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5-01 4:10pm Open Lines

May 1, 2013|

Bobby and Deke want to know which Saints rookie do you think will have the biggest impact in 2013? Plus, how confident are you that Rob Ryan can restore some swagger to the defense?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome the sports saw Wednesday. It is the middle of the week mean we have way there and whip in the week -- amply. Close to the weak union. Saints' top pick in the 2013. NFL draft safety from the University of Texas game look narrow joins us in the 5 o'clock now LSU baseball coming off a tough series to -- bounced back. Last night with a victory over -- -- state but the Tigers. There's a few weeks go eleven and wanna come with playing now sixteen about your take as Tigers take on another of series is -- in. At the box against the Florida Gators another -- Tony Fo pulmonary joins us. In the 6 o'clock now and at Tulane green way their offense when it's struggled to start the season to say the -- -- Griffin got hurt. Winning inserting him back in the lineup the Tulane green wave came not -- competitive wants some games down the stretch of the season. He became an undrafted free agent but the rookie class with the Saints over the week in Ryan Griffin joins us in the 7 o'clock now. As always a number to get him ball to 2601870. So 38668890870. Which Saints rookie do you predict -- the biggest impact. And 2013. And how confident -- you that rob rank and restore some swagger. To the Saints defense. A lot of it is. We're talking about the deck from a -- did -- 09 season was the same thing. Welcome Greg Williams do in that first OTA the rules have changed now not allowed to watch as many. You detail you could just it was some different it was something new. And it was Coach Williams in what he had done he -- speak any. During OT eighties not -- him the first time Coach Williams spoke to the media was the first day. And our training camp and if -- thought it whisper -- Martina has in some music. And the news kind of wait and he starts beacon in the regular voice. But Bobby a lot of Saints and I think will quickly point to rightfully so. That win the same character guy the same type of mold of a coach came in here the last time when it was changed there was an instant impact. And Saints fans hoping that the -- yield some of those type results with now coach -- run. Well big -- I think is just an aggressive nature -- rob Bryant can bring at a table and I think. You know than that it's Saints and one they want. And attacking defense. I mean even you look at players like Roman Harper and the scheme does matter. Hi -- you have success in the what you're doing whether it's obviously -- defensively. But listen we're hoping. That the defense gets -- middle of the pack and we are hoping that it was a scenario last year. That it was a poor scheme fit with the players we had and not a major decline. In the talent as fourth individual players. Now if you look. Like a Roman harbored deep if you look he was a two time Pro Bowl on the Gregg Williams whose shoes as as blitzer. In the box nine. You know playing the passcode you don't need to put. -- Auburn at scenario Sola I think got -- Saints fans any -- Sean Payton. Is that a case where we had the most success. And are we winning a suitable was -- And attacking defense. And salaam. Same mentor. Gregg Williams. Rob -- I mean -- Demitra buddy remind. Aggressive attacking defense. And he even though we are three or do you still have 43 schemes. Still handle. Which is unbelievable in the eighties of the 4060 Vincent Buddy Ryan implemented. So no you got to be a Smart football by a wedding and Rob -- Is that. -- can rush the passer and -- and you gotta be a rocket science sciences but the position did you play in. In even Dallas accuse them guard Jerry Jones is like well what would rob Ryan's defense has to -- -- Cowboys can handle it. So a teammate Colin is if you wanted to truly. Mass that you crap. What you won multiple tight defense is because. Then Rob Ryan who put in positions to succeed. In any physical abilities can -- -- you don't wanna be like we got a handful of the pitches until the Saints on that talented. If you only have a handful of the -- to overcome. Offenses so you have to be intelligent. Adding Shawn -- Rob Ryan. And they are looking for intelligent doubtful ball players. I'm thinking David Carroll whenever they -- him to do. The first round safety that you go to handle those responsibilities. And at the but the bottom line is I think fans -- -- if we're not gonna get a good defense and get a day and be mentally at least we going to be aggressive. You know get out that are opposing quarterbacks don't said that you try and at least. Dictate that temple are attempted big paid temple -- -- is the I never blame. Gregg Williams -- might be -- only scenario. We play in the 49ers San Cisco would you hear it and it gains when he hit a -- out. You know pretty good defense you have -- venue relating. You know these -- showed why don't we keep going after the quarterback. Why did today as funding them by Gregg Williams. The heat he lifted the chances and where we -- he was aggressive to -- a game and he rolled the dice thinking. -- we should