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5-10 10:10am Don talks to in studio guest about fresh water diversion

May 10, 2013|

Don talks to in studio guest Capt. George Ricks (Pres. The Save Louisiana Coalition), Mitch Jurasich (Oysterman's Task Force), Clint Guidry (Pres. La. Shrimpers Assoc.), George Barasich (Pres. La. Commercial Fisherman's Assoc.) about will The Coastal Ma

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well it's a rainy dreary Friday morning in the great Gulf Coast and because it is Friday got Don Don you could have gone Robin and the think tank thanks for joining us another great show we got lined up Melancon Pennington an excellent job -- A bit later on Lola channel a bit about Mother's Day camping mom as we head into this big Mother's Day weekend. Also if you listening to Tommy tackled an earlier. Vince Jarrius senior instructor at street smarts crop mod. Talking about fighting back victims fighting back against would be attack is very interesting conversation. A we will have him re joining us will be an afternoon to talk about his program. And how you might be able to get involved in that. But before that are kind of a follow up topic is something we spoke about it just a few weeks ago we're talking about this. Growing movement. Making an argument about. Anti freshwater diversions. The master plan the coastal master plan is is planning some massive diversion -- does a total of about thirteen of them when we will seem more fresh water coming from the Mississippi River. Into the marshes and estuaries and coastal Louisiana. I'm at at any time since well the river was levied. Some folks are starting to rethink that move and say you know we've kind of been indoctrinated to the fact that. You know we gonna save the coast the coast was built with Mississippi River sediment. That's the way that we have to rebuild. Some folks as saying maybe maybe not in if we do it in that fashion no one effect what and how big of a negative effect. Will that have on the future of saltwater fish and seafood here in Louisiana in fact that's up ready opinion poll question. And hard before you answer is this is not a very simple yes or no question requires some thought. I'm asking you this morning if necessary. -- -- Are you willing to sacrifice the fish in seafood industries. To restore the coast. Simple yes or no way -- you stand on that. I'm win this again is captain George Rick you may recall the last time he joined as though it was not the president of the -- Louisiana coalition. That has happened since then judge George thanks for coming -- that you haven't also a -- jurisdictional waste immense task was jones' two minutes thank you for coming. Welcomed. By the way I'm not a member of the task force the present time anymore but I'll -- in -- -- members and a and also very active and in the lowest in history I know you have been and thank you very much for your service on that task force on no that's a pretty thankless job that requires a lot of time thanks for the time that you did put in. We also the president of Louisiana shrimpers association Clinton gives you joining us by way of alive -- Clint thanks for being an. -- be done better we can get this weather here. It is -- -- -- you know well we've all been crying and Georgia and everybody else. This is Mahan was still getting cold fronts this is weird predict that the anyway thanks for join his guys have basically lets update the the listening audiences and don't wanna keep the phone lines open if you got -- comments. When anything you hear this morning and we wanna welcome you call if you agree if you disagree. 2601870. Toll free it's 866889. 087 and we do have a text message board please remember -- rules that texting no do -- text and drive to act responsibly. Against the law. It's 87870. If you text if you driving and you wanna text have a designated driver. If you texting. If you driving have a designated text either way someone that would that's not behind the wheel. Among vehicle should do that text at age 78 cents. George if you are -- gonna go back a little bit and and talk about you have recently got involved in this issue -- master plan. Is pretty much been done -- there ready to start implementing this large portion of this is diverting. Fresh water also sediment projects also some dredging projects. Buildings and shoreline restoration it is a truly large scale plan. One of the aspects of this plan has got you and a lot of other folks upset. And -- on his freshwater diversion let's go back and talk about your thoughts on on the effects of freshwater diversions and also what we're hearing from the coastal restoration authority also. OK and I like to say first off and -- that that we are not oppose. Totally opposed to coach master plan. What we are opposed to lose large scale diversions that we'll have a devastating effect on. To fish reached. And that's