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5-01 6:10pm Paul Mainieri

May 1, 2013|

LSU baseball coach Paul Mainieri previews the tigers big upcoming series against the Florida Gators

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The LSU find -- rank third in the country. Will open up a key series tomorrow evening. In band roots against the Florida Gators operas now welcome in coach of the LSU tiger baseball team coach pulmonary -- go to an area. Thank you so much for the time how are you. I'm doing great you -- night. Do under coach you pick a number of foreign last night with a seven to three victory over -- -- state Cowboys again using a variety of pitches. Take us through coach the rotation now because it's a little different. Because to stay on on mark with a dangerous -- value pitches on the weekend rotation. He had to keep things the same in their lineup but the days -- -- different meaning if Nolan wouldn't be on the same situation he would be again on Friday night but just so happens. Because this week is there as -- Friday said he he would be starting. On the -- format for tomorrow night is that how you plan on using the rotation this week against the -- -- we're gonna start with Bode -- and -- -- nightly goal Friday night or Saturday date and I came this. The decision. A little bit easier about Dolan and cap and what sort -- Brett. That's you know let it be in that country consecutive. Complete game. I just wanted to make sure that he had the proper -- it again so the best is be healthy it. -- historic. And we have a unique situation where it decided to. Articulate. Caribbean at work Glenn did not pitch in Oakland with that -- or -- ago. Or Thursday saying they had pitched Sunday or you're not been available but the -- game and I thought that they are reaping the weather forecast tonight -- Were telling me that Thursday whether it really -- team and the last thing I want to did you -- What they're starting in the game and educating your two in the -- pretty sure that put it quite that bad but it our separate delay and started it as straight day. And I just felt that you -- Iguodala. You know. Good partners pitch game anyway with the -- the he pitched the first birthday and the -- what would -- no need to out -- -- irregular so that's where we're gonna do it that way so it worked out for. Now our coach an area when you look back and obviously wanna win every series are. When you have a chance especially at home when you look at got off to a great start and dropped to a home tournament in. South Carolina. What was the scenario was watching the game on and off Saturday and Sunday. Where all the so when you look at they hit total. They hit total was there -- not necessarily the run production. It was actually at the plate and it happened but it -- to you guys to take it actually character and -- to it we just couldn't capitalize. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And we we were in league -- date to Eric yet lead currently eighth or ninth inning that we added. But the treasure it'll all -- -- silently from the -- -- -- -- should it doesn't want to Troy. But you know we're trying to trotting and just -- it out and Jets and you don't want any true straight beautiful. But they would want you know rate hit into the double play in that not scoring so we just put it that night where we we had fourteen hits but only good for humorous. Unfortunate because it -- -- it. Can't -- all -- different story. The other pitcher that you really -- game currently know that you're on Friday night a that we hit double fault -- -- windows. And you know balls that seemingly were going to be in the caps are off the wall and they're out -- -- -- and down and -- really -- plays and we did get too bad luck and there's Hitler days where they don't play a little bit better read it so. You know -- don't have to win it period as questionable but. It was the first period that we -- -- year in eleven tries. And you know who who can beat her intensity and I think there's only been one other team all year. Kinda awkward in history -- won every series and even -- 09 when we won the national championship. We ought to -- -- here so. I don't think those guys -- and we got out on that yet we just got accurate like court now. I should go to -- and areas with -- as the Tigers this goes mayor pointed out take on a very good Florida team. Korean hot in the month of April posting a fourteen in four. Reckon that's about 78% of their games after they were eleven and sixteen before their running coached they've won their last three series. Beating South Carolina in a sweep in the and they get two out of three against Missouri. And Tennessee and like you say they only get tougher they only give -- a strata ball club it is very hot right now. But they are and you know for hateful -- or are -- any sport -- particular. Other good football player. So much about they were young this year because -- -- so many key guys Clijsters. You know -- the last three -- because they. Report that at -- with two -- three years. And yet it's a little while trying to get their feet under another player treatable but that's OK I think we're playing good ball well that's right it is very nice. -- game -- two really good at bat. -- pretty fired 140 game of the year last night. I just found out that that at the fastest forty -- in the history of dollars you paid well so. We've got a lot to be proud of this well in the street series ago and yet he she were in the driver's seat we just got to go out there and play good baseball. And do we need to do -- we do everything can be okay. Cordial and Ireland I'll look at a business shows you a dog fight when you play in the Florida Gators and obviously talked about their program. I didn't realize that claimed five of the last seven regular season series between the teams. That is is going back to 06. The Daniel look in in 2010 and eleven. You know sweeps there and LSU captain -- first two meetings and on nine before the gators salvaged the final and in the titles while Tigers won a decisive game three last April. So it saves like that when you played Florida. No matter what their expectations. That is very impressive if you could -- take two out of three against this team. There are other good -- you know that you know we've had our tough time with them look at last year they were number one in the country when we went to Gainesville. Don't beat him to a victory down there so that gives our guys a lot of confidence Conan to this series and and it'll fail at the same guys last year you know they've got a lot of good players so. You know it puts in their commend our ballpark we're ready because it's too. He's going to be great years great environment. And hopefully -- play really -- bullet -- much expect -- LSU coach Paul many echoes in an area always a pleasure to gradually sunken in the forty wins. So soon in a tough in this league in my do you in the Tigers against the Florida Gators. All right thank you guys appreciated.