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5-08 6:20pm Paul Mainieri

May 8, 2013|

LSU baseball coach Paul Mainieri previews the Tigers upcoming series against Texas A&M

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to sports talk weapon now LHU baseball coach -- many areas the Tigers continue to roll last week. Four and oh with a baker will make -- state three victories over Florida -- -- Eric thank you so what's all the time. Talk about about the way this team is playing especially in conference play. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You're either in conference play that -- -- the regular season. In the -- the -- particularly rebounded well from the disappointing. Sunday law against South Carolina. Are coming out -- a very hot or the you know -- one of Lebanon into their last thirteen ball game. And we're playing with an awful lot of competent. And it was you know Chris and critical and pitched great and they're in the opening game we eat at a treated to win that the clerk checked. Like blind spot -- he inning. And then -- no pitched another jam forests in game two and check them out there in the back came to light on the -- they would want a little bit. We -- a regret eight England outpouring until. It was a that would played -- really good solid week in baseball would want aaron's record in the starting pitcher looking at tactic. And I would swung the bat extremely well so there's no question that are thirteen content is. We are finally ends the week -- in the mid week games. But we're off at College Station, Texas for the first time at the net CC opponent. And -- wouldn't go out there and played well mechanical player. Coach in an area. We all talk about and you say it's a long season and obviously this program would you have done proud of their coach burden and expectations we know go deep into the post season but. From a regular season standpoint is this the best of pulmonary LSU baseball team has played during the stretch in the regular season. Well you know it's hard to compare thing yet -- you know back in 2008. When we swept Atlanta -- a series is part of the 23 game winning streak. -- -- -- And then 2009. We won nine of -- in a series that year. We -- at one pick up -- obligated and the people at 10 by the barber series and the other for all the series one year either league he's in and year. You know it's hard to say absolutely that is that there -- I think that he is not a bad as well as they can bring -- you look at it from your record standpoint being there. You know 49 and start in history -- -- -- -- -- that the forty wins and the -- the nineteen wins in conference. Been in here you're pretty good about what you've done that it caused me to sit here and say and that is better than that team that team. You know in the -- will apparently -- when he's in his over the regular season is over. If we're gonna wrap -- spoke. Around the regular season and pick on shelf would be very proud of what we what we've done what we ought to know what you're LSU. He's in charge by what happened in the postseason and so all of this season begins at that point. And all of that be concerned about that we're playing good baseball then. Winding down what LSU baseball coach pulmonary Tigers a three game series set beginning tomorrow evening here on WW or radio -- LSU. Takes on Texas a and M coach and an area when you look at what to -- Nolan has done on the SEC pitcher of the week is four consecutive complete game Friday night. And a big win over a flawed and a second shutout of the season five to zero at the box. And as one of those old song that they in the seventies missed the Saturday night what. He's missed the Friday night he's been flawless on Friday nights and that's really key when you talk about getting in its own a team and just about every series coach you go into the season. You start out wanna know what to -- my dad Aaron -- You're right Matt that's a tremendous they're pitched at because he's been intense the now because we've gone to the Thursday Friday Saturday format last week and in the week. Political -- I'll be starting in won their -- partly answered that could beat the call to duty last week and got off to a good start and hopefully he'll be there and get more and I. But there are no it has been ten as they can and that's what -- true eight for the team goes when you. Oh yeah get a team's best pitcher in its opening night you're in a little uptight because you know there are our -- -- -- a little bit. Pick up in the a lot of strikes and work bat to keep the team in the game get the chance to live in goal has done it's it's it's been magnificent to watch him in the work the talent on our pitching coach -- done with them. See him continue to improve with each parent you know -- he keep thinking it can't get any better than he does he get hurt out there in the ninth. The next -- around you and that you even better so let's hope we keep it up down the stretch because we are between he and the -- a lot more good games this year -- Emphatic coach you know you -- Ryan Giggs at the head over to College Station tell us little about Texas a and M Aggies. A what -- a team this is what are you expecting from your opponent in this three game series starting tomorrow not. Well I'm a little concerned from the standpoint protection and it doesn't have a tremendous record this year but. They'll look we're in we can do -- take them lightly and there. I know a few weeks electoral they have little -- play Alabama apparently lucked out there that fortunately to a great. Ultimate play good ball I knew they had to pick between America and without their and then it gets -- very -- -- -- certainly not any that you. -- gonna be at the top of our game at that so there. It's going to be a very raucous crowd in short. -- the beautiful stadium a lot of tradition and pride in our program that we do and our culture there can't be out there supporting Merriman and they'll be excited that had -- -- -- at the for the first time. But they come off the three game sweep at Missouri from last week so I'm sure they're competent to try and they're excited about playing the Tigers again be ready for that challenge. LSU coach pulmonary. Beat tiger's third in the country first in the SEC west. Take on Texas a and -- game one of -- series tomorrow night here on WWL radio coach -- always a pleasure thank you so much for the time good luck to you on the Tigers this week it. --