go up again after Alex Alex what is success and Alex and an ad in the playoffs before that or even as a quarterback. That's why got to give Jim Harbaugh so much credit. How we developed Alex Smith everyone thought it was going to be a bus. It does Jim Harbaugh came on board look all the chances he had but I could tell you when he came in the playoffs. That. Gregg Williams rolled the Dice-K Malcolm Jenkins. Big and vs Vernon Davis ranked he's figured came into the league as a nickel corner of the new safety Denny was good cover Vernon Davis won a wall when he got -- He has big play and. I'll play and van on his progress yet on the anyway -- les whatever the numbers on. When you got to change it to hold a lead they don't give them. Yes don't you is national title now once but twice a week by men with history on -- -- and nobody it was an eye on the -- but become an opportunity to play for. The two teams 23 years. But what I was saying -- and you think about it we down by seventeen points in the second quarter yet so yeah a good thing -- we paid the league twice. And a five minutes but usually those scenarios when you were losers like. Always being too conservative. You know when I -- to know we we wouldn't -- out juggling definitely by the sword that we dammit I about a sorted back in a nagging. Pretty jaguar being employed WWO dot com how confident are you that -- Bryant can restore some swagger. To the Saints defense. -- the last and the -- defense hats and swept this is sports talk on WW ago. And welcome back operated jaguar opinion poll online at WWI dot com how confident -- you -- coach rob Bryant can restore some swagger to the Saints defense cancer vote online at WW dot com is it takes. I'm hopeful but I wouldn't say company coach Ryan could win with Oakland Dallas I just don't know. Who'd hit well here at Miller -- defense yet in Dallas in his is one of his open defense is it was number three. -- against the look at the whole body of work as a team as you say but also at the look at the bottom vocal when he was in college and he was intelligent that. -- -- get the -- supporting cast going to coach and I asked him knowing and then how about our offense he got to be a static. Have you at a quarter -- -- is truly believe. That. Fans in the sport of football still like Baghdad day he's he's he's beginning your face type of that. Yeah I I really do and I think Coach Brown is that time again yet daisy be very demanding and and they treat you like and I can't answer is like if the Saints if they get beat people some happens. He'll bonus he's going to be on a satellite AM as -- given their age you know I mean Ronald -- is go be a scientist even in the rug right -- fans tend to gravitate toward. And big if you look at I mean we just happened this. -- someone maybe even a little more amused about impact our defense is its swagger. You could say we won the suitable we had somewhat of a swagger but it wasn't. Dominating defense with seventy with the terror cells that speaks for itself. And we were able to create turnovers. That you wanna look at film that was dominant and a big part of the Saints have an opportunity. -- win their first -- game. When you look at the year 2000. So he's come -- over a decade and now that he it is swagger La'Roi Glover seventeen -- Darren Howard eleven Joseph Johnson twelve. Be equivalent that they've finished nominee -- him Moss they -- -- -- your head down there have been larger bunt that was exciting defense the 66 sacks. I mean to. They do I -- 32 and then you -- as of late. It is like it was my take on team a little over two seasons -- it that all I'm 66 sacks. To -- that that I -- then and I'd be pleasantly surprised in this would be a great. I guess step heading in the right direction whoever it might be Victor Butler marked as Wilson. Whoever junior -- Ellis and have that kind of impact when they haven't double digit sacks Will Smith contributing maybe. When a handful I would take right now begin that would go along with his being a low forties. Like you look at that team with the existing -- If we had you know 42 -- usually the in the upper forties low fifties. Policy in the range forty to 52. You tending to -- to Nolan the business for a sack each year in and your -- around that average so we can do is get. A total forties I mean that. Boy talk about how involvement in the home field advantage with the goma being louder crowd. But it is now hopefully that'll be the case. And now we have to wait and see with a pagan can't apparel. And I think a -- gonna depend on his success. The guys up front how we get after the quarterback. That's why you have to say that the jury. Is still out and when have to wait and see Ian and I thought pat is in ski. That -- he -- Thinking along the line to say we we are and if you look at the Saints and you look at the NFC south and -- -- to go each team and that was their remaining neat. Game where we yet. But this place I've taken a pass rusher early. The Saints seem to give a vote of confidence to big to Buffalo marte as Wilson. And junior -- and then maybe even a free agents free agent pick up like chance chased Thomas. Not so I'm back at a stat as Stanford now all three have upside. But there are no guarantees. So that's