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5-6 6:45am Tommy talks to Rep. Pat Connick about CCC toll vote

May 6, 2013|

Tommy talks to State Representative Pat Connick about the CCC toll vote

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

In LA -- so this told taught continued about the Crescent City connection I hit one dead fly. And I believe it was somebody that was making money through a contract on the tolls I was terrified of them going away. They can't texting me saying not that kind of how much easy Pena how much does he pay and you talk about these tolls again and go away. And finally -- texted him back innocent well actually gives me 20% of every tool lets not collected. And finally they can stop texting me because of course -- -- percent of zero would be for those of you like me you're mathematically challenged zero. And I imagine that because it's not about me but you gotta look at people like Billy nine -- people like John young and especially people like pat Connick. Who when -- make in tolls go away when their -- taxes go way. They have no financial incentive in do in his they can't beat profiting from doing this so they've told their motives. Have to be pure at least that's well look at it when you have other politicians. That are that are adamant that are terrified of him and -- -- no way. I don't -- impugn anybody's character integrity. You like to think that directing under the best motives but them when he goes silent when it seems like politically they can't win millennia have to wonder well -- How concerned when they about the bridge that is because you think you can risks and political capital and all the sudden. Well it's okay congress the political capital bridge will be fine that's mine that's my two cents now we welcome and representative pat Connick who spearheaded this effort. Along with my teacher retired -- Good morning and it. -- So let's start with the bush did in the money before we get into the politics -- this the money -- A 125 dollars I put on my told Hague count. As some other people that have pay tolls since may. Since ended December 31 rather what happens to the money that was collected sense. December 31 when Evans of the money that people put on it told today count how do you go about responding DO TD refunding that money to people. That that we're charged and should've been. But it got to go back to the people who are debated and will be meeting in -- to talk about that and development mechanism up on the that's would get that done but -- that money should come back and welcome back. It isn't as simple as. The cameras that they had there in check and license plates I mean it sounds like -- to be cumbersome process but seeing who actually went through -- told and and -- it by license plates. I don't know it if you get a critical part of that that the process that. You know that. You don't have it's an easy for the for the credit front. And it is yet told he would go to Indian money and didn't -- -- protect -- critical -- the contract that would. But -- dollar I don't know if that's even impossible to get to -- possible to get bad publicity. But even -- that those so should not have been charged. Percentage of those sort of been the majority in initiative when equipment back but how do you account for. You know power in how you prove that you what you just told plaza is given the power. So we'll let the -- now. But -- -- but even with that being said. When the tolls were valid. Some of the ineptitude we heard about were people let went through. And didn't pay that -- I mean that money DO TD is. -- so you would think there should be some kind of collection process in place to go after those people get that money. This that the the reality is the assistant -- network. And if you get a vehicle and he never did register. -- car and you always went to the told dateline they looked at no. Chance of catching. People world -- system but the system was never functional. Up and running at any point you need to know -- -- Tibetan that would be a system. Those who get those ticket sales of the folks who want to do the right thing -- -- the partisan. And put money and it took today and and don't. It was a reasonably the system didn't catch it on that the balance is no low end. Those who wants. You know that they pay double fine. Four on when he did not state. Because they've registered vehicles. And but that's one of the ineptitude of the political DOT these systems and over -- that the the system didn't work it did not function. In limited function and that's one reason why can't go. In terms of maintenance from this point forward I would think it's incumbent upon the people like. Brian Adams -- people like and I can't think of the other representatives that Jeff Arnold of people are pushed in so much for the tolls. Illegal Jeff Arnold seem like this sometimes it was in times it was -- am confused about that to this day in and it's not about that the tolls are on but. What league who -- how do you make sure that the -- DO TD allocates the money that date. Need to for this bridge in that they don't adopt a punitive approach like deep -- the lights and I think. That kinda did a man I think there was a tipping point you know this it was when they turn those lights off. We did that Caldwell in and make