't -- I could have gotten in all it's been on top like that. But. You know what you're out now but. That was -- -- -- Now and how well. Because like just. About Patrick now -- blow it out he went trophy or. But it. People. -- but what about Jerry and -- drafted -- -- But he going to address it. And he liked a good situation with Iran talented -- back. Crimson Tom IP he's not a great athlete he didn't win the second season and all these workouts and all that but he's a heck of a football league you right. You started at guard center left tackle on one of the best offensive lines college football has ever seen in the last ten years. I think what the Rams got one heck of a football player in the middle rounds of this draft. And he might not be the greatest work out -- all I know is that got complacent football and had a very very high level. Appreciate -- Carl crimson problem that more with the second -- until right up -- brickyard to negate seventy when she made a rules.