why you gotta hope that you know you live in right Livan lucky. And and you look at the Falcons game not every team's gonna have ever need everybody has these with the the problem to a -- spectators they're all in right now. But Duke where their -- can get -- to tackle. There's a spot when the Falcons don't have a lot of depth you know Pierre Jerry. Is only real option in the rotation behind Babineaux and Corey Peters. And Indy and Pat Hughes is human on the stadium my dad. -- -- at tackle more extras like the Richard Seymour just to get their dinner and you look at Carolina. Which has unbelievable experience now. And I had to deal with -- tackle position. They wanted to prove -- middle their defensive line had they got star alliance to Lola. A big kid from you talk vinik wants -- from Purdue in the first two rounds. Now there are struggling the indoors the secondary in our draft so that's where they gonna be trying. To get better since gambled their best cornerback and had a history Nolan to team then you look at Tampa Bay. And where Tampa -- that. Okay if you look at and like blue Stockar. Kenny take that next step and become that dependable all around tied in. You look okay like the -- in well I'm glad that much would attendees look at far considering. You know -- address the cornerback issue. You know with the big when they got I would Johnathan banks. And and all of us and expected and he can maybe do is be the nickel. And that'll be good enough along when Eric Wright can Eric -- in Darrelle Revis but it -- concern right now is like OK if we take that for granted because -- Jimmy Graham with a tidy position. In you know I hope Woody's gonna become. All around tight end in the -- Crabtree his outside as a pass catcher. The baby's still add experience it tied in into it makes everybody has problems. Whether you look at the Saints still look at that a pass rusher. A guy do we keep count on is gonna have 101112 sack you -- in a row. So if you look at all the teams you can find I'm going to believe was drains and an unbelievable weaknesses also. 50426. So warning seventy till 386680. -- he rates in the new Saints say thinking of the Carroll. Jones us in the next hour and five -- and later LSU coach culminated Tigers Thursday Friday and Saturday series this week. And I think that it looks like with a one of the things talked about is it gonna keep Aaron -- on these same schedule when he won't pitch the first game -- -- -- on its eggs they arrest rotation. He repeats in the regular Friday night a little pitch it on there which will be and that's what we'll find out Guardsmen there in the 6 o'clock now -- double and whose time is 430 time first -- -- general nominee or jaundice and a 6 o'clock -- -- saint -- became a -- Next hour there's always something -- a WW dot com. We're gonna be visit with Tulane quarterback Ryan Griffin that is coming up later in the program a Stephen gala. Talk about new Saints defensive plays including the new defense and then the Saints head. If you mr. Locke Thomas say yes they would executive vice president and general manager of the saint Mickey Loomis all online at WW Rio de Kyle Bob we certain Obama. -- and good -- -- -- gets well soon he text -- yesterday his -- of these in the year in the eastern jets' -- the was out here -- here Israel sooners. And man you talk about the light is is is taller and I mean it's. That's some serious and you -- we were texting back to focus the hockey playoffs on. He was watching I was actually -- WGN radio in Chicago I was I was doing some wall and gone back up for him between the texting talking about. Affairs Canada hockey games. He takes me a pitcher in the that was difficult suit is the went. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'll watch in the hockey game I watched our wallet watch and begin a depleted talking about and now come and it is indeed it is playoff basketball -- old school basketball you have so automated thing is what -- curry one time you guys -- -- him. He does have real ankles and you know it is is he's he's not a big guy on Sunday -- -- yet so it could take my TV body check and am. So -- -- it I'm Mark Jackson his coach and those that morning and anything negative about Mark Jackson at Cutler he was when he was. You know around so nobody could -- that he let them going back to Oakland now. Those either black the black hole version of basketball. Big DED it is and his ceiling -- -- down. And how the Warriors trying to close out the Denver nugget. And a bad defense going to be there early and allow the mean in the pregame warm out. And -- -- you don't want you to joining Emery yet you don't want to go back condemned the zone as W I didn't gain on my body went the Houston game -- -- tonight. And the guys made it three -- goes about two under a minute. And if Houston wins a game this series -- pat is 22 in India he was -- thinking more about that build the Westbrook being more of a factor in Napoli in. But now and Oklahoma City an opportunity -- is -- they can close out Houston that night in moving forward how the absence of Russell Westbrook hurts also tonight. The Hawks and the pace is not -- to appease the Rockets. Will can be alleviated from the post season as well as the Knicks as one of the Celtics if New York in Oklahoma City. Win tonight. 