our main concern. For those -- muted don't know. They're planning a massive diversion structure that break weight. Any area of the present and often -- Can Norman has only 8000 CF fast and and we've seen damage that could Norman -- -- to demolish. With fertilizers and and nutrients and the the chemicals from the river water which -- devastation is caused Katrina the land loss in and week it is a growing number of scientists. The data saying that in all when they're under rule what actually caused that in my -- land lost. Now they're playing 131 times larger in the area break wait. Radiation economic -- 250000. CF us. And there's another one planned on the west bank and myrtle grove at 250000. -- best. Now while while these are being deemed -- to see GP RA is. Diversion. Or seven diversions. You have to moves at -- rewards no getting around. Is -- in in one breath they saying that we have to reconnect the marsh with the rebel. And then nation ain't -- as diversion as sediment diversions. And and that that's who we were probably but what what. Our problem is is what. And I'll solar resource or recreational fishing. And then now that is and trickle down -- to restaurants seafood restaurants. Both dealerships. Anybody release -- the relies on the patient industries and -- her -- -- -- the argument is that sentiment built. The Louisiana delta. That's what we need to rebuild a delta dust that's why this massive call for fresh water from the -- as a deposit sediment in there. We do have somewhat of a test case and can often can always been there over twenty years it was never -- designated to drive sediment through strictly nutrients from fresh water. Most people think that that has been a big success you go down UC. Revitalize march UCL -- the news you see do you appease all these. Good looking plants and vegetation management. You don't agree with that exactly being a good thing necessarily in that particular well let's put it this way. The biggest amount of erosion after Katrina was -- economic direction. Do we decide to have told us that. The hustle a marsh is is the stronger stands up more to it to staunch urgent pressure one more. So what -- which you have built the little -- you have to look at nominated as a stand should've stalter. There was there was a four to 16% land lost in Biloxi marsh area which is sustained it the same amount storm surge. From Katrina and economic did but Perry's economic hit hard sixty to three. So what you're saying is freshwater marshes that are built in salt water habitats such as what happened income on an. Actually has a negative impact the rate of erosion one storm surge comes -- actually quicker. Then it would be in a traditional salt water on practice -- exactly it's a protracted freshwater marshes are shallow rooted in an -- and by us talk about detriment to it to the fishing -- it's very near and dear to your heart your professional fishing guide. This basically if -- what you're saying is gonna happen either got to go find a new place on new line of work. So. People will point to Venice Louisiana and say there's no more fresh water being dumped in -- in assault -- environment. Then there is of them off the ribbon venison fish and after speckled is fantastic. How can that be justified and and you say on the other hand that Lincoln Armand is gonna displaced efficient basically do away with recreational saltwater fish. Well an area can often is is designated by the US Fisher wallet service as a class two essential patient. It is yet to where. -- -- can move into the estuary to reproduce no getting around speckled Trout -- shared. Red fish. I'll let Clinton and talk about natural which included sharp shooters but. They have to get entered -- Martha rivers not their store more shares. And and we all agreed you have to save -- But. When you'd you'd you'd -- get much fresh water the fish can't get into the estuary. Struggle shot need at least fifteen putt a thousand. To reproduced. Is no getting around that a three day old Trout law they can only. Can't tolerate any -- 3.5. Thousand. So if they if the Detroit can't reproduce we're not gonna have a drought there's not gonna be a lie and in the estuary wedded to truck and get it. So you are convinced that if these freshwater diversions and sediment diversions continue as planned. That basically is gonna end saltwater fishing in your area in the -- each whole dale. On -- grow an ordinary man that being said if you do believe that I'm an issue the opinion poll question. If necessary are you willing to sacrifice that -- And we'll talk to mr. jurisdictional talked to -- about the seafood other seafood industries shrimp and -- to restore the post is that a good enough trying to. I don't biggest is -- -- you don't realize that the economic impact this has been -- on a state. -- fishing license sales -- boat sales. Recreational fishing tackle. Bait dealers