sure that they think put the money onto the Sierras that. We -- -- That we Jericho over the past week in support disabled the bridge inspections and take place and well there was such -- pretty that would not inspected the leaders that we found out about 2011. And then that was -- it would not total money. So just because DO TD says something doesn't it it's projector built in verifying. And -- in the past and so that. DOT has not been truthful. -- a culture there that. You know it took an account of themselves especially at the CCC need to look at credentials first that the public sector. No they're concerned it was keep an operation running in that part in the services that they promised us an I guarantee you that it. The West Bank hasn't told payers would have gotten something for the dollar limits to their patrols. But we've not been it's been. Given money in the and a big black hole. And now only just like it was before it's incumbent upon Connick who has been doing it. And Adams and -- Meyer and Arnold intimately than anybody else. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hope to do their due diligence and make damn sure that DO TD gets off the stick and does what they're supposed to do. And the governor does what he's supposed to do with his Department of Transportation development and Cherie Le -- who works for him who still. Tectonic won't come on what -- since then we've had Mitt Romney we've had. Newt Gingrich we've had Rick Santorum but yet she can't find the time they come on with us but it's incumbent upon all of all of the West Bank legislators and you've been out in front it is to make sure that the DO TD does what they're supposed to do with the tax dollars they are already collecting. To maintain his bridge. Right there you have commerce and people fought back at full build that bridge unimpeded in the great thing just like to postpone Kenner. Noting that has traffic but they they're gonna work without it. Totals thinking of folks who went from -- out. You know two week for the first time in in years on the west bank and the level of free passage. To look to our jobs. In -- but didn't quicker we step -- not wasting gas. And that's a good thing because it's a good field with that but just a good feeling that they don't do this crowd this bridge without have to panic attacks. That has been wasted beat many many. Says state police already took over the bridge police we see them with their new cars. What about. Plans -- the told plaza what happens from here. To deeply engineers have planned to take -- that the ticket to have an idea of so we'll process it's gonna go to the world just -- and I don't know the totals -- not gonna come back. Wolf that we'll sit down and definitely more concrete plan what what to do that lanes and what to do to pull two. And -- tolls are not an option and 8% mandate proves that people do not want these. I presume the West Bank delegation will get together and ride herd on DO TN and prevent any kind of punitive measures from taken place. And see to it that the best traffic plan possible take place. In that that's smuggle. And fitness and they care so our president don't want things to work. Simple we just have to do that in the past expose of those fallacies and intensity. That you have money to gauge and he can't you just give up life. Well let's let the fact is that it's working fine now zoning union -- screwed up from this point if you don't make it better. And finally won one more question in terms of hum did the. Yeah yeah. No that's that's forty dollars a day at the cost up have a bill that put then it's in his -- and -- them and if you would donate some Indian money architecture on indoor. Donate some money back. To the stadium -- check off of those like deliberate so that you can volunteers and you know you -- back to the state to keep -- -- -- process. To me says that you know was encouraging because it says it you vote does matter it says that. You know the political machines don't control everything was city of. I'd say it's important to people have spoken up and and that did did you we -- a function sending nine -- and that it is those. And there's two engineers there was no you know the political to -- donors there. Celebrate and that was just regular folks -- Thompson and and kids and uncles and aunts who had no. Contract would but the state that is what do the right thing in the slam them. They think. 80% easily. Independent victory and where my terrible aspects of terms. These precincts book it was 90% now so that sends a message sent to -- that. Good -- government get -- -- -- and that's a great thing for the people's understanding of the competition that. -- and one thing and get in a bunch of text thanking you -- for your efforts I'll chime in on that and now one other text about that hurdler lane reopened pass slight delays that would next traffic out. Pass the head to the mid span announcer next thing you be working on thank you pat fraud efforts -- gonna to. You don't think advantage. An attorney and put up Mikey toward particular Jordan and those guys truly. You know great people who did the right thing. And a judge in Baton Rouge for recognizing the the flaws in the first election absolutely thank you sir have a today.

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