26018786. Is this please announce who the Carroll correctly. When it is the camera. Soreness and Chicago -- I don't know why -- the same please does the -- Rick I'm related to the care influence it's a tie -- name of the so the disabled car row that I saver I don't know some people say the -- so well it's kind of decent people -- can't and so. Tomatoes to. Anyway. You know is over and over have -- normal process how do you know to me because and it will -- team in -- in -- as of a Karl -- a camera -- -- as not going to be a complicated name and act like how do you get Hebert riding him a so I've really really. Really beside myself -- asleep on the -- tonight because somebody. But it banners -- code. Is worth about how we announce the careless last -- thank you so much Dallas the TM thank you for calling WW TO. Equity in. -- -- Paid merit are just orchard what what you guys Jake Long -- just looking at this stage roster. All it simply. Would you guys agree that. The last little while that would -- -- -- -- Jimmy Graham. Is this team should this team all -- would be. As explosive. As the 2090. Well it depends in the left tackle. I think that's going to be a big question mark and hopefully now. I'm just great going here hopefully Charles Brown will step up. And an end of the in the guy that we keep count on and on -- it looked. I mean I know they have an agent mark is calls then Lance Moore all the experience. And have now and I think Drew Brees is as still in his prime. And you got the adding scrolls. To the mix. That to -- did that's right now and you only sometimes as strong as your weakest link. So is going to be the left tackle spot. To me that you have to -- -- Cuban -- rug and say yeah we are gonna be better in our friend that's on the got to pay attention to. -- know Tim we were Bobby now look and we saw you a question opponent bowl announced that while policy would TM in at what point and we actually had been -- and we were excited because there and it's a -- -- of the resonate. And -- be considered a future hall of Famer -- when he was on a roster at that point that we got him in in mid march now I'm thinking it was phony yeah. Darren Sharper had a -- -- 2000 and it's safeties. Wish they could handle the course -- three appeared there are good debut will definitely. -- you look at it also how healthy Jonathan Vilma was. And to play captain he even a young will submit. A younger Will Smith should see when you're getting 1213. Sacks oh. After that that's a good question when you look at it but I still bring of them at tackle spots and started. Would often -- when you look at it. The Saints haven't had a starting started I haven't I'm not start a rookie left tackle. Bill did it only once got to go back in 1970 we GT Taylor. We started all sixteen games now. He was drafted in the second round out of Missouri and that was Archie Manning's -- he got sacked 37 times. That year now you might say oh what about -- -- -- When really -- first came on board yeah he's the greatest last Aqua club his -- when agrees in NFL history. But he's been this season. The first he's their right tackle. Before put on the left side job Jammal Brown -- the -- pat as Willie -- despite he was selected. With a number thirteen overall pick in the 2005 draft. They kind of went from right tackle. Being left out and get their feet wet that's why even able Armstead is unbelievable. -- -- that that would be kind of shocking openly giggled considering where he's from -- rookie. And Ellis and as the starting left tackle they gonna give a chance now. And and you know why not comedies -- should bring out the best out of ways is Charles Brown. Jason Smith Marcel Jones whoever and -- -- -- -- -- disease could be just -- left tackle because of cyber Angels unbelievable. You look at history that's not the case play and that and. Think that the pointed to bring up is at one point in time when you go back to the the early days of any Robin you know even did. Back when so many good man anyone black college football was at its -- man and Easton Scholl EA guys like on -- army -- -- names. The -- is now black college football Bobby is not as prevalent with. Big time pro prospects coming into the dread now asserted as a there's a president and make football teams. But you are right in from -- standpoint is not a small school thing it's -- over the course of time there was a big feature on a Saddam has lost Garvey as they were talking about Doug Doug Weems was. Equipment and not question been asked that input on it. Over the course of time players that had been drafted and have historically black colleges universities is not is not near as big as he wants war -- -- The sixties and seventies like Helio this late sixties that -- Graham they have like thirteen players NFL in the Kansas City Chiefs in the -- program -- doorstep and the when you look at it I mean come on. In the -- those days of Graham and could have played some -- want to beat him off Oakland -- beat him though not exactly and even attempt then there no I had zero they were -- all right has been a black national -- of team vs of the so to speak NCAA champion no you know from the whites -- with the league that's why. Listen