restaurants. Tourism industry I've got people coming completion meat from it's always all right. This is gonna trick an -- I'm saint Bernard parish and I can actually realized which is -- -- -- cannot be economic impact. Recently saint Bernard parish pastor resolution. Formally opposing. And any construction of any new fresh water some diversions until they show a scientific evidence and that can that be detrimental to -- To commercial recreation freshman and yesterday plaque in his parish council passed same resolution. Is that possible. Well what would it take to convince you that is not gonna have a negative impact them and you you know I don't think that they have proof to show that it will will not at this point is. Admittedly they'll say -- gone into this thing with an open mind and we have to make adjustments as we get in there. And they actually convinced of representatives of those parents is that we're not gonna do any negative on to these I don't think they can't. I don't think can't is they don't know are we we met it while in fishers who ran Messina. And we are some serious questions they say they gonna move to Fisher is and moved between Norton mode which it way. But if these things run 24/7. They -- that Iran is supposedly in and I can run -- 250 pounds yet. The way to the master plan is worded that they can run it at eight to minimum at 8% at river flow. When it's about 200000. -- Mississippi River flows an average yearly -- -- -- thousand to seven aren't thousands yet so basically. I don't want a great weight if they write an 8% of the 2000161000. Yet -- taken Rodney Leisle. Always alone not that happens. There should be fresh water the trucking and Dinesh where -- Tonight will be right back with -- George -- is the president of the newly formed organization called this Louisiana coalition. Let him explain to you what that coalition is comprised of we also admits jurisdictions studio Clint you agree. We also gonna talk about two other aspects of salt water industry oyster and shrimp industry. And the question for you if you wanna call in an -- if you vote count on our brand new poll. If necessary are you willing to sacrifice our efficiency food industries to restore the close to 601870. RE 66889. 087 also got a ton of text messages and you can put Joseph was in it -- 77. Be right back listen to the think tank on the big 870 of them. Thanks to those of you responding to -- party opinion poll question if necessary are you willing and this is a big sacrifice to sacrifice the fish. And seafood industries to restore the coast 52% saying yes. 48% saying no we're not willing to give it up. We'll get to some of the calls think those have you called in many -- you would text union. George -- the president of the newly formed save the Louisiana coalition is Willis will tell you more about that organization. He believes that we will be sacrificing the recreational sport fishing industry. If in fact we do follow the thirteen massive freshwater diversion plans which are part. Of the master calls the plan we also have missed your assists joining us in studio. A represented the oyster men in Mitch George kind of explain to us his thoughts of what happened at the -- fold with this plan. Now what will happen to -- waste industry. Well oyster industry would definitely be totally wiped out of you know oysters can live in and -- practiced a fresh water -- a few -- it's out the of mimic in a the rise of the Mississippi River spring -- which we actually need it -- and you know. We need to Mississippi to come up and and give us a little brackets to fresh water create them. The oysters you know to get it ready for spelling but we need to salinity is to move back in. For the spawned -- survive in set. And when these massive diversions I mean. He relies on the west bank of plaque in his parish right now. Major portion oysters going throughout the country calm and I'm -- in west plant is Paxson and I'm yours senator. But we're currently you know watch in a dozen or so eighteen wheels in the awards to leave and well they also have a diversion plane for empire and 50000 cubic feet percent. That's massive empire viewership fished around and very you you have ten Roger in the gulf. What's a golf is basically at the bank Levy now we've lost settlements and but 50000 cubic feet per second will be catching bass camp thinks they'll be no chance anything any seafood despite -- And survive you know will be will be pushed out of business there's no place forced to go. Well I don't want to put words in in the restoration authorities -- -- -- I've heard from them is yell -- is it gonna be displaced and at the little bit further out. Why is that not true will you will -- -- be able to be moved further out sensitive it is such a viable and valuable industry and worth moving. As as easy as it sounds though. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We can't make choices be when he can't be generally to Gulf of Mexico SI next move because we're from the Gulf of Mexico. To tobacco abuse when Hillary is now oysters now. There are actually gonna push us in the Gulf of Mexico and we can't raise Alex in the Gulf of Mexico. It's proven we've tried. He can't be don't not not -- -- plaque in his past area. East -- west bank's. So we're basically going to be pushed completely out the -- -- system will be totally wiped out. With what Merrill -- more you realize -- 50000 cubic feet -- second murder and 50000 cubic feet per second and upon. There won't be an -- between. I'd say look foolish parish eastward. You know -- we do you have to get Mississippi before you found them. Tonight the question to you if necessary all we willing to sacrifice fish and in your case -- oyster industry. To restore the -- how valuable is Joyce industries to Louisiana is something we can afford to. -- in order to have read locals. We have generations of families that moved. To this state of the Foreman -- oysters. You know I'm three generations. You know in the -- must sun's out of the attendees fourth generation. We've been in business has -- grandfather -- his coach in 1904. On my my answer that is definitely know I mean we we need to rebuild the coast in ways but let's build less not. China flush us -- in I mean come you know we've adapted we've we've been able to evolve with the changes of coastline. Because that happens on the slow basis and were able to. You know establish itself as time goes by -- bit. But if you just come in and you just open the -- slow -- fresh water we're out of business. You know. What happened on the east bank -- -- Paris with. With the spill when he opened always fresh water Denver isn't he killed spawning stock voiced the voice is that in inside areas of American day. A lake camp for knowledge that. Those -- when expert on this point you know spat. It drifted don't want out to the public Seagram's. And and they would you know take a -- always. Saw what happened -- that experiment now as far as the amount of fresh wanted to talk about diverting howl that compare with him on one they put through to flush out the -- There's just no comparison ami would talk and mass of the top and Bonnie carry style spill weighs one on the east bank and one on the West Bank flowing. And -- we know they're gonna flow. If they give -- serious they're going to operate these things orders they can as long as the weekend I'll hopefully the same Louisiana coalition you guys have got some alternatives to offer in in two and it is to make up for the lack of the fresh one -- sentiment that's going to be coming through. Clip Doug agrees witness present Louisiana shrimpers association we're gonna break the news would come back with Clinton talk about the impacts to the shrimping industry. If in fact these massive freshwater diversions go through. As planned in the Louisiana coastal master plan listening to the think tank. I'm Don to -- Good Friday morning from the big 870 WW. I welcome back into the think tank to Georgia -- a -- of Louisiana. Swells called the save Louisiana coalition newly formed organization we have learned that the -- Saint Bernard and clack and his parishes. I have adopted resolutions to go on record as being opposed to freshwater diversions until such time as a science proves that that will not negatively impact. The fish and seafood industries -- jurors sit shrimpers and oyster men basically if you heard. Just told -- his tale of what that amount of fresh war -- due to the oyster industry let me bring in -- -- drink. President Louisiana shrimpers association -- thanks for being with us -- thinks the places. Yes. A little like an old. -- BO OB. We got a truck association. But a collection which is a global organization we're all. Cooperate with your calls -- and -- issues that -- -- -- mean Asian community. -- all all or or the Serbs. More focus policy will air pollution in. The direction it will group to work in. -- -- -- -- the old seat on the all the indeed respond to -- councils and I was fortunate you're EC ordered surge reached full. Grew up there and support more development in 2000. Old. Called the -- and so those old. And it did in the discussions. War. Not from -- one we we war where. In her first meetings are being brought in to -- and you know. Well so to speak of listening to your question. Kind of order or consent. They. Oh in my experience on the it would vote thinking it's about whose almighty this Thursday. At all well. The approach. Woes if you go to India and automatically we do we know we can actually toward the local communities and just what was and you know. -- subject to -- strongly. An epic you do I'll -- you know well will you just want. Political communities. In the historic. Well. Well both Asia and culture at -- back on this year and a thousand years old world. And Hitler could be that we just couldn't do so we just -- -- You know -- part of -- brilliant and yes it is the culture and heritage no. And -- options. That ease the burden to go to work and rebuild on the coast we sure well the December billed -- but it took -- about it. Well -- been very careful to say that this was gonna have more lesbian trial there and and that's saying it's definitely don't sense and is gonna work. We've gone in this thing where we may have to make adjustments in his George pointed out every five years and has to go on the reauthorization which is another system of checks and balances. And by year as -- -- doesn't work it out -- at all true always of local communities need economic impact. Hey you can't go back in -- thought all the usually -- Migrate five years as that is an eternity when you when the salmon run and of the hourglass. -- got to try to say some time here what studies and I have these troopers association have you. Gotten some -- hydrologist saw biologists to look into what the impacts of this amount of diversion will do to the shrimp crop. Don I have the best politician the world got to actually look toward the jury is an association they are. In this in this area it is so it is so positive effect what is wrong. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- is about to -- from New York City committed to -- Obviously the leaders called I don't know in my bubble burst. So if the colts goes in and -- a lot of people -- in the practical goals then we have no seafood and -- in history anyway. So I guess their intention here is an authority or is it worth the try. Isn't working for Andy. You guys like in trouble well it like he. Accurate Frazier like corporate commitment. This is all while coaches also old soul music. They're all different you know there are alternative ways to draw it being that barrier islands in the cold where portability system. Television more than the recreation that is all very important policy. We gradually. -- actually picked up. I do not believe that. -- the vehicle police on bought creation. Quote jemaah -- support it is correct. Is -- 30000 miles medical which is which is an absurd moment as well -- dollar. Well. Government policy you know obviously we can do it would and you mr. billion -- of the subject to go into the for an electoral. You want to seek to say he's a -- is certainly in line with the same the Louisiana coalition he's an agreement with the oyster and recreational punishment. At least George's group we're gonna be back after this time around bring in George barrister she's a present Louisiana united commercial fishermen's association. Will get his stake we'll talk more about disorganization in the save Louisiana coalition. Like dip from new law may be our favor we haven't heard any from anybody who says yeah freshwater diversions. Are the answer and they work they're gonna work. If they don't where we'd be without. 2601878668890878. They can look at my ready opinion poll question if necessary are you willing to sacrifice the agency -- And everything else that goes along with that as far as culture inherited to restore the coast. 51%. Saying yes they are 49% saying no than what you said. 87870. Is tax. WW -- dot com is where you -- we'll be right back welcome back into the think tank today were talking about -- one of the them while not a major but one of the more important facets of the coastal master plan that -- fresh -- diversions. Very much expanded under the -- the master planning getting ready to implement these. Many folks are becoming concerned as an organization to save Louisiana coalition that has gone on record as being opposed to them. As far as sacrificing efficiency food industries in order to restore the coast that's the subject of operating opinion poll question right now is 51% saying yes they are willing to sacrifice them. But 49%. Are saying no they are not. -- got some other comments coming in his one says no we need to make decisions. Do we need to have a home or do we wanna have a fish on a -- I'd rather have a home. -- says I'm hearing nothing but problems from these guys haven't heard one alternative solution but. Jumped on something. Needs to be done we'll get to those solutions is another one I'm in favor of short term sacrifice for long term game. Don't know that that's been proven. And here's another one I think the hurricane and flood protection is more important and the wildlife and I'm not convinced the freshwater diversions will hurt while. Let me bring in George -- sits George is the president of Louisiana. United commercial fishermen's association on George good to talk with yet. Tell us about your association who do you represent and now what is your take in your relationship now with the -- Louisiana coalition and you and your outlook on these fresh wanted to versions and getting ready to go in fact. Well basically -- he'll be up to