look at Jason Schmidt is -- second overall pick and he's considered a bus and as -- Joseph Thomas Jake Long. And meet them at tackle you know he did the responsibility -- is unbelievable. All right coming back can't coach rob -- help put some swagger back into the Saints defense it's operated jaguar opinion poll at WW dot com. Operated jaguar -- info how confident are you bitter row Bryant can restore some swagger to the Saints defense scare us to vote online at WW dot com -- conversation making numerous. -- from yesterday is also on the website -- David -- jones' next ballot detained saints' top draft pick fifteenth overall in the first round who has extra and LSU coach pulmonary. Angry way fans that around on the Tulane quarterback and now with the Saints running Griffin joins us in the 7 o'clock now to the phone to go to -- Hello -- thank you for calling -- did -- ago. In Marietta Georgia and let thank you so -- the club. I'm -- Atlanta falcon fan not just wanted to let us all right we don't we don't mean nobody's cars ready. When you and you -- price at which you learn how to work and speaking. You -- a little white OT when the utilities have given to lessened -- you hear. And when you come to the Turkey down I think we might educates. Well -- it -- really have a number two pins are renting. A do you have a number two pencil and economic -- quick lesson you know an eleven hands. And -- an -- if you if you if you would dictate the notes I would tell you season -- to dirty game. Eleven is a number of times we have beaten the Falcons since 2006. You know it three is reason that big -- stadium acting this way. So basically almost a decade the Susan at the Saints have dominated -- business -- So it all in less of a go take the view is how to be a loser from a Georgia and then -- -- as Susan. Did you need to look at the future record its pets here I think they're the epitome of. Oh if you're in you know what we're 101 against the Falcons -- you undefeated when you came to the down and we beat -- And Susan congratulations to you playing -- as -- vote this year. When we it was so glad -- has little. I think it's going to be entertained when we can barely gets you in Europe really yet it's super. Susan if you come to assumed that we'd be glad to have you out at the Bud -- countdown to take off in front of the detonation they would they would truly enjoy it. -- educated platform I don't -- -- -- -- -- doesn't do -- every -- or what have you won a Super Bowl -- ago when you say correct English and learn how to speak you know the United States is a melting -- I mean it's not like one language. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And because there's a lot of people there's and I -- how much better than us. It I know Marietta yards and a lot of people are they're almost ex -- they're not from area -- -- born and raised there were you born and raised are you a transplant where you from a Yankee. And paid Figurs is -- is where you from you've on the northeast aware. What was it called party that why you had to come now so I'll just go you know you insult. You're insulting our people is what's uneducated and ignorant but you too dumb to realize that our lawman all right that was -- -- Jones and to make it even more -- he was without. Well -- nothing wrong I mean come on she's from. You know there's embarrassment fan base man fan so I'm going to talk about when you don't talk smack to somebody that's one good thing about -- on the what you liked him and not. He'd acted out it was relevant because he was good. When your record against a team in the last fourteen games is three and eleven. You have to be -- dom asks a man detract talk smack. Against somebody in on the fact that Atlanta is on that very very small list of teams. As Ana winds will blow. Okay so if you talk smack it's all right back it up there's a reason why. Teams win championships talks match and those who don't. -- and Susan outside the gates of the Mercedes-Benz superdome will always giving a bunch of tapes as soon as -- expansive lot and meet. As the time the Falcons fan in me today because again I was Dallas part of it if they win. They going to be there and they went at it in only indeed he -- as the problems and I passionate. A lot of them the united live from Georgia. I like and I have one and took lessons -- -- -- a -- thing both of my neighbors will automatically for the Browns and I don't had a Patriots flies. A fly and then you know because that's where they're -- toward they live from Atlanta now. In the problems only inning they were gonna support in the and I went in ranked in the days I had a sign. Itemize grind out low went to -- in the -- opt out I remain relatively calm. But when somebody in so it's. Like you people are people that in the -- gloves come off the man a woman I'm so. I don't really I don't believe I am not bound to have any unit that the rookies in my life. When you put down on the people world is -- like well I. Am -- it's it's listen to all speak English our attempt to speak English or just say that. The United States is a melting -- to say that we speak in the king's English are you know her and -- -- -- -- an -- a funky chicken fan base and always welcome. This -- sports talk on WW.