two years. I was on the pot or rattled at all social. Standing at your trump questions law back. We -- it properly the first three years and what do bad. But when vehicle jumped and got revived repels them -- do we want to do. Yes we did increase spotlight for a 20% but law opera production at 70%. So -- applicable that would impact able this year so there's no doubt about it. I'm trying to. Look the support much poll question you really have to change their question. You know I got a suggestion for you or just support. Ultra short approach that would repeal faster with less negative impact on -- economy culture. We're not saying. You know well dog just brought to do -- I think you know 100% on that question that that -- may -- -- that would be sure that's what we all. But I'm thinking this is the tough question if you gotta give something up -- you -- an adult. And people really think long and it -- -- Well qwest says if necessary. If necessary I'm pulling for you judge them open would come up with -- an alternative. That'll keep everybody happy when we rebuild the coast we got plenty of money to do it in -- fish and seafood industry -- is viable and healthy as they've always been. I'm hoping that this question is in case it's not becomes necessary. To give some of the. It's secure it's a -- up like a cat like. Pocketbook NIC people like Churchill order a boat or BP you know it's interpret history to ever come back -- black out. And that now upbeat yet about Everett -- epic struggle. -- -- -- -- -- Well -- let's say don't do you all have an alternative did either of the view that you see out for the -- Louisiana coalition what of the alternatives and -- I know. You're not a group -- hydrologist -- -- -- the people who would be an attempted to measure the the x.s and o.s and draw the specific plans -- in concepts. -- ultimately is. It. Our priority is economical use of structure. -- -- -- You know the result. In theoretically of he used different versions jittery should be built at all -- -- the opening. Bridge now. So let's go ahead and you'll literally put it there. It was the short term built some light and it will look at it back to -- -- -- out -- Don't talk put. -- on the panel. Indeed it did -- -- To Atlanta. Let me ask George -- as he's been in conversations with -- Gray's personal conversations and meetings. When you bring up the dredging vs the sediment and freshwater diversion George what's the response. They say is too expensive. And and we say otherwise we we've got. Guys in -- dredge and businesses not that that cost prohibitive as they would like it leave. And even -- creation projects in -- master plan. Is once set for south grand -- yeah. -- to build seven are 7330. Acres that we can cost seven iron eight million and wanna -- can -- ship channel march creation. It's what bill 26 iron forty acres and -- and 85 million which is roughly nine -- million dollars which used to cost but to break -- diversion alone. And that could create 101000 acres. Of immediately. Not wait 45 years but it -- it'll bring a response to that. They've they've they wanna go these are urgent stade -- -- do you get the impression that it too far in this now to back up and take a look at August. They've got to start looking at this it -- and you know we gonna get to legislature and a public official which we did say on an and we gonna go to state next and -- it we have to. I don't think these legislatures actually knew what it was sign off on when he when he approved -- You know -- eagle -- legislature say this is the best plan we have coast restoration do you think they shut down and read only pages it is you know -- -- obamacare writing that. I always got to take a break you guys we gonna come back you know talk about maybe some more of those and also get some of the call is in. 260187866889087. This is the think tank. Good Friday morning from the big 870 WWI. To be fair to us to our guest in our callers and -- text is are we gonna -- an assortment of 11 o'clock -- captain carries they would meet Johnny analogy is Robert and Shelby Anthony shell met we have an injury. Louisiana shrimpers association George parishes in Louisiana united commercial fishermen's association. The newly pres elect the president of the -- Louisiana coalition George ricks is here and it's curious it's. Placed immense task force we've got experts people haven't been in this industry only lives. You've got questions comments I'd love to hear from you will take this over into the next hour to 60187. Or 8668890878. To update John up ready opinion poll question tough question. If it becomes necessary. -- are you willing to sacrifice fish and seafood to restore the coast. 505050%. That you lost 50% said you won't. We'll continue that do that's at WWL dot com you can weigh in at will be right back after the news you listen to the think tank. Good Friday morning from the brigade says.